2/20 Beach and Company Hour 3

Sandy Beach
Tuesday, February 20th

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Elliott Macrovision governor is a text ads Obey Amber's gonna over our business is from Texas. You just gave credence to a possible fake picture you saw on the Internet come off and sandy. Now beamer you looked at upper hand it is a legitimate picture that was there whatever year it was. January 27 point seventeen the school district in Dallas Texas and us from CBS affiliate program in Dallas Texas. Was put on administrative leave for a video showing whore her firing a water on any target of Donald Trump. It's a legitimate story. And saying die die die every time you know how real questions they have the puzzling Pam and they like throw him the best. Well as torture is doing but it was a fake gun but it was still die die die. And and so whether it is it turned out to be a fake or real is still there. All right and their people who don't do go home orca just understand that to be real and that's why Donald Trump has talked about fake for a long long time. And just to be clearance from. It's from WT VR which they Richmond CBS affiliate is where I got the sword. All right thank you much so it was there and and that's the example one example I gave. And I happen here air Madonna turns out that it is she should she dreamed of them book burning medium. Book burning be White House though this. Care. Organ a lot of partners. Madonna I had thoughts of blowing up the White House will be exact promise okay. So yeah I'd let him we get regular around that it's illegal to move to threaten allies for the president. But I I don't recall except for one instance I think there was somebody here wants a New York. The judges give. Charges were brought for that. I'm now our daughter and Jew because I haven't mention it during the show today the viking river Cruz. Are running out of time because we're running out of rooms were taken up the ship. Viking river Cruz with the endeavor to myself you've heard of him very well known. We're leaving June 26. He'll be back on July 6. This year where road leaving buffalo so that's that's always nice. We're going programme Burleigh him as it is dumb by the way as your previous viking river Cruz person. They like to reward you with that we're aboard the viking Bolivia which is a new viking ship all ills in ninety people's ago we get that personal treatments. And and throughout the city manager happening. And we're going to Prague Czechoslovakia and we're going to vote necessities Switzerland. And their complimentary. Wine and beer soft drinks. A live on a on board dinner and lunch free Wi-Fi all the port charges them all of them meals are included ten breakfast 616 dinners. A welcome cocktail reception and dinner at eight guided tour is on this. I was aware of Mike king when your board there the the excursions are part of the package of its recognize. With a guided tour so you're gonna see a Lawton and learn a lot. Now we have to optional packages the go with that if you like to go to C under you know. I and I absolutely insistent on the trip this year will we see you under real that was some last year. Investors choose village one of the top ten concentrations in the world. And you can do that because we're gonna put two nights in Nuremberg five star hotel. One night and master its force ourselves a beautiful village in the east of the shows spectacular. And if you like car isn't I do we're going to Munich for the BMW factory museum tour. And also the saudis factor museum tour and angles that awards are to. Lauren fix about a she's been through the down to reality. Effectiveness intrusion says it is sensational. So if you wanna get a bowl organizers there where just about out or almost the the finish line. 184468887477. And that's it. Let's let's there's not a mountain there is plenty enough blame to go around with the things that happen in a shooting like this. Lot of people drop the ball on this lot of people didn't see anything as some of these one of the merger Carolina. He took him over to the site. Now if the driver had anything going on and this guy was as advertised. He had a duffel bag type thing with a rifle and and those are usually not lightweight things you know there was some draft room. And also. They said he had many magazines. Now if he had many magazines as weight of that true. So you're against somebody the a guy is what 1920 years old and vibrant greens they're going to a high school carrying those two bags. Just before. Opening bell I mean come line. Nominee really got to pay a little bit more attention and know what about when the father said because they took this kid then. Barbour says good Villa on the only way that he could come in within the guns were is if he'd meaning the shooter. It's a gun sales. Well he didn't get a gun say the father thought he had the only case first the ball safe very seldom come with a only one kitty. But he thought he had the only case they asked how many times. Yes through our via your guts they've openly said twice. He's at once to clean a gun. And another before he didn't give the reason probably at target practices something verifiable but the bottom line is. My thinking is. If if you're so concerned that the person you're taking into your own home. Can't be trusted around guns why are there any guns there. They shouldn't be any guns in house where you got a member living there there could be a danger to your going your family and the public in general and themselves. Why have a gun at all even if it's an it unsafe. So you have to wonder about that the kids. That know him. And I say kids because you have to differentiate between those in schools. Schools they're they're still young but they're not adults ship okay. They said this lady when they would discuss that they would say he's the most likely die come back and shoot over our school. And yet the FBI was given them information. They lied to us the first day when we found out they had information said that they couldn't Trace that they couldn't find out who sent it then the next day they didn't comply and they said they didn't even follow up on. Where in the hell is that deal I mean I like to note that. The police local police 39 times. To the house 39. Times is there enough fingers can be done with the court's view through multiple visits like that. So there's a lot of people. Well our road taking righteous indignation of the fact that this guy had a gun. And if you look at the gunman was the least problem of any. Because without almost one of these other things that we've talked about the gun was just via an innate piece of metal. That's it not hurting anybody not doing anything anybody. If any of these other things it kicked in a gun would not have killed anyway. And the gun didn't kill anybody heeded. He did you got to remember that instead of on top like hysterical. Person. I get a little information we'll figure break we'll be back we wanna know for mule. Would you turn and your own son. The reason I ask that is because that goes where what I'm saying about these twelve or thirteen things I ever listen here. That if any of them had had taken place the shooting one of state employees will be back after this it is our Beijing company says he reads she and the June oh. OBR you have some my taxes in front view. Yes we'll start with and who says there's too many things a list mostly breakdown of our society. Godless society social media mental health issues being ignored or on recognize. None of resources in our school for kids schools are not secure. Social media is one that I hadn't put on this list which are showed in and a first closers exactly the right we'll break down reverend. There's no respect for law there's no respect for parents and respect for authority. It did go on and on and on and and until we get back to getting control over our own society again I think. The simplest most direct wrote. To our getting moving in San an integral way is through is to enforce existing. Laws. There's nothing wrong with the existing laws maybe they have to be tightened up a little bit here and there. I'm nudged a bit here and there but we don't have the Burnham because there's nothing wrong inherently with them but we do have to enforce them. And if you have a lot of us not being enforced and you know law. Plain and simple. Yes the number one please. I wish he says the FBI and parents are to blame for not informing. The umpire ever loves Raymond especially when he goes sends us today. A message that we agree with. Why in the hell has happened to the FBI. I immediately look in the past couple years. The the ultimate agency in my mind has become almost a joke. Because time after time there's so many and and I'm an FBI things happening at the FBI. I don't know of the inner workings of the FBI but one could surmise and I think. A rightfully so that has become politicized. Become it's probably always had some political number. And files on every prominent American. Including Groucho Marx for crying out loud. But this isn't this isn't. I was there to Hoover's have begun not that we necessarily want that I'm just saying that something's happened to it. And it looks very much like it has become. Politicized and that's not good another long plays. Are we have two questions on FaceBook this one's an answer to if you thought your child with dangerous to self or others would you turn them and Joseph says. I hope I would but you always want to believe your kids are good in won't do harm others. Look how many months later child was a good kid after they kill someone or were killed in an altercation with police. That's exactly had been a sailor good kid nobody had an idea. Nobody had an idea so he got a choice you can have nobody had an idea seemed quiet he kept to himself. He wasn't a problem either have a lot of friends now. OK you have that and then you have the other side of this kid who's gonna come back someday with a gun and and shoot up the classroom. Let's see how the FBI about it. Because we want I don't know and if they need more information maybe they injured by the local police who had to visit the house 39 times in seven years. Let's tell somebody because you know the catch phrase and see something tells somebody. Now we saw something and words telling somebody we're not even going to investigated. So what kind of alternative methods we have if we can't count. I'm the FBI who can only count where literally go we have the know what copper is going. And then it goes to a judge and the judges seem to be reluctant to get too tough on some of these some of these deliberate. Jill says definitely to get the help they need. If I can't help them myself I think it would be difficult but I would have to do the right thing. Well that's good I'm glad you would because remember remember Ted bishop Kaczynski the unabomber. He's now got him his brother turned him man. His brother and they were they were close they were not as strange. His brother turned him man. And I'm wondering how many peas and who knows them realize Tuesday it was the unabomber for crime alone. A wonder how many people would do it. I think if you're if you have good conscience. You might be reluctant but I think bottom line is you have to do you would have to do how vigilant we do yourself if you thought your child. Was immediate danger to society. And and made that known and you didn't do anything. And then something happened and people that died I mean like to know. I'll I don't think of the family roots are commensurate of oh allowed him to have got his way them. And even though. You. Had him get a safe. These and he had to have a safe. Guns if it was locked up with the father having what he felt was you know McKay. I think that that's not enough. I think it should be that he shouldn't have been allowed in the in the house would have any guns forget the part about the safe. Because as it turned out there's more than one tree which is standard there is always more one K but the bottom line is that if they thought it was a danger. I want under your day and did anybody it's time I've not read any indication that. And it comes back the budget because we always do. The beneficial thing. For the post. How are doing the official thing for society but those who after work next them. Who after you go to school next to those who ride the bus next door and keep in mind. The kid that though already live at home was dishonorably Pulitzer tournament went the disclosure up. In the way it was shooting alone as a via Solomon's. Purposely didn't shoot them. We don't know obvious of that so adjusts that loan would have been enough my kid goes of the school. The guy we got living won this now is a threat but we got his guns locked away. And the people at this couples say he was the one most likely in fact one of the faculty members. Saw him according to one records. Leaving the over driver. In walking towards school. Recognize them for Italy was recognized him from the day injury was but before he could get anything done you because of the show is our national. So if you heard that well known. Of being a danger what housing locket around for you telling me they had enough that they goods a check on further to see if he's broken any laws. When when a faculty member sees it and instantly goes this problem and can't get to work the anybody else fast enough. And then these search that's the way it works you have an island. A poll says I'd turn in my child I don't self preservation when it goes postal the parents are often the first to Mikhail. Yeah that's true and also I'm all always amazed. By the lack of awareness. Of other kids activities by the parents. Maybe it's one of those things where. Is it always gets down to go phony is the issue of ball. Well you can. You can observe your childhood too closely don't you trust him. It's always when a kid gets caught with something don't you trust me no answers no. The answer is no because your teenage boy and you have very unusual thought patterns and and thoughts now I can and that's why after oversee. And you have to understand that a lot of people want to place a 100% trust in their kid even if the show tendencies though for possibly hurt somebody. It's nice to have a 100%. You know thought that Mike it'll never joint hearing but if you have indication is that they well. I think your juror your job to to make sure that somebody hears about. G is says that to our original question. That's right be you know why because they use that as a positioning statement. If there's another shooting. Then they have are suddenly a recognizable. Position. That they go through hoping to rile up whoever they have the rile up. To score political points where whoever they can score political points with. The issue with somebody died I'm not saying that they didn't care about it or don't hear about it but I don't think it's the primary issue them. I think the primary issue is it that. What they've been wanting to get through the years and this is an opportunity of doing. But any time you start thinking put your heart instead of your mind on issues like legislation. Your hot says we got to do something we've got to do it now and we can't like eight we've got to just a push Euro. Will know what's in the bill only area where we're passive and becomes law we'll greeted together. Can't do that he's got to do with your head saying will this help what was her part. How will this affect different people is it sustainable it's an enforceable. And then you move forward it's not knee jerk hey there's another and of assuring. Opened up the of the card table and we'll go over corner and breach. We'll be back Lamar under Israeli and I'm thirty WB Ian. Now we are back where the Beijing got a couple of good taxi Arab. It's a tragedy about what else is a tragedy as a factor of these kids are being used if bill Omar provides a bus shame on him. And wired these kids going to be allowed to miss school. Do it on a Saturday as a very good point. Is a very very good point if indeed. You have some things are righteous that you want to be involved live. Have it on a Saturday. Or Sunday. Don't have a day off from school. A simply because let's face it. If this is happening when I was in school I can't promise that wayward got a bench with the Washington has ordered ago. We're gonna have buses here. And we'll have problem we have food available on the buses were going our gym and work on a whole signs often protest whatever we're going to protest. And program organized bus trip back. And though we'll booby on TV. If apple when I was in school I'd have gone to these sign Africa's Friday meeting. I mean the bottom line is I have them do it on day is Saturday and you'll find out who has that somehow a movement. That amount of of low blow and did the right thing. They'll take it as as a grand adventure. And we know a lot of the words that we're hearing from students there are really coming out of the miles of adults who are just trying to push their agenda. NC. Yesterday Mike Gunn must be defective Sandia never Gaza giving miles a charge it's true it's amazing is that. It really is amazing. Here is I can say they're good aren't trying to get the care to help I took my nephew. After his father died both of his parents were drug addicts after having the kids for three years I now completely. We believe we care is a sociopath. And then there's other things in there which might grow too sensitive to them on to read about the bottom line is if you really want to get. A safer society I think all of these are things. Have the fallen the place and there's already things in place we just have to when forced them. What good does that do to a not enforce what we have a wanna put things on there that we probably won't enforce either. So it doesn't make any sense to me. It's the o's next this would be a gene on line one junior on WB in. The united sort of edging in as Colin when he that. Hey all I'm god looked online about that feature you were talking about here. Yeah I thought oh my I couldn't believe it. Now when that way and bacon recognize a possible trouble. And that it just by site. These certainly everybody else to have been more aware of program. Okay now. Are the goals. Let's go down the list everything you said was spot. All 100%. I totally agree that if we had the main thing that that definitely true. Enforce existing. Law. If you don't and you. Know you on the books. While that's true because they're already here you know after debated on your that was in force. That's true now here's the one thing I was late to do it now. Everybody seemed to dole it out this kid for months even had a couple couple years. My problem is that there was no communication between any other day if you who have dealt with biscuit. That's a probable. Breaking down these. I'm barriers this as a bit jaded to get talked a bit dignity that they can copy that they get beat everybody are talking whenever someone has an issue. If CBS notice so that they get them medical help and bought it a little help diagnosis this that this sort of trouble in did you get that. Police involved a political judge just deal with it in a joke it's okay what would that list. And they're just little candidate and that local police should notify the FBI so that we the FBI could get involved in. It starred in the ball everybody should start communicating with everybody that's what happened on 9/11 nobody would. We you know I didn't even know that after nine elevenths that these agencies really did not talk to Jim Wright was always. Rivalry in the military between the different branches. But I didn't know him law enforcement that they didn't do that and I was shocked that they didn't and your suggestion Jane is right on it would help a lot that would help immediately. Yes it won't mean if you think about it why in the world. Didn't anybody talk and anybody we've been written bit the eleven world we live and everybody should be talking to everybody. Bring oh that's very bad simple quote right there everybody should be talking to everybody and go that way with the laws we have and the the checks and balances that we have. We can get the job done just another gun loss and do it baggage and appreciate it thank you very much. Yeah well I mean hopefully is that you know that. The you know there's always rivalry between the air force in the army and the Marines in the navy in the Coast Guard you know. It's always in the service rivalry. We could count on all of them helpless. But where Devoe with the different agencies for instance like the FBI. To me is the biggest disappointment I've seen and several years regarding government agencies because we had such. High grades that we gave the FB IL time the FBI would be deeply should gold true. After other resorts have been. Have been expended and they could get the job done they were the elite group now. It seems like they're their lobbyists basically for one politician or one. Or is certainly one party or another that's very disappointed. And for them to lie to their knee jerk reaction. Is Hawaii every person who is knee jerk reaction is is saying now. People are saying hey. I think lottery ticket here and be as I think you're a nice person I'm gonna give it to you here here's of is that winning lottery target they are I don't know it's. Then I think it was gonna give me a winning lottery I should've said yes well I think we get the default position of when they when they lie as the default position something's wrong. When the FBI says. Well yes we did get that their complaint. But we couldn't we couldn't Trace it we couldn't find who sent it first of all that's a big disappointment in his. I mean what a couple of years ago we couldn't open an iPhone member couldn't open it I still think that apple call them that one publicized. And now we find out not recant they have so open an iPhone now we find out that they can't Trace. That message. But they were lying. The next day after somebody throws and he still don't know why you finger and not know that we don't have a fire on this. We've got a sale was incidentally we just set it we didn't really think about it yeah. No we did get at it no we did not investigated isn't that lovely is anybody who has a job that made the decision. Who made a decision. That may have saved seventeen months. Is that worth anything. Is that worth a demotion as a work of getting kicked out isn't worth losing your pension it what is it worth what are seventeen lines worth. He didn't do your job seventeen people died. I think that's gross negligence as far as I'm concerned now I know. They can investigate every one but from what we've seen of this guy who has. 39 times the cops came to his house. Who the kids in his own school opened his public comeback as you're about what how we in the you need actual video shooting people. British we're back after this it is Beijing company or were asking. Is there about blame to go around of course there is. But the bottom line is the gun and when I won this lesson I've gone over several times that I made the gun is the least responsible. Because they've done is the final decision but what leads up to the final decision of pulling that trigger. Are things that are that you can't change. Things that you you can look into things that you can avert a final decision to shoot somebody or many somebody's that you don't even now. And he had any of these others kicked again. There's a good chance that there wouldn't have been. They are shooting if you just look at a gun to take that gun out of his hand and the thing is safer and not necessarily at all. A because there'll be other ways to do things that they use bombs and this year. Your absent from class there's a good drive trucks in the crowds and care insurance and when you come with terrorism whether it's a teenage terrorists or. These seasoned adults terrorists the same thing. These other things are designed to catch them before the deed. When they're not in place and they don't they're not used and out in force then nothing stops were gone from being fired and that's when you lose lives. But the other things focus but that I gripped political no no politician. Once they're gonna say you know what family. You knew he was. He was dangerous you even insists that on a gun safe. And and didn't know that it had two keys so you are partially responsible. You know what law enforcement after 39 times visiting that house. Don't you think it could've been some special instance where. Where you learn from the courts if you get a warrants that are checked things out there. Or basically talked the neighbors and find out if anything's going on there courts. How many times have you been lenient and in gun cases many minutes medal I'll. Yeah you're doing your best do to help them win their mental health issues. But I know you're obliged by law is somebody overtly threatened to kill somebody. But by ours is way too much secrecy. The word privacy is always you as vice they secrecy to. Because you have to be able to work with other groups and being able to dissipate any. Anything that might lead to fatalities like this. And yes. Have a word for you students and friends of the students. How come none of you said anything directly and if you did. Nothing was done about it so somebody dropped the ball there either it wasn't said directly. Two other students I find that hard to believe saying that the students that were interviewed. Said the same thing we always thought he would be the guy to come back and shoot up the room. And he was there right he was the guy now maybe they can provide the voice of poison the thing. Maybe they told their parents of the Paris and doing may be notified the school was called into anything or maybe they didn't tell anybody. So you know that's a possibility to. Government agencies. How come a couple of shootings ago they didn't notified the federal authorities the fact that this shorter. Have been drummed out dishonorable discharge from the air force they didn't even bother telling the other agents. So don't tell me you need another law. Don't tell me that. Because now you just say here's our laboratory to push something we've personally believe and and though we know every time there's a shooting that we can count on this law. Let's go to Kyle and Orchard Park coyote urine W via. Thank you candy on you're doing a great job on the screen much covered all the points but I don't want to bring up. It is almost school shooting in Clinton Iowa the last ten years. It opened soft targets like this where they're gone three down school's top third movie to. On the need they need to get rid of we got real attacks that I mean you can't practice our. That's a lot of that bad guys will do bad things too weak people that are not week. Gun free zones are a joke they really are because it's some some Childress. Will will give up their life but they don't wanna do it before they get the deed done. If if you eliminate the gun free zones they have no indication that they're going to be able to do anything before they're shot. So you don't wanna give me the opportunity. To to have their final wish granted and that is the shoot up everybody and be on the national vote knows your right gun free zones just don't work now. You are absolutely right and it well I'll let go and do a great job. Thank you very much appreciated. The job they're going Joseph or you know when there's scenario. They've done their deed. They've shot and killed a lot of people. They're twisted minds says that their name will be in the paper that you'll notice I haven't used his name Thursday you know line because I don't want. I don't want because. Somewhere in the back of it's what's in mine. While I'm going to be famous look at this this is better than going viral on the Internet. There will be police share in little gonna kill a lot of people people I don't even know. But I'm very happy to be able to do that. Now. It's a gun free zone uniter find anybody in there with guns so call and shoot a systemic problem minister for anybody can get there. As opposed to job I could walk in there just take my amount could be the last thing I ever do. So you you have to think like that people who live in La La land if they think fit the gun free zone. Is it is a is something's going to keep somebody from shooting up that particular place. Can you imagine he's going to a school ready to do it would be things he needs to do it. Oh it's a countries on an angle here let's see maybe I'll go over there. Avaya. They've gone for his own. I don't know I wanna go to a soft targets off target is one that doesn't have anybody were not about me. The shooter. So I don't know why who thought that was a good idea this is out of those those of cocktail party suggestions. There's somebody who wants to show that Victor plugged in and head open with it and they've got all the angles covered this is what they. I think in how society should be. The society each could be a gun free zone we shouldn't settle our differences with fire arms and I agree we shouldn't settle our differences of firearms. But in the real world a lot of people do. And I'm thinking the FBI let us down on this. The parents let us down on this the other students. Probably let us down on this. There's probably politicians. Yeah there was seventeen people dead bug. Just as important in many cases to them are the issue is still alive. And will be Rivera for the next one and as far as the rallies are concerned the first step towards seeing if they're real or set up. Certainly would be if there on Saturday and if there are a secretary. At least they're rare on a day off. And if there's any teachers Wear them. Are the teachers there on a Saturday Saturday. A video willing to work on a time they wouldn't get paid or are they taking a day off for field trip. While we were gonna go to the dairy and see how milk is made but it's gonna washing them look we got these signs. That these people from the other political party gave us. They'll be authority signs that say exactly the same thing by the way when not to let creative. So we'll see you are goes but I do think before we blame the happen. Let's blame all the things that have to happen before that no and is dangerous. That about wraps it up we'll see you tomorrow morning and I Israeli prime third everybody here. We never have to move would be used strictly let you know I don't give a damn.