3/19 Beach and Company Hour 3

Sandy Beach
Monday, March 19th

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And we are back we obesity governing you may have seen it may have heard about it but there they are in the Buffalo News. I James fauna falls is that I'm sorry. Who said he was molested by a priest and airy Pennsylvania. Between the ages of sixteen and nineteen Robert Coulson president of the road to recovery protests outside saint Joseph's cathedral. Who Wear the bishop who was celebrating mass urging the diocese of buffalo to release names of sexually abusive priest. Now it's not just me. It's the church itself. Has acknowledged this is being a problem of pharaoh working on trying to solve. So it's certainly not a local problem or local consideration the globe as mentioned it. While these two gentlemen we're outside I'd protests thing in asking for that information inside the bishop acknowledged that the problems of the church so it doesn't do any good to put your head in the sand and pretend there are no problems there are. And they're different kinds of problems with the kind of problem with child melt molestation is you can't let it go you have to do. Deal with it as quickly as as expeditiously. As possible. And the church's drag its feet for a long time on this issue so I'm asking do you expect him and don't want total transparency. Of the names and files and those involved or isn't all about the money apparently. The reverend James Gilman has won 23 threes publicly accused of sexual abuse. Who have served in the buffalo diocese. And that's a part of this article by Jeremy Ratliff. I am does so it is an ongoing problem. But to pretend it's not there or to get angry because somebody references that. Is misplaced anger as far as I'm concerned. In fact you in there are mr. beamer you have some Facebook's course once Demeco. Yeah Bob says hand. And over all the names of the alleged he uses to authorities let them do a full investigation. For a ARA absolutely as I said earlier priests are not ever get out of jail free card if they have competitor crime. It should be pursued. Now one of Leo one of the situations is that. As a young men have to do there was an amendment boys as young boys have to deal with a sort of thing. The clock is running on a statute of limitations. But my understanding and after reading several articles. Some some. Money has been spent. It's true I don't know what sort of looking for. To deal with the problem of cases that would have long passed expired. So I don't know if they're looking at that and I and it's more than a legal issue. Tomorrow issue the big time moral issue. And so there is no there's no excuse for it there's no issues were the initial act if if it turns out that the act was as reported. Or acts plural. But there is certainly even less explanation for cover up that seems to be where we are and Evelyn please. Sandy says they should be handled just like any other had a file arrested and tried found guilty off you go and registered as a sex offender. Also booted for being a priest they are not following the word or teachings of god in what he stood for. You know that's a good point number I'm glad they've pointed out like that because and civil life in non religious life. If you are sex offender in many states I guess via the rules would vary by state. But if you are an idea of sex offender many states Europe and we moved to a neighborhood the neighbors have to be advised by law. That a sex offenders moved into their neighborhood. I think does that weigh in New York we we have a subject and not exactly like this but some whereas of people get a notification. That there is a sex offender moving into their neighborhood. And a that you wouldn't have that would you if that if the year church just. Transferred a priest that allegedly committed that kind of the agreement is a behavior. The good place where he was going wouldn't be notified that that's another double whammy and other employees. Jeff says it's a bit distressing knowing you're donated dollars may be used for the wrong thing. The guy you always think about that if you you have a vote of money allocated for various things. And in the generosity. Of your heart you make donations to your church version of a do good things they help a lot of people. And server good purpose but if you think that well maybe this one isn't such a good purpose you may begin to rethink. Your contribution no matter how much good they do they can't put on a charge saying. Where 85%. Good and 15% and I'm sure we'll be back remark after this is a beach in governing. And let's Cingular does go to Bob. On line one Bob your on WB CN. Any I've probably got forced today. You know a lot of problems within the Catholic Church has no problem everywhere and society every institution has been besmirched by this problem the Catholic Church has done more. Take care. Opened up the gap. Up people that work. Than any other institution that there is rampant public schools. In congress in Hollywood and everywhere. But here you know I wonder we we views this suggestion before. I'm various topics but why is not the law followed. If you follow the law the existing law I think we have much less of the problems or Europe talking Emma. When talking about the temperature to deal with a lot of problems in the test what are we gonna another of several. We're talking 1015 once you're 4050 years ago now. And that in and they're not trying to hide from the Catholic Church use all the experts. Psychologists. Sociology of psychologist. By cultural. The weighted towards me with with these pretty it will increase in the past what does something through therapy. Cure them and then send them on their way. They are going by what what what was what the experts were telling him to do. Pure security matter how do you cure pedophile. They were gone that that's exactly right that's not just had a few of the a lot of with homosexuality. What ya are right now I was focusing on that aspect of it. I just says we just made a deal legal secure somebody of homosexuality. To claim it can in the in that. Erie county because that is not right. Highlights and now we cure these people and then when they send them on their way is there any advanced notice though whether it there on their way we've cured of their benefit him. You what you're. The point which happened church was dealing with that as experts told them you've got to pocket the interest not the Catholic church and have that was little idea that certain that this therapy and haven't cured quote unquote. When they send them on their way are they sending them on their way to another life outside of the clergy are sending them to another assignment. Probably another sign that that was a mistake but we're talking about 304050 years ago dissident. We're not talking a current problem right now. So yeah you're you're saying there is no no problem now with the church. A why it is wise the bishops said on Sunday which was yesterday. At the way that we have to deal with the problems of the church once you start him. Oh the bishop. Our own our own bishop Malone in the same article. In the above windows. You away and I he referenced the is it that they need help in dealing with the problems of the church and what problems you think he's talking about because. The protesters. These two gentlemen of the a front we're dealing specifically would this issue. Sunday. Essar wanted to problem. Problems on going. It's been ongoing. It's it hasn't stopped did I miss the paper it's a good bit the problem would have Metafile priest has stopped. Oh. Now I'm saying well this is like your comedy route Jane. I'm saying did I miss something you're saying there is no problem now. There is a problem now and that prompted an institution you know what what what are now that doesn't hold it that's exact reverse argument. Because it somewhere else doesn't exempt you from it as saying there is the same percentage in a non church. Young man as there aren't in the priest doesn't businesses allowable percentage. For a for abusing children nine. Post civil rights. Don't bring legal and from third to accuse. Well or you I would assume they would they have the same price everybody else has but they don't have more rights that's the point certainly they have the bees they have to be held accountable. They have certainly the same. And yeah. So you are you saying that the church has not I use saying that this is a conversation that I can't get our arms around I use saying. That when they were accused which urged did know investigations. So that via. Bill he's just got a free press or if they did investigations. Are experts told them. And quote unquote. You gotta talk this Orioles because when I getting our. Hours the time what a waste of time. Okay let's not pretend. That it's not still a problem showing. Davis to be here are giving your double while I grab some water here my throat as part I think that was the text or think you decide to call and miss all the like right now. Bob Rae says come clean. This is not a new thing as being going on for it in the church for decades also recommended the Netflix documentary keepers. It shows about the it's very informative about what's been going on for as they said decades. Yeah and I think it's important both him attacks by the way every objects I got. And I here's on says sandy. In my humble opinion the reason for the means tax in the main FaceBook pages is that it's having a little close a little too close to home. For these people maybe they know something maybe they don't it's getting too close and that's why the visceral reaction. So I could be right. The bottom line is that frees you shouldn't have less rights than anybody else. But things they shouldn't have more rights either. In other words you commit a crime you have to be held responsible for it if Uranus and Uranus and if you're not the rest of these some kind of responsibility. Yes Marcia goes to her in the accused over to law enforcement just they do with public schoolteachers. Our debt will be students bishops are Matlock they are equipped to handle felony investigation. Castro the up exactly did and may have different missions. A different duties so why I like that that suggestion I don't know what the procedure is if somebody has they complain and they wanna file it. I would the diocese I don't know exactly what happens after that let's go to Joseph and Orchard Park Joseph you're on WB in. Hatred I think you're elect caller pretty well read on the subject or figured out here where cross a little bit. On the but the problem is should I mean that the church. Early in the church believes that the people should be charged prosecuted convicted. The problem is. It's in the ninetieth percentile. Appreciate it used to. Happen in the seventies early eat. So all of all of them are under the statute of limitations are now. On the most current number doubt it will find words from twenty trips he and imported fruit loop. Seven pre work convicted of sexual abuse. If you look back. Critical data due around 20042005. It's it's pretty much if it is standard practice throughout the IQ the United States supreme world com. That when it that when Richard Herman Jeter's parents com Stuart church. The question a pastor asks. It is. Where it went to date or time Kurt electric currents. And it if it's within the actual invitations. They however do not mean anything else actually the other could go to the police. Right now call. And the police investigated so they pay there that we are gone as far as what I've been able. Oh they would only send us videos of police somebody who's who doesn't have a case because badgers run out. Oh well I'm an academic pursuits so all. They're they're a personal problem proceedings simply you do what you are just an allegation of an employee of any company. I as somebody has to say okay this statues around that might be a lead eagle OK but does that tomorrow okay. Well what what we're talking about are being convicted for a big charge that this they're really they're you can do about that but no I pretty. It sure like a lot of WB yeah we're accused YouTube can't stop a civil. No I and I understand I understand the statue of limitations. Bill Cosby a proffered buyer by a large number because most would be able. There are complaints against him against them a statute or run out. But when you're talking about. If somebody says okay at the last occurrence was and it was beyond the statute on expectation. And you just send them to the police it tells me you'll wash your hands of it because you know all of the police are going to say. And we can't prosecute this. Don't know that they. The actual public operator spiritual liberation because she should although the police. All right good yeah I mean I absolutely. I think that a pretty says as much rights of defense is anybody else. Great eight and what you're saying earlier about in the news not long ago they patient that you percent of priests and all the people on the I'm the on the news stations were like while extreme pre double hundred who he was abusing children what you're I don't victim it would actually worsen mattered all the numbers. The numbers compiled weren't just. Preach that. Been charged it was preset how patient that got from the route 4%. And the state the church made in the seventies and eighties wars should like what we're saying that we could be sure. Arm they they move the east. Also 4% of the creation ended up. Pretty much in fact being under percent of the diocese the United States from from moving around you're tired old wax. You know look at the stakes are such well partly what I achieved cover two which states. And and Brooke herself a little local shelter there are armory portrait they can each problem also they get a crease and Philadelphia or box. I was wondering if they ever got an advanced notice a wise this. Two of their guards have their location. And I think I think the reason I think it I think it's pretty big that the bishop actually get an audition for these three. That's why I think it was it's one in 323. Priests. Or if you look at the and help that you that it's undermining what's up well too as well as the gentleman became Orton would dispute. And abuse happened in the seventies and need. OK I'd like sergeant longer prison seems like you have a lot of good information but I've avenues we're gonna run thank you for your call will be back after this thing in there. A arias and Robert we get to elaborate show like this but every once in awhile something is supposed to go is so preposterous. It's funny. And not everybody. I guess when they've posted goes through this was a serious. A serious post but let me just read it's okay pace sandy. How about this if you don't like the Catholic church and its traditions. Leave it and go somewhere else. Let he who has no sin cast the first well. Art lovers raw do you consider pair of period as a Catholic Church tradition. I'm okay now let me make this straight to a Posner. Yes I don't like pedal feel yeah I know that really puts me out well lamb where this I don't approve of it and I don't like cover it up. Now I know that those are pretty radical thoughts. And certainly if any institution has a tradition and a battle for audio we should honor and of ours. I'm still continued. I mean it wait it's beyond Briscoe of my imagination. Which is wonderful to think there's somebody would say. If you don't like the gathered church and its traditions. Did you imagine the church embracing that as a tradition. Because I don't I don't. And yeah I'm not saying free nobody is that I know of certainly you know maybe beamer. At least Saturday night viewers but the bottom line is that's to me a joke as that's funny that's funny and Uga. Now the two gentlemen who are protesting outside the saint Joe's a lot of the bishop was inside. Saying mass. Quote it was a you know there's a yeah podcast of Tim Weiner. And lettuce here mirror opinions from their own. Mines in the wrong miles it's who are Tim Weiner. I think in in more recent years it's become clear to me the effects. That that that abuse hat on me. In the sense dead bird indeed twenty years after they always knew it happened and thought about it and dealt with some of the trauma of it but it became debilitating. And I started to have. If Texas PT SD and social anxiety disorder. I've had a couple issues with the substance use disorder. Wish her well under control. But. It just seemed dead as time went on. There was a residual effect that the abuse had on me and so I'd I'd begin today in form. My superiors in the church about. That the nature of the abuse in the effect that it had on me. So. I also in spite of what happened to me I'd really believed the very best about the the Catholic Church. And sentenced in. In the ninety's. Calling to become a priest. And so I was ordained for the diocese of Erie in 1996. And functioned as a priest. Until August of 2014. At which tie him I became a whistle blower and informed. My bishops and hear the what has happened to me and others. And because of data because of the effects of the PT SD and things like that became completely untenable. I I mourn the fact that I can't function as a priest that I'm not saying mass that I'm not preaching love. Love though those things but the environment in which had lived it was just a constant reminder of what had happened to me. But. So I went to seminary here and Easter were. Grace king seminaries around 1991 to 1990 side. Had mostly a good experience there in mostly a good experience wits with buffalo priest. I was always a rank and file priests in my own diocese and I was just a student here. I wasn't in any kind of special position to know what I think all priests know. About this this phenomenon. The good ones I think one try to find a way to move on. They want this behind them. But I don't know that any of them really know how to tackle the issue in away. That allows victims to us to steal. Yeah they're real sense of transparency. I just sense. Transparency. It's for twenty some years but I suffered with this alone. And there were others that I think my perpetrators touched. They're not as forthcoming as I am. But I I just know that one is the I think one of the aspects of of being a survivor is the you know whether it's your friends or family or the church you suffer alone you don't have the support network who wants to drag this material out in public. Who wants to talk about. You know childhood trauma heard you know sexual matters or you know the effects of and it's not this is an pleasant place to be. But I think. Bishop Malone. In all bishops. Must come out and be more transparent and revealed the names. Of all the perpetrators that they're aware of so people don't have to victims don't have to suffer. Alone. It makes me wonder if he's teasing the public if bishop Malone isn't teasing the public by saying I'm thinking about it. It's been long standing policy but what happens if he if he doesn't reveal these names after thinking about it out loud. It's just the most humane thing to do the church should protect its most vulnerable. Members. And in you know because of the command of Christ. And revealing the names of the perpetrators willingly and thoroughly. I think is the only way to redress that. Problem release to make a certain. These teams in the past. It over the course of the twenty years it suddenly this groundswell of action. Well the media has helped in some high profile legal cases have helped. Obviously Boston was an epicenter for this in 2002. But really every diocese. Has this problem and I can see every diocese but I would suspect most every diocese. Has a problem of that same nature. And so our population in buffalo or hear your somewhere else might be smaller than Boston but on a per capita basis. The death of the fallout is no less. Severe in and impact full. So I think it's you know in part I think it's due to reporting in you know meeting June mess societal consciousness. But this is not a new problem and it's not in episodic problem it's not. It's not a few bad apples. As I was saying as Ed mentioned earlier to it to someone that. There's documentary evidence to suggest that the church has struggled with this issue in some way shape or form. Since 408. Talking about solicits solicitation in the confessional. Talking about had a file priests. So you can't say it was one predecessor you can't say it was a certain you know was the sixties or the sexual revolution that's one of the things you often. Here is an excuse from bishops. There must be something in in the church systemically. Then it gives cover in to this type of behavior. And and to answer your question perhaps we'll differently nothing has changed in the church. What has changed is. The courage and bravery of victims. To come forward to announce that they were sexually abused by clergy and to do something about it the only change that has taken place with this issue. Has taken place because of the courage of people like Jim flew sacked. And Michael Whelan and many others who have come forward. The church continues its essentially same stance it's essential state stands about this. Keep it quiet keep it covered up keep it secret. And let's get away with whatever we can get away what. Fortunately the courage the courage of victims would not allow that to happen or what would you say to parishioners there putting their hard earned dollars into. Into the draft picks and a picture there I've said it from the beginning if if Catholics stopped the money betrayal. This problem would be over. Because the bishops number one would never lived in that kind of lifestyle that would be demanded by. Less money. The palace on Delaware avenue what it would disappear and people. Priest and and and bishops would have to live the life stockpiles of ordinary people. I'm telling you the problem would be eliminated because the focus would not be on image. And this position status. But it would beyond. Protecting children and doing the kinds of things that families have to do every single day and that's survive and and and AT and and live and it. The U I heard Robert flew Zack and Robert Coulson president of the road to recovery protests. It's a road to recovery. Are protesting outside San Jose is that the federal. And there variances thing of food for thought take a break and return on newsreader and I'm thirty WB. Is Beijing governor may. And I'm thinking I could use a really good common sense caller now. And who represents more common sense and our friend Allah for west Seneca Ella thanks calling here on WB yet. Oral all of its really sad though I'm so happy to talk to you. Or are there like you're happy it did not. Lola or your thoughts about law outwards arguments. About this is that. Yeah ironclad pre Doral course there're. And then it's gone against fish and he'll on the house. I mean it's things and I wish thanking you know when you have an bushel apple. And then met both turned and you have typical apple. Absolutely. And and I am review I'm sick I'm more sad than angry. Because it really does cast Apollo rather over the other good breeze. It is retired all this I've heard this for a long time from either with an. Money extended family all. Elect depletion theory that the isn't that kind of change up at a flat if you're married you're still going to be at a pilot here Kevin and I. Yeah I've had a thousand Metafile. And and I don't think that makes a difference I think the argument following entries Marriott visit date. They have a more rounded view of the of the rest of the world beyond the freeze them. On the other words what it's like you know raising children and thing electric bills and stuff like that. That's necessary. And he and another saying the course. My hope that there is food there and I'd like with pinprick when he pipes here. My father was Lutheran gunmen. Or church but I never gave up my Catholic faith and I would support is now the bad breath 25. Anniversary. We re dedicated. I was from the Catholic Church now he's gone doesn't eat your. So I couldn't tell a lot of things about living tree into the plan. But. Religion is very important to people. Because it represents. I do most of us the final. A judgment the final authority and that when we when we probably casts our faith we have a group. Because we think that where part of them and their part of us and them when a small part of that group disappoints does it really hurts. Does does does now we happily had to face in something Andy to sit in the world. Economy gallant who. Tell my lawyer think it would might not be right it come down with the basics we all have choices. And we make hard choices. Absolutely and some are reports choices. And what we learn from our mistakes. Unfortunately. If you make a mistake in judgment of this magnitude. You can't be allowed to continue making them mistake you have to. You have to pay the price after all there is there's a price to be paid in penance for your sends this is one of the sentence. In the car that call didn't brought up but could point it would about a two teachers that abuse children. What helped out the top there that abuse their. Well it's never one side or the other you never have to choose. Between is this worse than a teacher or is this worse than a parent because they're all bad in other words this is not a matter of a view on. Do you want to a dire we are bad headache in the bottom line is they're all bad there's none of them are good. Very now comes back to the basic. Choices. We all have both. Make our choices. And we have to live with the consequences. See here's the thing and I Allah if we made our choice and say were lifelong Catholics. That's a choice we made a were happy to make it and committed to it. But when somebody within the same group. And does things like where we've been talking about it angers us and a disappoints us because we're not change our group we're gonna stay in the same group. But it lessens I think. And it hurt so hard and again. I just carried the key since priest because. I mean there's this potentially deadly comedian everything how they've been you know all yet. It's gonna can't get handle on them. And it shouldn't but it does it organizes the way it works. Well I've I couldn't be happier talking view as my last column date thank you so much Ella. Yeah by. All right I think we welcome our words only and I think we do it's time for the thousand dollar cash code on WV. It's hours word is rest which is something I need. Part yesterday I did it all weekend them I'd do it again today and I'm doing it again tomorrow I need to rest my voice and my. Little. Delicate body RE ST. Text that word 272881. For your chance to win a thousand dollars. Well it's they never have to prove to be used strictly related have you given him.