2018 SI Swimsuit Issue Out - Model Myla Dalbesio


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We've been asking everybody on our website throughout the morning how do you celebrate Valentine's Day and unfortunately. 54% of you saying. You don't. You don't celebrate Valentine's Day at all kind of heartbreaking well maybe this is up your rally on newsstands everywhere today. Is these Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue and joining us on the line now mileage Dell beige 01 of the models you can see inside Milo thanks so much for. Taken a timeout to join us. Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue I'd have to a mansion. For someone in your profession this is kind of the pinnacle what you can do. Yes it's definitely. At the top of a lot of women's list of goals for shared. It's your second appearance to write it is. So has this really may help your career kind of take off. Yes it has but what I find found to be most valuable but I've gotten out of this experience as a really their relationship. That I share with the other women in the issue that I think it's super special because it's a very supportive group of people. All the women that they choose are quite accomplished and it's. It it definitely feels like a family. Now what. Do you want people to take from the swimsuit issue because I've seen a lot of the images this year there are promoting women's empowerment is that. A theme that you're hoping carries on this year. Yes I do hope so I think for Sports Illustrated. A message that they have always tried to portray is that women are powerful and that we deserve to be respected. No matter what we're wearing or what we're doing and I think this issue in particular. Is is that very strong and that message v.s story in her words this the body paint story for this issue. Is the most direct reference to this of course. It was a shoot that was completely at created and run by an all women team. And really empowered the models that took part. To be able to. Direct issued spade. They were able to choose how they wanted to be portrayed how they wanna their hair and makeup to be. What images they wanted to have used in the end which is funding. I don't think people understand is that is so rare in our industry women. Models are are very very rarely ever allowed to make decisions like not sure how are you per trade in this issue. I I did the body paint suit and then I also did. A bikini suit in Aruba and I being. Form knee it makes me feel super striding it very powerful. I feel very comfortable with my body and with myself and so doing things like this. Feels great to me hey. You know while a lot of people don't realize this can be a dangerous job. I've seen this in video that circulating the Internet today of Kate Upton being rocked by a wave and then falling off of a big rock in the middle of the water. Is that something that happens a lot. I would say no. That's. About the very rare occurrence. I generally in ear pretty well protected and you can see it she is she is also quite well protected there's. A whole crew of people there pull it out of the water immediately. And how did it take to do the shoot. For this. I was in arena that with the team for two and a half days your shooting Ford about two days and we did. The in her words project in New York I was there for a day but I know that they shot it overs series. Weeks of course ever on picks up the swimsuit issue to look at the swimsuits and find out what's hot this year. I am taking a trip where we're going from snowy buffalo to sunny Florida in just a week. And down that swimsuit picked out. Now I I need some tips from the experts of what I should be looking for a couple of years ago I want with like big JFK cut. I caught a lot of grief is saying it was too short. Now I saw it swimsuit on a man I I am what I do not like on a man is when that sorts go below that means that as a note now you know what that's what I was saying everybody everyone sing on it's way too short it's like you're wearing it's become like it's that Speedo. It's our Ed I'm not wearing swim pants if but hey that's good to know good good advice their mile at you know how are you spending your Valentine's Day. Well tonight is launch of the magazine so I have a big fancy party to goatee and that's exciting but. In general I Marvin Netflix and chill kind of gal. Our rates so now if you know how to spend your Valentine's Day to impress. The supermodel in your life mileage thanks so much for taking the time mount forest that's my line Dell beige show you can catcher in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue which is down now.