3/22 Beach and Company Hour 2

Sandy Beach
Thursday, March 22nd

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At bat where Vijay company I sandy beach and FaceBook everybody's got a practically everybody committee entire universe is on it and those some people were shocked and surprised and outraged that. Information used to enhance a candidate's political campaign. May have been garnered from FaceBook and and Facebook's as quite clearly. That they do share information with a educational partners and others. So the fact that you owned what you post. Is really more of a myth than anything else so if there are FaceBook user do you consider it an honest attempt to look. Of the above board and you think you're just trying to mine information from your. Is it worth the trouble or not give me your pluses and minuses. Of a FaceBook have you dropped out of FaceBook. You know as a lot of it isn't just information gathering. And have you posted anything. That you wish you could have taken backs I think one thing. About about posting things when you're angry I think the send button should be and delay. I think the send button should be once you push then maybe five minutes before it actually goes anywhere so here's when you get angry LO one. Yeah push Sudan and then you know. On on him maybe I should have done that you know remember when those Stevie Johnson blame god for dropping the pass in the end zone. I'm maybe I don't play but would help Stevie Johnson. But the bottom line is I think many people do things on impulse and they way they wish I had and at them let's go to ten Terry in Texas stereo on WB yen. Mark and the Texas there a what do you got for us about FaceBook. I thought they left elect and I may do a little over two years ago we both decided that they're not put enough we got rid of it. And that to me it was a nonissue I think she might have had a little bit it would draw. She made it through it and that it's it's not a big deal that's sitting on one thing I learned about it and you know. The trend the mind that I have that are close they have my phone number I have there and let them on a birthday or anniversary or whatever you may have. We accept call one another have a conversation as opposed to yes tighten something in real quick. I like that human conversation. Back and forth I figured because the one thing that just typing something out doesn't really show emotion. When you're talking you can understand what the person really means I like that. And I say. Are they what do we actually air force to remember when people that we care about birthdays are opposed to just depending on that. You know random reminder that sell and so birthday so that's optional flat I'm drama free as part didn't pull Lyndon. Random arguments for no reason and I'll let you know one thing that a climate onions when people find out that I don't have a FaceBook. Yeah if you would not most of that you're not human. You know I heard a lot of people complained during the election cycle which seemed to last for ever. Of how nasty it was getting on line and so I pay you know people have courage when they're not looking at your face to face. And so that's not always the thing. Yeah a lot to get met rob them keyboard commandos into that also. You got that right Gerri Sergio you and you'll ever drop dead and you haven't you haven't missive that much. I've got to thank you Gerri appreciate it. Yeah I during the election cycle which you know seemed interminable. God and people words tell me to be able Morgan with all I I you know I just shot off. Because it's just it's so so bad. That there's no point and it. See you'd never hear anybody saying I had a discussion. With somebody on FaceBook. Beds and disagreed with me and I disagree with them. And so it was a pleasant nice conversation Arnold turns out into a sword fight. It's it's always you're an idiot and I'm I'm all knowing and suddenly it was just sick of that get tired of it. And the problem is that seem like that's how it started it was on FaceBook and it kind of moved in now that person leaves yep person in person. It's the same. Hate back and forth that seems like it used to just beyond that but he said he could have a conversation and be fine hey we have the discrete that's your opinion. But then the FaceBook and you're right it seemed like it was for ever. These comments saying you know how could you think that in the back and forth you start getting mad at people you agreed where this is like shot up. It's like your finding out things you notice first of a twenty years and you're finding out things now that you never know. And you know and most of things you found out. Were not positive. If you would think that if you don't somebody twenty years you know most of what you need to know about them. But if if there were things that came out in Facebook org. That you didn't like okay going to be something but you never hear about things coming out in FaceBook widget like. While OJ. I always like merry little I didn't know she worked with Venezuelan orphans I like very even are now. That doesn't work it doesn't go that way it goes the other way. And so. You'd think it knows it from the album you think you know somebody. And so a good bit darker side of people would come up maybe things blurted out that they would not say in person. I was suddenly shows up because all they have to tells the keyboard. And what I miss about human. This session is the fact that there is humanity and the human voice and and you can you can tell a lot by by how they say something. Beyond just what they say assist you as an example a six on the solid. Well I I always thought you were like OK so you could have found out something good if it's a sure like that you know as I says is that if you get something on the other side. Well I always thought your lights that you see editors' huge differences. Signs are used to use a part of that. On when he would try and describe something that might be a little sensitive to people and and he would simply take a sentence and emphasize a different word. And in an inning by just emphasizing the word is it's changed the whole context. And so that was. That's something having human discussion you don't get on line. It trailed 5301806169. Supersonics are 930 ever get into an argument on FaceBook have you quit FaceBook. Is it an honest is that an honest representational what it is. And what is it or. Have you found out there just information gathering. I know that. If I am looking is Sam online on FaceBook for example looking at cards. All right and I shouted down and believe me the next time be computer comes back up it's all about cars. The big trek up everything. And sometimes it's a reminder. Because you forgot you were talking about them messer Schmidt cars from war or zero. I was so it's it's helpful in some ways but I'm asking if it's plus or minus wing view we're back after this. He's fed up plywood chair bring it up and let me ask you this question what what which where did he emphasize did he say why would Jerry bring any thing. Or why would Jerry bring you anything. It was nice Jerry or brain. I think he emphasized bullet. I don't quite get that commercial I've heard it many times. Heavier or to replace where they don't want to talk about but how much you earn. Have you ever worked at a place where they do launcher one I don't get that wooden shoe is simply not much you learn by checking your paycheck. How much your income tax return I mean there's going to be our way is going to be simple I know exactly how much I make. Per minute. No I mean you know Jamaica I knew what I'm missing in this life. I'm I asked the same question I mean I go one line I can. Look at my state pay stub and say hey did you called I guess they did in there right now. Every once in awhile I take out my first paste job in Radford Virginia close to where you go for the Hokies are KW Larry day. Nat. Are you ready net. 3750. A week but I'm 3750 below is open you're gonna start sometimes like that but through hard work. Determination willing to work overtime do extra things Browning up the laws wash his car are double that all right and you can show folks out there. You know drew can double tourism if you I'd like to get the 37 to deal with the stuff to get there. You know at are you going to do 11 job. For to get back to 37 no I think I remember distinctly that. I went and I cash my first checkered Kroger witches a grocery chain in the south. And the manager called me and and said don't do that anymore we don't want everybody in the hole and what people are making your lawyer that. At there's a secondary thing they used to put our checks in it in an envelope. On the bulletin board with a thumb Jack through connecting. So I the first week I had to have Roger go out and great OK it's 37 for everybody it's I'm working in radio row. And then I just truly a global way they call me and it and was there. Is no need to register them away. So after that I not only put the ambled back up. I even used the same hole we will come back well. That's pretty sad pretty CeBIT that was awhile ago. I FaceBook FaceBook a lot of talk about FaceBook what's going on with FaceBook let's find out with producing gas war pressure on WB. Yeah you know the power these four accused. You don't know instead of you know anybody so they have no problem to one negative energy Udall and speaking. Yes it was like say they have no inhibitions or say anything to anybody because. There Ambac over keyboard and be your can't get to all men are. Yeah let me get a Twitter you don't put the president on Twitter and yelled it's great because of byte guess the media. And the media changing. But the big issue I think would certainly display the news. No particular issues early seventy's it only took one person. So work to maintain our words all of our. Power institute you're realistic chance properly and our. If governments used it since women's witness to parishioners suburban swing more taxes let's bring up to. The console Livan we're all parents got to work. And now there's no parroting control and all these children born in. Well I can tell you it seems to have opened a floodgate. Of our ability to reach out to people you don't know are people who hardly know and express your innermost feelings. Which under some circumstances I guess is all right but most of his time not. What what's. Have you ever play have posted anything that you wish you hadn't posted their Christmas. You know I just don't play well I just don't believe in it as blunt and absolute. All I think. There are times when people but I do creative things and funny things and that's good passing that but when it gets personal or political or religious. It gets a little stuff. Yeah you know I am absolutely I got a couple people. In the currency sport didn't. Don't talk against this person or their pristine so why are you were in control and we business what I don't know the approval world. Absolutely. My mother said and your mother probably said and her mother said you don't air your dirty laundry outside the family its its internal and should be kept that way. Yeah and their dorm yeah ordered us sure all of their taco what they want to talk to because. They're not looking at anybody or not taken responsibility. For Walter. And it's like stream of consciousness. Where as you say one word that's as somebody and then they unload everything it does on their mind about that werder about that. Candidate or whatever and doesn't always work out well Chris thank you for sharing all of us on the radio we appreciated thank you. Stream of consciousness you would you mention one thing and but. Everything's gonna like falls out they've been dying in dying to tell everybody about this. I've always stuck to it everybody is part performer. I when your kid he among others as you sing a song for your rants. Right OK maybe I you you watch something and large dirty dancing as a regional dance. I think most people have some performer in them not as a bit shy about it. Most people aren't willing to do that but they never had an audience. They wouldn't do it in front of one person. But they'll go on line and who knows how many people. Will have an opportunity to share that that would them and there will be glad to perform on line it's the same thing is people telling you where they are. First at all. If you know when we get new technology. It gives us a lot more row a lot more room what sort world view. We get to see what other people are thinking about. And we get to talk occasionally to other people reach right out of worldwide. It's called the worldwide. Wherever reason. And and it is. About the media but the bottom line is that when once it's out there is stays out there. And and it comes back to haunt you that people look at that FaceBook now when they're making hiring decisions. Now how would you like to be up for a really good job. And you know you may defied the first cut and are you coming up for another interview. And it's is that really good opportunity for you good money good benefits. And then they check your FaceBook profile and and a and to see which you've been posting that they have access to. And mysteriously. You'd drop out of the final group. Because they view it poses and stuff it didn't seem like a bad idea at the time. You heard your team had just lost. In the final four and realize that you now realize you're happy about it. And you post is the stuff that maybe Asia proposed that in your boss is on your future bonds and says we don't need it's mentally. And we do not need this and so they'll never tell you that of course they never tell you but the bottom line is you don't get the job. Because you got to learn that when you put that out there it's how fair. The old days. Those are good times when if you did you propose on the bus stop for a good time. Call Mary Lou that and and your. The right governor it was number just because you. Her fund at a guy right now those days are and how do you do that fifteen million people see it. And Mary it was going to be very busy but you don't answer it because nobody answers the phone anymore under any circumstances. You could Collison was hotline and they probably don't answer the phone do. I just I just went for cheap joke you know I mean but at the point is nobody does it answer the phone anymore all the calls go to voice mail while they decide what your important now that. It's not true. So we have lack of human communication not a good thing. We have about you heard a beer muscles. Visitors that FaceBook muscles that's not a good thing either. Or asking is it worth the trouble or not. Giving up pluses and minuses of FaceBook have you dropped out. Is it just information gathering is that it is reconnaissance. Is doing a reconnaissance lap is that it and have you ever wish you could take back that certain. If you thought it was a good idea push that button. It was like putting them he mine Valentine's candy on the little sick and greater girls when you're in second grade do you mind OK you know. You push and they should put the send button on delay. I think that's one thing I rent a man will be back tomorrow and it was great and I authorities WB. Well with a big you're. Are over row where the information goes FaceBook says according to this article in the Los Angeles Times. That you own all the data you posts not even close say the experts. There were asking you the first call I mean they're pretty open about it and I don't know why you're surprised. It says. Information will be shared with the business partners and with entities. Including. And academic research. Policy now projects you know what. Obviously I get this straight because it's our over there of hands over here. Okay it says information will be shared a business partners and with entities conducting. Academic research and surveys. Which about covers everything doesn't. I mean once you say with the this year we're business partners. As. So why would you why would you go online knowing this and then be angry because they did exactly what they says they can do. And you agreed to it. And you're putting things on there and now that you wish you hadn't put on there lawyers saying they used it improperly out there and use it. Well it's your fault you put up there they're big and make stuff up. They're using your data to put any information package together. That they're customer might want whether a customer. Is is Harry Harry stone or the presidential campaign so repeat Ontario Peter on WB yen. 8 today morning and I think you know. He is stalking itself when it went well but went crazy. And allied. It is good cop out properly where it should be it's not really be affected by it ought to what earthly city. At eight which people or. Aren't the dog conservative ought Heatley. We eat. Hello. In the back right get on the Red Hat bought it bought C yeah. That it better moderate and and that but bitter bitter bitter jury. Lying. Their ideology is all war. It will anything. In. It shouldn't but it backed the picture of their own. I needed it to. Light my younger did pretty much out. Of the year. But start up here and she would write it that. I. Doubted they look. You know we're all well over twenty years I'd I'd. As you know albeit on and sent several different pieces aren't talked conservative. Out in. In any way and and for good read good. And she never mentioned to me like pictures ever audit that all people per year. Nobody knows my mates and I like it now. It here I don't oil. Leak. What I've learned the year ago. The right way. The conservative way. Yeah. Just remember people recognize voices we know that that's true since you've been out there for two years and Zola and enjoying her life even without FaceBook. Hundred present there is ever gonna go back again at exactly what. All week up late go on which people he got. I gotta gotta gotta gotta got it now now. I did you allowed glared at your peak value very much. Now we talk about people putting information. No kids. Besides putting something on May or may not want or have repeated. A big foot who cares information now. Where are different here let's say we have great text here from Chris. I just left they lumber yard. I'm Chris. Affect your dress because I was wondering are you know. Beamer and frank and I were wondering where Chris would be had about a 20 minutes to 11 o'clock and here are just posted that now we know. That's very important personnel because Chris was going to the lumber yard get some lumber. As a bill the same Romans house and I thought that's a good idea a good thing to do and give me listening to us while he's adores and governor so I. Ups. Okay the next post. I just got coffee at the drive through side grace. All I bet he went directly. From the lumber yards to the drive through coffee don't spill the copy in your lap. Otherwise you'll you'll regret it so it's nicer Chris is like keeping us informed. In not only is Chris giving us information is also answering our questions we can better. Serve him if we did you see we asked them what kind of coffee Chris very quick one cream and sugar. There is what kind of guy every Chris rape and we're going cream or sugar from McDonald's. So that's very its readers. I was wondering though a big Tim Hart will be their jobs. I don't know where people make different choices we're copy. I want to work on a birdie bar through. While the coffee. After the lumber and not before exactly because if via if he has an after I think there's an advantage because he gets the word number four years ago or of the little home. In army. These guys are before are you won't get a male pounded and I don't have to give up the project. And who knows maybe we're gonna Selma those spots we have here for people of prostate in large process yes low flow of the he's a bigger Mo flow eyes off her number on a bus stop. For a good time city low flow. And that's a very important okay here's a line. I don't like keeping everybody posts that are what I deal all day amble and this is unsigned. So it would have much more value if or sign because that we would know who we don't care about. It's really. Not caring about a stranger doesn't carry me in it each. I have somebody there go to Tom and Clarence I'm here on WB yen. I. Would somebody got Thursday. Well I've got relatives. That worked for race. In the very early stages of when. Mark let Herbert. Who doubt all so well. And he was in charge of marketing and ever side effect he. It was silly Khaled at that time. And didn't wanna leave college Euro and so marks set up an office and going in it and why you. Seven off the floor of the New York. Italy ever tightening until you'd be able to graduate bought him also. Watered dream story that I that's terrific. Well we got to go out there and go live just acquired the campus there that they call which. Well actually headquarters Sun Microsystems let's think about thirty building. Operation that. It is quiet and before they went public. And I got around this thing and there for restaurants is bicycle shop. You. You had barely parking if you were a certain stature. Your dry cleaning is done for you. There was not a and you would go about having a bar in the in the in the research laboratories or police you'll get a drink and I sat dormant as well. When guys go public this is really on any day this out of country club atmosphere. A stockholder in at least in my age. You know would not look kindly into the all the you know casual lit it worked well we're gonna see. And I got the in the inner workings of the programs that they acted and rhythm what they are right. To collect data of the membership of the people are freely just cited did join FaceBook. As we got to remember when marquis then harper the whole point it's. This this really concept was to meet girls to meet women. And there was a college thing mainly. Callers ago alleged. Google is basically. Come out well it you know you watched that a lot. You know the fact was you know you read our college and he got FaceBook if you if you got a college ID number. That would sure apple. OK and so of course it went beyond what it isn't but it is today. Well it's certainly Islamic greatest success stories and history of business. Well he's now out dummy and took it to knowing how to market. They got closer the first time Obama was getting. And other political and the thing to wind it could and the presidency. And a lot of it had to do with Ted Kennedy. But. The point was to sit there and find out how we can influence this particular group which at that it was at the end of the college high school. And at what the demographics of view and I stand the or even the generation bought. But they are at that point looking at it political. To gain data to see what they could do the find out who and what is thinking in what way out and. And it's a good way to do it rather than I have presented as some pollster needing a pure information for a political campaign. They do it in there are getting you to spill your guts and what you like and where you go what you do. And they did it really got to the point where the second election. I would throw he get information. People who volunteered. After going to the hole. They would get out there whether or divisive was get on their FaceBook page. And say they didn't they didn't have to say. They voted for but if they vote that was the dead and at that Zuckerberg was trying to collect state did you vote. But it had enough research to realize one that the person. Entered and there are holes that they had voted that they had enough I did I know that was the Republican governor in the. Democrat and ensuring that churn out due may be able to tell by the raw numbers for the journal. So I was tight I was and I was able to get is seen. And it was remarkable. Day for any networker anybody. Role in what district was going to win what it was incredible. And yes and they came in as a friend. A lot of help to communicate with somebody else so there you didn't put up any barriers you freely gave the information which is what they say they now. We didn't take anything we can steal everything you get to us. Well. Well that's a that's a great story Tom we really appreciate it give us a good incitement that movie was fascinating. You know about the beginning of FaceBook and and it's still very very strong and I think that bill weathered this storm and and continue on thank you Tom appreciate it. Greg called very instinct and if you have ever seen that movie about Zuckerberg and his. Friends started this yes we can title back together Justin Timberlake was in that movie was right that's right he was another U. And and that Zuckerberg later formed. Boy band that's. All the rich guys will be back after service. But at any time. We run that sounder there and I figured Jimmy reprise smile. Well what I want an interest guy was and I really enjoyed my time when all things that alright we're asking FaceBook. You getting on a shake from FaceBook people seem surprised. That they don't that they shared information Monday. It's that they share information. It's right there now they also say that you own of the data that you're posting that's not quite true. Is it worth the trouble are not pluses and minuses of who dropped out of FaceBook. One quick thing here on the text line. Where's Chris it says I don't know. You know O Chris was there. Chris stopped at the lumber yard because where we're trying to replicate faced by offers a little bit. He stopped at the lumber yard. Which I guess who's buying some lumber. And then later about twenty minutes after that he had coffee mcdonalds. And so. I think we know which McDonald's and which one regard it is but beyond that we don't know prisoners Chris actually wants to be more specific he was digging imports from the lumber yard line okay. And he you know there was a discussion on here is Chris and oak guys or nine guys. And so he's going with a line that let me just change one more things just human. Light gun. I just robbed Chris is house while he was out for property. Now this. You can have a conversation without somebody taking advantage of you press. It pine boards that he needs. For the sun room. He feels good about it or on sale he got a copy at McDonald's his favorite kind through you know Danny goes. Up front doors open and all the goodies that Chris has works hard or are gone. Is there are no justice at all. I'm really sad to hear that let's go to our Greg in regards I want McGregor on WB again. I thought they spoke for maybe two weeks and reports that that date all kinds get beaten up. I got opera. But what are what are they saying that bothers me is the I do most of my a hitter they're researchers. By all of every marijuana air yet they give the people who won't. Permission to. They have my own well they probably know also it may they want a moment location. So I think it's huge. They privacy. Well you know there's other things like when I search for cars and as I look for hard to find models in the not in the immediate area they might be as far as 500 miles. And every one that I click on. Wants permission. To use GPS to figure out how far from my house of a dealership and all that and I do that because. In this arm profile to me but. It's insidious or Greg. The way they do it because they come in as your friend you give my all the information they want you didn't even think you're participating in the survey but you war. Our group rules cycle at our blue root site based based Dwight searchers are different sites are. Get out votes their votes they. But I also love. I hit I picked early sixties that it happens it'll partly he's the rate that they don't let one. I sold it or order hours. Send. Fifty years later in turn meaning behind it the garage and New Jersey. And it was done a lot. Now all that's fabulous wow that is really the cargo is good I just started using car gurus a few months ago. Very very helpful for long distance them especially Greg thanks for the call appreciate it. And dollars goods are gonna drag on the bottom I'm worried about Chris because we kind of lost record Kristi got the lumber. In fact he was talking his wife and homo lumber. Yes idea and I have a lot of void in my in my truck right now. And that's all I gotta stop for coffee and he discovered robbery and while that was happening somebody posted that they were. Now maybe they'll oppose what they stole and how much they want for. We Kabila defense to be offense radio. Least we try to be offensive if we can but it is time now Harvick cash code word. In thousand dollar cash go to WB at this time out text the word are you ready. Tackles CAA CO. Yummy yummy yummy I gotta tackle in my tummy to what taco at 72881. For your chance to win thousand dollars.