2/20 Beach and Company Hour 1

Sandy Beach
Tuesday, February 20th

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Well hello hello is region governing I'm babies and fledgling blessed that I'm not feeling good today I'll tell you get obviously because like you're dreaming that Bernie was singing the National Anthem I couldn't. I ahead and then I turn on the TV to get away from that. All that was on was piling on every damn channel my. Like I've. And all of our needs and I'd. Make an imperfect or twosome would would certainly be Fergie curling you know maybe Fergie if she learned at first you should learn to sing and that is your and it curl. That would be perfect. Way too much borrowing. You know I get the Canadian channels as you do let's NBC's get a gazillion channels just as you do. And everytime I turn on. Is stating no Oscar. Downhill is now a growing view on things and bring them again though curling curling curling. Deal ideas as C that was growing view watched growing. I do I look for the curling you're so it's something like out Kerr I didn't seek out the drilling once you get the point system it's really interest you see how they. How exact the exact point that rock but it still can curl around the other teens into the target path Europe that. You are really pathetic the sad thing is that's the first I've been told that today I. Have you seen on line. About a a guy. Pretending the girl he's got a room. By day he's got a rumba and the rumba is going across the room and he's a sweeping in parliament that the legal guys guys guys guys yesterday. Anyway it is that Beijing governor Haley don't want to talk about today. Now your gonna give this show a bad name I'm just telling beamer well we view here I was still probably doing got a real you know I young's got ready to ago. You were seen at the art museum. While allotted who you're trying to impress would that you know. I. What Philip. A lady with a lady love saying he did the discharged by the hour or should this isolated. And give that information off there are ya there a minimum wages. Felt it's easy to get into the art gallery when he tells me there's a bar there OSHA is. I'll I'll I will partake because it depends on what art gallery go to abundance in the bar exactly as well what does that picture I can't figure out but this -- did you enjoy your time at the arm is still for a guy whose color blind arts is doesn't make sense. Probably help when you're looking at Michelle Obama's idea address in the media official portrait that was really really you know taken that was like. Sure that's Michelle you know I saw her this was featured. Honest 60000. Ministries were bad CBS's Sunday morning news which is usually good news show even those very liberal. And I'd like the art is so now I just don't like horror bird. Her enough for her painting a Michelle Obama I don't think it looked like. Michelle Obama at all. And the dress accords the artist and pick out that that was the joys of Michelle Obama. She's very nice and you know friendly and out there so that's nice I just in like the work. Now on how to what evens out the art gallery beautifully was afterwards we went twit eighty scheme party. And I was right back in my all of my colleagues on you you live in the eighties there I. I Alitalia if there's a thought what could have been able at this age in a different decade definitely like mid eighties I think we're doing gritty Debbie Gibson and what's. Oh yes sure now I caught a lot of the America calico on the weather so I'd. I Colorado the Olympics and some of that I really like I don't like NBC though it's easy drives me nuts. He would get hooked on the ice dancing right but I stands for is always an ice dancing is next are right. It wasn't next it was an hour later before ice dancing showed up right. And I do like their commentators. Johnny would care and it's RO opens at eight they're fun to watch or whatever Scott Hamilton of course. Great. And I I like the people they've got working the the various venues. However. They they split up the whole Zhou on as long as possible this is an old trick the in order starters it would go wide world of sports on ABC. Where they would say okay aid coming up coming up guys got to jump up the Empire State Building just loading and unloading an umbrella. And you wait and wait and wait. In the last minute of the ninety minutes ago they showed a guy. Jumping off the employers they go in with the umbrella and that's what they're doing with the as they got half way. Through ice dancing last night and then it'll go over to the NBC channel instead of MBC. Smarts. And and then you had drew a record and otherwise it was a two hours. That's why it's so what's better when its lie of all our time down is that the prime time they can't put these segments and they still try but. Everything's life so they can't she's half of that incident yet apart the Tate coming up next. It's fourteen hours ahead of us so if you're watching it it's morning there you'll watch morning at night there and trying to trying to reconcile that in your head. Is is not easy to do know makes the guy in my head hurts enough. I don't need anymore head hurting and now we grew to about some are going to be realistic about the show week. We're not going to be idealistic about it we're going to be realistic about it and some view are going to appreciate the realism. And some of you are not and that's that's the way. And news obviously about guns. And what's going on now around guns. And as I said some of it think you're living in Disney World is not that way the real world is much different. And I have a list of things that narrowed out in two minutes. They have to improve before everything improves and it's not just it's you know more and more stricter gun laws. That's not the only answer in fact I don't think it is it's an answer at all. Take a break overtime thanks to Randy of a five knots that there was. The affairs official flash and I write today yeah delicious and to examine his op today so his second arm our elbow. Will be inoperative so that's that he won't be in the growing competition you'll you'll be back for a while because this is as dominant arm you know stating the one of those that's exactly are you don't want to wonder if there was this being a lot of businesses okay because this one is useful unless the one that does this network. Good though one that does that but it's different because it doesn't do this placements so angry lately and he's Andrea will be back from our news editor and I'm thirty WB via big hard did you happen here Fergie singing the National Anthem. I have since seen the tape in the reactions of the following his singing the National Anthem. It would be nice area here's how all of this started people is just sing the National Anthem and they get people who can actually sing okay. Then it went through the first ones that owed to make it his own was Jose policing now OK if police and every dog in him. He's the first ones are jazz it up to fit his style now. And there was a lot of people who were you know questioning that. Then you've got to lead singers and bands where you found out why they need to ban because they can't sing okay laser scans not an easy song thing at all. But Fergie took another step further she made it into an orgasm machine I don't know if you heard it. But is she supposed to be having an orgasm or singing the National Anthem when she until. Bombs. The first thing here. I mean I had enough I had I had enough it's not supposed to be like that. It's supposed to be respectful and is supposed to remind you what a great country we event. But it seems like she turned it into that it was almost like an early red fox party record did you get that impression or not yeah I just. I guess at the top at the time I didn't know what she was trying to do that that you know she was president when it. Like I had a hot out. If she was singing whereas I'm going to be Super Bowl they whatever pull over and over and under of how long the thing would last because you just never know and I'm thinking. They they all try and make it their own it's like the only one that's been able to do that. Is Whitney used. And and that always recorded. After national and I Whitney Houston and awe after the gulf war and so. I have Whitney Houston did a fabulous job the best job ever and added anybody else should just be respectful of it. And not just trying it's not American Idol. You know I'm talking about and by the way. Every person that you don't know that's introduce is multi platinum selling you know is so. Fifteen. Million albums in the first two minutes. I and then they can't sing a note on the national. I just don't think Fergie even if she just saying it. I don't think she's the kind of person running kind of style of that for the National Anthem yeah I mean she's not the kind that says that sings that he's trying to assess that at one to one year people got angry because Renee Fleming who has won ABBA. Purest voices. In the world sang it but they didn't like her because she's primarily. An opera singer she's magnificent. She has the voice of an Angel but people around. Bouncy and operas we can't have that instead let's put on multi platinum singer who kept saying to notes as what Fergie on who who get their rocks are singing the National Anthem. It's just amazing the I have to say the Whitney Houston's version they outplayed the tape of that at the Bellagio for one of the Al waterfall that shows you if you don't get goosebumps ha ha. And our Ray Charles America the beautiful. Those two songs we'll bring tears to your guys even if your road guy pardoning or whatever they're doing doesn't matter. Rich RO brother days things that America the beautiful it's gets it together. I exactly how we you have to know what the American women are playing what Wednesday night for the go for the memo tomorrow night the little old metal gets ahead. All Canada via. In this is pile on the same path as last time they lost in the round Robin play OK they get them again the gold medal game the should be a really good game that gained a lot. I watched part of bear game against what Finland and I'm sure there are good oh yeah they're really dead Baylor good. And I do I love that the ice dancing that's gonna like anything I'll win the skis. Or boards. Those are good now I see they have half pipe woo women on skis. Before it was guys on boards and now women on skis and it's all fun to watch except. A yes there's it's not about an ego usually the good part about watching the Olympics is the fact that. Is really good sportsmanship at least what they Scholl is good sport and bono's what they do when they go back to the village after again the over. But at least it shows Lindsay won okay. IE you know I know she's a good skier. But I have a problem where their attitudes on time and apparently. And they have three practice sessions in which. They record the times these are practice sessions but they record the times. And she came Antonov third. I'm on the first practice session now she doesn't expect to come in third she expressed or come in first what you didn't aren't and there are interviewing her arm. And she says well. And when they commentators are on there you know to bloggers as you scored. Unbelievably high above. She's it was SRI. I'd like to let other people think they're faster than I am all please. Please these and she's the one who said before the games even started. That if I win a gold medal I I will refuse to go to the White House. Two. To meet the president she doesn't like Donald Trump well I need first of all before your shows one's trying to win one. I saw as I said. I have I roads of America then I'll refer. I want referral rooted answer but I'll I'll hope the Americans win by a pain yes it does not gonna go to the White House holds a little more weight when you have the gold medal runs and when you get invited it's that it. When he invited. That's when you should do it. But anyway and so that's that's going like the Olympics is from winters ago through Lou weekend yeah closing ceremonies on Friday or Saturday. We have one more by apple which I love to watch you know that most dangerous part for me if I were to protest movement. Would be getting that out elevator to go to its power for the skiing events. They have to what they have is a crane on each side. And you see them way down there. Getting a man in car and then they come up by crane. What's really scary it's worth some urban cores and so if you're going down that course probably not it's yeah. And those participants of the list. Cadbury incredibly. I went there are. Problems that opera and I can't record them in training to do rats I just scared when they show the camera angle on what they're looking at going to count out IKEA he'll thank you got. And the of the way and the guys of course but the way our analysts. Really. Bring it on. Video of that down there you I was three miles straight down a break and I let me get added you know. Amazing and no doping for them but brushing curlers they need a little extra out to me. How meth addict yeah I've heard our and you need drugs. And behavior you run errors. Something now says that requires extra burst but currently. And drugs do not know yeah just a little actually you know got you know I was with and who was within an inch of arming the perfect should. Gimme gimme a needle in my arm is something that's Smart nugget that extra apprehension I didn't get the white coral I think with a little bit of that injection LB thought I think I think the wind was blowing against my stone. Of the country's. Where it is blowing against blystone on the and we'll get in production if we're together a multi platinum artist is saying it would be really good. Right and I hit it to argue about today is what everybody's talking about we're gonna take a little different position on. And talking about a big guns gun control was shooting a whatever. And obviously there are certain things that we all respect the loss of life and the innocent loss of life from people. Who didn't do anything through a set or in in if encouraged the gunman he just. Decided he's gonna shoot meant sellers through it he's gonna kill people he notes because he went to that school. There might be some sort of people still there or just kill people he doesn't know. And doesn't care there is no little remorse. And there is different angles on this via the position that you're going to hear today him and probably radio right through the next few weeks. Is the students marching to demand better gun laws. And boom the point is a lot of those students are using language that students don't use. Now obviously there are being fed information on positioning or whatever. To try and get the words coming out of the miles of very child or certainly a young adults as opposed to an adult. A blood mine show today is entitled. There's enough blame and I got the word blame in a post to go around because it's not just begun. And it's not just the laws it's a whole lot more car. And in two minutes I wrote down as the ones that are brave or six 8910. Things. And this probably more I just wrote those non profits on my hand and things that deliberately would have to be addressed. I too realistically. Up approach area of very sensitive subject and you don't wanna be disrespectful. But when you hear students say we're going to march there won't be anymore of this violence well there will be. I wish we could say that we agree with you but I don't. And I'll tell you why I give you my rational point of view on under his regimen thirty WB. This. Backward region governor ams and evasive or get to our subject got a attached but actually. It's. I sandy you said what everyone is talking about and I was referring to guns. I thought the skaters wardrobe malfunction. Not guns is whether the rest are in Iraq. Well I was watching it when that happened for us at all. The state result look magnificent they're so good they are sober and all of them those who stay for us those those kids from the nation's. And they weren't these really high polluting costumes. And leave the guys okay were especially the women and one of the top teams in our I forget which one was. She added dress on bets okay around the neck there was a class in the back. And then that part went down to the main part of of the top overrode costume. And of the class held at all op. Well what happened there as. I dreaded wardrobe malfunction while she was during the road saying okay remind these people practice for a four years. For this moment. And then they get the moment and I don't think you're allowed to stop. As they again have a duel over my customs coming of our no can't do that. They're also showing forget that their partner can't do it because they're doing so many moves so many and this and that thing. And and I don't know if you're like I was but I it was a I was rooting against the glass I'm really wise I think. Maybe maybe it was my reporting the putter over the top. And and as the announcers said. She's having a wardrobe malfunction. The top of her costume has come under and I'm going yeah marsh ends we just happens. It should be spends all the time they should get extra credit for extra spans. But she was obviously report thing was really under duress. I'd be finished they did well even like that and going shoes and your geez it was their worst nightmare coming true on the ice. And I think he wouldn't our worst nightmare beef like falling. Or something like that or cutting her term rogue part orbit skater it was a bit worse than that. And that is she's got a great score. But the class but I did its job as long as a cordon and gave up did you see that. Ice all the take a bit on YouTube got Carolina on do you feel bad for about like decide but all those things could happen fall in your head or your out you know calling his you know especially on ice dancing real moments I'm pretty sure she'll be wearing a costume like that again I'm. Our she's stapled it back over an awesome to her neck. And it and as one move that I thought was very free. There's one or at the other team okay. The Mayo is why are you horizontally ice about two inches off the case. And the woman is Stan orchids there's a reverse and a woman is standing over him and crosses her skate. Right over her. The head of the partner. And I'm thinking this is a Clinton larger bump moment waiting to happen and even the even the announces said. It was very dangerous that they had seen it in in a number routine that they did. In another competition but. I don't know I mean I'd trust my part of a viral on race super sharp and ice skating going across my neck of the emirates game yet they'll think he'll. Did they get points for danger. I don't think so no except Carlos danger I'm Carlos will agree to keep it in a sentiment zags that along with the points they've earned I'm sure he did points for the malfunction yeah I exactly I love I'm devastating devastating is so precise and so good have you seen the video. With professional hockey players being coached by you guys skating teachers. And they're doing bureau wets and stuff like that and and so finally. If you don't have an awesome idea of such an out yet it is really funny because these guys are in uniform. I don't know Arthur NHL hour of their Olympic as skaters they're bigger guys and then they have a true female teachers teaching them. Are like ice there and stuff like that course these guys can skate for them is some kind of scanning is hysterical bring tears to your eyes is that money. And they're really good sports about it because occasionally. To demo lowland completely maneuvered together as if they weren't dance thing. It's it's been you know one thing about via. One thing about the Internet is it can be very creative and very funny that's the best of him and stuff like that. The way idiocy of you below last year you know wanna I'll check it out up. All right but if you're an ice dancing team what would you allow me to poem I skate right over your neck sandy I trust you with what ever you tell me you can thank you very much a while like well I've ripped more important for tiger probably run out of airline. Saying hey this is not at my age scripture. I know as bush are. All right now let's say we're going to be serious let's recent days. About guns and legislation and shooters and things like that. Because. Personal rhetoric is one thing you say things that you've probably. In good conscience mean. But they're designed to get a reaction. First of all one thing that always happens after a tragedy is we. We want to find blame and we wanna find blame in a hurry we don't wanna have to try and figure it out. We definitely don't wanna get into all of the various aspects of it all had to come in like a perfect storm. For the tragedy to happen. And what happens is each side states out there territory some are obvious because it's the same game argument. All the time would no proof and none no real studies bed. That the changes they were light would would help at all all right. So what I did is I put together a list the first all the title on the show today is there's enough blame to go around. And IE I used the word blame purposely. Because let's not let's take the gloves off show away and say there are things to blame their obvious. And things that are not going to no matter what happens and make things any better. And one would hope. That the simple solution this time is the right solution okay the simple solution is. In for its existing. Gun laws. All right that takes care all of it currently does we come back embargo through some analysts now when I made this list I purposely did not make it. In chronological order in order of the media percentage of blame at this. The this one group should or person should get. I want at all and there mic stand and I I think you'll see that basically on the argument that I make on each of these. It is legitimate. And if if all of these were followed it wouldn't have been a shooting. But they weren't and a lot of them more on administrative 930 WB. It is region got Graham was so let's talk about some of the aspects. Of the shooting in Florida in the aftermath which is well again now with planned. They've already had some plan protests in various cities and next month is the plans to walk proudly and you're hearing students. And press conference is being quoted as though we're doing is sort never happen again. Into Soviet what they do is very the people who'll our half of the agenda. I'll put the worry put the words in the mouths of children feeling their children would be less credit or was criticized by the population in general. But the bottom line is there will be others. There will be others so of the statement that this will be the last one sounds good it makes it good. You know a good. Monroe or something but there will be and there will be unless we start hitting your business and I was just thinking of the perfect storm of things that have to happen for a shooting to occur. And you you remove the perfect storm where all the elements that are gathered at the same time to make it as bad as possible. It's the perfect storm of this happening in this of living not happening or whatever. So I've got my perverts arm of video of the year shooting in Florida. And the things are going to. This is not as I stick on Google. As far as a percentage of blame. As we mentioned earlier people of blame they love the point a finger if it weren't for this one thing. This would never happen again. And so that's ultimately simple violate them. It's not something a lot of things. It's a lot of things so let's go down part of my analyst under the there is enough blame to go away first oh in chronological order for sure on this. Is the sugar. Ride the issue out of the person whose life has brought that point. Where he and we can say he because I'm not familiar with any of female. Mass killer man shooter in the kind of shipment we're talking about. What brought this this male shooter usually young. Usually on what is life circumstances or what his thought process or what is influences where. They've put a gun in his hand and would go in to a place in this case he was a former students he may have known some people but. He's perfectly willing to kill people he doesn't even though that's a particular brand Obama. Terror when you're willing to settle a debt settle an argument in a moment. Get a gun and shoots somebody that's different. This is cold blooded you don't care who motives in the way of that bullet the matter of fact as some of the bullets killed more than one person on a crowded at target. I'd and so that's going to do that facility shooter without the shooter willing and wanting to do that the rest of it wouldn't matter where okay. I put the family and hair now in this case you can say. It's very difficult in the family his. His mother had his father died first in the and his mother or vice Versa. I'm not particularly clear in the apple one of them didn't. Guys some time ago on and one died recently. All right so a fairly good hearted family obviously took command. And they're devastated by who by what happened as well but I saw them interviewed. And one of the things that they said is that that they were very angry and they serve there were right to be here they are very generous opening their hearts and their homes. I'd to a person who is who is troubled and trouble on both of these things. And here's something that the reason I put them on the list. Is the father said something he said one of the conditions. That the shooter would be allowed to live would them is that they have to get a gun safe. And he bases and he has the pregnancy and he did. Now first of all the mere fact. That via host family thought he had to get a gun safe tells me they knew he it was unsafe for him to have access to guns. Totally so to me I don't wanna be critical of the family but I wanna say it's a contributing factor. Because if you thought that that person was so dangerous or on guns that they couldn't be allowed near the easy access to guns. That's a problem right there should have been no guns in my house at all. If you're going to bring this person man. And if you think that well I'm I'm okay well my guns it's just not okay with him so I'll get a gun safe and I'll have the only K because that's where he said. He said he thought he was the only one fun. That had big Hebert turned out obviously not true. So if if they had that household and you think the person you're bringing in live with your family. Can't be trusted around guns why would you have a tendency. Usually Asia no guns at all so that's why put the fiber. A force. Now keep in mind the duality of law enforcement. Law enforcement can only enforce the existing laws they can see wrong if it's not illegal there's nothing they can do about it. Vacancy. Problem but it they haven't broken all bother it's nothing they can do about it law enforcement. Is at the mercy of the laws of the land that they swear to uphold. But. Law enforcement have been called. Through the house where this this kid was. 39 times in seven years 39. Times in seven years there has to be some mechanism. That says that we are to be able to approach the courts. And and those and a gold top to bottom front to back side to side and find out every aspect of what's going on in that house. Nobody's house should be visited by the police 39 times in seven years without further action. Now whether or further action would require special laws I don't know but if it if it does then do aren't. Upholding existing laws is the kitty. You'll find later vet oh if it is crying for new laws. About how modern forcing the old laws first. All right because. Every armed robbery Oregon should include an actual penalty for sure. Every illegal possession of a gun should be a I'd I'd be really serious. A felony charge with no extra. Consideration given the courts are also part of this. The courts even though they have flaws in front of them sometimes. They're very disappointing to us they they choose not to be as harsh as they could be. I think when you're dealing with a firearm. On offense it has to be dealt with a severely as possible. This is not a time to try and win the good samaritan award and give somebody their tenth through twelfth Shia chants this is it's time to four judges. To understand in the lawmakers who make the laws that of the judges after following the law enforcement has the follow. To realize. That's their job is not to save every. Net every bad person on the planet it is to protect the innocent people on the planet who want breaking the laws. Who aren't shooting people who are robbing and stealing whatever this is not the time through suddenly this is the fifteenth Jansen and nobody is though. Nobody has shocked that the person didn't do that. Mental health professionals. This is a big a big deal. Because what we have here is that danger to community reverses. The privacy issues of somebody would meddle now. I think here affair people would recognize that not every mental health concern. Would be a danger. But what happens if there on radio scripts and they go walk the fine on Iran a script partisans are off the script and I'm fine and bad things happen. And a bit of information does not flow is as this smoothly as it should. In all of these directions but especially with the stigma of mental health. I'd be almost forget the going to be damage caused and they and a hardship and heartbreak are of concern for the privacy of the patient. I'd say the community well being so trumps if you pardon the expression the privacy of patient and laws should be. Articulated that would do a show that will be backwards march because the list he's gone you think it's simple. Using just a slogan has never happen again as Dallas. Or are you dreaming will be back after this.