2/20 Beach and Company Hour 2

Sandy Beach
Tuesday, February 20th

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We're back good Beijing company that's easy to point a finger at one thing big gun. And say that's ahead if we can only get big gun removed from society everything will be hunky dory. As we said there's enough blame to go around we're going over lists of things not in chronological order except for number one number one as the shooter. The shooter you have to have somebody that's willing. And and able and anxious to do it without that there is no crime is no problem I put the shooter is the first thing you look at. The family has to be aware what's going on through. Like remember one probably one of the earlier bombings. They were making. The bomber and the bombers friend. Were making bombs in the garage. Over a period of time and the family never knew it. Now I don't know my view I don't know where your garages maybe of is that Chad Jim my little argument there but if it. It anyway you should be knowing what's going on your own garage and that shouldn't come as a as a surprise. And remember what they said about the gun says now somebody texted me is that day you're wrong you but again and take his father's gun. The father on the on the interview. Said that in order for guns to be in the house. That he said key meaning the shooter. Had to have a gun safe and he got a gun safe and the father thought that there he had the only key and obviously. There was more than one T. But the fact that. You're the you're thinking that somebody living in this house summit we're gonna bring into our house into our family. Is dangerous around fire arms you shouldn't have any firearms there at all. You should if you know going to give up your fire arms you shouldn't have the kids. Or you should have to give up your firearms if you do the kids. But either way either way you are still partially responsible for that even though Europe. A good person with the right big heart you wanna do right thing. Law enforcement can only enforce laws and sometimes the laws are just not in forest of a full extent. The judges don't wanna do it varies sometimes the cops only wanna do it. But they were there 39 times seven years. Seven years 39 times there should be some kind of rate of public nuisance law there should be some. Kind of law that allows you to get permission from the court. To get to the bottom of why why somebody's house is visited by the costs 39. The courts there aren't simply. Enforcing the laws tool sometimes that we have with the ability to be harsher than their willing to be. But that that should be looked into as well mental health yeah this is a big problem because of privacy and stigma. The stigma a metal health the privacy issues. Where sometimes. There is more protection afforded the person with the mental health problem there is this they via. As civilians who don't have a mental health problem that allows them the pay for it. So I think we are we gonna get past that and say if it's if it's aimed at BA probably Coca. Problem where it's a danger to the public something has to be done next on my list students and friends. Yeah the same groups. There will go out and go and and rally and say this is never going to happen again are also many times complicit in this. Because especially in this one. Every interview I saw with a student and knew who he was. Said he was the guy they most likely thought would come to a school and shoot it up. He didn't have friends. He didn't have a supporters. They all recognize him as troubled. He was a thrown out of school as we said at the house where it was 39 times in seven years something's going on there. But did the students do everything they could have done. And what's the mechanism. That they go to the principles of a go to era homer among teacher. Who really go through what they do what is the process. But there again we're so involved with protecting people. A sometimes where we're protecting the wrong people. And the same with friends friends or even though somebody may be dangerous or whatever their very unlikely to just turn a man. But they especially now there couldn't have been more red flags on a single shooting them this one couldn't event. Everything but you know video. Of him practicing it sensibly FBI and made mandatory watching by the FBI couldn't have bitten. More noticeable that what could've happened so students and friends are on the list. Government agencies are report also alleged shooting we have not that long ago the air force through a guy out of airports. We've put this honorable discharge. Under most circumstances that is supposed to be forwarded to the federal authorities to keep him from getting a gun they didn't do it. They didn't do it and you're thinking. If anybody should be able to handle record keeping us the military. If anybody should want to if they found he was bad enough that throw him out. And give him a dishonorable discharge. Their concerns shouldn't you always just there ridding him of out he's he's a danger to more people than just in the service so. The military asked to do their part to politicians. Program perhaps the worst group overall. And I'll tell you alive for all of hand wringing and pontificating ship and all that. You know what this says this is this is an opportunity. For them to push an agenda. It is an excuse. And an opportunity to say see. We need this or we don't need that that's what it is it's an issue to them. Yeah I I am not a hard cold hearted and enough to think they don't care right they probably care. But what they're really care about is this gives them or ammunition if you pardon the expression for whatever they've been wanting to do all along and as soon as something happens that's the knee jerk reaction. And if you listen to have any dialogue. Of what these are high school students are our room talking about. They don't seem to be the words of high school students I think many high school students certainly have a reason to be concerned the war in one wanna sit for environment and but I think somebody's been whispering and careers and because that does not sound like a typical. Kids approach I'd sounds more like some idea of giving them some suggested dialogue. So the government agencies certainly. Our idea if they really cared about the welfare of children and welfare of civilians and and everybody's welfare. They would make it more than just an issue to jive the other one way the other party. Our guns. The guns if you really think about it are perhaps the least culpable. Because Madonna sitting there in the safe which is where you are ideally like they haven't is of an ode picture to anybody. Nobody appearing until it's misused. In an effort to Maggio is a lot of things regarding gone over after coming applies. I've always said begun as lord is no more dangerous than a can opener it's a piece of metal. And somebody picks it up. And purposely knows readied for fire. However through all over a semi automatic. Is is of no danger to anybody by itself it is not dangerous it is needs somebody to make it dangerous the laws in the privacy. That the keys of the law would be in far sick we have more gun laws and you can believe. In forest vote law enforce it strictly. A be very very yes a sparse in your giving somebody another chance. It better be remarkable circumstances. Before we let somebody walk out that door with a slap on the wrist because. You may think you've done your good deed. If you are a judge. And you don't want to be harsh on them maybe first offenders or something. Hang up the robe. All right if you're Koppel looks the other way because your finger Johnny's is that a bad day turn and the badge in forests but laws. The cops can only do so much the judges can only do so much because they have to both enforce the law but it is something. They better enforce the law because this is what happens if you give somebody another chance these sorts of things you wish. You wish. That by giving somebody an average chance. It really turns things around you've seen too many Disney movies that's all I can say that's it that's the way it is in real life. You're here than in Europe a soccer not the person you arrested the person is on trial. So I say it's not one thing. It's not just another rally where somebody says this will never happen again wash my lips this will happen again. But week and weekend hopefully do our best to keep it from ever happening again when you look at the things that contribute to that moment. The shooter the family law enforcement the courts. Upholding existing laws mental health students and friends. A government agencies politicians. And the laws not being enforced you know what I left out. The guns. Because in this scenario they're the least Opel we'll take a break under his retirement thirty WB yeah I left one thing out. I'm left wondering how I love the big one round the FB ID. First of they lied to us. On the day of the shooting on the first press conferences they or they were told it that they didn't get a warning. But they couldn't find the person. Aren't that's insult. The next day after day youth about it and thinking okay. Some is gonna come looking for every case file on this the find out what happened toward that now haven't we don't have one. We didn't even try to find him and that was announced the next day so they lie the Thursday saying we wouldn't mind them. And the second day they told the truth when they said. We didn't even try to find him now hell's going on what happened to via via. They've gone from. This used to be and leave you they choose to be the best of the best of the best anybody think they are now. What the hell's going on with them I don't know I don't know of they've gotten to politicize. Our lord to marginalize. This thing. But some things happen. In and when you have those kinds of red flags there are more red flags there than mayday and Moscow. And yet they still didn't even bother. Two investigated. What that what's the purpose of calling them what's the purpose of writing them what's the purpose of protecting them emailing them. He's doing any kind of our notification if they're not even bothered to follow up. So you think it's begun I think the gun is the least likely problem here the more problems the the things surrounding. While we've been talking about it. Let's go to Louis famine Buffalo's Sam here on WB again. More than babies a little bit of my partner about the FBI. If you if you take a democratic president they cut it up before lunch but you know they had all the knowledge about this cute beforehand and I'll certainly don't album. Yeah not the fact that they lied to was the first day really bothers me they thought nothing of lying in the and they found out to cover their ass they better tell the truth because the truth would come on it would look worse. What seemed like a lot of lying about a lot of things lately but you know a delete brotherly and calling it. And I called about yesterday we were off and I never heard it it's like and chip a European coach. I never heard a sixteen or seventeen year old high school student. First almost so much about their politicians there senator well so well spoke in the and it sounded a lot like the politicians that we hear about gun control and and another thing. In bit. They organized alt weekly. Eagle and a few hours after the shooting. It seemed like they are pretty organized a third rail and their purchase enough at this the other than I am hurt the middle of march. And and. It was more like a lobbying effort where they had this ready to go and in the Mac shooting. You unveil it let's get right on it because every day that goes by there's less chance that we're going to I think what our heart and set our mind but you're right and I'm sorry I sort of understand by a very good thinking and now we're glad you're golf thank you very much. Yeah if you went out just La right now today. Total mall. And just ask you about. Anybody. Just ask any and anybody who looks like Huckabee still in school. What's the name of your senator. What's the name of and names who senators nuclear accident the name of their congressman. You wanna know the percentage who would know there are a very small. Very small. This was obviously something here it is it's in the package rated ago. The next shooting because there will be won the next shooting here's what we're gonna do and yet they're a member we've had all these kinds of margins before a million man march. You know all kinds of things going on like this. And you can certainly understand I don't wanna see I'm without sympathy. For people whose schools are being invaded and people and their classmates being shot in their teachers being shot. Certainly understand their anger and there and how frightened they are. But we don't want them to be used by politicians. Who find this just to be another issue that they can further their own career way of and that's that's why. I think there's they're they've coached these kids to say these sort of things and it's not you know it's not nice to criticize children however children. Are going to be used by the politicians of it's important to bring out that these are not original thoughts. That there in the thoughts of a somebody looking for their next that a campaign contribution. I'd Dennison west Seneca banister on WB again. Well. And as when he got hoarse today. Well outstanding. I I think that both the mental issue ever and I I have to say that the governor actually. I'm I'm a Vietnam and I served in the 173 airborne brigade in the central highlands thank you know that we appreciate that the eight. We are with the right woman right here idea sixteen. That the du 23 followed them very fair bullet. It's semi automatic. Your Dick employer or by Brown's perspective. It's very easy to use them it's very easy they're become good with the yes. Yes and I I did what I did a good mood I keep hearing these kids are referred to it children. I I served with our our guys don't either in Vietnam that 1819. They're not children anymore. They're not an it's. I think people still do it to be charitable and to further their cause and yacht. If there in high school they're probably at the oldest and hours seventeen and maybe eighteen for the most important congressmen. But I I think part of the problem lose our our law enforcement agencies. Are they under that tips every week and I don't know that the manpower problem. Or what can they take it seriously not seriously. I I I heard the other day that that there's actually only about 10% of that. That they receive weekly. And I'm here and hope you are are you belong billion RA IR and go get me wrong I am under our own right hold my own shot and I don't wanna give my guard up but I won't let. I think there are not against the background checks the NRA was against background checks. And I do think that we are they've been gone so far over the top. And even bomb struck. While the NRA and now live though what's the so we've what Donald Trump has been mentioning seems to be on board. With the with the background checks I have that information from the media big pile of information. I had no problems that project and you know in the arch say when we hear about what's going on around the country. A lot of it doesn't even make as blink because we already have that here. I have no pride I do not want people with mental health issues that a guy I don't want anybody whether criminal record of felonies that we've gone. And quite as simple I want people who qualified Evan Dunham and they're the only ones I would support having them. But I hear some people are saying they're making statements that you check the threat. Frenchman did that give nineteen year old he got moved into the residence. With we're these people were taken care of themselves where. November when his mother died. I had no criminal record. He'd be moderately seven guns legally including an AK 47. Yeah he bought it bought illegally. That part of the a man. Now maybe maybe after review. Exactly and I. Like to see some conformity. Burma because gun laws are mainly state laws. I mean there are some federal laws the most of his state we've got to figure a way to make it a uniform. So it's it's a fair and more effective as a thanks in Ventura wearing the uniform in Vietnam we'll be back. After that semis. Gloria backward region governor I've said the image. And I'm saying begun is only one aspect. Of getting things are clear rubber and it's probably. Via the least culpable of all of the things that we talked about. That led up to the shooting in Florida period sincere. Last caller mentioned. Million to 23 rounds and this this tax as the M sixteen and fires of thirty caliber and not a 223. Well me and sixteen civilian model is the air for us to be okay in the air for Spain and the airfare thing I've had three of them. First one I had was during the Vietnam War I was in Hartford where Cole was the only one that may do it. The air fifteen and when I came up to buffalo a Broadway Mahan had their own policies in the winter could be a little bored sometimes. A friend on the gun shop and we reloaded. And I reload 2000 rounds of 223. So I I know that was 2.3 eight. I got another. They are fifteen and after his over that one years later that was shoot 23. I know one now. Another airfare is the MS 223. I don't know where the thirty cal came from that these armaments sixteen governor had an M sixteen that's machine. Aren't a shot somebody in the room. So that's what I know most all of via air for things that I've ever seen fire 223. So that's that now I'm gonna ask your question which you'll put your Provo. How far rhetoric goes. We talk about all the things that go into and or shooting. Talked about the shooter himself and it's and he usually. The family law enforcement for prosecutors. Upholding the existing laws 39 times they visited. At that home where he lived and their one about so what about that sort of thing what about the FBI. Not even bother paying two thirds check on. Yeah a tip that turned out to be good shooter. The courts too lenient mental health too secretive. Students and friends that are gonna do anything about their friends and may complain about a mammy stay away from them. And they may say as the in this shooting he was the one month most likely to come back disclosures. A shoot up. And they've got to be more open. A government Ava and agencies like the military sometimes not even bother him when somebody gets to decide and dishonorable discharge. To our reported that seven before politicians using it this is an issue rather than human. Problem it's an issue for them the guns in the least problematic of all are absolutely no danger to anybody without somebody. Putting their finger on the trigger. The lost the privacy laws the privacy laws have to be respectful of the danger in the community. And here's my question. Anybody who thinks that well. Those are liberals are reasonable. Nobody would disobey any of that stuff well I'm gonna ask you once and. Question. Would you turn in your own son. If you're convinced that your own son was going to do harm. Either to himself or two is a fellow students or to somebody at a shopping mall or movie theater or whatever. If you are convinced that that was going to happen would you turn in your son now that seems like a pretty easy answer. Well of course Shula. I wouldn't bet on that I would not bet on that I would bet most people would try and have a conversation maybe get little help. Try and talk them out of India problem behavior. But I think they keep their fingers crossed and hope for the best I don't think. They would make that call call and say you have my son should be arrested because he is a danger to society and here's where his guns are. What do you think beamer do you think most people would tournament because I don't. I don't I do think when that questions asked people would say of course I would of course I thought but I think deep down now know very little that's a whole point that's why why do you think. And their terms like aiding and abetting. Why is it that very cops have to tell you you're not allowed duke to harbor a fugitive even every juror on sun. Think about like that so it's one thing to be in the in the discussion. Of these things it's inevitably in the trenches. If your kid was you're convinced that your kid and I don't know educated better and you do hopefully nobody our strength. If your kid was you know saying you know I go and you know even when my classmates or his teacher. Scrutiny over somewhere like that. And you'll are convinced that that was going to lead to some dishonest and bad behavior which tournament. Blitzer saying of course you would but I bet anything you wouldn't. Gary in Wales oh thanks for your patience Guerrier on WB yen. An elector reinforce your argument on. On who's at all what's alteration. I had I had some really good news for the country today. But they. That god. Was not quoted Hancock. The gun was not arrested it was not read it strikes. It was not taken and put into jail cell. Only Democrats. And the crazies once the gun blamed for the process. In the orchard that gun. He would of found another car. And not only not as people have are committed crimes with trucks. Was bombs certainly think things like that big gun is one aspect of it knives. A lots of lots of ways people have harmed other people. But only with a gun because that's the issue. The only thing I would change and can I would hope this will have to be a law. I wouldn't let anyone purchasing firearms. To have to present. A certificate that they have been too. Eight gun safety course. What you guys in at least for handguns you'd have to endure virtually. And yeah a gun safety is of their first thought or people. Who argues sporting arms or ponds or anything like that the very first thing you think to a since safety in a good point scary very good points thank you very much. We are two callers ago a mention about the NRA. In last fall. They senator from Texas and number two Republican Jon Garland. Proposed legislation. That would remove improv background checks. Now. The database is up to date the bill would have. Federal agencies accountable form. I'll flaw of failing to add a relevant information it would also establish an initiative to better. Monitor gun buyers. We records of domestic abuse the bill was backed by the National Rifle Association and the presidency in the back now. So that'd that shows that sometimes the RA and I belong to a man after a long time that I renewed. But I members during the Clinton administration sometimes them sometimes some of their positions. I go I you have to think hard long and hard about but would this one is easy so. I have no pro I don't want appeal or mental disorders have a gun. I don't want people who have domestic abuse that again I really don't I don't want to have people committed felonies ever gone. I think it's a very sacred thing it's it's your last defense they go about your last defense of your life on earth is probably gone. And not everybody is crucially. So bottom line is when they take that away from you your ability to protect yourself your ability to continue breathing. All right and then you got some serious consideration. But the people who don't want guns don't don't think like that. However when they get in trouble when they do. They call somebody wearing a gun though thing. I'm a very edge. But they're very happy that the gun was there when you hear that last break in the middle of the night's 3 AM somebody just broker window. And there are about to come up to the bedroom and see like kind of goodies they can yet. You're very happy especially if you're live in a rural area where the cops may be a long ways away from him. You're very happy you have some means some method of protecting yourself and your family. That's the way it is those who don't they don't think like that don't think like that but the bottom line is I think. The government can't take away your right to protect your own life. Simple as that we'll be back for more on news radio and I'm thirty would you turn it in your own son if you thought it was in danger. To the community I say you'll say the issue would but I don't think he would will be back after this I'm saying there's enough blame. To go out and I broke put blame in quotation marks. Because people like to. Settles something quickly. They don't like at the faster they want an easy answer was no easy answers in the shootings because. It's more than just about the gun there as I said you may find this preposterous. But I think they're gone is the least culpable. Although all the things we've mentioned the shooter but Fowler of a shooter law enforcement 39 times through the house and in seven years. Upholding existing law of accords being too lenient when they don't have to be mental health being too secretive there are times when you have through. Find out what's what's the Gordon welfare for the community. And one of those of those laws say and come up with a based solutions that. Students at friends of the issue order students in general on friends they may have been afraid of them they may have said he's the next got a shooter of the campus but. What part did they do to prevent it because they have a vested interest in this same with France government agency. In one of those shootings are bug to a three shootings ago. The shooter had this dishonorable discharge from the air force there was never reported and because it was reported shooter again. Politicians who see this. And I'm sorry this is maybe a harsh view from me sees this as an issue more than a human. Catastrophe it's an issue something that they can. And hang their hat on if they can I get get guns outlawed especially. Guns themselves I told you about this the laws the privacy laws. I I believe in privacy laws but some veterans they go too far are specially when mental health issues. Would you turn and your own son plain and simple. You're going to tell me that you'll. Hopefully as I don't think you'll and if you're not going to turn your Amazon you have no right to appoint anybody else. So Michael a mobile Michael you're on WB in our ma am fine though Michael let's let's undermine. I think dead in all bomb all these instances where the FBI a they get all these tips they had this guy's exact name did nothing. Soul unlike what one conclusion especially seeing what they're doing what what the president right now. And that is that it's on purpose. And that they want to remove guns from people so that they came you know they that they can complete their. There transformation Tom two of America to Communist country. Well one thing is they lied to us. The first day they said they were a bit got the tip they admitted that. But said they were unable to find out who's and it knowledge of mango was last couple years ago when they couldn't open an iPhone remember. They could not do it this is the law enforcement agency and then the next day. They must have felt that you know something's gonna ask this vial. And we don't have a (%expletive) out the next day it's all the trouble that they didn't even follow up on it. Still what the hell good are they if you if you give them information give them. Your thoughts or wherever they don't even follow up on. Yes and I think the other approaches that the solve this sergeant. Ed you know they're they're too ambiguous I mean what what we unhealthy what joy a higher expenses and Leon hope. That's that's a very good point and how how does Madonna get to speak to a rally saying. She pushes the president or dead or arrogant. 01 of them says she dreamed as there in the White House burned down and whatever. These are all threats as some verbal. But some of those verbal threats later on turn into reality I think we're gonna start showing some. Some respect for the law as best I know it is still against the law ought to threaten your life for the president of the United States. When's the last time you heard of anybody prosecutor for a don't bother you know them almost as if that's your idol by governments. Yeah I was at. Yeah I it was Madonna. I did one of those quotes and edges gave you and the other one was them. I know one of the singers there Emilia. Her sisters and singer mother is beautiful and she's the movies what's the name actually justly Judd. Ashley Judd I mean threaten noise from the united of Arabia. Of the president. I mean when you threatened a there's one on line now I don't know if it's fake or for its real. And that's the problem because Donald Trump says a lot of fixed govern their wrists. It is a teacher. In front of a class. And despair of our present a risk at all been fake throw line now. And she's got a target of Donald Trump up in front emerges gaga a plastic gun. And she's pretending to shoot the picture of Donald Trump and what she's doing it she says di di di. That's online I sought this past weekend. As I said I don't know if that was a real teacher or those real students. But I don't know it was online. And as far as I know that's not something that you would want a teacher to be doing. And there may be something that is a makes her culpable the prosecution. But when and how we gonna side willingness. So I'd like to hear from you basically my questions are is there enough blame to go around there are. And they're you know they put the words in the mouths of of young people. Maybe up to 817 that's usually when you graduate seventeen or eighteen. And because of that people reluctant to criticize. But those are not the words of high school students and ask a group of high school students. In the of these two senators in New York State and who is your congressperson. Aren't there then you'll find out I'm sorry that they don't know. On those writer and I'm thirty this is WB and we'll be back after Davis.