3/17 Buffalo Means Business w/ Wheatfield Family Dentistry

Buffalo Means Business
Saturday, March 17th

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You're listening to buffalo means business on news radio 930 WB yen this is where we hear from the businesses and services available in the buffalo area and if you'd like to be on the program send me an email at Randy got bush over @entercom.com. With me doctor Kathleen society with wheat field family dentistry and doctor Cathy as I believe people are pretty you also asked how how long have you been. The business I've been practicing dentistry for just about 25 years now and in the same spot. Actually know about five years ago we moved into a new location. Just a half mile north of where we were for the twenty years before that okay and where is it that you are 334 and anger files folder in north and one. Also pretty conveniently located in that easy and easily accessible thorough quite a number of people. Alia says it's easy assumed a new building has been a fun and most people see it on the left eye on the drive back. And I'm yeah was wondering about changes in how things have gone over the course of years that there must then must be some. Radical differences in how things are done treatments that sort of thing or or maybe new in improved techniques that people are using now. Well yeah I am pretty interested in cutting edge technology and some of the things that we have that are different from maybe some other places and his we have specialized machine. That does focused our strains the just 3-D imaging of the journalists. I LC is something called and I terror. Digital scanner for making impressions. We color scan and map the patient's teeth so that we make sure that the colors proper when we order crowns and things like that. I mean we've only done two color restrictions for pretty much the last twenty years. We have Abdel scope oral cancer detection light which allows us to see changes in blood vessels underneath the surface of the skin. And we also can give patients at home sleep study to test for the evidence of grain you clenching teeth I think that can we have a massage therapist and our staff. Yeah I'm. Just. Just knocked out by that that that whole notion of public sleep apnea things like that can be treated through dentistry. Talk about that. Let's be honest. Probably half the people get tested for sleep apnea and know that they have it can't tolerate wearing a seat mask or they don't want where she patents because of the noise sore. Pounds of costs of will be feeling that sort of thing. And one of the options that people have for mild to moderate apnea for first line is actually oral appliance. And that sometimes can also help with patients who grind and clenched and have headaches associated with that. So we can test for that. And wanna back up and probably should talk about the procedures of that you'd do I mean most people kind of associate dentistry with that the the cleaning and that and maybe low flossing and that kind of thing but. What exactly are the the primary things that one would do with they had an appointment at your place. Well we have three doctors and her practice doctor on a daily tech hasn't happened and myself and we can do everything basically anything you need generally can be done under one roof. Possibly do root canals and distractions we do implants TMJ treatment we make dentures we see children are shown as two years old. We do for not restorations and for patients who have TMJ two are related headaches we can leave some of those symptoms with both appliances and Botox. And as certainly the oral health is a big in the news with that what's going on with Jim Kelly these days so those are that definitely things that. You might actually be able to help may be scope out before progresses to a point where there's no fix. Right well either one of the the things that are cancers once it's detected if it's detected early. There survival or just about 50% over five years it's really unfortunate hasn't changed a whole lot in the last I'm forty to fifty years. So early detection is very important. And having regular and oral exams internal examinations we do an oral cancer screening every single appointment. We do focus screenings with the Voskuhl played if we see something that would salute the suspicious and they do those regularly and patients who smoke. Or Hambrick who regular alcohol consumption or maybe a little bit higher risk for oral cancer. And you just mentioned to tell scope their describe what that is about scopus. A light that actually illuminates the inside tissues of the oral cavity. It provides us with a little bit of a vision of what. The blood vessels are doing just under the surface of the skin and if they're a little bit more active we can actually see those areas and then we can refer patients for a biopsy or Dubai it sees herself. Or or traditional testing. This is buffalo means business on news radio 930 double TV and talking with. Doctor Kathleen society who is who is with wheat field Stanley dentistry. And I know a little bit more about your personal background how is it that you got interested in dentistry what spurred that interest. Host benefit you say it I'm actually when I was in ninth grade and we start with a high schools from the local girl. They can't do that one of these forms for all of us and said it would you wanna be when you grow up basically how it through the list and my my primary thing was I wanted to be a canister search and I kind of knew really early and that's what I wanted to do. But you know back in the seventies. It was this popular for women to go into fields like that. We didn't have a lot of money is handling we're you know just average everyday people and my parents didn't feel that it was something that a woman's career really would take office. So I actually did get married I had two children my husband decided to go back to school. And when he did I said to have you know what if you're going back to school I'm going back to I was a cat scan technician before I was status. And I hit my husband and I actually did the school thing. By ourselves with the two children we have so by the time my children were in. Kindergarten and second grade I actually started school. So I finished when they were in fourth grade and sixth grade. And an aunt I guess or assist history. And but what is it about. Working with people's teeth that was of such interest tree well. I hit it I had a great tennis to feel like when I was growing up I went to doctor prost in North Carolina. I never had any pain he never hurt me they heard stories from people who said. You know I hate going to the dentist Leo is causing pain you know it's it's terrible you know that the worst when she won ago. And I didn't have that experience and really hit a pretty good experience most current appellant fillings in teeth pulled it braces and it was in tooth extracted site blood of the procedures that people have to say. But it it I didn't he had a bad experience with it and I thought that. I have a certain type of gentle touch that I could you give that to patients were there is gonna have that kind of anxiety. And most of our patients come out and say you know this is one of the best own experiences ever had and I like that that's that's the part that really makes you smile. Yeah that's one of those things I was gonna mention is that. The whole fact that people have an in their heads that this is gonna hurt no matter what. Procedures getting done even if it's something as innocuous as a cleaning means as you're you're digging in there with the you know some sharper edged instruments to get in between the teeth and you know attacked and along the gum line and that sort of thing so for those who still have that problem what kind of things Steve would you say it to try to allay their fears will part of. Me being a bit of a technology nerd I like do you things that potentially can help people. On the we have a lot of things that are practiced that actually make people feel more relaxed. Our dental chairs have massage or send them so they actually give them Littlejohn saddled her head and procedures stand. We use something called the wind for anesthesia it's a computer pump we use instead of the big scary syringes. So with that end and really good topical anesthetic which can give him seasonal positions too and they really don't know where there which is of which is a great feeling. We also have been two sacks and sedition which helps people relaxing you can still drive yourself home if you got nitrous oxide. But for those who are having wisdom tooth extracted a big procedures are really having saying they can't get over. We also offer IV sedation and that's something our patients appreciate it we don't have to send them somewhere else they can have everything done in one place. That it is that he'd non preferred method or is it it's it's one of those things where certain people tolerate pain to a certain level. Where the IV thing doesn't really matter it's not that they could well. If you're nom you shouldn't feel anything regardless and in the most important thing for patient to realize is that they're not getting known. They need another another injection may mean need to have a little bit more on anesthesia in order to get into that stage. Unfortunately sometimes when patients come and they've been hurting for two or three weeks or months and they have a swollen job. And they can't get nom and they said you know the doctor did this to me and it hurt me and they didn't get me down. Will your swollen. The PH of the soft tissue around that area changes in anesthesia doesn't work and swelling it doesn't work nearly as good as it does in the case where there is no facts. So we try to control infection first before we get people mom and that way they don't have pain during the procedure. Yen which is another way to point out that before it gets at that point clearly people should consider going to see a dentist and in fact regularly and prevention is of Rasmussen is an investment. Now we haven't really talked about a lot of some of the newer things like been years late I think it mentions an awful lot about does it as as something that people might have an interest in our need for. Well here's our way of covering the teeth and actually correcting some minor alignment color changes. On one of the things that we have now in our office that a lot of people appreciate too if they have a little bit of that in and out they wanted to have more. Even smile is in design and designer for Donna excuse you clear or clear a liner braces. They can straighten your teeth without having all the brackets and things like that and for adults they love the fact that they can come to an office where there isn't a roomful of kids that are getting braces. And they can have O'Donnell worked on and that and it's really easy procedure do. You take them out when he brushed seem don't have to worry about scarring of the teeth around where brackets like it in a plaque built up in things like that. And and then if there's minor tweaks need to do it after that's done and we can do engineers or any kind of aesthetic dentistry at least be done after that. Kind and implants also something that people. He should be mindful of and in fact you have an implant seminar coming up from. Yes implants. Are great for replacing. A single to three than a full arch and there's a lot of misconceptions about and Clancy's days people get bombarded with information all over the place and but we find is that only have these seminars we let people ask questions that they might specifically have about their particular case. They get ten of an overview of what that. I'll process of intent infant industry is like in some of the new techniques that we have that make implant dentistry even more predictable and safer. One of the things we have in our office is a clone being X ray machine which is a three dimensional X ray machine. That allows us to do it can't scan to see bone density to see where. Calmed nerves and blood vessels are in we can do virtual surgery inside the software so we know exactly where the bonus and where does it. So it's a much safer more predictable way for people to have implants done. And the seminar I mentioned you've got one coming. Yeah it's on March the twentieth at 630. I have to just call our office 6941777. And just let the staff know that your anyway. On if you wanna bring someone with you in other than an important person in my key to bring them to the seminary as well we do serve refreshments so don't eat the French come we do have food. We will take you on a tour the office and showing you all of that you took hours to that we have to get a chance to meet the doctors we do a presentation. And if you make an appointment that day for a consultation that's personalized just to you we do that for free. There's no I cherish for the X rays in charge for any photographs or examination and we can sit down with healing give you what your case would be like. It's specific to you how much it's gonna cost how long it'll take what's involved and if you're candidate Matt and that's something that people final out of Delhi when. Do all the people at practice at we've filled family dentistry have the same kind of bedside manner that you do because a year rather come individually to. We have three women doctors here so it's doctor and a daily doctor Heather Heppner myself. And we are all we I'll have that coming cessation by the terrible world just a little bit different. And somebody will find a patient will find the dentist that works the best with that. In our practice and we all do all of these procedures so you don't have to worry about you know what if I want him just on this doctor doesn't do it. There's a couple things that we specialist specifically and but for the most part we do everything. All right again where are you and how can people get a hold of him. It's 3349. Or proposed boulevard it's near the gun range on in the hockey outlet. And they can call 6941777. And just with a message if it's on the weekend because obviously don't work weakens but are we be happy to Qaeda backed and just verify that your certificate for the seminar. Doctor pleasure to have you buy and continued success for the practice thank you very much doctor Kathleen society with wheat field family dentistry this is buffalo means business on news radio 930. WP yen.