2/23 Beach and Company Hour 2

Sandy Beach
Friday, February 23rd

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And we are back we have a region governor M Zandi Biggio when talking about the various things regarding the shooting the New York State sheriffs association. As a said publicly they would like to see one. Armor source office or in every school in New York State. And you're wondering how many there are. There are 4750. Public schools that's high school and grade school and approximately. 2000 private school. So you're looking at the 6750. The sheriff's association recommends America that the cost would be about adding one teacher. Per school. Now if we were talking about just adding a teacher preschool through. To increase our education on potential nobody knew blink and I right. Teachers school lets it's finals. Blood this could be a very viable Leo Leo is one person has certain limitations. Afoot for obvious school might be large I don't know of one person would be enough. I don't know effective it would it would that is their recommendation. Donald Trump says video games and the movies helped cause violence among youth sides agree. Really do because it normal rises violence it normalize is that. It normalize as people being shot you know when you see somebody shot him a movie or TV show. It's not like that I can say yeah I've not seen that many people shot what I'm saying is is like watching a boxing match. That's part of radio program and watching a street fight. Totally different things absolutely. Adult selves against active shooter drills in school describing them as crazy and I don't think. It's crazy at all. I don't know what he would thing about is thought regarding is that trying to protect children from the real world. Something that works and we have the show on bits and pieces. As much as they can digest. Of the real world and part of that would be your shooting drone I think they could be beneficial. Would you feel about active shooter drills where you war. So ago on the table months ago through. WB yet. The Arctic city it's been all up extra let me come and ensure that got out of. I'm glad your hitter Jay what do you have for thoughts today. That video game thing I think. Tibet I know a lot of people wanna go right to it because it is front uttered a lot of Q did you spend a lot of time. Or with a console but. Remember the days it was double dragon that was my. Better lies heavy metal music that can occur purse. That was the video game that we're gonna practice and but the truth is. This the last couple weeks without seeing it happening. I seen died and dozens of studies well lots of medical journal the American Psychological Association. All of them that from what I've seen outside of white and I'm talking over twenty studies. Sure no correlation between violent behavior and video games. And I think it's loading and it's easy to say well all the movies and look at the big gains these kids are playing. It's not looking at the hustle that they grow up and being part of it that they grow up which has a heck of a lot more influence. I'm their decision making in the way that they're dealing with the. Well you know v.s they do Grubman an environment. As you suggest about. There that doesn't mean that the movies and videogames aren't there reflective of what the parents these two. I mean the normalizing. Of it I think is the dangerous part of making it seem like it's normal it's not that far out of the realm of reality. And Amare are casualties we have like in Chicago on any weekend at a more normal it becomes black community. I. Couldn't stay 100% well where the other right the debt you know. Sure I let that it would be foolish to say that there's no influence. The support any large amount of stock I think it's a little. It's easy to get easy to say that well that big a wizard entity you know whatever he's doing in the game is going to. I'll cross over the life. But I still thought that would allow goat. Parental influence a lack of the value that goes to a because that's what I was in Vietnam vet it was just our expert. Are they out of sight Scobee not yet issued any side bite me. Some of these video game that we're extremely violent and nineties. Everybody is myself as the poster child for a perfect life. But my. Experiences and bad and actually all of our minds weren't. We have trouble at school or trouble with friends or trouble with barely motor must report resorted to violence. Empted its own that that somehow is what happened to date seems foolish. If I I agree with you it's easy but let me ask you this what reflects what let's let's look at the way men and refer to women. And why and the way men sometimes treat women. Al lot of that is in pop music a lot of it's in rap now did wrap pick up on what was going on in the community or as a community picking up what was going on and wrap. Actually and a lot of clear goal a lot of XY what's going on satellite connect goes directly back to do. Bet bet that no respect no value. End. I wanted to make an outlet is not your gut it out here you're here. A lot of games that are also available in other countries are at a lot more pilot know what we have here. Water out of state. I think Japan is no there is being a lot more I don't see the same thing because the stretcher there is a lot different than it is. Good lines excellent points today I hope you call again very good thank you. Get aligned very good. OK a beamer the last part that I asked him about. Does society reflects things like rap music and video games that are violent. Or are two of the games reflect what's going on in society already. But the question I think. We'll wrap in general or or or movies are around that. Are based on what they know what they were brought up and people like and it and you know in the port side of of Detroit eight mile. Now they games on the other hand. I think are what's more dangerous than the music because you can play a number of games you can pick your weapon which are weapons that you and I can go by today. And you can learn how to aim and release. All right so we got a big going on both sides would like to hear from you. The bottom line is Donald Trump says video games and movies don't cause violence among youth last caller was very good. Says no he doesn't think that's the case I'd like your opinion. Truck of his against active shooter drills a school he described the practice this crazy. I don't think it's crazy at all you certainly don't wanna scare children but I think be a more informed they are the more prepared they are. And walking their final I'm between preparation and just scaring the hell out of them. I I'd I think that you could serve a valuable purpose what about active shooter drills where you work. Would you like to see them. I would I would I mean we all have void in our workplace some preparation. Usually you can just walk in the front door and in gold or go somewhere without checking in with somebody. Would you like to have that and the sheriff's association of New York State says. Although this sounds strangely like a piece though weak and I get very nervous when we do the pizza week's stories about. It would be about one teacher per school the sheriff's associations as to put our resources and armed resource officer in every school. In New York State's 4750. I'm public schools. 2000 private schools is that a good idea under Israeli and I'm thirty WBM. Let's get to the calls this is Marion Lancaster Mary here on WB again on any element where a lot over. Well thank you appreciate it. Maybe I I called the station yesterday because. Based on this topic. I I agree with the president that they those items less. Four I I'm not for these drills I'd rather see. More attention paid to. The school policy. And the handling of Islam. You know students like in coming to like new students to transfer student or when a student goes on detention or whatever. I'm ruling SI mean that is a major problem now is as been documented. By a series of the buffalo and those in the city schools. As being very problematic Goran. That's the thing it yesterday when I called yesterday afternoon because I was looking to Rush Limbaugh and he said. Exactly what I was going to yesterday. And and Limbaugh is not against those who wouldn't let. The lowest thing that is not really. The shooter it's as this Bluetooth as that's their fault. It's easy I'm an apology. And the way those. Like the student how many of those students said one with a kid and then there was that the sense that they say it ignored this kid or this week on him as. Sure we don't want realist on that of all of the other factors besides the gun that actually would have prevented that. Vigor the kids' fruit and lose the the the school itself the parents. Various things that all have to do with the final perfect storm of him going in their shooting people. The gun was the least culpable of all of those things go going the police going to his house 39 times in seven months. Want one point only just inside the best with the boss. The educator education commissioner yes she was there and I wish. More attention has been paid to what she says he said that she was a little within. Those schools and an educated and can said that with the power there's a school in the Colorado weather what. What they do listen camp that went into that our that this election dietitian. I think the student and now. And make them sit like at lunchtime or not McMillan author of playground or whatever this and then my candidacy can need to let. They encourage you know about our goal to somebody that alone. So that they mingled memorabilia intertwined better as opposed that having a bunch along owner's side again vote the that the last shooter we're talking about was a loner like probably because of his behavior and and nobody wanted to be around them. The situation also they've become my mental health. Where's he just cleaning house saying that the school policy level out of school board and the north have this policy policyholders. Stuff but where's the policy that says how would you handle. Student that has been dismissed and what is the the process for. We turn this and how do you handle that while he's he or she is away from school. I think it was Newton and what was the process dealing with a parent or guardian and then when it wouldn't affect how do you monitor when that can come back how they act. That's a good question I mean if you go to the dark there if I go to the doctor any day. But they'll be reformed to fill out with the federal government form asking us or wondered what it wants to find out is if we're suicidal. Awe and you can you can opt out of it if you want Aruba I'm wondering do they do anything like that in in school. We're heaven and a school board meeting with them and they believe this and I'm gonna bring a sense that something is set I think it's not I'm not call you know. Using as a shooter but the fact is gun control is not in any students there of the parade there's an Arab misguided I think a lot. Picking on the food because there are misguided they're revolving line from the gun control and. That's all they're doing his regards setting what their parents have soul men and they don't do any individual investigation is less of them say. This is protesting their hair out and education I that the school district. In policy of Hammond student then and now. How they how they do that they're the ones we have is assisted Education Department that position to protest. You know that when they do the the road probably way you and they checked your high knowledge of the stuff. They ask you questions before you actually see a doctor. There will be a farm bill last year to fill out. And you throw out fine we don't have through its optional but it's a federal form and is designed to know. If you are suicidal. Now I you know I've never asked by doctors as. Because I wonder if the form indicated that he was suicidal what they do that I'm not really sure I don't know. But there must be a reason for that form and I wonder if they have anything like that in school. Whether that's whether that's part of what they do for mental health or not. Mr. VMware you have some Facebook's why don't we go through a problem. I do what Bernie says it'll never happen in buffalo were mores are they critical that this is speaking of obviously. The on training training active shooter active shooter training initiatives that I apologize. You can't get a teacher to shut the bathrooms for drugs and smoking or even make coffee without a march or protest lots of. Audio and resilient and what ever you come out way whatever it is they'll be protests. You could come up with a everybody's guarantee go to heaven. An average for a hurry before they get there. And people would would protest I mean that's just the way of life he has there's no nothing goes on we're about approaches another please. Let's go to bed and he says stupidity let's go to where. Some of them all bad and it's sort of OK yes go ahead. Then says stupidity hide flee or fight. Take your pick in an armed attackers shows up these are your best options you Horry sitting duck most businesses won't even let you Cary. A gun to work and that is not an option for schools in New York State unless you are a police officer. Well that's true and I've always been very critical. Of companies that are having no gun policy on the front lawn on. Because vision is setting up their employees themselves obviously. Four problems. Better put nothing in front I don't know what you gained by that I knew I would like to see a study somewhere. Somehow by someone. That says yes since they put this thing though. People have decided not to cause problems. Because. Because the sign that says the us debt. It is just the opposite. Somebody seizes on if you're looking for trouble. You're on the right place it over is if you're looking over troubled. What better sign of hey this might be a good place ago and then something with a sign that says it's a no go zone. The gun free zone. I mean why why would you do that. I don't understand that. There's a lot of companies that have that policy and if the employees are bringing a gun to work you're in big trouble most of the time always. A blood if you're going to do that I think you're doing a disservice. Instead of by helping your employer you're doing a disservice. One more before but he knows if you. All right Lucy says I don't know what to think anymore I'm on the fence but I'm starting to lean toward the trading. Oh yeah I I think the training is good name me anything in life any thing. That is isn't better with training or practice. Okay now beamer whose stay out of this question because you practice all the time you are well trained. 100% ready kind of guy. Work where everything is better. It's a court in Gaza is a better car. You are you practice athletic moves and things your better athlete. Why would you not be a better still going for survival. If you had active shooter training. What's the downside of it the only downside of it that I can think of is you don't know where the next shooters coming from and the big kid it's in your class right now. Taking the active shooter era training might be your neck shooter. That's the worst part because then they would know all we go to move there we go there we'd we don't do this we do that is. And they could do a map out their plan better knowing what your it's like winning the like getting them. The playbook from the opposite team on the Super Bowl so I think that's that's problematic I don't know I get around. We'll take a break there will be back where you breaching governing via a state sheriffs association said. It's like one teacher a building that's that's what it would cost to put. The a via a reserve officer. In each. In school in New York State that's 4750. Schools 2000. That's probably 2000 private schools. But one teacher a building sounds too much like a piece so weak. That's good or two on Orchard Park. Under is greater and I'm thirty WB yeah. We are rat we're Beijing company I'm sandy beach chairs a tax mass shootings. Never happened in cities schools because they already have security policies in place. They always evident suburban schools whose children are treated like cream off. Well it's true most of the shootings are as they were described. Or right. I'm just telling you that I I'd agree when Donald Trump on on one thing that we're discussing today. And that no more normalization. Will be we have of of death and shooting. More prevalent can be calm and so a lot of that is in movies and video games doesn't mean that everybody who plays videogames there goes the movies. But turn into a shorter but it does normalize it makes it look. I'm like something that happens regularly. And so bad that that can be emulated by impressive young minds. But don't is also against the active shooter drills in schools. He described the practice as crazy. I really don't think they're crazy or anything anything you can do to prepare for something. The better if you are would you like to see those active shooter drills to work I wouldn't mind as he met here. The sheriff's association in New York State says there are like one. One officer. Per school. There is an as they armed resource officer. And it would cost about the adding one teacher per school that think that would be very beneficial. I'm asking if you think of that will be helpful and you'll be helpful but I don't know what degree simply because schools are big. And officers if it's one per school. Can only be in one place one time maybe video with a multiple screens things like that but I still in the if that's the answer. Let's go to dawn in the Eden on your on WB again. I. Couldn't. And repeated now there are a little bit liberal. And here we think about how are you can't do it all. In all college. They actually like hammer and are paying. Readable. My knee I I I recently. And Andy and I bought a penny what. We're looking. At it and then some you know. Like our court I mean they. Blow one time and it didn't agree at all infected. While freeze freeze on a college campuses practically nonexistent. It's supposed to via. A place where an exchange of ideas is welcomed it certainly is not the case on college campuses. Let him prominent lodged a lot about it while. Like their. Every once so wild aged just a major thank you very much. Like when I heard a Chuck Schumer. Against the president wanting to ban bomb stocks. Okay now why in hell. Would Chuck Schumer take that position. Except the only reason I agreement of committee which they're deposition. Is because the president suggested it and it may be seen as helpful. And they don't want any thing associated with this president to be seen as helpful whether it's that tax cut followed this. And that's pretty pathetic for Gaza shows me that the not only to people as voters but the people as living. Inhabitants of you or state of your jurisdiction. I don't care about them all you care about is your own your own. A list of things necessary to get reelected. Let's go to royal Randy and Laporte Randy you're on W via. Are into aren't. Monetary I am a supporter wrote the Second Amendment and I do think that I mean teachers with the appropriate action brought. That's what are you today. There. If if the shooter the sitting ducks problem in this is my motivation I do their two children in school that raised six. And we need to talk about this at home. The shooter has the entire advantage. And there's no defenses as people don't want to arm the teachers are regarded school. Why don't we talk about. Some certain defensive about shield I used to work for military contractor who the we need some ballistic armor. Things are used by special forces. They would be caught practiced it and teacher and of course yields. To either protect their class or to engage. Are slow down shooter why don't we talk about car. Well a guy I think this is a good time to put anything on the table because we seem to have more discussion going on now. I have but this is the first summer heard that one it's certainly something that think about it and zoos I'm glad people are being creative in thinking. Beyond the normal thing you regarding school security so Randi we'll put on the day of my view are very much. I heard one teachers union not locally. Was a national story. On teachers' unions saying I don't know. The idea of a teacher carrying a gun and even though. It would be you know setup we have former military. Who are familiar we're guns. Former Cairo law enforcement familiar with guns. People who have permits who are specially trained who are from fewer guns and shrank in whatever. Certainly they they said. Teachers have to teach. Not for law enforcement or whatever you know that that's a union's position. I would love to. I idea a flier. Put on every teacher's desk. It's as god forbid that we ever have an active shooter and our school. But if we do your union did not want you to have the ability to fight. How that works out for. Does everything it goes on if you're a member of a union have to be unionized. First of all that they would not require anybody to do it it would be a volunteer thing to do. And what's more important here on life. And helping your students to survive. Or the union's decision that nothing happens broke and he. Tell me about that where where we're teachers calling Mary doing an hour or getting in touch driven union. Saying we don't want to be forced to carry a gun to school. Because of they did they are totally misinformed nobody. Was suggesting that you be forced to do anyway this is the kind of thing of either your carrier go on an illusion job. No you would not be forced to do it but that's the union way is it. There against the because teachers of teach while the teachers editor to age can still teach. But those were there to teach and to carry a gun if there you know a fair and applicable candidate. Totally different things sometimes the unions as you know just boggled my mind. So OK let's see his teachers should. In past the way bush. And the union saved her from having them a gun. Please will be back with more after this thing in there give me your thoughts on Donald Trump's. Vision that video games and movies helped cause. Violence among youth I agree with that I don't think it's the total cause but it normalize his killing. And that's what it does it's it's glamorizes killing stylized is killing. And because it is say memories and a lot of kids get hooked on smoking is because they saw their characters up on the screen smoking in the ago look cool so there is try. I don't think you think killing of schools decided tried it. But in the back here had its not as outrageous as you once thought it was. Trump is against active shooter drills in schools what are your thing he described it as crazy. And would you like actors shooter drills in your workplace. And the sheriff's association in New York State says there should be one armed officer of her school. That's about 6750. Schools it would ads the cost of administering those schools. About one teacher per location let's go to Dan in west Seneca. And her on WB again. Face any good show great topic to engage in a roll you know and you know I perilously close so what you say. And like with the active shooter drill I can see the purpose war. What here's here's my thought. You would be training. Europe would be sure it's seen in all incidences. This year the eighteen incidences or how government either work. They were school. Through all wearing you out that type of preying on premise. You are. In fact training the perpetrators. I I haven't bought and and really I'd like to know your thoughts on it in every town in America. We have recruiting stations further for our armed forces. Either paid by the federal government in fact they are in the military and most of them are either combat veterans or active military. And the recruiting station post is a reward and I'm doing well I would probably. Beat. The number of now. And I would rotate them into the schools as a deterrent. And I would make them very visible and and the one thing that I think that it would eliminate would be the expense. Of putting up some type of defense against a lone wolf assassin because that's what they are it's very hard to beat and against. It would also be a wonderful. Deterrent it would be a wait to showcase the military to young people. And I believe the one that you wouldn't have to worry about it if there was a shoot around a premise. A good soldier. He would be tactical. He would I hack. And he would achieve his objective I think what we saw in Florida was a man and was afraid to enter the kills along because it's like was. More valuable cam from the responsibility he had to those students and his job. That was so outrageous I Campbell raven and certainly as his superior throughout the same thing well first of all anytime we can use. The expertise of the military is usually very beneficial. The only thing I would say about what you said regarding having them on the on schools property and campuses. It is so a lot of private colleges. Don't even allow recruiters on property that's. That's where we've gotten into an American today so that might be a bit of an obstacle. But I certainly like using their expertise and a regular thought appreciate it. Okay mister ruby or what he got while my voice continues ago so. We have policy. Who says this training should definitely take place on a regular basis as unfortunate as it may be. Well I've I think you have to holly is right. And give me an example and argue beamer about anybody give me an example. Of how training. Hasn't helped. When something comes up that you've been trained for. Training larger go to default mode and in the event of a crisis. And allows you to to think clearly what your training us soldier as pilots about training. They have to train their brain. I mean I remember a pilot telling me our helicopter pilot. Now in Dallas he says always believe your gauges. He says sometimes. You're if you're engaged chose your your flying inverted. Which is upside down you are inverted. He said he is so against human nature. The think oh wait a minute I'm not a burden is but if it says you are you are and sources and they were training. Training scares anybody who has ever is the real deal look at that noise in the smoke and the chaos in the panic and screaming and crying. These are not normal circumstances any of that. But it would be all of that. And so I don't know exactly how they would. Train a big V your kids especially and the teachers. But I think anything that prepares you for that. Then you're better off yes and other. John says about the active shooter training these are new and dangerous times unfortunately they should be required there should also be volunteer force of individuals who are willing to become trained to handle fire arms and provide a deterrent to he would be shooter. I can't verify this but I did get a via an email last night after I was home and open up from Heidi my files and said that in Israel. They have been. Doing these sorts of things for years and it's very effective. All we know is the Israeli. Security. Weather is at the border whether it's inside there. The are owned buildings or whatever is usually very well a very thorough. And very well done I start some people who just returned from Israel on vacation. And they said even the way they screen you. Both entering Israel and leaving Israel is remarkable. And it's very effective and I understand that and others are training sessions like ports argument now. And so I think anytime we can reach out and learn something from the military or from another country or whatever which should embrace and check it out see if it'll work here. Dan says crooks and criminals have had the upper hand far too long I think it's time we even out the playing field plays to the game get a surprise. Sly like that I like for thinking. What they're thinking I don't like is. Here's the problem we we know there is an armed intruder in the building and he is shooting people. So here's what we're gonna do here's our plan let's hide in the clause. Can you think of anything weaker than I mean when I was growing up in order to save us from nuclear. Problem holocaust. We had to hide under desks. You know effective. In the event of a nuclear attack hide under your desk a federal grand desk you. Well most of this that I Zain. Perhaps not suitable for that and you probably meant to do that dimmer because by then they've caught on that hiding under your desk is probably the best way. The closest thing that that was if the where windows were to blow outs to stay away from the windows we did at training once in fifth grade. Never again. Yeah I guess it's amazing and even the fire drills a ball of fire drills will teach you is when you hear that'll untrue. Quietly. And effectively go outside and zone alarm goes up. We had a bomb threat not a drill an actual bomb Britain's fifth grade. This small wood all the campers this area schools dead and the reason was for that was so the embers police would be at each Amherst school. In the HSBC bank on main street in Snyder was robbed at the time. How well wow but the alarm goes off and they just kept pushing us back and back that's the closest we real life situation let's put it. So if if indeed are our shooter drills are shooter preparation growth. Arguments as schools I think if they're done properly and efficiently and professionally. Very helpful. Oh why would you think not having any preparation. For a potential disaster is beneficial I. Make that argument that because I don't think women under Israeli and I'm thirty W via.