3/13 Beach and Company Hour 3

Sandy Beach
Tuesday, March 13th

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And good morning and welcome back it is the sandy beach shows sandy beach and friends. Feel beamer frank securing also around Louis Randy bush over and Ryan has aroused he just a pinch hitting for a moment for sandy beach he is okay. Best that we know he's okay and we're just kind of filling in while he take their care of some business down the hall all. Still sitting in and talking about the following topics are you OK with the death penalty for OP or drug dealers. And how about public execution and we have a couple people one hole that will get to the net just a bit also. Fun topic to I'll walk into you know just a year casual every day conversation. As were standing here and I WBBM. But we do have about a couple people. On the line talking about this very issue and now will begin with Mary. Over in Lancaster and myriad you have some thoughts. I'm the death penalty you know when it comes to OP Lloyd send a drug dealers what do you think. Well good morning I hope they're okay. Yes I my opinion is I am. OK with the death penalty. And but a battle with the public executions. And I paid my comments that are armed and in the recent if the students have been. You know protesting. Gun laws everything. And there's a far greater problem in schools with opening origin and the prediction. And I think this could be more of a car or students to be effective you know with their legislators and and you know get out and tactics that's just walk around and parade around with signs. Actually right and contact their legislators. But the other thing is that art Harris stars actors and what medical personnel I think. What I I know what do you go but I wouldn't. You know I was prescribed. There on medication. But. The last few like the weaker two I was taking the medication. They are reducing the dose. And they are monitoring it and just like we need off and the stars like you know I think there. The other thing is doctor should stress within prescribes something. At a conference with the person what they're prescribing. How that is going to act and then. Notify the pharmacy and that person picked up. The prescription now they have this policy really sit and talk to the pharmacists and logical single. I think they should still talk to the pharmacist. And get all that information and get it in writing so that when a person gets it fills. And just. A mandatory meeting. Mary I wanna go back to something you said abound kids in school and being involved on the front line this you know this is something we've been seeing. Really over the last month. I'd explode for lack of a better word of five kids in school becoming activists becoming politically. Active and you think this is kind of one of those issues that. It should hit home to every single high school student because all across the US. Everybody who's in that age bracket you know somebody who this affects. And it's also tied then there's this drug and ties and because that student you know. You know it's not being fair to him the kid says the oil that they committed a crime. He had mental problems and he's you know and people that do big things. Have a drug problem of these kids that wanna go for the you know you know. Ban on so the people that apply for permits the legal port those people are green well Creighton. This is what should be concentrated on a drug problem because it in turn causes me. Going back when people abusing the drug. Create scene in the book about these steel rod for their sick and it is worth what should be addressing the drug problem. And now I think that that's more important. It Mary we thanks so much for the com merry in Lancaster attacking you know something about this that. I think a lot of people can look at agree within really relate. To what's going on tomorrow tomorrow you'll hear at 10 AM special coverage of a student walkout that's going to be happening. All occur cost the US. You'll hear for seventeen minutes students walking out in protest. Over gun violence school safety. And this is one of these issues that it's been going up for mourn them on there and it doesn't make a bit as big of a splash. As a Parkland. But when you think of all of the lives these drugs have taken whether it's a prescription OP Lloyd hill whether it's. Heroin something like that. That deals directly. With kids this sage in high school. This would be something you would like to see more kids to get involved with politically like they have over the last month. Act as you would certainly think that it has more of an impact for them individually especially when you when you're talking about. Kids in that each group as you just work and I know how I would feel a spyware back. Then in those days and it would have an impact leave you be it would shake me upper alien that would be that that the thing that would really you know rock me to my core. And I would want him be I think one of those who are active and and and spouting off and and talking more about this very sub. It's a different kind of shaken up to it it's not the same thing that we're talking about parkway and you know this. Not mast tragedy that happens all the wants it's an event that lasts six minutes and before you know it seventeen people. Arc on this and it's not the same thing but the results over time is this ain't. A lot of young people. Dead. And day you know I think Mary brought up kind of a good point of it would be nice to see. Some my kids can't take the forefront in this and say you know we've had enough of this in our schools. What cam do we have I dean in buffalo on the line Deane what's going out. Yeah. I want make re with the director of the trial. Just before the break. I can't fight back surgery. Less than a month ago I attitude here spinal fusion. I don't take my medication. Can't get out of Vatican. AT and let me ask your question based on you know very few words you just said right there. Do you feel that all of this. Targeting of pain medication of prescribing these drugs. Is aimed at somebody like do you or is sit. Aimed Saddam in a more specific. I can't eat you know talking abouts you hear all the time people get their wisdom teeth taken out and all the sudden they go home with. Two bottles of pills do you feel targeted when people talk about prescription drugs like that. Somewhat but however it's now meet its its. It's like he said the person that get to teen spirit spurred about this and keep up however. I am beginning you don't. Targeted at getting paired it you're right I am getting tired because the people that you know use them. I I I didn't say you were being targeted but I can understand how you feel that we do you see the difference though between. Someone like you and kind of who a lot of these people are talking about you know somebody who is. Maybe sixteen. 1718. Years old. High school and gets a lot of pain pills for what's kind of minor surgery on like what you went per. A that's a purple on that attempt I'll try to create that. What went on it like doctor saying earlier. How you know about. In management doesn't wanna give up until anymore. Or you don't take cakes and Keary at. And that's that's true temper what confirm my shirt and I wouldn't be able to get out of baton market. I hate can't do anything and not say take my medication that's how bad my practice I just head to titanium cage is what it. And I know a lot of people like you are in the same boat Dina thanks so much for the call latent keep on with your phone calls 803. 0930. Talk keeping a bounce while prescription drugs and you know the subject of the day is whether or not it's. And these drug dealers should receive the death. Penalty analog Chiming in with other things too and you know Mary from Lancaster bring up the good points Alexi kids involved in something that. He really hits home for a lot of them sandy beach. Is back when we return. 8030930. To Colleen on WB EN was fine. That was a nice little musical interlude. Give real behind the scenes it we're going on. Coming along singing a song and I'm. I I decided I have to leave the studio momentarily. So normally I sit in that chair sit over there and nice wide share whatever. And that today as chair was occupied those I got this little narrow chair design for an hour people. And when I went to bush back to get a moderate and sit down pushes the mark. Enough of sandy didn't get on his chair now what did you see or an eyewitness. A number of Sammy didn't own a share. So it was share are flying in the air and Samuel rolling around his coach's son. I was actually outside dean I wanna about a failed. Slate did see I got my attention drag was the eyewitness says hard you'll testify and I pretty much everything you use sat. I saw exactly at this and now I'm on the floor. I'm on the floor and I got two guys who again may warning now willing to help are going. Almighty god. How we gonna get him off the floor. Well. Did a good job you work for emergency help and their frank Kaymer around and lifted me right. Did you see art of the main. Like this and I managed to get my feet. And they gather my senses and we continue a joke but that's not exactly fun and I'd remind me. Make an out never lose that ms. shear. Would you do that shares are currently sitting because now at twelve why leave. A got a plan for bush this year over against the walls or can't go anywhere maybe usually for Lincoln medical and mental well just for a system and the next shift to yes and target doesn't GR. Janet won't be much help them by Robert Lucas. That was Marvin Janet actually so. But and it was it was amazing it was a it was a magic moment. I'm an interest in phrase wasn't that it is thanks for your help guys are Bridget otherwise I need a remote Mike into it from the floor let's go to your hours are Emma. Are you okay with a death penalty for hoping annoyed and drug users are above public executions. And what about doctors his doctor czar from doing it and what kind of punishments are bad erosion of beavers and as anybody else. Let's go to ray in north no longer race here on WBN. Tiger factory Dellucci amateur record nor ironic here today and yeah I think they're. They should be stiffer penalties for. People that feel the only. I am but not. It's want to come on an upstate was under a lot of over you just OP lights. Among people. But chiropractic is is one of those shots. He profession that we you know we really deal with optional kill conditions a lot of oh Buick prescribed for low back that pain. To date most of our education is modern and there are a lot of guys out there you know practice evidence states. Chiropractic. Most treatment they're they're conservatives. In help people it varies in conditions. And see that's a that's a lot of my main concerns is that people who use it as directed its prescribed as directed at it's helpful. Might be impacted because that usually when there's no legislation and they over tighten things for awhile easily get back to normal. But I'm afraid that via the proper use of this might be overlooked as they are doctors and healthcare professionals trying to play it safe as possible. Yeah I mean we can't bomb so you know there's the old Buick route. On top control but again chiropractic. Multiple studies point to a probably around. 15%. Eating really. Generous but that number of 15% of the general population in the United States you'd like to chiropractic. Oh really well I've got a lot of good things I've never had it myself however a lot of good things about they get relief there have been. They didn't get in other methods. Yet the other 85% is really I'm. So I don't want uneducated unaware of what we do. On May be they're summit that go around that and many. Stalled over the years. A medical Minnesota hardest is a spell. Because of one person. Had something happens of them that seem peculiar took them wrongly they pass the word and and they tell other people. Pretty soon I've there's Arab don't pursue the same path because they're afraid something. A might happen to them it's really unfair and it takes a long time to get over that. Yeah I saw and heard people out there Q I'm just investigate alternative therapy. Calm again we have threatened various modalities are we deal functional rehab and motion rehab. Yeah the body moving correctly it is not one of the popular imbalances that are caught a problem. Not a him problem. And we do have various modalities spinal decompression. There's they're cute ultrasound cold late that their these there's all all the united. None drug therapies that can help manage pain and I just urged people out there that they're concerned about you know all the late I would expect that they would at least. You don't take an educated. Look into each. Yeah it's got some information given tribe here's my beaver and pleasantly surprised. That it thank you thank you very much. By ray were mention of things that make the body do it wasn't planned to do. What timing right after throw off this year. It is government or asking today are you OK with the death penalty for open our drug dealers and how about. Public as edge institutions not education we're now a lot of public education. But we've not done public execution. I think as long as no short cuts is taken. And the bill it turns into wise crafted properly I think to be very beneficial about doctors. We'll be back horrible beach company under Israeli and I'm thirty WBB. Elliott wave beating out of the thinking mr. beamer it's good things on it was an air we're both I wanna. Like a brace on the other in like a cast he would not have been a any assistance and no telling Tony he would have tried it wouldn't put himself and exactly as an I would have to go over Mosul on every day for a three year. I hairs are asking are you OK with the death penalty if world the only drug dealers and he. Administration is now looking at there talking about it now and I think that under the right circumstances with the right bill that becomes the right law figure to be very effective. What about public executions I don't let it seems like you came out of the blue over there really didn't even talk about that for some time I think you can be very effective. Somebody's go about doctors one of our doctors and over prescribe I think that would be harder to. Sort out simply because they're trying to alleviate pain and suffering. And who knows where the line is drawn there there they would but. The yard pass that line on let's go to Tyler in Westfield Tyler on WB yeah. And you know is I'm okay Zeller what's on your mind and. And about a different I give approaches it in on its it was fortunately what you we have conversations and I'd appreciate it fifty years of probation. Has reduced the most violent scourge on our side the we have this is the ironic part. It's the number one cash business in the country. So called illegal simply say you have dry water they called fire. I've been in this state where the officials and the authorities were all in charge of drug trafficking and so they could have an idea what was going up. They hit really good job there I wouldn't show them our count on them in my life depended on it I don't think the dealer at a problem I think addiction is a problem. The probation. Just like alcohol. Has generated black market economy. With without regulation and quality control has left victims were an idealist get mowed down a date we. Well it's I think it's the chicken and egg situation and you can talk about the same product and and they use their property so that product. It's not illegal to go on the young men at forty miles an hour. It is illegal to go a hundred and Santa there so it's not legal or take the drugs as prescribed by a physician it is illegal. To doctor shop ordered by among the street or or whatever and you're right the problem is addiction. But if you cut off this the supply. One order solo home that that would be although we've been having this Warren this alleged Warren's strong time. There would drive some supplies and help would have addiction. Yes sir and the good news that the pharmaceutical laid off. How well the way our forces they were duly abusive they've really manipulative is CMBX you look at them in different cities I've travel the country it. I bet and other communities and I was the guy but. If you picked up absence of humanity which is our data are God Particle. If you make clear that it illegal but the people in charge of motivated by extra money. They create a common nightmare and. The order cigarettes won't say it's a certain legal. And at the hotly tax. They're forced superb prince skulls and cross bones were crying out loud. Basically to warn him nazism. They have people it's going humans die buy them there's still people who by Yemen and is still taxed in the government so profiting from. Yes because like he got what a person. We need them for additional and recovery now if we joke about thirty days of well I vs the basis. This makes your draw more often I know I've been there thank you goes item diabetic type show. It used to be you get the big model have what nine the bills and a Kazaa owner beyond these tourists my life became diabetic. Value by him you know like practically one at a time I think it's like blurry. That's a that's match and there's nothing you you can use them for to be addictive their their treatment the streets of the list. It straight time 30180616. Verizon to resist nine under estimates vary. From Texas area on WB yeah. We want there I definitely agree with the topic today and and you know. They're here. Much more severe penalties serve. People I deal with these type drugs and things like that but my concern what that it would be that it would be a logistical nightmare. I mean from the conviction and to appeal to whether or not even got convicted because I'm an how many federal debt is our question. But liberal agenda these days as opposed. I'm following a lot I mean more in agreement what some that a lot on the line like a Siberian prison. You know. Well well food I'm off from communication for twenty years. That's an outlawed community I remember Arafat a couple of death penalty cases in various states and by the time they get through the process of appeal. It was generally about ten to twelve years I. So I think you're right I figure what real legitimate goal of logistical night there. But remember that longer is your earnings starts with a simple step before not willingness I didn't make that up. As when I always take that first step what does this say against our our alleged war on drugs. I think that I may need to be more scared than than it is now that they're kind of got a friend that worked for the Bureau of Prisons and you know. They didn't matter who won 51 ears spurt for doing whatever they and the mega act DirecTV. You know microwaves fully. Commentaries. Here I am an escort basketball school art indoor and outdoor. I'm ready got a calendars ago. So they can see how many days they have left yeah I sell your saying and I do agree or you're Jerry that. The that's two appeals. It should be Max should be absolutely Max two appeals it takes to longest of commerce some. And that justice hasn't always gone thank you will be back after this sudden has written and I'm thirty WB in his Beijing company can Zell am having yeah it's a day when my boys and everything else. You know I said I ever had tough day I'm gonna introduce the brunt of that Pollack who can tell us about that thing is there a parade. And if anybody should balance her because she's afraid coordinator. And the time is coming up it's going up quicker than we thought when's the date of it forever and a. I hit India's April 2 is looking like a little less than a month to wave at certain three weeks away a day after recently asked they if Teresa every year and hopefully it won't be having snow by then and. And I know you're getting a a good amount of entries it'll be a larger than life as it always has but. Anybody who thinks that they missed the deadline not really are very accommodating very coordinator. If you want to get involved it's so obvious replied no charge by the way you're most welcome. Yes definitely as a matter of fact a lot of people's kind of tend to forget about thing is stay till Saint Patrick's Day. So it's there's an that you're you're never too late will will take it till the last minute I I and I I like to be inclusive. John because if you don't want to go and you didn't Sam and the entry you can still go but they entry has to be and to be in the parade. Andy Garcia much fun mayhem in the very near or Shen. Yes definitely justice it's really easy no charge like Cindy said W on WWW duds in the state dot com. Go to the praise section click down and we're says download your application fill an incentive to me and do not confuse this parade where other traditional parades. It's not like that at all you know if it's. It's definitely not don't expect to see. You know marching bands and immunology and it's and it's definitely. Very unique art is very buffalo yes very baffling and end and you may named C. Like people tossed candy to the crowd you may see eight. But air land being tossed a lot of food or maybe some Tomas are rye bread you'd never know what's gonna show up. I'm going to be our what do you think I butter lamb you ought to get dumber maybe there's one that you could have right. Catching the butter items I I like touched catching butter lamps it's always fun events that. Let's do little Tony an alligator belts aren't here on WB yeah. I'm go to JU when he got forests there. Apologize to triple want certain you know Eleanor I'll walk I'll talk to amount to war because my idea what watcher George wait for the original old school. And their board chaired there by myself for the quarter and it just appear older boy I'm. And just sit down electric you can go throughout the order of Jamal Roman Coppola and some of the raw. Agility work that we are optional. Well I think that kids have a lot of good ideas I just wanna make sure that they're committed to the idea. And the reason. As opposed to just a little time off from maybe being on a radio receive New York. Are in the newspapers there to join and they know something about it I think that always helps as opposed to just read urgent getting approval of the world. All right we're on to say thank you very much. A hole is done that was online and one that seems to have been erased from I'm machine. OK Morris ablaze you're on W via. Good morning Easter bloated programs do a great job thank you very much mores lets your mind. There radios are anyway you know the death penalty this is ridiculous. Thing you're talking about. I mean there's so many other crime rate distaste it would make case you mentioned (%expletive) These crimes are much or any spinning like a dentist and it and it's their way up here of the big big time drug dealers. In such a different story you're talking about. Possibly you know maybe considering that. Yeah but I don't think there should be apprentice drug dealers another words. How much more egregious doesn't have to be. And selling people things you know and killed them. I and they know it so generally take the risk what you sow so them I think that's pretty egregious. That I mean and in some ways it's true I mean it didn't feature that peace is to gravitate towards experimentation. I don't want to make anybody may as well it just seemed like. Generation after generation. And you create our generation and I'm not out. In it as it seemed like it never goes away because its natural state of service sis. This accommodation people aren't you know amused enough or whatever the case may be. People want coach. Eric what you're right they were their curious. Then I know people who are viewed as though whatever and they wanna see Everett duplicates what they what they've been told duplicates. But the bottom line is you have to start without chains somewhere. It's I think it's almost easier to start with the dealer than a would be a user. And Soviet good dealer knows that and continues to do it. It's not one of those go and sin no more kind of crime and they see Howell of lucrative it is. They profited from and it may of that money made fuel other crimes who knows but the bottom line is they know well and good. That if this is. If this is is something that can kill somebody and they are still willing to do it I think there should be prosecuted for that. Well I don't look deck. And sixteen incentive I know you're around I was Iraq aren't you you know I was barely. And I was just I was just an episode child's yeah. You they're very. But I you know if you seen this kind of overdosing. Like this on that scale. Because there's a sense at all that sentinel has made it much more dangerous you know. And these folks harder you know pushed himself out there are not taken a couple of cautions necessary. You don't know what what what shots going to be the next one you know what. Ireland we have the police force in buffalo. Carrying something each cop with Kerry and some think they'll keep it from overdosing with some drugs. So what does that say does that say partial we wish you wouldn't go betting K should do ordered held view. Immediate. The usual because they're trained and hopefully they're trying to you know I'll vote. Hope they're trained but I think it I think that there are exercising everybody. Who it is. The pain management people are also getting a lot of flack a lot of kick you know a lot of low back on this. I think that they're good grouping amend or not delineated. It. You know we're not going to have to do not deliberately delaying it or not going out. Let me say I combined over the pain management revoke its harder to pin them down. I was too because of the nature what they do. A one thing we can do we can compare apples to apples and oranges to oranges. And their checked to see how they stack up against other pain management doctors now obviously there's a difference in climate and things like that. But the bottom line is if there's a huge difference. And things are relatively equal you might be able spots there like that not easy but I think it's doable. I agree with that but the other thing here's the other and it's scale. What about somebody who suffers for our injury that requires action Mona management. And somebody out yeah requires a lower modern management. How we got to classify. The other the previous mentioned guy or girl. To this other guy because they're they're paying is that Alex. Is a pretty serious condition required a certain low. Sure why can't I think Hugo fold out there and and numbers are can be used if it's a big enough sample size. And the rest of it is basically. Equals is that going to be exactly equal but you should be able to spot you know every once you see a chart in them have a peaks and valleys. And you know have the highs and the lows pointed out I think Uga put together charts like that it's even cover pain management doctors. It's not the easiest as I just said but I fingers were doing thank you thank you very much. Miss a game where you have a couple more before we say idea. I do pay is set as yes worthless people who care nothing about our lives are loved ones. Why should we care about theirs but other offenses as well ocean view death penalty also. Yeah I can tell you right now as we move toward this I can almost say the words they're callers will say if we bring it over as the subject. I'm now where becoming. Less of a compassionate nature. And they'll name other countries hula who care more about their people and lead to him blah blah blah blah blah. Bottom line is but we've been allegedly waging a war on drugs were lines I'm now and I think we're losing that war. I really do and I think from our excuse is we make for it the more we're likely knows that this is the first proposal I've seen. And it is not done yet so we haven't taken a final look at yet. But that would actually attack the basis of where this. His drug trade is going from we will appeal. Is worth silly. All right that about wraps it up thanks to my guys among therapy yesterday and a friend and beamer and I appreciate that and now it. It's time. Whether thousand dollars cash go to WB at this hour as word is neat. Okay and EEE the word need to exits is 72881. Clear chance to win a thousand dollars. Local. As they never wanted me to be used strictly related have you given him.