3/19 Beach and Company Hour 1

Sandy Beach
Monday, March 19th

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Well all of his region governing and I've sandy beach and I spent a fabulous weekend sleeping. About 95%. Avail weekend I was asleep. Am I to cast that lovely Lucy and Ethel who were accompanying me everywhere I went there whether they know something's wrong. And the greater comfort me which is more than beamer whose ever and I can tell you that right now I'll ask region government. Nice to CS I mean from a time I left Roswell in the afternoon on Friday until this morning to come orca and 5% sleeping. And that's about it. BM. In fact most of it meant to go is starting to slip away at the end. But basically the idea. I said I think that I'm on Monday in front of this microphone will be ahead. Just bring ahead in. Put it in front of my magazine OK here on Joseph moon and that's about it but they are you having fun filled joy is weekend. I did I did did not make the parade yesterday but did almost everything else right went out Friday and enjoyed one of the all time best fish -- some mob averages Saturday Irish Fries and beverages OK any if it does the that is there any better Friday during links then fish fry is an average absolutely not and then Saturday watched the UB game with some friends that was not like he said they they cab didn't about the ten minute mark of the second half hour game very funny game this tournament if you don't mind losing the money did on your brackets it's been a really fun turn that. Earlier this was sixteen we have an elect we have 211 seeds still alive there's an exciting anybody have any brackets that are still alive for any meaningful results are they are kind of shattered I think I think them in most years. The good bracket that would this year would be done by the second round like I said this morning. Low score will win a bracket but unfortunately I only have my champion left I don't think I have enough possible points the whenever. As good luck to you we wish you all the best of frank is here Joseph frank is. He's co captain and emergency EMC. So replica. If I fall off the chair frank comes rescue and easier to argue to get you on the air. Meanwhile I'm looking at that is the hammers beat. You know you think you got a tough Melissa does some of these police calls. I got a couple of them here for the hammers police department. Because a lot of them there's a visit charm and there that I think we ought to have more clear. We ought to know I'll win when we've crossed the line an employee of this is a policy hammers being. There's not a good days okay. And employees of an Edgar rode convenience store are reported that tomb and were raising a ruckus. In front of other customers. The dispute was cause about the price of the items so they raised a ruckus. I'm not sure what rocker's comments. And how do you know if you've broken the law if you if you've raised a ruckus if you don't know what a ruckus as I have no idea as a ruckus like a mile. A male and I'm not really sure but don't don't resort doesn't go there is one people again they'll uptight. This is mark. An employee reported that after she provided an older man would directions to a grocery store. He told her that if the directions well not correct. He will be back with a gun and now that's a solo in no audio what do you think your marriage GPS unit I mean rarely. Fingers say. Are getting going nuts there really are going girls going crazy. But you know you said take a left sides are right. I'll be back. Arnold Arnold Schwarzenegger. From the movie it's all right we have a lot talk about today including something. But in the U that are not an important issue. That I've never talked about I recall effort talk about it. It's possible years and years ago I may have talked about it but certainly not in their modern era of radio and I talked about the the Catholic Church abuse problem we have vote would breeze. And it is come to a head now I think it's though it's a very valuable subject to be talking about because it deals would have one word. Faith FAA IT HOK. We'll take a break it will return on those radio I'm thirty WB at big parade yesterday. I was impact it's been liberated and they're coming up east there and then of course these dangerous day parade and and festivities today after Easter. So Leo would get you more information on that meanwhile one of the young one of the big those events yesterday. Is. America are a couple of a couple of groups making themselves. Very noticeable talking about the abuse. By priests in the Catholic Church committee non disclosure. Or the lack of full disclosure. And they would like to see this thing. Fully disclose a totally transparent and should be. As you as I said I've I've not discuss this issue. Before not for any particular reason but I just cabinet and maybe I should of all long. And suffering from a trauma and edit EA joke can be a bit of very dramatic change your whole life. But suffering are trauma when your kid. Is really over the top and and now we've learned that there are many time items the priest who were accused of it were guilty of it. And simply transferred to other parishes to other states whatever. And and now while we're finding. That it's it's all coming to it before it's been a rout of the issues around for a long long time. But for instance in this article by and Zhang who we have towels game. Prices as Robert whole incident president of a road to recovery ink. It's non secretary and organizational works was survivors of sexual abuse. He is quoted as bishop Richard. Of sexually abusive clergy. In the diocese of buffalo you know he's done nothing to change the policy for five and a half years has said mr. coached. In the interest of full transparency. Validation. And the safety of children British a mile long must release the names of sexually abusive clergyman. In the diocese of buffalo and the dot Kim and surrounding each and every case the secrecy must end. So what he's saying is not only the abusers. But the people be enablers. Those who didn't encourage it recovered enough. Usually whether it's politics religion or anything else anything in between. The cover up is a worse than the crime but in this case for primary is. Just as is as bad. With the abuse of a young young men. By the clergy of the young. Catholic Church. You know the word faith. Our comes and interplay. If you're talking about things real bridges anything that can't be explained. Fully is usually a chalked up to faith you have to have faith. That this was said you have to have faith that this happened and this is such an abuse of faith. That I think it's difficult to get around this. I because think about a lightness and abuse by. Golden man. Too early I a young boy is horrendous at any level. But when it involves a priest who are held to a higher. Calling. They are held in higher esteem. They're you know there have been put in May vaulted position of of being special people. When they commit the problem that answer is really dep staff. So I'm asking do you have faith and that's why we're using the word that the Catholics virtual do the right thing regarding alleged abuse victims. Do you think it'll finally apple will only have to look have to do it because they're free to be held to the fire. We've heard even the poll refer to it and certainly bishops and cardinals they're all aware of it. They've spoken somewhat of it but usually it's not not until May have to. So I'm asking do you want and expect total transparency. Of names and files of those involved. Yeah because the person or committing the actors that's bad enough but two words covered up by moving. That freeze to another area. First of all I'm sure of that away I mean when they don't mover a member of the clergy to another area. They didn't Warren the other area at a time like these. He's being moved to New York area because of problems. We're having here. And to me it seemed like an egregious way to handle it. And definitely not the what you wanna do. It's a major and dramatic it should have been as soon as an investigation was continued should have been handled like that instead of trying to covered up. I'm now looking up. Big goes you know big publicity big payoffs were talking about money it's talking about reputation. And everything that goes well it there's nothing positive about this. So the only positive thing I think that we could come up where it. About this would be if if Avaya complain. And say here here records as we have them. A first off think about that. If you did it in any other business. If but I you knew for instance that. That one member of the York or your team was doing this and you just move that member to a different location. To cover it up. There'd be out there be allowed crime. And there should be. Well that's exactly what the church is not up this time. I think it's time that they they absolutely. Have a transparent approach this and say look. We didn't approve a grip we didn't obviously we were as appalled by as you war we did not act appropriately so here's what we're doing now. In India in the interest of full disclosure of hero and B and the names of of the the people who have who have words are involved with this I hear the names of their supervisors. They are either retired probably or in in a different part. The go over countryman they have the they have to be. Has shown of the of the light of day. Is it all all the money. That's always the question is not. I I think that when you're talking about abuse of a young boys is more money but money seems to be a motivating factor. Are together at all the open and I think with the church. The basic code abilities the basic thing going our churches is reputation. And I think it has to do with the money so I mean let's not be a naive to believe that this doesn't have any money past two. It 0309301. And under is six point 692 through six are 930 it's a shame we've gotten to this point. Because when you try and set the standard. For the people who who believe in what you believe you've got us you've got to be higher than that yourself. Let's go to pat in saint Catherine's pat you're on WB yen. India audit. I know oh what our sport Roman. But I think it and issues that are saying. Z trim company I don't like the Roman out here. There aren't parents yet. Green dot. Shin. And proper. You know disciplinary action. Or. Properly. Group. Propagated that you know. That you. Because they're an exalted position. We we give them a lot of credit for a lot of things though we we use them for direction and our lives and when they let us down it's it's bigger than just an average person is more than just the man is somebody special. It. Thank you much. Okay yeah I this isn't taking a dump on camp breeze today here on the show because that's not my intention. My intention is if you think about it IA. I was raised Catholic not a practicing Catholic now. You know so I used to be informed more than I am now about what's going on him the church. But the bottom line is but when your index Pannemon exalted position more is expected to view. And when you fall you fall harder than. The average person and that's the way it is I mean are you really looked up to two parish priest when I was growing up. Five avert a private craven. And and if I have Arabia a situation that I need counsel I would go to one of them usually five or Merck. Because he was a younger more understanding. Of goods are so far there are Francis craven is going to be more stern disciplinarian guy. And you could always talk to them. It was very valuable of course I had a great whole life to this is just general questions. And I count on them. And Pete people like them and when I. So our priest they got instant respect from me. And if you think about it what a video of videos things its different about the churches the confession of sins. Where you you can present. In and you get those citizens of the open. And you pay your penance for them and why is it that makes church which as you the contrast hasn't confessed itself. They have admitted that there has been a problem. But they seem to I would not want to face it head on. See I think this is like death by a thousand cuts. It's it's unpleasant. It's not it's not good because they do a lot of good work and that's an incident inhibited. By bad publicity and doubting people who were doubting the church before or now might have a big bird out. And that's on unfortunately. Because of the failings of people who. And the handler were mortal men with the same. Problems everybody else says. So I think that that that's the unfortunate part. But they ask you with your parishioners to confess. And I think it's very much in the best interest of the church if they didn't so. So do you have faith that that'll happen. I think I wish you know I really wish they were just do you know it's like. As OK I got a band Dave right here in my arm right. The church has a bigger problem than a band day. But when I take this band aid off I'm Jesus take it right off. Boom then it's out in the open I can deal with it whatever the worst thing I can do is take Italy though at a time a little at a time it's not I'll OJ I was short I know it's just better just ripped right off. And I think that's the case would that include charge I don't mean to minimize. But the problem is but the the idea is to at all once get an out in the open. And and move forward he's going from there rather than a little here and little where. Is it all about the money do you have faith that the Catholic Church will do the right thing. And do you want and expect total transparency. Gives golly 0309301806. On 692006. And star nine. And we are back live beach and governor and are asking do you have faith. That the Catholic Church will do the right thing regarding alleged abusive. Victims young young man at the time. And I have faith ever get done and eventually by. It's taken too long way too long and there was too much sidestepping not enough bird direct confrontation with the problem. And it will be one areas that have very disturbing thing about likeness of or not the church. If or any other business say and the head of a business that these general manager of the owner of a business. Found that he had employees that were abusing a young guys. And all he did. I was transfer them to a another location. Basically not confront the problem head on. They're dealing with a like that. For reasons that are totally unexplained except that it's an image problem. And it's certainly a win Yuri church. And you deal with human frailty you can understand human frailty but you've got to confront it when it occurs. Especially. If it's if it's one of those who have any exalted position. Within the community. I don't know why you I don't regular freezer was just an average guy. I think to a priest as a way above average guy somebody who is a lot better than I'll ever be in life against the idea that. And when they fall. I ever air it's first of all I think it's essential. When a priest falls that'd be dealt with the immediately and fairly. But immediately. Because. What is says is the only pluses. That if they fall against. I can understand that I could fall to. Is shows you that those who are held in high position are expected to earn that position. And they'll win when their own churches moves them to a different. A different location. To keep the news from getting out first of all they're putting. The new location at risk which is inherently very unfair. And it it says that we we don't confront our. Lives in the same way you have to confront yours. So I think basically wanna know if you think you're going to handle it properly. And you want and expect total transparency of names and files. Or is it all just about the money. When all is said and done doesn't just get the money a gym in Lancaster junior on WB yeah. They're worried here in the well and it forces wrong. Shall we're very concerned. This is not rocket science. It usually says deepening aren't you all of the position. Of authority. Imports for us. Okay we need you or transparency. Along retain. It becomes more doubt about the integrity of the church this is not a moralist. Evening all pretty. This is small percentage or the wrong this enormous. No longer than I did this and find it interest you. There's one of the church. It's kind of interesting that this is being chew don't we locally. Bookings during I don't know what. Yeah you know it's it's one thing if you're practicing Catholic you'll get down on your knees and you'll confess your sins. To some person that may have committed sins far worse than your confessing and you never know you know you never. Had that information I think that takes away from the it's church a great deal of credibility. I hope it's cool we mean. Demi nor. Used to determine person you know it's really. This why is it taken so long to change event tissue bent trees here long long time ago. Because they weren't sitting. It's a do another thing. Is it are you are not trying to criticize the Cuban church with somebody hit this in the opposite this war. The leadership. Okay no matter what the cost isn't wrong it is just abuse. Yeah I think so too and in those very totality. Of that exposure goes a lot cinema credibility. It's like. You we understand. That there in the business of saving souls vote on the business side of it interferes and I think a lot of it is the image of of where they're having fewer and fewer people enroll for the priesthood things like that there's a lot of things that are not going as well as they'd like to see ago this could be a step in the right direction. A vote total transparency thank you to a thank you Jim. Yeah I think about it like that when when you're hit you're really looked up to a priests and nuns and and clergy if you're Catholic obviously. The end there was something special. I would assume that if you weren't really devote a priest who have a very a proper life this would anger you. As as much as you can get angered at a fellow priest what it would be like letting down my whole church alone ones because the lessons that you're teaching. On a Sunday and and other days as well and opting out heeded by the clergy itself. Let's go to a Danner west Seneca dandy here on WB yet. Yeah hello hello and yes what blitzer you minds in the Sudan. And load them. What happens is that. Dan was there. But then it is gone now we're going start and often and he's as drugged out we'll take a break do you have faith. That the Catholic Church will do the right thing regarding the alleged abuse victims and do you want and expect total transparency. Of names and files of those involved. Or is that all about the money back after this is a beach and governor let's give acted Danny's back on the phone. And what senator Daniel on WB again. Thank you sir and I'm sorry for the answer. This is a top topic I'm I like I was an altar boy I go to church every Sunday. I am I do recall it was about 25 years back when this cerberus. Bet Pope John Paul the second addressed it. He condemned at. Eaten. Did say. That I percentage were you compared the incident. Pedophilia with the general population that what happened within the priestly community. Mirrored man. In the general population net not at the patents. That activity out priest because at their positions there and trusted. Positions. It is it is worse if they commit bet. All facts and and covering it up there is no dip back. I'm I've always been frustrated. Can't be by the fact that I would have been eight years old and I had one couple priest and I got wonderful not. I never experience. Any. And if I would have experienced anything. Whether or priest whether work somebody that lived on the role whether or lunch. And that all happens in got to be up and relatives are more likely to commit it perfect stranger. I am I would have reported it to one of my parents. And they would have protected I would like to thank. I think Marty is some bogus when you take a look that buffalo. Is going to settle for one point I. Million dollars and then they're going to try to limit their liability. That's all legal jargon. But you had a program. About a week and a half a goal and you didn't like that Barack they had drug manufacturers. Made these new. The same way that the tobacco industry would suit and the common denominator. Whether it's out of I don't priests in the Catholic Church straddling. Whether it's tobacco whether it struck manufactures. Its money the underlying. Goal. It is maybe not to rectify the problem but to enrich yourself. By exploiting other people's wrongdoing. I was I never experienced that in the Catholic community. Instead I'm going to defend priest I'm gonna say they did a wonderful job. Not with hospitals. Maybe wonderful contribution. Sure on this hour while the war responsive if you are a member of the Catholic church and you'll love it church annually and a church and and you believe what it teaches. This is really not it's sad it's sad and I think you want it taken care of and and move forward as much as anybody else should. Yes sir and I guess and I I held a priest that I that I was associate aware of when I was younger and such high esteem it breaks my heart and I haven't seen those men. In years and years and years but I remember the good things about them. And when I hear what's going out what has gone on now and is going on perhaps now. It really saddens me just as much as it angers me thank you thank you Dan appreciate it. Atlantic. Some they just don't get it at all. A bit of Bieber got a call and or not a caller Leo a FaceBook. And it says you should something the affect her vision drop this this isn't popular subject isn't popular with your audience. Well first of all shame on you. Shame on you little. I want you to think about what we're talking about now. See oftentimes what we totally puzzling over a period of time it all kind of blends Zan and we're not we're not specific wooden you know. And this was a cover up by the Catholic Church. These are young boys probably mainly all the terrible boys. Taken advantage of sexually by a mature male. And there are so confused. That they don't the this is up frees beds are committed this. They don't dare goal to tell mom or dad or shame even though they had nothing to do with the guilt part of it. And then these people that we pray to. These tribute that we go confessed it was laments these are people we confessed to. We we rely on there are good judgment there are good counsel. And when they fall yeah out their they're humans like any other human but when they fall they fall harder they fall deeper because they take a swim them. It's not it's not a bashing him any thing is just the realization. That is the church no more than another business. Is it Nolan and Toys 'R' Us. And contributions are down or a this is too big a financial hit for what reason would you not. Correct that instantly. The only reason I can think of is affected you wanna be competitive in this case. You're not competitive within the business you're competitive week other churches. People who may I may have doubts about. Bug your church your helping them and aiding them so don't tell me to drop this as a subject. Think of it if if or your son. Or your brother. Think of how you would feel if they were put in that position and and the ones that have come out. Say that they've been going through this MMI for thirty years. Would would you or would you hang that on anybody for thirty years and as they want don't talk about it. Just don't talk about it because it's I don't want to do. You'll have an affair I am living a fairyland but by the bottom line is if if you are talking a good game you should be able to live a good game. And a very priests are human like anybody else but that does not give them a pass. Does not give them a pass in fact we put them on higher pedestal we've put almost anybody else and in our road in. Star Linda in buffalo lending on WB yen. Good morning Andy and continuing this topic I think it's incredibly. Important topic and one of the tree that was mentioned. Topic Gerry Kaczynski. He was. Priest over at one of our churches and panic are a lot during. And then at the same time he was the priest there we get a T. A child molester who was that you direct. In our neighborhood who it was a covered up by politicians for years and years and years. And so it's not only goes to church covered up politicians covered up. There are hundreds of boys in our neighborhood that was the last over the years. By the priest invite this individual who was he was arrested in 1978 and felony sodomy charges. Near Delaware park. But his record was sealed because they're politician or a letter to the judge that it won't happen again. This politician put him in a position. To work with you in our neighborhood men and this State of New York didn't two point seven million dollar grant to build the daycare center. And it's just it's such a major disgusting cover up all over and it's all about money. If I taints everything and everybody and that's a shame because. They overwhelming majority do good work there are good people but this really brings everybody down. Absolutely I agree with that there are you know great caretakers are great you know there's creeped out there that are good trees. But you know it does paint brush my parents aren't even churchgoers anymore born and raised Catholic and have nothing to do with the church. And and that's mainly the reason because of that because our neighborhood churches or acted by these clusters. Well you know we don't like the bank of insured Joe's apart from the real world there's something special not just another business looking for another member. Or another contribution but things like this when they covered up. A YO what are they doing when they covered up they're trying to protect somebody who has committed a mortal sin and and is likely to keep. Doing that sort of thing you have any of the crime statistics say the people who do that tend to keep doing that so if they don't stop them from doing it if they just move them around to a different place. What does it say about their concern for every parishioners. It doesn't then that's concern here under the right when it's about money it's the almighty dollar. No one will tell me any different. All right Linda thank you very much I appreciate your golf thank you very much yeah it's it's it's a day it's a subject that angers you. And disappoint you at the same time when you put your faith in in some thing or someone. And it's a breach of faith. Whereas you you thought they were special and you found out they weren't special now maybe in some instances that's positive. Okay that there indeed that you are as worthy as they are but on instances like we're talking about absolutely the opposite. We we said standards. I actually they set standards. And they fall below their own standards. And when they're called out as to why they are being corrected it or why they are being more visible. You can't stand up and say leave them alone because I like them. I'm sorry there's been no different than anybody else or committed a crime against children. Is they will turn the other way because I I like the people that are committing the crime now. Certainly it's a small. Miniscule. Rules but it really does hurt. Right now on the Castro or are you ready it's time for the thousand dollars that's going on WB at this hour is orders but can be used CTO. And I'd text the word button through seven through 881 for your chance to win a thousand dollars.