3/19 Beach and Company Hour 2

Sandy Beach
Monday, March 19th

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And we are back in their legion governor and we're talking about faith do you have faith that the gap insurance or do the right thing regarding alleged abuse victims. And do you want and expect total transparency. Of Arab names and files of those involved so it would not only be the priests involved with those who. I directed that they be sent to a a different parish a different location. So that they are out of public view. I'm sure it would no advance notice that on Sunday so and so will be arriving as no member of your. A church they ease having problems here with the pedophilia of them I'm sure that doesn't go whether it's certainly. Is this all about the money. I don't I think it's about image it's about. Competition. Yes there's competition in the field of religion as his competition in most aspects of life. And isn't about money and I'm sure one aspect of of that is is about money to it's it may. Thing though. That people get angry. They get angry. They don't get angry at the offending freeze. They get angry about somebody talking about the offending trees and amazing. Isn't that amazing. Think about it. Personal review our faith. It's so thin. That somebody can't even bring up a legitimate. Concern. That involves children were always told now everything we do is for the children keep in mind the offenses were mainly committed. Against children that would make them had a file fences. You see that aren't that you would be more angry about somebody trying to get that thing straightened out and somebody who actually did it. Rethink your position on that because it's not on solid ground. And a C one of the one of the ones that bra of something I want to bring. Amara and why do not speak the truth their homosexuals. Pretending to be Brees who molested two boys. Well if we wanna get our terms right there Panetta files. All right let's get our terms current programs are about office. It isn't there is the media criticism of attacks isn't as the media creating. And emotional crisis. That has to be handled immediately. Why are you so inconsistent. Well the immediacy is as a matter of perspective. It's been going for decades. Decades and decades and decades. It's not like we found out Tuesday that it happened in that here guard Iowa wants. This has been going on for a long long time. All right I agree that a child abuse. Purpose from every phrase should be brought to justice I'm just wondering about the about the timing and the narrative well the timing is pretty obvious because yesterday. At saint Joseph's cathedral while the bishop was inside celebrating mass. To be able James foes back. 48 years old. Rose said he was molested by every scenario because of Pena between the ages of sixteen in nineteen. And Robert Paulson president of the road to recovery. Protest inside the Saint Joseph good vehicle urging dialysis and their members and a jury to release the names. Of sexually abuse priests and they have signs out there. Alerting the public to what they want. Now to think that it's not timely and George record oh who is that the communications director for the diocese says. As it pertains to release him and the video list of names it is under very serious consideration. There will probably be more information released this week on that issue. So the church has known for some time. And has I think floors some amount of time acknowledged that. The current Pope has the knowledge that previous. Popes have a knowledge that so it's not something just dug out because it's a slow and Tuesday. The church and didn't want to is out it is now out and has been out. And the problem is is are they dealing with it directly. And are purposely. End of the wanting to have all the names released I think is a perfectly legitimate request. The US read of any kind of criminal activity. A wanted to result possible so I don't I don't think this is a way which opens at all. Let's go to Dan and Erie Pennsylvania Danner on WB yen. I Dan. But that happened to me several years ago what she spoke well and I try to recorded at the time in this school like way back. On them. The priest that did this to me when he did it. Mr. McNulty restored church. And I've tried to reported every bishop since. And I look at it as the gentleman that did this. Technology in sickness and illness. And it's according to society. Some of the activity was criminal. But these priests are not just doing it. Too. Ten and eleven and twelve year and fourteen year old kids they're doing it too adult men and adult women do and they're not just eaten the crimes just don't involve. Sexual abuse. The diocese of buffalo it's all appreciative committed crimes say to people they found out there and it will be standing. It had people get arrested for embezzlement. Or arm. Invest in money is due in numb adult bookstores and so on pornography and use these crimes are just amazing what some of the priest in the barracks about world. When news or news tried to report this did did you get any feedback there was there any communications. Or are there any meetings or anything written down though what happened did they just ignore you or what. I get treated like well initially they ignore you and end they'd drag you want and Greg you wanna Greg you want I mean. I'm not joking that first phone call to the first time I actually. Got to talk to somebody in the Chancery. Was probably tracked it. Ten years from the initial request. We're losing news while and so I dim your phone is disintegrated. Do you think they're a big or any man ten meters from the initial. From the initial. Response. To any any time getting back that's a sounded like instantly heard anything back into. With losses phone we had nothing to do that it just kind of went away. 8030930180669. Troops losers on I thirty you have faith that the Catholic Church or do the right thing. Do you want and expect total transparency. Is at all about the money. And for those of you think that this is subject of shouldn't be discussed this is the subject and absolutely should be discussed. And if you're a member of the Catholic Church you should be even more outraged than non members because that is sacred to you was something special and it should pretty. It's it should be even though I don't practice or never for even more special to me so. The bottom line is it should have been done along time ago. Delaying it never makes things better. Okay. Just they're ignoring definitely doesn't make things better. McEnroe lawyer it's owned and I I think that's it should be. That when it happens it should be dealt with a Vanity Fair expeditious manner. And should be dealt with severely in 03 and I 301806. Concerts and I drove reserves are and I and there. Having danced phone was revived came back to life. Dead an area I was asking when your phone went. Up from the time you you lodged a an inquiry or complaint. How long was it before you got any kind of a real feedback. It was ten years well and end it didn't it wasn't like face to face it was over the phone. And but I'm concerned right now be criminal activity. Does not not involved a chick restated. Done this behavior it involves some bishops to cover it up. Yes surely because a when they were covered up or maybe an appraisal reassigned. There was no advance warning to where they were going that this behavior. Was present or was suspected to be present there might be present with the newcomer so that's a that's a double whammy on. Well also on when I did get up to people. I mean they made it the most inconvenient to shut up that they could possibly do you. Initially. Wanted me to tuck. To the bishop an eerie. About what transpired but well. And they passed the information on to him and it happened to be. Mister Troutman. And he what he now you know some of the problem what went on in buffalo in Cunningham. Alessio let's says stay away from names with a neighbor general. So they wanna do on ninety miles a domino asteroids are doing now is the bishops there. He quit and I lived in Erie and they call eight. That since you know he was from about well he can handle it. And to the chancellor in Erie who has increased in the back subsidiary. Who had nothing to do it absolutely nothing. And not just the way they handled it just keep asking about to somebody else but English phone calls. I opted. Every bishop long way except Mitt bishop meant bell and Cunningham was mounting Cherokee. Literally got me on the phone. Screaming at the top of their lungs like maniacs over the phone records held phone repeat my ear. And heard him being entered on me on why would I reporting it because decreased does that. Did you did you ever think of going public lives of the photo op Ed piece. As something like that. On a but mine happened when I was in college and they they made a big issue about that you know that it's over certain date it's not a crime. You know backed up to be. District attorney at all though. These share in the county where it happened in that direction about well. And they both told me criminal behavior somebody does that. No matter what two years old. If it's non consensual certainly. Yes. And I am when I did get to chart finally. Two of bishop the first one once Troutman an eerie. And he was part of a corrupt and but in buffalo but he knew. About me making it complaint when he was still working on about well. When you were actually talking and having a conversation with them. What kind of area of reasoning that they give you. For either taking so long or not reacting at all when they questioned your of your viability as says somebody's telling the whole truth. Our bishop government and kept the black I was fine but when he started up a conversation he took me into his office. And. He got a little bit toward the agent itself. A digital recorder on the edge of the debt. So he could record the whole thing and didn't. You know in Pennsylvania against a lot to record things without telling somebody gonna record. As a you are not aware it was regarding. Well I watched him do it you know and I was about to say something to him about that in that recorded there in Chile and openly conversation. When my name is Dan I think we currently has job. At eight up to me for an hour and a half referring to leave jail on one yet known about my complaint over fifteen years. And I just thought had record. You know he went to court that the play that bet that somebody you're gonna make it stop or quit. Did he did he offer any anything that gave you money. Kind of hope. Anything their brighten your outlook on as of the situation. Everytime I talk to bishop it made it works and actually actually the bishops that may mean more L. And what the Greeks. Well let's fast forward and now now it seems like there's much more awareness I don't know if there is as much more resolve or not. The current Pope Veras is mentioned that decried it do you think that there're a brighter days ahead or do you think it's just kind of gonna drag along. It's the same that the same game just different tactics. I mean they did it he says announcing that they have this victims assistant coordinator. And they've got a phone number out there if you want assistance you know to call it it's all confidential. What you call it not to get it recorded message. And when you finally tracked down a lady is not Orton in the chapter in buffalo. Cheating on they tell you call a number in bankruptcy should not work in Dunkirk in should they give your name and number and James found and you got a track girls were. Apple Western New York. And by the time you get to her. She said well all I do is take a record and handed it to the bench. Well I wish I could beam I wish to be more helpful to you damage and obviously has stayed with you all this time with you know. It's in a positive results I hope things change for your right if I had departed change in my change room. But it's difficult situation but I'm glad you funded and yard to share or those thank you Dan thank you very much. While all of those years going through that. And I keep in mind. The people at should be most angry about this besides the victims themselves obviously. Anybody who feels that they their faith as has been violated their faith in and doing the right thing their faith and believing. What did the church is. Is having you listen to oil on a regular basis. Are you are you getting what you thought you were getting. Or is that just something else it's just something else and you'll let down from that moment of revelation. Where I thought it was better than us and apparently I was wrong now maybe you feel. That. I know you're being out of the church is being unfairly. Brought up in public 44 or public condemnation. Because of their lack of action. I don't I don't think it's unfair at all. Really truly don't and one of its net switches parties around here of areas okay here's a guy. Sandy's shame on you. I just turn the radio on and you're making this sound like every priest that was ever anointed. Whatever statistics. What are of its is that as statistics go vote trees with children. Now let me ask you this. Abusing children. Let me ask you this is there an acceptable percentage. Are you allowed two to abuse a certain percentage that's needed that's the free. Percentage and after that it gets serious and understand the thinking. If there's one person that did it to one person that should be a pretty outrageous. But as saying what is the percentage. You mean is it higher in the priesthood as opposed to outside the present well I would think you wouldn't in endorse anybody. Priests or not. From pedophilia. That to me is indefensible. But if you think I guess there if it makes your comfortable well you know of a percentage is actually less representatives. Of the country's. What kind of kind of thoughts are going on your head. Man he sees them will be back for more breaching company under Israeli and I'm thirty WB. And. We're back we're Beijing company sometimes it scares me reading the tech scored. I'd habitats more blows one way you read at the opposite way and the last one that I read. Sitting. You know. A lot about the percentage. What about the percentage show of priests. Abused children as opposed to the general popular action. Well I thought that that was the gist of it because it was. And you know there's the next part is that this one or Utah Provo scary. So he says what is the percentage. As if the percentages. Is a lower for priests abusing children so it's okay. He says have you ever gonna show about parents who abuse their children. Parents don't have deep pockets what about teachers who abuse their children. I wonder about that. And it's just amazing to me. Now for the person who sent this text let me one I want it's actually so he can understand. Okay. Priests are not allowed to sexually pure brute abused children. Teachers are not allowed to sexually abused children. Parents are not allowed to sexually abused children. And in case you missed that no body is allowed to sexually abuse children. Now you think that I speaks slowly and fully a moron. People. Some setback actually doing a chart. For coach of boot camp and who can't sexually abuse children as best I know the answer is zero. Zero. O. Amazing sitting out there walking among us you and me. And you wonder why things get it to your pushed aside because they know that there's enough people. Who just don't wanna hear it here let me put my fingers in my ear and an Al that I can do because my fingers reminders. Yet year. And out of where your fingers shouldn't be there. As drivers etc. figured it wouldn't say that terrorism Edwards but it just shows you how it's gotten to where it is unbelievable power at this point is because the thoughts like that unbelievable. Instead I'd keep in mind. The people who'll run the church the Pope. The cardinals the big chip nobody approves of this. It's not lightweight hey look they needed a topic for a talk show so let's talk about this. And that the reason would be a true gentleman outside of San Jose zone where via bishop. Was this thing pass and they're of a protest thing and and want. The results of any kind of investigation whatever. Released they want. Totaled have faith. That the Catholic Church favourite thing okay and they expect total transparency which is what it should be. Is it all about the money is a legitimate question asked. A because now there is a fun setup. Even my you don't set up a fund. Two to address grievances unless there are legitimate grievances do you. And this is an idea bash are Catholic Church this is a bash the way it's been handled. Because there hasn't been handled properly and to take that any other scenario and it's unacceptable there's no reason in fact there's even less reason that it should be acceptable as a church. Because there's a certain expectation. Of church. And that is your direct line that haven't as best you know. And you want it as clear as possible and when somebody is standing in the road standing in your way you should be angry at that. He should be angry Asian it and it just allow it because it's part of the church should be allowed by anybody. Imus notes due to. In Panama Edgar on WB again. Org and Benny Hill hello I'm glad that your golf what's on your mind. Well this I'm dying. A little boy I was an altar boy I'll just over years over you'll see Bridget Pearson felt awful. Is our work and there has built several priests and I never. Head any problems with any of them doing anything stranger seeing anything strange. I used a couple of on active directory already saw funeral dates for poppy directory and it was fit DoubleTree shall try to weaken they'd have a few Beers the other being operational lots of and so and we have the time the we have about these side more with memories with that. However I would like to say that I don't think it sure it will clamp down on trees. Really should be Kaiser. As I missed the end of the kids to church now is having trouble getting into increased. That they were too old paltry that world kind of positive even harder time. Well I think you're right about what you just said is that they are having problems. Recruiting. New Drew Brees and that is an ongoing concern of theirs. Well that's right so actually I hear the answer I think their whole thing I believe. Creations I feel left out my fell camp which ruled his sister about Davis but. I believe we should be allowed to leery. RJ does when the apostles were talking him up Bob marriage he said. That they thought it would be better not to Mary's city could serve and that he says. That good except that all cannot accept this thing but illegals to visit. To whom it has been given those with god give you a special. Great read do you could say the single and and get your full attention them. Without doing anything wrong centralizing that will be good. And Paul went further apostle Paul and he said that though. Our you could serve got better if you are single because you'd get more your time but he says not convenient inherit these that is but it didn't merely the end of our. Well first draw I I think it takes a great commitment are great commitment to do to become a breeze and that is certainly isn't everybody's calling even for religious people. I would have no problem with freeze marrying and that's been a discussion itself. I'm about many times and it's incest or an open discussion. But I think there will be would be a valuable from at that and thank you. It's. The kind of a kind of situation nobody likes talking about subjects like this but it's important that they are. Because. Were aware and those who look up to fall. It is hurts all of us are really does my memory of vote by a priest when I was younger I was never altar boy about several of my friends were. And they would take me two events at the altar boys went through because I was friends wherever we went to Boston Celtics game two and some Red Sox games. We used to play basketball McCord that. At via local parish. And today my memories are great I I Isaac said before. I saw a couple of different reason became our friends. Of their counsel and listen to what they had to say some memories of priests are fabulous. Very good. And this sort of thing really a brings down and makes me sad. To do is say that's not only do they do it to prove that there. They're human and and aren't Superman and not only are they do look at the church covered it up. And the of this church not only covered it up and moved to monitor around. And that I'm sure there was no advance warrant and sent to where they were removed of why the new breeze was arriving in town. So I am angry for that because we have special things in our lives. That means to us and it's I'm somebody diminishes those special thing if he gets as angry and sad. Sad. I will be backward or larger opinion you have faith of the Catholic Church will do the right thing regarding alleged abuse victims. Do you want and expect total transparency. I'm names and files of those involved because that's what they're asking for the protesters. Yesterday in front of the cathedral. As our isn't all about the money. Is it all about the money a newsreader and I'm thirty WB the end. It's. Any bishop who is a shepherd. And this year five and a half years already would have taken the bull by the horns. And done something about the sexual abuse of children by clergy. In the diocese of Buffalo, New York. His legion covering this is and they showed designed to a bash the Catholic Church or to bash freeze. If you think I'm bashing my child molesters that's finally may I have no problem bashing child molesters I'll be happy to do it. And if you are reasonable. A reasonable shepherd looking after the flock or read a ginger Masson and seek your counsel. Have you heard because I haven't. I'm not saying has never happened. But have you ever heard of any of a bishop turning and competitive fire of alleged. That a file priest to a local police. Because I haven't. I haven't I I never have it was a case of five or get again and in now. In Boston. Who went to prison but I don't recall how that started. But the bottom line is no you don't hear about it and any other business journal of church clergy does not ever get out of jail free card. If they commit a crime they can they can be held accountable as they should be and I've not I've never heard of a bishop turning in a priest of the local bullies. That would show resembled well don't you think now it can be various reasons. Maybe they think that that person aired during and after counseling will be better maybe a few of us worthy is that you need the personnel. Because your short on manpower. That that. It could be an excuse but I don't think of him acceptable one. Or maybe you're just trying to protect the image of that your pitch churches stronger than any of these. The church has gone through some terrible times. And and so I was oh very very viable and very very successful so it can withstand it but I've not heard anybody even try. I was so out of the of the bishop is supposed to according to George record was supposed to an album is the young. Communications director for the diocese as it pertains to releasing the list of names that is under very serious consideration. He said this will probably be more information released this week on this issue I think he should've released already and the sooner the better. So the better yet let's get this behind us. This week the dollar new gross what is going get that done and move on saying it was very shameful part of history. Of of these people they don't necessarily represented. Doing the best intentions over bestsellers services of the of the church. There are flawed people just like we are flawed people in our entries. But the bottom line is we can't just make up excuses for them like the percentages and as high as it is and and some other scenario that's ridiculous. Let's go to. Do. Bob in buffalo Bob you're on WB again. Good morning I Alba. You know there're are. There are chapters in the Bible verse certainty for example are. Chair repurchased one true fight which deals were very much. That they must be played much it's a treat to. Are there one wife also treat true. Trees for a good father truth shall shall go trees fight. Because if you hear rules so Powell's how conjecture but also got. I'll go leash Washington talking about going to actually beside me father's church. One of the same scenario each solution to this is dead upon destruct I will look like church. Peter. Was very. He had a wife in the boulder. It was sort cured from receiver. Aaron. I'm just gonna save us Ramirez and those were the great social. The more I read more ownership dipped a chip picture she'd become local boys club and also a brochure chip or. And never let it ostrich in the jet that church because you keep overwhelming edge while church are pushing. And profit shortage according to integration it is your financial question what is proper solution according to buckle or should face. First crunchy inch twelve turned what does get are pushing what 48. Apostles process. Which it profits that actually they are in a church. And it's such questions like mentioned it. It's what they initially for twelve it's and other news from money away or Eagles earlier agree. Be where you're dealing what god and there are consequences to your reactions well and with that I'll just saying up Washington. Well said Bob wells have been Banca I'm not as a person as Bob isn't in biblical. Of quotations however I think if ever we needed a good solid church or churches. That church would be a world okay is now. Really we need something to believe him because replace those. Not only bonds if I'm having let down on a far too frequent basis. So we need a good solid faith we need people of goodwill we need people who help other. People when they needed those are things that are very very important but many times we see that. The alleged needs of the church don't necessarily match up with the alleged needs. Of the population. It's just a little different routes you expect justice to be served. Justices not supper the door of the church justices started the door of the church and is should be internal housekeeping absolutely positively. Because of who is Leo who is the bishop of protecting the bishop is supposed to be protecting. All of his flock not just those who work under his. Under his banner. And so you know I'm doing that in there is no way you can preach how important children are one day. And turn your head the other way when you find out some of them have been abused but it would be not to your best interest. As a follow that up and get justice served. That is scary to me. And I think that underpins how important it is that we have great church we can believe and because that's what it's about is about belief a belief is about faith. It is about faith because there's so many things are religion. That you you can't dock you can't say OK here is to ensure this is more OK there are many things like that. In India in religion. Many rely on faith that's what I was always taught. If you have the faith you won't be able to explain everything but you were there when it comes time to be counted you're doing the right thing. I think assignment you bishop did the right thing. And and released the information of these two gentlemen are looking forward as I think we all deserve to have it. So our question is do you have faith of the Catholic Church rules do the right thing regarding alleged abuse victims. Do you want and expects total transparency. And names and files and those involved. I mean maybe with some of any recently released instantly he was in. Who's in my parish them. Is that all about the money will be back after this but first via cash showed. This time of a thousand dollar cash go to WP at this hour as word is. Out. Oh you Judy as a knot and but outs hole or your city. Tax OUNC 272881. For your chance to him.