3/13 Beach and Company Hour 2

Sandy Beach
Tuesday, March 13th

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Elliott back where the Beijing gravity the administration is a kicking around a thought about death penalty. Four people who Acela hoping Lloyds. And if you are drug dealer and you're dealing with open yards and some have suggested why just over yards are about Coke and heroin as well. Most routers argue about that. What I say 64000. People in Inca. He's a sixth believe 4000 people and 26 and I died of that. And Soviet president's look at the possible death penalty. For our open joint drug dealers and I think that's a good idea. We still we don't take short cuts we always follow there you go laws as written. And if found guilty and goes through your appeal process and all that. If you end up over the losing hand you end up being executed I like that idea. And it seems strange is that you like something like that but I think it's the kind of thing if you're serious about cutting down. I'm not hoping your drugs as to what you you have to do and doubt about making the execution. Public. Now does is seem like blood thirsty you know I I I would hope not because I'm not. But I think it is seeing something it would have to be a controlled environment. And obviously not opened through love kids. But I think it could be a lesson well learned if you're going to deal and robbery or drugs and cause other people's that's you're going to lose yours a by the government. C a feud Texas Andy. How broad just say no it's always worked for May. I don't know if this is tongue in cheek and ha. You think as Sanjay hearing being Nancy Reagan's just say no is turning into an agreement really means. Maybe it did work for him but I think it's time and I yeah I don't think I don't it works for most below. So if it doesn't mortgage as a morgue. Question now this is a good question. About doctors. Are overprescribed do they get the death penalty do. Well I think there's a difference VP or between a compassionate doctor. Who doesn't like to see in his term patience and in pain and somebody who's just move amount by a carload. There's I think there is a difference there. But how do you prove that difference argue market down I don't know. I don't I really don't know he remind there are pain specialist. Who obviously would be prescribing more of them. A general practicing doctor. And so did you do I decide. Are they doing this for profit. If they are doing a for profit in the bear and there are no more than a drug dealer or the white coat. That's a consideration. But I think we have a look at that intensely. And a deeply that it does decide that. What if they were of that beamer is that it will be a tough question and answer. Yet the luckiest son and I I I think most doctors are just looking out for their patience but just like in everything you have 11 or two bad aegs. I think if they're found guilty of it and yet they should be grouped him with the drug dealer. Yeah because you know better than drug dealers as Richard Dooling. But how they gets of that point I don't know. And how reluctant the jury would be victim victim a doctor. Because we have images of doctors and their very high images. We donors that we don't think that they're doctors a little ploy by the same rules as the rest of us because there are higher calling. So may be in their compassion and they were I don't know why I think that would be. That would be one way to defend a case like that a body if they're intentionally doing it another story and that's another story. They didn't go over and the navy. To elect a drug dealer if they were in looking up they're patient should be some kind of punishment. We've asked recently allied maybe losing a medical license. That would be a good starter. If your doctor hugging there. You've got to know that made these numbers out there and there is the difference between her compassionate doctor and one says while this is pretty easy. And I can ease my own conscience by giving this patient as. And it's within my guidelines. But if there there goes he goes to them. And you go over the line and I don't know I wish I did know but I don't. I don't know you draw that line. Here's an am pace and it would definitely for drug dealers that sell drugs are known to secure a regular person. On the basis points to one of them up and mercker. And Astro losses in other words it. Policy and drug is exterminating a segment of the population. It's true. For those who think that that's beneficial I'm quite sure about that but I do I do feel bad. In the issues that something's going to affect you as as a year as a dealer as a drug dealer Uga Obie awards ago. And if you're not a very much attention to lump fines maybe even short prisons arms. It's it and take him off the street putting a big time Basra want to or if they're Rio a visual problems. Execution I think is is the way to ago. 8309301806. On six and resorts and start on Saturday. IVRoots. I like it says it's the first time we've ever actually have a real war on drugs. Yeah I like it's true because is what happens there as the other warnings go unheeded. It's blob blob blob blob blob. And you have people who mean do the right thing but the drug deal prisons blah blah blah because they'll stack up the right thing. With a stack of money that they probably have Busan machine account. So sick you know Al Franken is a dual does it affect me Al Franken I think the dealers in drug dealers. Or do you dealing an in depth essentially. Figure unless it effects them directly is blah blah blah. And that pile of money can be mighty convincing. We'll take a regular act Whitmore a new Israeli air I'm thirty WB yeah it is Beecham company yeah one thing that amazes me about president shrugs and not just one month. Is remembers that person. This has been around for weeks or waits and waits until is generally call him an idiot oh no no. I'm not added Napa and our great friends. The president rarely thing you'll get a little. Over these are stronger this guy and there are Canada he's fabulous he's a winner. And he's doing that week after week and then Monday certainly until thousands out. And he said he was out. It was said that he. Surely a little more credibility here. If he's out he's out of these and these end. But at least the honest about it instead telling us he's you know he's that your kids god father and makes a great Bologna sandwich and I'll or grab and find out is gone anyway and as we talk all the time. Did you tell about this a let every week like what I exactly and I made that decision by myself. As presented made the decision might argue should do proposed a certainly with council but. Yeah I next time you heard that rumor some thing that's as direct right I mean it would have been nice. Instead it puts us in a delicate position in an uncomfortable position. That we have to believe the press more than we believe the president at times I'd like to do that a bit of I have to do. Good of his right foot. Hopefully it's not though not have dual all right Maria. Let's go to Betty and Collins betting here on WB yen. Good morning and I think if you well I've been battered bodies would argue the idea what's on your mind today. This morning I had more than that but it's what's going on in your youth the good thing is the. Well I don't know I guess each case just to be. Until marriage act but I was calling because of I have a grandson in the navy he's stationed down in Virginia Beach and last week at age eight he had to counsel actively. And nick is pretty it's called having surgery like that but the reason I'm calling when you would discharged. From the hospital. They gave him a script. Iraq because don't for pain. And prescribed he could get a stripped out seventy. Optical down. Lol I never heard of script from some are bad that large it's amazing. There and that we're wonder why there is an epidemic. Drugs in the country doing the military is dispensing prescriptions like that to their own people. That's a good question because it. For our Johnson said John selectively I'm no doctor but that seems excessive timidity. That seems a little lake Shasta. Show I I I was blown away. It is they're not a limit on the number. Paint told that a doctor can prescribe. I know all I know is just my normal man adds the things that he is trauma type two diabetes and while whatever. They could get very short terms of reform back at the drugstore and getting memory and mood and then eventually get it has to be redone by a doctor. He seemed to reverse strict on stuff that is just generally used for like woo me for treatment of of that of of its limited numbers certainly not seventy again usually get enough for a month and if I get that. Diabetes I guesses. Get a ninety day prescription but they're. I usually get me you know this longer ones. And that was nice visit that the game running back and so are. After it's a non addictive thing I don't know why they changed their but their version of course it could be in New York thing rather than any of federal funds room. Thanks Betty thank you very much. Emigrate and your trip I would let you well when we went to not only a few years. All of that was a very moving trip I love that trip to Normandy were well and what we thank you very thank you. Seeing. How do you regret that all right thank you very much picking is is the best. I recently there was some things if your arm like this things are beyond for the rest of my life because of diabetes. But even. Very strictly regulated. And I'm thinking and maybe rumors being overly cautious and whatever. But seventy thrills. 72. Holes I don't know the frequency of use is that for its on selected me. I I didn't go to medical school. I have no idea what being normal. This report big. But that does sound like two punch they are when he got floors some offers most boys well Paul. Says set by example to all drug dealers of our drugs. Don't let them rot in jail on our dime. I think they had to have the best deal is if you give them a fair trial. He goal argue go buy the book exactly the book says if found guilty. They should be executed and I think. The death penalty should be carried out publicly though we have the availability is showing two adults don't wanna see it. Because I think it's time we do that the rest of us talk him panels and experts in all this stuff doesn't mean anything. LS somebody feels that there is. Eight penalties to be paid not only medically. But. But legally as well because if you don't do that saga going to change. And you know a lot of effect this is having. It is hardly ever talked about. Seniors. Seniors who will go to dark there and they you know they need something and they get the proper prescription. But then they go home and on him and take it. You know why because they're afraid they'll get hooked on these are older people. Who all they see is in the paper and on TV and radio. The people who die did taking prescription drugs people abused at whatever. And so even though they should take what the doctor. Writes. These don't. And so very healthy is is impaired to. Perfectly innocent people Wednesday they don't wanna take your chance that's a negative nobody talks about an auto employees Mr. Big we have John. On says mark seems a bit extreme what you like death are out of control jails are filling up a drug dealers and there's always someone on the streets to take their place. May be the death penalty is the way to deal elements. Good I agree with that 64008. Ball ends and Maria you hear of sixteen which is all last year we have information. Six feet. Both are a thousand people it is a crisis by any standard and it gets so if you turn on TV knows. Or radio and news a look at the paper whatever it's always one of the leading stories. It's either the lead story are one of those first two or three stories so talk history. But action is more important and I think it's time fraction one more from you Mr. Big. Yes Els has all the criminal system needs to step up enforcement and punishment. Look if you know you'll die if you're caught you won't do it. Well that's true I've got many many people have suicide. In mind when I say these drugs you're taking him because. It's taking them because they're hooked on them. And some people are better a veteran form and others and so am I should put that seed. In their mind that you know you take that next pill could be the last stories ever today I don't know how effective he's just you know. Seminars and information like that would be let's go European Ontario being on WB yen. Eight he had knee jerk I'll let you know it's. We've in my life oxy code own like no program. Seven pills. We can talk all important forty. Why are caught it be odd it could be a six C. Of the socks coat. So really it's not think that are caught in the off wrote me honest to god to shut down the open interceptors. He could do you think those it'd be very easily. But it is they're all different strengths in Powell. I know you put them you know that was about. It at work out exactly. I did well I want we'll open by eight I'd like all they do get a couple of incredibly. Important. Somebody company in good you know he didn't get it won't get picked you now or. If it's it's something is a lot for our goal. Probe into addiction that I got the block it. All of it it also. Pointing. It all oiled and lack. Our ability to an individual. Everybody. About it now we know. We don't want. It was. A Cody you're here control. Or your doctor. And remember there are seniors who legitimately get I get the script Britain's parliament are hoping yards they'll don't take them because they're afraid they're gonna get hooked. So you've got people take him for pleasure he got people who won't take some of toward genuine medical needs and then. The he knew how you measure the value of the drug and it seems to be very effective when used properly. But how do you separate Honeycutt always from its if there. There can be no weren't paid if you. I'd opt out and describe it until it got you OK I know. It's big way. Absolutely I don't think I've ever gotten a script that made me feel better and I felt before the most it doesn't take the pain away and that's we're supposed to do tiger be it will be right back under Israeli and I'm thirty WB. Can you back live to Beijing government says QB Joseph are you OK with the death penalty. Pearl VOA. Drug revelers the president is considering a change in policy now. I would like to see that as studied. But not forever I mean we we've been talking about this for a long time I think you're. We get together with some sound. Practice and some policies William moving on this. I'll about. Excluding a breather drug dealers in public. I know that sounds extreme. A but I think it's effective. I really do I think it's the one thing that. Anybody would be concerned about if you were dealer is to be caught convicted and executed. And as a pretext of doctors who overprescribed. I think that would be hard to hard to gauge. Between compassion for suffering patient. And pitching coach and from a doctor over prescribing. But now say cabbies on but I think it would be difficult but impossible. I'm Matt ourself all met her on WB yen. Hello Matt. I didn't hear met in the background you're mayor Matt. And Amy it as they're nomad you're on WV analysts in your mind today. I hear about him in practice and basically about 3000 patients in an ideal lot with the Medicaid population you know what I see. In the last few years I've seen a steady. You don't need to decrease prescribe no he has not only concern is. What we do with the patients that have really good indication they're really having me. And I don't truly is their role and they can't get in pain management doctors and my practice I pretty much as it can. Eventually moving forward you know reduce their medicines completely. And try to get in the end and locally what we're going it's crisis and we're sending people off to Wikipedia and Rochester. Around the local area ticket pain management. The courts have those little writers we see them and tell them they don't prescribe medicines they just wanna get shots. Which in most of all cultures. When you say that you've seen a decrease is that by regulation. Or just by natural attrition. Which are going to be more judicious. And careful. I hit it personally you know looked in and I try to use just good common sense and discretion or really yours. But I found that at this point. I couldn't place and feeling practitioner just can't prescribe the medicine anymore you're just you're held that the highest standards which. I am glad to see high standards but. We get the point where I mean I had left wrist serving in the air force in Afghanistan. And I do. Staying home locally in prescribed. Well you know what's difficult is how to draw that line because the first senate and your hippocratic oath is first do no harm. And if you have a patient standing or sitting in front of you. It's suffering from pain you ought to alleviate that as best you can so you think it's tied your hands to be able to give legitimate prescriptions of mobile it's. Excellently with not a question and and I don't know if you know if it's if it's right or wrong the pendulum has swung now it discarded. Armed side. In but I know. You know it's taken me six months to draw down in my prescribing. And that scared really has happened here have nots. This is my patients hits the Dallas. You. You know health care wellcare guess what try to give them somewhere. I mean it would send someone to a dentist and it just looks as its title to key in all well and you're standing entity management. And there's some really good local ones I think it just killed up with the Medicaid pretty quickly. Do what's the medical association's. Made up of people who are out there on the field every day everything in any kind of position on the the ability that the lack of ability to treat their patients properly. Well it and you know they. I I have a lawyer that is helping you through some of the issues and down. Which is cool thing is they have that duty and responsibility in the legal application. However try to find somebody that you can ask these questions to your asking for an updated management last. Most of the people on the list more than three quarters are no longer taking the hell would you call them. We don't take insurance. To pay into it it's just a ridiculous running in circles for these people it is the status thing I've ever seen. And almighty has served 27 years in military. I mean is completely discussed that with our government's handling the situation. None of it Tokai Tokyo sector in north directors until right I can go when they're kind of cleaned up fixed. Is Lynn cook more people on the streets and that's what I think of my patients say it really looked pretty much coming what's going on and the economy he was an American ally you. You can't I actually taken my medicine anymore but I just can't take this pain I kept for back operations Ed you movement. And you know it is a real real tree. Well one the government gets employed in snow possible legislation. Debates not to rebuild doctors and real people who are dealing with patients on an everyday basis or in his name out the only tour. Every once in awhile to pop up and give their opinion because they're respected doctors but they're not dealing with a in the trenches like who the rest of doctors. I would agree with what you're saying completely. Lose yet is it just. Yeah I had an expert commits over called and I've always wanted to call it yeah and in twenty years haven't technically I got a call and hold you in church. Well I'm I'm budget call and I'm sure you show low lights of people. A whoever an intense interest in this one of the things that I'm afraid of so I mentioned earlier doesn't get much publicity at all. Is seniors who get a legitimate script for an open yours who are afraid deals for fear of organ hooked. And so there their doctor did the right thing but they're not even taking them. Well you know we have we have. We have a lot of experts in the field and it ended varying opinions are. So fast and I can have a patient medication about twenty years taken in Madison. It's going great no adverse effects. No signs of whom are hitting some problems with the medication. But you know it and it's also the other thing it's a combination of the medicines so you know we're not pushed use. He start he really matter with the with the payments you'll see how that's when the patients it's a really that are going to be all the time. So what is really relaxing to try to get anything I think it's the right thing to do is to try to scale back. As much as we prepared I think that's really what it feels. Well I keep the faith and god there are assured that that may be either as things come into a head would so let's talk about. Pretty dramatic legislation and so sewer goes much. I'm sure they're very good conscientious guy and there was semester you thank you very much thank you a we'll take a break and we'll return on newsreader I'm thirty WB Ian let's go to a Mike on grand Mike you're on WB yen. Mike what do you got for us today. I worked with the economy and that was from China OK and the in his truck and one time we had a conversation just like this about crying and in this case broke. And he should be and crime like this bear in this province. This outcome and in this thing was they they did hit public executions. So you're convicted you're it definitely hurts. There are fine nothing harsher Bob bobbled or institutions simply because. It's the greatest lesson we can put out there and there's fires go through there have been you know the process of criminal justice system. Get a fair trial I think this is this this says if you wanted to follow this road you might be next. Right I think they are opposes that but anyway. It's worked because these these dominated cry like you know. Yeah I can tell you have if this goes through if there are far trump gets his way and legislation goes to congress and he signs that. Or even during via appeared to only discuss it. Bill real lot of naysayers who think that where. We're going too far in the week we haven't done enough for an education and all this other stuff of the couple's. That's probably wanna think about it they're not thinking about it in real terms of hey. Would more. Bush strategic. Solution like this pin pointed at the drug dealers it would be very beneficial thank you. Yes we know that there's some nations to do written as a matter of fact Donald Trump blow mentioned it in his public. Mongering on this couple days ago. Misdemeanor. To get air for a phrase more. We'll start with Dennis was a question for you sandy. I think he might have heard Jauron but let's let's go with a sick and he doctors don't proper from writing scripts so why would you include them with the deal. As well I'm saying that doctors. Gets you in the door. And then if there is described Britain as it is written by a doctor horrible or whoever is eligible to write the script. And I'm saying that. With some cases. We've seen recently in buffalo. Where the number of scripture were astronomical. More individual doctors writing more hospitals. Now I don't know what the parameters are are there areas or gazes as of this Mann's novel was songs abnormal don't really know. But if they if they overprescribed. Very aiding and abetting. If if they are giving you so much more than you actually need to have. That's it that's a problem for every medical professionals dissolve we don't know we don't know the numbers we really don't. All I know is in my own. In my own smaller universe is. The doctors are very very area. I was it was sort of looking forward careful about how many scripts they're right never I've never give you more than you actually need. And a card don't go the other way users simply don't know I think is out of an abundance of caution and. Paul goes I still like to know why there's such a demand why the users are using. If they weren't then there's no dealers and the reason for using beat another symptom of things wonder what the stats are concerning Matt Albers female over towards. Throw went over prescribing as the caller right now is stating obviously in the last segment complex situation. Well I don't like kids though using tide laundry pods either. Is knowing is sometimes is no answer you usually. When there is a demand at this is because it's addictive. And because either you like. That feeling gives you when you lose it or some other re examine its not for legitimate medical purposes and that's the problem Leah. The doctors standing there are sitting there with a patient right in front of him or her. And knows the pain in some of these prescribes what they need. Maybe there doctor shopping maybe they're buying a mystery you don't know the doctor is one part of the equation but. It's it's a big part of the equation because they can legitimately rights group. Cindy goes big time heroin and cocaine and of of that dealers absolutely deserve the death penalty especially of death can be traced back to the product they sold. Yeah I just selling things they're that you know. If not used as directed you to cause death I think. You have to you have very area a real serious look do you deserve the death penalty here's a attacks and says. I'd like to see all these child predators in abusers executed. At a files are up there was serial killers as far as I'm concerned. And here's a pat on the back for Pete it's as if pretty awesome awesome as usual. Now is this all is this also for small time neighborhood drug dealers I hope so well. So we get people out there and whom who are CU are so what we're facing and see the numbers 64000 people. Die albeit it's oh weird addictions. In 2006 thing that's that's way too much way way way too much I don't know what an acceptable numbers but. 64000. People into sixteen and 26 thing. And this as business as straining local health and emergency services through city got a combination of not only. I'm Rosa of people. A dying of Byron hand. I'm by finding more of these addictive. Medications summer and a some maybe not written some just bought off the street. But it also strangely. Legitimate uses of these use of the drugs and the emergency systems. So that's what you're looking at right now. So I'm asking. Are you okay we're the death penalty for all EO Lloyd. A drug dealers I have no problem when it as long as it doesn't take any short cuts. That's the thing we have to we have to be careful of when to take shortcuts as long we get in trouble just take a civilized grown. Wow. You can probably tell I'm not my best today and I hope you can to borrow my best that I am now Bob public executions. I think that that is a good idea. And and some countries have them I think they set a good example. And I don't think their barbaric most people would say. Are we going back as a society if we start Mexican table publicly no I think we're going forward by showing. A veteran serious issue like this. It's and it's not a good idea to get involved. In Austria and 30106169206. Are meant hurting. We'll take a break and though will tell you this it's time for me. Thousand dollar hurt cash gold and WB. It's ours were. There is ma am eulogy mug like look at that mug right there. And the injury is the word text that is 72881. And your chance to win a thousand dollars.