2/23 Beach and Company Hour 3

Sandy Beach
Friday, February 23rd

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Area back where the region audio sandy beach say yeah is a tax and give me an idea. Other deputy freezing in Florida is about teachers being armed. Until bullets fly you don't know how you'll act signed give the west side. Well first ordinary I totally agree with you that until bullets are flying you don't argument. But I wanna give you a scenario. If the bad guy is coming down the hallway spraying bullets. He you're a teacher. Would you rather have a gun. Or not have ago. Are you going to be just as confident. Not having a gun as having a gun. I mean there's there's no downsides. Of that the bottom line is the bullets from the bad guys are still going to be there. And the bad guys still go to try and shoot shoot and shoot through a door in the window whatever that senator change. So why do you have a government that is not going to change so the decision man is all right what I rather try and defend myself what is gone. Or get under my desk. Or give him a closet. Those choices. About the choices in regard they're not load engine is cooler air though we years ago I saw. Let's go to comic average area and have a a mocha Java something. Yeah you are going to be startled. The sound of gunfire is is very distinct in real life much much Morgan your best sound system and your best movie. And it's very this thing and seeing people getting shot would be very traumatized. And there would be smoke and the noise at the confusion. And the panic and the screaming. And especially if you're in the school would would have kids. Of course. But there are going to that sort of scenario is gonna happen anyway whether you have to Ghana. So I don't know I'll you can make a rational decision that. Well under these circumstances I'd rather not have gotten. Can you understand that logic beamer what do you think you gain by not having a gun. I I don't tell that logic and I don't either especially if they're qualified and drink I don't listen to people who don't see. That you putting a sign. Saying hey there's no guns here there aren't any doubt how you can't see that's a soft target in how anything else. But introducing. A trained person with the gun is in a better idea. The up and go we had a discussion once about there was a question about trash picked up he was in Hamburg. And what you had do you lose a see through bag or not. And I was a firm defender of not simply because. In your trash tells the story of what's in your house. In of all of a sudden you go I'd gotten magazines and you got a coin magazines and things like that. Anybody could see that that's probably what you have in your house these are just common sense things. But you show me the argument. That not having a gun makes you feel safer. I mean unless you're just and which are remote. Somebody who's handled a gun as a permits for guns and trained and trained in the defensive views of it like this. Not just you know handed gun and say here differences. I don't think there's an argument there. But people wanna make those kind of arguments and on the screen I've seen other arteries like. Well one of the children wrestled her got away from the teacher and now this stuff. The money you're using common sense here. So let's go to Kevin in Pendleton part of our common sense he's a common sense guy Kevin Iran W via. Well thank you sort of great compliments and the hours or are working pretty. It's an excellent article on your arch these pencil what did you flowers you are right. You know on are they don't have done it to a vote on the record you know Korean sub teachers. You were aboard the B you'll be certain the movies and yet. I think political group or exterior. Wouldn't it in the U. But it was her at your quick in this particular pair of you I welcome that comes out. And I group of these critical remote and they don't like it if people would it would. But this story old arm. You know that your your your plea. Someone who would treat certain our terrorist or whatever smoke okay. And they don't you go out I thought. And who won the one of these expert team that you're the cured they airports. You will Muster in people in the course yet. Don't know honestly your you know there are being the underdog now he and you shoot and people in the court. You know you want it right. And you actually typically in the airport so problem it to Hollywood and the hypocrisy. You know years in the school so that these reaching. A lot of them that he. Right doing that and they sometimes you do what you. Would create so we don't. In this virtual world. She definitely. Do. In the short or you don't public greeted by a right then. You could. As a rule some of these. Are you guys if you're not if you're not clear thinking or strong or strong minded. If you can just normalize. The things you're just talking about. If there and go from there believe me not everybody lives in a clearer thinking world. I'm not saying it and immediately you decided long until people after you've seen the Revere him. But what you see is acceptance. By large numbers of people in the community for instance were rap music. How many people out there referred to have their wives or girlfriends with the same terms of use and rap music. Probably a one time not many at all but now people use that as a joke. They'll throw vote they'll throw via the verbiage in there to show that there hip or whatever. And as the more that goes on the more accepted it is and that that's it's just kinda. No but loses its way into our society. All year and early eurocard did execute I think you did do something like that. Com or leap under so one teacher Goodall who are green and a big gap there are several brought you make sure that these individuals are not I stand right. Oh yeah I you don't want to you never oh with a carried fuhrman's use you'd ever want people to know if you're caring that's the point. Right or go to regular congress aren't being pro agree here who were dumping up to let people know that he. I mean. Recently you know that. Is pretty crude. The advantage you have. If you have a permit is people don't know. If you're carrying at that time or if you're not. And that's the whole point and you should always carry discreetly so that nobody knows because that's the last thing if some is gonna cause a bad problem of going after you first of familiar carrying. And if if not if you can help defuse the situation it's better if nobody knows. Where he adventure to have tiger reminds yeah you don't go. You know bragging about it hey look uncaring some states have open terror. But not New York. New York Wednesday right to breathe law I think that the vote is as daring is yet. We'll take a break and will return on whose regular thirty W via you know it's funny as I mentioned the the trash bag thing which occurred several years ago. And suddenly as regiment Seoul via all over the tax line. I live in Hamburg imitate the bags of trash out of a can leave them on the sidewalk unless it's a white or clear bag. And Emily were sticker on your garbage can were of a checklist. And so it garbage bags they accept and ones they don't I'm a plumber Saudi is a lot of contractor Ben Sawyer it's taken a black bag or garbage. And waste another bag by putting them and go white bear did you solo we'll take it. The biggest beef in my town and I've found. I remember that before I didn't want to put you a clear plastic trash Rego there not because I would have vote girls gone wild. Magazines and it but if you if you have gone magazines. Are maybe car magazines or calling magazines. I don't know which relies though isn't what you think about I'm and so idea was always against. And right now everything is they're taking all my trash I feel so good. And now we're asking about video games. And their effect videogames and movies there effect on violence and you no problem. I don't think it's an overreaction. But I do think awaited does is. It does normalize things or make you think that. Your line of thinking is it is a lot of people on things like this. People refer to their girlfriends as and or there mothers says it and you think well I'm OK I've always done that but. I thought it was just me so it normalize as things and a and so you get that mr. beamer. What it. Yes yes Kathy says there should be drills it's terrible to think about. But it would be the it would not be so chaotic if there was a protocol to follow. While that's true and if I don't I don't get something I don't get where people think it's a badge of honor. Or pride not to have to prepare for something that could happen. Anybody everything that I mean really when you put your seat belt on. Do you expect to get into a crash no aren't but is it helpful. If you don't get immigrants yes most of the time it is not always most of them it is. If you want to be a good a good Clark. And do you wanna take their cooking classes and go to cooking school or just not I mean I understand. Pray preparing for things usually makes you more aware usually more informed. And they're more ready to take on whatever emergency might show up. Now pretending it's not happening while pretending that you're a higher calling them the rest of us sports clubs. Who would rather have a way to defend ourselves then the whimper and power and I'd had a clause it. As the bottom line is not the way any of us wanted to go out hiding in closets. But that's what you do the kids where the hell out Chicago. If you're in a school classroom. And the bad guys coming down the hall where Mac OL's season ago and edit the teacher. You say well I'm glad I was in my union and we don't have guns and is in this room even though I'm hearing a blah all over the school and we don't have a gun. Like that. Who'll things like that. Most people are very finger running in the danger of requests. A rock something to protect themselves with. We're not all of Bruce you know. I'm Dan Madsen that's the thing to have if you have to defend yourself what is your class from a kids. That you feel absolutely morally obliged to do everything you can keep them alive. Are you more prepared to do that by talking to the bad guys as the Watson. By may be giving him and aft. We distracting. Him say hey look over there a while we're going to run out over here. Is wrong with that. And so that's why don't understand and that's all I really don't I truly. How afraid of firearms are you when you're afraid to use wanted to defend it for your own life. I have to wonder about that. If I was a teacher clicks and I had all these children and I saw them every day and I know there's the possibility this is going to happen right mean we haven't seen it into it. If I could go get the proper training and haven't gone on my person I I I think I feel obligated to do the most I can't to make sure if that happens it doesn't happen in my classroom. I think too many of them has seen no movies like and in shows like deadwood. Where do this or are shooting other people are shooting in the air and they're wild drunk and roll outs and I'll let you know it's not like that. It is not like that because when you have a problem would you call your caller cough up. Why did dollar drop because he's got a shiny there now. Because he has the power of arrest. And he has something to back it up he has a lot of things America actually. He's got sprays he's got a guns he's got its bonds he's got Miami and he could be or should be. They're both prepared and trained and ready ready to help you. Hollow are you ready to help the kids in your class if you lose if you're union says well Mel. I go I'm here to be a teacher not not there to defend the plants and it's almost it's almost funny. He chipped it isn't funny stuff funny at all. And no one caller yesterday hit it on the nose. The opt out shoot eight. Imagine getting a shape from the school Wednesday little little Billy okay. Billy's teacher. Do you prefer a bit low it little Billy B class where the teacher is not armed. You wanna sign that one. You sign that set the vector of this school Lil Billy camp in a classroom where the teachers and so grab Maine's problem if the barn my divorce if a bad guy does show up. It's issuing the red. Would you sign. I wouldn't. And that's a good let that have a question would you sign enough doubt she'd for your kid so your kid did not have the vehement classroom with a teacher ago. Why well. It's your results of that and other reporters. Jim says they need to have random searches doors that will only open out manned trips at the doors as well bill cry about the costs. But hey we're talking about the same state that wants to change bathrooms for translators. You know I really do like veto doors and I've never thought of it but the doors that go over now. Via would be very helpful. Because the one thing that the shooter is doing is working against time. The shooter knows. That event actually and that he doesn't know when but eventually or consequential. And he's probably going to be dead. OK so he's got to do what he's planned to do. In a limited amount of time and anything it takes more time than he expects his lateral move on to someplace else. So I don't doors that didn't go out and is the decent but never on this would be. Yet Jones says I don't. But this is also I should say we've changed the question. It's about the resource officer program Joseph so I don't think one resource officer is enough schools are large in spread out in one person cannot cover everything. I think we have to train teachers and staff. Control entry and schools should alert authorities when a student acts suspicions. While I agree with that in one thing is where there are a great electronics. Capability that we have now. I think you can come over and especially since. Lot of schools have hall ways and forgo the right hallways. With classes on each side. The good part about camera positioning there is you can cover more than one classroom at the same time. By shooting them all not shooting taking the video from hall. Saw idea. I like that in oh an investment in electronics very helpful. And investment and a person strained or there are people trained. Very very very helpful but I I I love I love the thought of if that if the schools and chula opt out form. So that your kid does not have to be in a class with a teacher with a gun. I just wonder how many would send him. I'm just wondering I bet not 5% was and that in. What do you think Cramer what percentage of parents was evidence thing I don't want my kid in the class with a teacher with a gun. I don't know what pale hand that in knowing if something happens it's partially on them exactly that's the point that's the point. 8309301. And hundreds there's 169 troop reserves aren't very went back after this. And today's deal a good day for my Bible verses they sixty dollars is ever guess. To be a bloody it carries chasing experience. That's a black button distilling and buffalo for only thirty dollars pays for yourself why black button is settling took second place in Rochester is. Bloody Mary fast or my buffalo heard gone gone like to say hello to lose some new friends that I ever met and made down. It's a Roswell park. It's you know as several of people sitting where it while you're waiting retreated. You exchanged conversation him and not from here. One from Orlando appear sporting his sister and another one policy. From the eastern part of a state from Binghamton. And whatever and we have very nice conversations and it's interstate. But I'm glad a couple of people recognize me and I'll tell you why. Because is better who they recognize they have it's time then we're sitting there and somebody says. Man who's listening sandy beaches is that it is me and so I I decided that's fine as well and enjoy them. And one guy is is a guy says. He says he and any credits Rush Limbaugh. Tom Barley and myself. He said he used to be dead dyed in the wool. Democrat no question about it absolutely liberals. But he started listening and that it made a lot of sense. He says his father started listening and his father was is that as it was. But now he believes that this makes a lot of sense and they're both are diverted he did say that they have other family members. That they're working on. And good luck who elected them. And and hello all my friends on the air Roswell. I now mr. beaver viewer give me a couple of start with a and I go back to a Colorado pulled my goggles we. Have Robbins says what ever it takes to keep the perk for even digging through the front door soft targets are never going to be safe for anyone. Well that's true and for leadership positions like I heard a year to a union leader and it was not logo as a national. Say that indeed. Teachers are not supposed to be doing that teachers are forward tee aging. Well that's nice. I'm glad you weren't on the Titanic. If I needed access to via a civilized blow by saying I'm not a crew member thank you very much. One more please. Day when asked about media resource officer says yes in all schools should be locked down with all the only. Entrance be in the front entrance when he metal detector alarm along with armed guards. At that entrance takes over the millions of our tax dollars from Homeland Security to pay for because Homeland Security starts with protecting our children. Our homeland let's go to my ideologues or Mike you're on WB yeah. Yes good morning hello my what's on your minds and just have an idea for a nonlethal. Defense okay well I was at my local sporting goods orders are you licking it illegal equipment. And they want to I spotted something. It's called bear. Pepper spray all the go to Korea national parks is good to have 10. And this stuff we'll shoot out I forgot how many sheets. And it's not a little either which is it in my hit some children and school. Yes disable. Disabled right safer than being shut it. Well you're right about that and and people put a lot of faith in a matter I've seen a lot of documentaries about bear encounters where people have had bear spray and seems to be very effective. Yeah all right good idea thank you very much. Knowing New York however went I better check where your local municipality. Does that bear spray in your pocket or you're just not happy to see me I don't know anyone who do. That you very might let's go to fell in love George though you're on WB again. There's very technical. What you do want to mention I think ever. It's been out with a local public school district because my weight and sport school board and district two years ago today. So. I don't know because he has person with a gun aren't you look George street running down the streak maybe about. Five years ago. Immediately reports that a police immediately reported to disclose or even share with no lock down while with a guy rode around with a gun. It may say and when the police so they're pulled up to me because my neighborhood which is our very diverse neighborhoods. We put that we've moved about seventeen years. And understand that it isn't this neighborhood really doesn't persist how nations that it had to. The African American blew up as a woman pulled up on the scene and when I reported it to her she's sort. What's the matter up that mantle to allow a run around don't neighborhood. I'll get out slow let's let's hope that that is not a prevalent. Thank you very much. I here's here's some. It's is saying whoops just is Isiah is James right okay just as Isaiah. You'll mr. beamer give Man on Wire our records when I'm through. I sure will Eddie says put those that still work get multiple that's in each school all the bodies cans that can be viewed for disciplinary actions as well of public safety two birds one stone. Okay here's one sandy my classroom is flanked by one complete wall of windows. And three entrance stores all of which must be locked from the outside. And yet in the event of a lockdown I'm told to lock my doors get my attendance folder and have my students in a coroner. My classes ground level I have to emergency windows and never have been instructed to use the emergency windows. What do you think my kids will be doing if this ever happens cholera and say that's the problem. To me it's them. It is it's is disturbing a thought as I think your half of a thinking your child. At school. In that clock closet. Cowering. Afraid like they've never been afraid before. And no way to help them. That committee. Is a disturbing. As opposed to these pointy heads who you just mentioned the word gun and they're willing to do anything. Nagano we Delgado. What what have video of Padilla Russians attack us and and they get that gun and they use it and I think cotton. It's bad enough when you lose a family member or Childs. Are accidentally. But the thing it's it's a basic assassination. When a shooter comes in to a school. And to think those were the last moments from your child had. In their lives. I don't think you'd ever you know. I'm really don't and so anybody that doesn't support. The ability to defend yourself I have to challenge. After challenger. I I don't know what kind of thought processes in our world around her head but their their program on Wednesday that. And there's not a wrong with them being different but think of not only yourself finger of the impact. It would have on the people who really love and care about we'll break we'll be back for more on news radio and I'm thirty WVU. It is region company. Getting a lot of good reaction on the phones and vote all been live all morning because it's a very important issue in the president's talking about who's. Talking it seems that today. And David Bell via by the way it will be addressing that group I guess tomorrow. So bug congratulations I am very prestigious. Position. Two vote to speak very happy evil. Now a lot of things happening where people. Are have differing ideas the New York State's sheriffs association. Says there should be one. Armed resource officer in every school in New York State. And that would be 4750. Public schools 2000 private schools they go 6700. And fifty. Schools. He they say and this the only thing about this is it sounds very much like orchard parks pizza oh week. It would cost the additional. Expense would be about adding one teacher to each payroll. Now certainly once he drew his payroll is doable. Whether anybody you know chooses to do what are the odds of that somebody is doable. But my question about one person for school unless there or a lot of electronics assistance. Lot of cameras a lot of screen is a lot of alarms. Lots and lots of that stuff I don't think one person's enough. As we saw what happened down in Florida turns out the sheriff's deputy there arrive. And stayed outside. Did not go in stayed outside for at least four minutes. While people inside namely your kids and teachers. Were room were being killed. And in the Arab the chief of that department. Was disgusted when they when they discover this and the officer road quick and then retired. I think that's justices were well beyond. So I don't know I feel about these issues. Teachers. Maybe have that of people it. X. Ex military X. Law enforcement whatever. Spot. What they have to learn proficient with farm. He liked that idea or not let's go to Rochester. And this is Jeff Jeff you're on WB again. They say they call the surge Jeff what do you got force. You know I'm. And conservative for old Second Amendment for life you know and I I just can't get behind the fact the teachers. The armed I'm all are armed security at every school I think there should be one point of entry. You know all all locked down during the day and I know my kids right let's. Children's school at that similar. Are you capable group that started on all the entry ways. Nobody can get in a row without being bought. In other ways to do this we do this every federal building we do this thanks you can't go on the back sort of bank during. But the effect that features would be able to handle themselves and they. You know what I would consider a combat situation. Where you have bullets flying. I think that's crazy to believe that they would be able to handle themselves accordingly to be able to. Either. Circumvent that this situation or or even intervened and make a change that would be something productive I think it would it would you know what happens when much. Bet that armed teacher I understand every every teacher wouldn't be armed with this situation but did that armed teacher breaking up of why and and all. And accidentally discharges firearm. You know. Then. And what we deal. Well first draw I I understand your concern. It is not an irrational concern as a legitimate concern. But ago we usually judge things by the potential of outcome. And I don't wanna says stack the deck to march. But if there is a teacher. Behind a desk there. That is ex military or excel law enforcement and has been trained before this task. Would you rather if the gunman is coming down the hall and that classroom is the next one that zeal to commend you. Would you rather the teacher under those circumstances. Have a fire are. Arm or what's the alternative I think the alternative is far more dangerous. Well I think they're teachers having wire. To require teachers to continue to go through the fire straining the cockpit training you wouldn't require them there was we strictly voluntary. What I'm saying that these if these teachers that are going to be care okay and they would have to be required to go through this oh yes absolutely hard then. Upgrade secure you know it would just it would be a training. Well first I think especially since it it would not be required and wouldn't have been harmful to their career like that I think that there's such a bond between teacher and their classroom. That if they had an inclination that this is something they could do and wanted to do I think it can be helpful. I just know that with what I have a lot of that's law enforcement and current law enforcement are fairly Amex military and all that with all the training that I've thought through. And to see firsthand how people handle combat sometimes. Even the most trained individual breezes in and does not act accordingly. Okay Jeff what what if Jeff from Rochester military. Trained if you word teacher would you sign up for that. Now you're okay. Aren't that would be my response might my thought it would be like if I go back to the bulletproof glass. Lock the doors get your kids in the back of the classroom. And try to protect them about that and this guy can't shoot through the doors yet. Terry could shoot we will probably go limits the next class. Well I guess if it goes to a lockdown situation. This guy the government has nowhere to go without always. And yes unfortunately everybody always is its target. You're caught outside the classroom visits are and yes you're going to be there unfortunately anybody will be wrote for the life. Boy that's where I go back to this single point of entry I think there's other ways to do this without having each though there. Are other ways yeah I and I hope I hope we get a examine every single one and as I said yours are not irrational. Ideas of their very rational. Of what we're looking for is some assumptions suggestions as not a slogan is now I think I I don't know if we'll ever and it. But at least make it as safe as possible and thanks for your call we appreciate Jeff thanks and thanks so being ex military thanks for wearing the uniform. Okay. You are you can understand that some people who would be president I would not property for the reasons that I've given. For the alternatives. Of armed or non armed. I think my choice. Would not be would not be difficult I would if my daughter world were in school. And I had a choice. The choice would be I want her in a classroom teacher is armed. But it's not just casually armed you know work. You've never shot gone before value wouldn't count you hears ago and learn how to shoot it down not that. People who already have permits. And and who will be trained in this. Ex police who are already trained and almost anything you'll be doing in the classroom. Ex military who are certainly trained to defend themselves and and that made the environment as safe as they can so what's it about and I'm not amateurs. And here's the deal. You don't really you would not really have to have one for every single classroom. But if or generally known that it is allowed now. And in and some teachers are participating. The bad guys wouldn't know. If there's one teacher in the classroom in that this school it's signed up for this and is ready to defend their classroom. Or if there's a hundred of them. Or if there's a hundred of them and none of them are carrying. Environment they would not know that. And so reg gives you an advantage. Believe me the bad guy wants to get him there duo as much possible damage as quickly as possible. And then they probably expected die they're willing to die but they don't wanna die unknown. In order to die within name in the paper. I am I mean they have to Guam. They have to get something done something you don't want them if they do. And so I'm thinking it's it's a good idea and let's see word is that wraps it up. Maybe I'll rest my voice over the weekend and come back. I don't mr. beamer I'll see you on Tuesday and Tuesday it was spring thinking he will be here on ads that's very nice. Beavers auditioning he's. He's a male dancer in Las Vegas review and good luck to you see those moves Bergamo thank you can't wait I hope I get people come out and see the shadow regular and you don't brag. Here's Zoe got we get bigger guys over today thanks so obviously a Monday and nine on those rated thirty. WV.