3/13 Beach and Company Hour 1

Sandy Beach
Tuesday, March 13th

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Hello a lot of his vision I have savvy these boy things have changed there one day. I have very you know they're of the secret code word was words we use every day. I I miss one day at work I come back here and there's no word on there and somebody Texan that. Definitely gaining the confidence I can tell you that I region company. Our right are what went on air yesterday how come as a rule word here on the cash code content somebody it's just an accident. Oh was their roof goings on yesterday and I what was those who did the show yesterday yes we had a until later on potty mouth Winger that's all right go under it happened I mean he doesn't call balls. Colors really upset with a cell you know they like to stirred up a little bit less idea stood up and then go home. Look at this and there's that are probably still angry. Why they exist and you know. 20 while all that's good right there. It's amazing now everything has to be exactly right Edwards or Joseph. Lot of things going on their first of all a beamer any in the news from the wonderful world of sports usually every weekend you're flying here your driving their you're taking a balloon to watch eerie. The Hokies play anything going on as weekly. News of the tournament starts tonight with the first four saint Bonaventure plane at 910 bodies but more importantly Thursday at 920. The Virginia Tech Hokies play Alabama crimson dynamo. Should be a good game on TNT now I understand locally there or there's conflicts of interest because you beat plays at 950 on their treasurer Gunner from UBA got a reveal their program and have Bonaventure wins. They also played 957. On Thursday so couldn't really be the trifecta. In the 9 o'clock hour on Thursday. A lot of a lot of things happening ever want to thank I am I'm I didn't hear much in touch your PS and they remain a little out of it and couldn't do it. But 1 thing I am glad that is that they had they traded party line and the Buffalo Bills are traded him. A why you say Sammy why are you glad it's I got nothing against Cory mine. I'm sure is a fine guy probably had his senses modernize card every mother's and so hard that. But I'm sick of hearing why courting the when he isn't playing in this game. And that game is seems like ever since I knew his name. He's been injured and one and one always shared a farm and so I'm glad that he is a finally going to be somebody else's. Worry and as the medical department. I'm still shocked that he sits it angles knowing how many times he's appeared on the injury report would probably twelfth overall pick. For court neglect double helping rebels now you have a twelfth in its when he won in the first round. Why not so much I really I'm not making this up I cannot remember how he played. I have so he was good when he didn't play. But and not much lately so what have you done for merely. No player likes the fact that you know them just because you get that text on game day morning Greg let out against her he I he goes the more. Bills games and civilian clothes and uniform I'm I'm just thank him. Let's talk about today in fact finally we're gonna put away her conversation card and pick up the action guards maybe. May be enough for shore we're always talking about we we always talk about what a scourge. Are certain Arab people or certain groups are to society. And certainly one of discourages probably. Among the top tour through a would be a drug dealers. Drop in trailers were hero as time goes dreaded drug dealers. But what happens unless you're a Major League over the job drug dealer we don't hear much about what happens to them. Well where we tell we're talking now it goes in waves. It used to be you of this drug is the scored Joseph America than this drug. But lately it's been OP choice okay. And we're talking about how will first phase started cracking down on on a physicians who are over prescribing them but I'll tell you I want your Needham Unita minge usually. Use as director and it's usually has something to do with the medical problems. I saw you on an enemy and a number of a lot of people are are using them as they're being overprescribed. And that sort of thing and so they went after doctors who were running too many scripts. I'm making it's a little too easy and now they're talking about suing the the manufacturers. So that even if you legitimately need them. And you use them for a good purpose for what their intent is real is far. That's what they're doing now however. How ever finally maybe. Maybe. It's on its shape and maybe that talk is gonna turn to action against OP our dealers. And we come back and I'll going to have a break one minute early so that I can Leo Laporte here we come back I'll tell you what the oil PF spot is. If that can turn into a plan and verplank and turn into action. Bigger reporting and under Israeli and I'm thirty WB again. Bill yesterday. I was not we're here obviously. But I got a chance who to get some feedback on just our little TE's announcement. That he is seventh. Trip probably agenda. And Danny never have been sold out through every Libya announcing the eighth trip soon OK so I've the world sees because it's just. Just finally put the last piece in the puzzle and so I told you it was going to be a Mississippi. River crew is and it is going to be a Mississippi River river Cruz and is going to be sensational. But because it was not ready to unveil yet we ask you up please and I called triple away because that the deal is not totally solidified the deal is. By the but it the nuts and bolts are all finish that I just wanna get on the air right away. And obviously me telling you not to go triple A didn't work. And and Stewart calls be able wanting more info. Believe me you know the listener will be the first one. To find out exactly what the root will be what the cost the will be what the the name of it is a ball Obey all those things you hear. First right here but is considered your of that interest and I know I am. Looking you know looking forward to it will be this year and it will be on the mighty Mississippi. Certainly a sad note for anybody that works the inner calm and others that we may not be aware of is the loss of our road our receptionist and switchboard a person. Sue Wanda. Who passed away a couple of days ago and it was such a shock to all of us and and so sad. She was you would somebody passes of the memories flood your head. And as she did this not an easy job you're you're paying for seven different radio stations in your contest winners and in almost sort of thing you have to deal with and oftentimes trying to track somebody down because as a call or message wrong. Not the easiest thing in the world she was an absolute sweetheart. Use of dogs you really really truly was. Idea I'm going to miss her and I know I'm not the only one here. I think that would be unanimous vote vote. Just in my best switches. Through her whole family but sorry about the passing cameras. A shock to me and I'm sure it was a shock to others. As well. So that's them that's kind of thing you got to appreciate people well and you have a chance stolen gun not put anything off. I've always been a believer. That if you have something to say it is somebody's say it. OK a 10 July. Because many times at a at a few. Or awake. Have you heard somebody say I wish I had just one more conversation. It would of the person your your morning. In I don't embargo that ever happened in my life. And leadership program and yours if there's something missing his own party say it. And simple pretty easy. And then Wednesday grass you'll still be versed add that via a mournful time for you over at least. You'll be comforted in knowing that they knew exactly. What you felt so that's that's a good thing. All right. Let's see now lets them let's start of our subject today which is final. Argument I get tired of of people talking good game. But Baylor comes I'm actually play the game and I bid interest it it seems like the talking in the lead up the ramp up. I was seems to be the only part they're ready for them not ready for something out of that would be drum and certainly helpful to the problem. So you've seen it before well they ought to do this though those Vrabel and then when somebody goes up on trial while maybe that's harsh. Will win not like they are. Let's let's be easier on them while that isn't what this is about I'm so happy. I'm a headline from Washington Post. Officials way death penalty. For all be our dealers. Now I love this thought now whether it ever happens about as organs discussed now but I love this thought. My first my first feeling is is that an overreaction. Death penalty for OBR dealers. No all I don't think it is an overreaction on July. They're dealing especially where of OP going in and for admiral. They're dealing with death. They are dealing with the depth. The drug dealers who are handling that stuff out and are making their very lucrative living whether. Know that anything's at their hand over to their customers curtail them. They know. And that's taller Stewart so if you knowingly are dealing with something that can kill people if it's illegal. And York trading unit why should we have any kind of sympathy. For any kind of punishment. Now is the death penalty. In is that appropriate absolutely. Because first of all. Drug dealers. Many many times make enough money they wouldn't care what the fine is who cares about that. They've probably been dealing for a long time we're various drugs and and things like that. Dave guard field agree users. Destroyed the families of the users and that cause a major disruption in most people's lives so I think in time for a I'm Bob Dylan song now it's time for your chairs is an appropriate. This is not the time for Obey your dealers spears is it's not for some action and tell events no matter how cool you are. As a drug dealer no matter how much money you make. No matter what kind of car you drive or what kind of house you have the death penalty gets your attention. It truly does I think not only should we have the death penalty I think it should be a fair trial obviously. And they should have fair representation they probably have enough money to the buy the best legal minds around. But I I do feel that. If they get a fair trial and they're found guilty of this and they can't possibly lead that they didn't know how dangerous it was. That the death penalty is appropriate and not knowing that it should be public. I say public I don't mean you know on the town square like they used to. Put people to death but I am saying it should be on some kind of way a video channel where you you have to prove you're an adult would be able to see this. And and then she'll show the public execution. Because that's about the only thing I'm thinking there and everybody's attention in a hurry. In a hurry. Because maybe some drug dealers I'm saying it's quite possible that this thing you know. A good time and money have already made doing this. I don't necessarily. Want beyond his television show like being on American Idol. Radio where. Or maybe I'll just. Do something else maybe I'll leave the country. But anyway I think there's no way it can harm. It should also be. Be assured that that person does not just get a quick judgment. They got totally fair trial and fair punishment and you make no with a publicity campaign if you are dealing with hope realize. If we catch you you and I. I like that now they are. What do you think is that too harsh does that sound to I can tell the arguments of me it's too harsh. We're not that kind of in Asia and it's just revenge Ali's program. No I mean that's that's that's the sad truth threaten how much but he settlers were talking much more stuff and we just pour into it. And not get the results yeah problem march. Isn't posters and air and a PSAs and and talk shows about the danger zone hoping Lloyds. I think it's time early show of our era. Are taught is not just talk that is going to lead to action. Here's a here's what we veer from the jump. Washington and post yes the trumpet administration is setting new policy that would allow prosecutors to seek the death penalty for drug dealers. According to be able would knowledge. Of this. It's a sign of the White House wants to make strong statements in the addressing. It'll it'll be oil crisis that's good. Not just the usual thing I think when when you're talking about their trump you know he doesn't think in usual terms. He's thinking what's the problem. Are what has been done so far yeah. I'll where can we go from here are much more ranged we have in punishment besides a prison fines won't mean anything to him the drug dealers. All right punishment in in jail might mean something when you don't really mean a lot death via debt. The a mr. trump last week suggested. Executing drug dealers as a way to make a dent in the addiction problem we have will be yours. He killed nearly 64000. People. In 26 being in the crisis is straining local health. And emergency. Services. Are always come back we wanna know are you OK with the death penalty for all we are dealers. And are if you're OK we're back are you OK we've making them public. Public execution. Of drug dealers who are dealing with a few choice. The other got our 301806169. Through music star and I'm thirty. Good vision governor of sandy beach of Angus ever greatest day applications for this year's event at the big event that he pareto me Monday April 2 day after Easter as it is every year. At 5 PM Buffalo's historic prolonging a neighborhood applications can be found. Adding to stay dot com it's a great. A bit of fun. People on respirator have fun people viewing operate have fun on the videotape and I'd just a good time for everybody. Boss is also needed to help over the parade lineup information is also available at fingers today dot com and get that in there. A so it's about the president is looking into a death penalty for mobile Lloyd dealers and I say it's about time we done enough talking. And one of Leo staff members here said. Remember. The war against. Against drugs just say no and a news network known not relate. As any of these wars is work no not really. These school programs. Always we are still seem to have a great deal of problems. One way to get a drug dealers' attention is to say if you're found guilty in a quarter law. You know will be exe cute ha ha. Via go through all of the ways major get a fair trial but I don't think it would take many of those. It's is that Mario for them to get maybe issue vision gonna government work. President and this is also from Washington imposed. But remember 64000. People in 2016. Died of Opie 08 related reasons. People familiar with the discussions. Says that the president's Domestic Policy Council. And his apartment. Avoid just those are studying potential policy changes. They're at and the final announcement could. Could come within weeks. The White House at one approach is to take area make and trafficking. Large armies of fan and all powerful. A synthetic will be all right a capital crime because even small amounts of this drug can be fatal. Officials also are studying a tougher. Don capital. Penalties for a large scale dealers. A seat while the real problem is aware of open yards is that they're used. Legitimately. For legitimate purposes. And so Lou make sure that there's still available and your doctor prescribes them in new Needham and boy when you need to you moderately Needham vote for purposes they were designed to. I'm not foreign funds Saturday night but for recovery. And dealing with pain. Trump said last week that the administration would soon rollout. Strong policies on mobile Lloyds White House officials and a drop as privately expressed interest. In Singapore's policy of executing. Drug dealers. Now you're talking I don't want a solid a bloodthirsty guy but let me punishment fit the crime to me has always. As always man says something and it does here true. If he purpose. Of view selling these drugs as for the person. It's who get I would have them do whatever they're going to do with a month. You know that when you're habits have them here and out of position you don't you're not authorized to do that and there's a chance they could die from it. If yours is dealing with the death why should the public these squeamish about dealing with the U. With the death penalty. In Singapore as we said they exit your drug dealers some countries have a very tough penalty. The ultimate penalty they have much less of a drug problem. Than we do trump said during an appearance of these publicly. That they're dealing with a much much more effectively. And we are you can have all the celebrity JaJuan. I you can have all of the reasons somebody got on to a that you want but the bottom line is the dealer is dealing. We have to edit any substance that he knows can kill you. Obie awards and fentanyl. Catherine Conway and counselor to agree I Kellyanne said Kellyanne Conway counseled the president. Is leading much of organ over yours little White House. She represents. You the president many issues. White House officials say America a myriad drug policy is having studied now includes treatment and education okay treatment and education it's fine. You need treatment obviously for the initial response. Education is very helpful but what is the last time unless somebody had some. Awful example right now theorize. That somebody said in no lecturer presentations. And in a lot. That makes sense I'm I'm not going to do it because of dangerous well. I'm I get into the real world where you're usually people inject I stand if there. Relative or friend who dies in an overdose. That's usually the wake up call Lou Vega. And I think and before it would get to them if the drug dealers were hired found. And prosecuted. And found guilty and goes through video appeal process there which at the zoo but then if they fail that. Or execution I think that's a very powerful message that won the could be welcome us into I think by drug dealers. The death penalty would be one of the things that they're looking at Singapore's model is mark in time when the administration's. Long policy. Some other countries haven't. Who we don't we don't we like yeah we'd like treatment of course there's got to do the treatment and we like education and those are fine. But they don't stand reworking. Sole White House spokesman. Did not respond. Following this article from the familiar post and we like your opinion. Of federal block currently allows the death penalty to being used in four types of drug related cases. According to the death penalty information. Contact murder. Admitted Leslie if you if you commit a crime during a drug related a drive by shooting. If you murder somebody and you commit that the use of a fire arm during a drug related shooting. Drug trafficking and the death of a law enforcement officer radler related directly drugs those are the reasons they can be executed now. And I'm saying you education policy here's juvenile for an education policy. It's not enough to say they're gonna harm you might die from him. I think the education is here is so and so and so and so would have made a vast public education policy. And after years of doing this he has been found guilty and will be actually cued it and guess what. I think that message is allowed this message of ball. As people just don't care about their own wife and I think most people do. And if they have a miserable lives they do Paribas. A site like you're appearing are you okay with a death penalty for OPR drug dealers. How about. How about a public executions. And I think one of our taxes already said. Besides. Besides. This a drugs opium these drugs OP guards are about Coke and heroin as well. We'd like your friend and they authorized 308061692. Sixes and 930. Several. Several Texas mets' 3093. Osu Oregon here. Sandy were all the money spent by government to fight crime committed by bad guys about rebate. For citizens. To conform to laws and live by the rules well I don't think we should have that. Have a rebate for somebody not to commit a crime. And kicked in yet and maybe get a card from a government. And every time you commit a crime they've larger hole. And or there's no your card maybe get little ago a government cheese what do you make of that beamer little government season in Hamburg the law that's that's a star right guys places are as of it's it's died is still we have to start there I don't. Obviously that's an idea I'm. The death penalty. Yeah something's going to. The death panels usually the more policeman shot dealers river shootout over being a resident. The thought I don't know if I agree we're not I'm not really sure I've given a lot of thought regarding that. Not sure about. It's something you think they execute people in Thailand for drugs I know we've mentioned that in the body of this story. And I think it's a good idea insanity and we have a school well. To make. We are worried laws change that's a good idea I have kids go out of misery. And get out of a class. So that they can say you know because of that and our dealers usually partners absent because that'll blow water. I don't know for him arguably it is strange you Bible everywhere at school. Log out that schedule from our own and the people who are walking out. I'm not the people would be affected by a change in the gun laws because of their own almost all under eighteen and think about like. So it's I've I don't recall off the top of my hand. Any time there was a walk to change a law. But it wouldn't affect the people are paying out big like that as that seems strange. The whole thing seems just a little off it and like guide to Winger said yesterday nor feel you eat you're trying to get. You're trying to effective law change that you're walking out. Into an open field rocket out of the school to an unsafe area EO talking about gun violence in schools. And I wish not there get off the subject but I really wish there was a way. That we could tell if the person out there are protesting the gun laws. Was a real serious. Protests there. And and thought about this extensively how it affects the people that are here now and the people who would. Of becoming buyer later. As opposed to somebody just on a grand excursion. I'm having some time off from school being part of a news event maybe being seen on television maybe being interviewed by a reporter. Because remember. As I said. Very there are almost all underwrote under exiting. Some Marines in the most of them are seventeen of the singers. Aren't some eighteen but the ones protesting laws that don't affect them. And they wanna do it during school that at least table and what the attention apple most schools let out. When when people are still work people are so I roads and so do on the weekend one or two to 330 and and we have. The balance our concern and floor conscientious people who have conscientious reasons. And legitimate. Thoughts about this as opposed to somebody. And high school. If you gave me time or from school I'd protests. The terps costs too much I mean so I don't know if I would follow that up. And anything but I managed to get out of school. And so that's probably the the event last that long but it's though we go to air and take part gonna get back here whatever. And so via some of them seem to me. Let me lately that I totally committed to the cause of it like to take part anyway. So would be variances and do long division are gonna stand outside your jealous I ever going to grow. I mean seriously remember when you installed I once I once. We got out of school for today. Is not a good example perhaps. To anybody interest in him in the it's in the navy US navy and our OT CD. Drug test would get out of school you go to Weston entered the tests which would be of a whole day world. I signed up for do you think government navy move. While I sat up because rivers yeah I was overall day. So I took the test and had no intention of joining the navy. I wanted to be an MP witches in the army of course Steve Yzerman. At least they war but that's the mindset. Or you're getting in the mindset. A vote high school person. Most of them are not totally committed to sanity. Yet some aren't some rare spoken. When that day ago that seventeen year old you're on from a Clarence. He was very well spoken. They don't agree with him but I thought it was very well spoken and and that kind of stuff. You want to encourage. You don't wanna encourage. It's been totally out on pizza break. From the local schools so we'll see whether that's tomorrow recovering. It was nice to see someone of that age had a conversation within eternity insults it was exactly literally a back and forth by the general are going form. And give us a little time to tutor him I think you'd be fine. The idol host school. If you told me there's a way to get out of class for a few minutes I'm not a class absolutely no question about it OK when we come back argue okay with the death penalty for OP joy drug users. And not drug users drug dealers. I am no problem how Bob public executions I think that would be very effective. And one of our taxes are throwing Coke and heroin as well will be back when our Africa. But first it's time with a thousand dollar cash go to W me and this hour's work has waived. As in hey give me a wave WA BCE. Text the word waived his seven through eight and one for your chance to win.