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Buffalo Means Business
Saturday, March 17th

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Thank you for tuning in to buffalo means business on news radio 930 WB and I'm Randy bush over the program highlights local businesses and services in the region. If there's local business or service it like to hear from send me an email at Randy dot pushover @entercom.com. With me Robbie Iran who is involved in let's just say many things out RN integrative health and nutrition practitioner. Host of the rock truth on ESPN radio in DCX radio also. Has book out the raw truth recharge. And that in titles as subtitled seven truths for total health and fitness and debt. We will definitely get into all of that but. First of all Robbie -- the easiest to hardest question because what is it exactly that you do what is the best. Well the rod truth integrated health what I do the years and nutritionists. I help people to. Prevent and reverse disease week management DNA test teen. We do all kinds of coaching group in private classes. Are private sessions and it just help people to get well I was. A nurse for many years working in the quarter court health care system which is really sick care. And now I'm doing what I call preventative nursing. And if someone wants to stop by now all of these things are accomplished under one roof yes at the fountain wellness center. And share in drive in Williams milk and we have several different practitioners. In the year but that's where I do most of night. My work. And among all these things is is there anything it's like more near and dear to your carters and just a pretty much the broad spectrum and that's why you have. So many things going on yeah you know it kind of evolved. Honestly Randy over the years I started out in the fitness industry were I was the national director for Bally total fitness. And then kind of got into the nutrition. Because my feeling members start getting sick my father got cancer. My sister. Was amiss is diagnosed. For two years with what doctors thought was blocked milk duct. When she was rightly diagnosed it at the ripe old age of 42. She had stage four metastatic breast cancer and so. I kind of just completely switched my focus from just the fitness industry. Two the nutrition. Is food you know because we really do. Now focus and the hip enough and when I started researching when he really fun that was mind blowing how we can prevent and reverse disease. Which we don't hear a lot about. And all of this eventually leading to the book the raw truth recharge seven truths for total health and fitness O what are those seven truths well. You know I've been very fortunate that I've been able to I speak to many many different groups in a nationally and you look at scene do you have your seen written down to know it's an exercise videos. So anyway cat ladies seven truths and my heart it really. They are seven truce that we need to stay healthy feet. Family food fitness detox sleep and stress management they're all vital to our health and over the last 35 years what I found in speaking to my patients and clients. At the gym. Is that you know you can eat right and you can exercise but you can have one of those seven truths. Out of you know out of whack out of balance in you still could lower your immune system and get sick. So if you're in a toxic relationship for example. That your eating right exercising. There toxic relationship will affect your health via stressing things sleep deprivation and they. So really it was out of my experience over the last 35 years. Both as a nurse and as a director in fitness. That I kind of came up with those that really got placed him and he hurt his faith is the number one thing. Yeah I was gonna say and especially are mindful because of all what Jim Kelly is going through yet again. He seems to be one of those that. Would be like a perfect example of all of these things like getting the mind body fitness everything all. Together and hopefully having a possible outcomes. BS in the Kelly's every difference manages some raped before they went on the plane the other day. You know I'm just praying for those those guys all of them and expressly Tim but yes absolutely you know he is gone through so much in his faith has grounded him his faith is. Given him the strength that he needs to face what he's going through right now. And when it comes standards are breaking down a seven and you mentioned they all need to be imbalance is there any. Still one and it's more important and the other to have like done and and settled and going in the right direction. First. Yes you know absolutely faith is the number one in my book I'm without faith there's very little you can deal. I'm not only do you have to believe in god in my book. Because you know at first thought he was the food here at this that he created that we don't need to read a label on to fuel and feed their bodies so. Everything is centered around him and in really our purpose on this life. And we all have a purpose in this life and he is the one who's. Given us a slight effect we have wreaths in Ireland this morning the fact that we woke up is he woke us up so. That is the first thing and then the only you know we need to be connected with. People who are supporting costs. And you know we are commanded to love one another and if you're having a tough time in your relationship while. We're committed to love our enemies to soak. You know it's all good so that you know it definitely was I number two in my pocket and food fitness. Detox sleep and stress management all of those are vital. To our health. Yep I can see where a couple of these like the sleep and stress can actually go hand in hand too because if you're getting a lack of sleep that necessarily puts a stress on the body which of course you know compounds everything else yep salute. The you know I've seen people you know I am you know I'm a mom so I I was just telling you earlier you know I keep my phone on at night you know. Yes we eat we need to make sure that working sleep and it affects not only your health. But hour wait as well so distressed by the way he see there a lot of my practice people who are. You know overweight or peace because they're not getting enough sleep. And they are now getting there now managing your stress we all have stress it's just how do we manage that stress we all have to manage. Talking to a Robbie rob RN integrative health and nutrition practitioner this is buffalo means business on news radio 930 WB and and we talked a little bit about what got you started on the past but how did you give into the whole health fitness idea and focusing on holistic health instead of traditional health care. Yeah that's that's a good question. You know it was just from almost twenty years working in the hospitals in scene really I just kept. I guess it was god please you know in my heart like. These people would now be here he had they eat right he had exercised at it done is done. So our lifestyle habits what we eat what we do affects our health. And and it it just kind of evolved they started I went to school I went to the school of integrative nutrition in New York City. And you know became a nutritionist they are in really. It's time when I saw people changing their health and reversing disease people high blood pressure high cholesterol diabetes even cancer. Just getting well because they were eating primarily a plant based diet which was what I. You know really kind of recommend with my patients and I know a lot of people are eaten meat eaters but there's no doubt about it. I eating half your plate in vegetables is healthier for you. And all the week and has been a partner are vegetarians eat eat all. You know vegetarians mostly it's 90% planes much healthier for you so when you see. The results of that you can't help each year with other people in and really want to spread the word in and help as many people's you plan. And earlier you I referred to health care is something else it did that the way that that people are being taken care of today it's almost. Kind of backwards thinking I guess it would yeah waited to take it apart. Absolutely I mean it is secure what we do is will we get sick we go to the doctor and they give us in a medication prescriptions and we have tests everything else. But very little even if your diabetic or even if you have high blood pressure high cholesterol is your diet mentioned and that is a problem I just hit an opportunity to speak at the New York. Med school where my daughter is a med school in in Macomb. And I spoke to these upcoming doctors and I said please be the kind of doctor that. Helps people to prevent disease helps people to stop coming into the doctor but there's no money in the there's no money fruits and vegetables so that's the problem. But. You know I'll tell you my sister was given just a few weeks. Just a few months to live. And we did change your diet. She was a sugar hull at we know sugar cancer thrives on sugar she also eat a lot of deer in theory is connected to breast cancers linked. We changed your diet and my sister after being told he would just a few weeks of humans to live lives ten years. And so that was the pinnacle for me it was just like okay yeah yes she lit by the grace died he knows the day in the power but she. She is changing her the quality of her life. You know none of us are guaranteed tomorrow but the quality of our life we can change you might be sick people's die when it died AC you know what. You can live a long life and suffer. For all of those years or you can have it abundantly ads desired for us. And in speaking about quality of life I'm struck by the fact that here we are. On the cusp of spring finally arriving we haven't really seen a lot of the sun. So vitamin. They should. That's a good question Randy. You know we are deprived of vitamin. It affects our bones an effects are. Our mood you can be depressed you're deficient. In vitamin. And so yes we need to take vitamin. I am indeed from my diet as well. But it's kind of hard to get it from our diet. You're better off taking a vitamin. Supplement and the recommendations. Of having your vitamin. OK so as we nutritionists we really recommend at least fifty. Is what your levels should be at I'd seen patients with the level of sport believe her now. And so you know it causes muscle weakness bone pain all kinds of problems and and really is linked to cancer to. How do you get it up that you you said you you needed to be like closer to fifty so how does that number get entry. It did the best way to do it is really to take a vitamin. Because it's really the only way you're going to do it efficiently when we're not seen the sun and looking outside right now it's cut so. You know we're now I've seen the sign in so that's the best way to do it or get out in the sun you can get a thousand. You know thousand milligrams rape that are 101000 patients and just by being out in the sun. For a short period time with out sun block and and then don't take a shower right afterwards as well so you know your your skin helps you to make vitamin. And that's how you get your novels is so important in this. That's got to just gonna ask is follow it and some don't shower and the reason for that is to yet because the skin needs to do and asked to do and absorbing the sun's rays to. So vitamin. Absolutely and and vitamin. Our bodies how to make that vitamin. You know NIC people you know putting on so much some black. There actually is not recommended that you do you should be outside for at least ten to fifteen minutes without sunblock. So that you can get the same Indian I'm telling you will affect your mood you know people talk about. Herm you know seasonal affective disorder. Most of that is linked to a lack of vitamin. It lack of vitamin. In its number one thing as patients when they come in and their feeling sad is are you taking vitamin. So it's very important if you're like we're checked. Robbie always good information in a good time talking to you feel more positive about things in general let out a just from the short segments open Q this is buffalo means business talking with Robby a row. She's an RN integrative health and nutrition practitioner also host of the raw truth funniest in radio and WD CX radio. And author of the raw truth recharge seven truths for total elf. And fitness.