2017: Political Year In Review - Carl Calabrese


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If we're talking about the year and review all the things that happen in 2017. We have to talk politics and we're talking politics we have to bring in Carl calabrese political strategist. But mass yellow my Tucci calabrese & Associates. Thanks for being at my pleasure what would you say. Was no politically speaking. The number one story this past year of Donald Trump Donald Trump all the well yeah but I'm at the moment but no no he has been the center it almost doesn't matter what the issues surrounding him is he never leaves the center this is no matter what the issues surrounding him is because it's gone in a few days there's always something new with any software you it's not corsets for you it's not tax reform. It's the president if it's the president now from that comes these other things and part of the problem with this presidency is besides it. Being exhausting I didn't I would back to your right to use one adjective it would be exhausting you. You finish one fight me you wanna catch your breath and bam we're back in the ring for the next fight. One thing about this president is. He is always at the center of the stage in that oftentimes eclipses the policy issues that you just mention David that the Supreme Court that tax reform. And it just it just takes over and that's one of his problems that he he can't let he can't back off a little bit and let these issues speak for themselves or hurts. What do you think you're given what you just said do you think he's learned a lot from one year in the presidency it is seems like he's still acting in the same way he did did want. I'd have to say yes and no and and let me explain that for a small. Yes because let's let's take tax reform. If you look at the way he handled tax reform. So compared to the way he handled health care obamacare he learned he he learned he he stayed on message. He he worked congress better he compromised he laid out the big picture that he wanted he worked the phones went on the road he stayed focused when he was on the road. Talking about tax reform all of those things differ from the way he handled obamacare which I gave very poor grades out. In terms of presidential leadership. So yes he he seems to have learned how to use that office to get legislation passed. I don't that you're gonna change Donald Trump though personally he's still gonna do the Twitter is still got to respond to every tree criticism and fight every fight if that's not gonna change. You called an exhausting a little bit ago. Does that exhaustion factor that Teague worked to his advantage will we reach a point where criticizing the president will be OK yep people are criticizing the president. Where Twitter will be just yeah yeah okay he tweets. Oh does it does all of the controversy. That people of attached to him in 2017. And go away because of the exhaustion and 2018. No it doesn't go away we're just gonna continue to be different low levels of exhaustion I had a you territory I mean we've never had a presidency in a president like this. That hand so much drama day in and day out I think we've just got to get used to it he obviously thrives on it as long as he thrives on it it's not going to change. But I I think that problems he is is. All of these fights. It again takes him away from his message and although it's certainly solidifies his based is no question about that is bases still rocks it doesn't expand his base and if he's going to win reelection. He can't win it by fighting the last war he's gonna have to expand his base because let me tell you one of the things of of this past year is that the Democrat base is energized. They are coming out of these special elections a presidential year levels. And it wouldn't take many votes you only won Michigan by 121000 votes you can do that in Detroit if you're in terms of Democrat turnout so. If I were a white house of political advisor might key piece of advice would be don't fight the last war it's different going into this next. Next election you're you're gonna have to expand your base are right now. These tactics he uses in terms of constantly fighting isn't doing that but. Looking at who what you just set expanding IMAP partners on the base Democrats or Republicans the two sides where they started the year. Where they're going to finish 2017 M where they're going aren't they where you expect him to be you said they're Republican Donald Trump's based. Is still there are hanging along with them with every fight and the Democrats are growing there is is that what you're expected to see by the end of this year. I. I did but I think it's it it could change I think on the cost of the change in the changes techs were. You know I have to give it to the Democrats and the left they want the short game. They convinced through that with the help of the media they convinced the average American that their taxes and actually caught in fact they're gonna go up. And that's gonna happen and they know that they invest all of this political rhetoric into convincing people that you're going to be Warsaw. Guess what now reality hits and people are gonna start scene in February. Increase in take home pay because their taxes have been lower. It's tough to explain that one Democrat voted for this tax reform was just giving example. Basically the math works out that for every hundred dollars of take home pay. Do you bring home you're gonna get an extra fifteen dollars in your pocket now if you're making 800 dollars a week. Take home well next year's 3920. Now if you're working for a person you're used 800 dollars a week and all this and you got 920 and you know you have at this week and next week and the week after week after. That is going to have an impact on this economy in a very positive way so now only will people see that that that tax cut. Is helping them and benefiting them but I believe it's got to jumpstart the economy goes to things could come back on the Democrats in the huge way because they said it wasn't that. And neither one was gonna happen. And live in studio with us for the balance of this hour most of it actually political strategist Karl calabrese for Massey element Tucci calabrese & Associates. Let's talk more about this this particular interviewer was the first sit down interview. With President Obama since leaving office and yes we're doing year in review we're also looking had a 2018. What do you see as President Obama as role. Is he the agitator in chief on the sidelines does he just sit there and his serenity as he spoke to go to Prince Harry what happens. By the way I thought there was a great question princess who helped what were you feeling we were sitting there watching Donald to take the oath of office. Barack Obama. Has not gone away and he's not going to go away. You used the term educator in chief he has he has taken on a roll that is quite different than most past presence I mean most this presents essentially. Sort out why they step away they go and hibernation you don't hear from them. Out of respect for the new administration Barack Obama has not follow that rule almost from day one and he's going to continue to be very active on his side of the aisle. Yeah I would imagine you in non you know this. What we've seen over the last year a lot of people saying Democrats have been kind of living in the past and Hillary Clinton continuing to be in the news even now so far removed. 12016. Election do you see that continuing and it's 118. How do because the clintons. Have just as much difficulty leaving center stage is Barack Obama is in as head and it can't be good for Democrat I know it's not good at all I think there's a large wing of the of the Democratic Party. That didn't want her last time. They do want to even less now after it's come out in terms of just essentially how she did rig the primary elections against Bernie Sanders Bernie Sanders was the one wing of the party. Is strong and it's growing and boy they've they've got to really be to pardon upon taking a burned at at all the shenanigans that went on to make sure she got the nomination so every time she comes out its assault and that won't for the left. On the democratic ballwind when neither one of Ambien Obama or Hillary Clinton opened their mouth microphones appear and they have a pulpit. Do either one of them have a political organization to advance their ideas Obama had that that organizing for America group and. Instill left. Yeah their strength lies in their ability to raise money both of them are money machines even if they're weakened even if Hillary Clinton is weakened there's still a part of that party. That will pay whatever the going price is. To hear her speak could buy her book whatever and that's where the strength as long as you can raise money and politics at any level Euro player. Hey before that we heard them Michael Caputo with our Tom pockets saying that in his mind the top story of Tony seventeen. The Russia investigation Russia I think that could top the list of most annoying words of 2017 that we did last week. Is that going to continue on into next year do you see that is one of the top stories. No because I don't think there's anything there if there was anything there we would have known about it by now we've hit two indictments. Neither of which had anything to do with the campaign and Donald Trump wanted to do with lying to the FBI in the early had to do was pay X invasion. And so I think this continues to go on by the way this Russian investigation if it's taken a tool on any body and anything it's. James called me mr. Mueller and the FBI. This thing is really shown some very. Very concerning elements of the FBI top leadership the FBI being extremely partisan and bringing those fees the feelings of the law enforcement table. Which is a no not so I I think it's it's going to continue what I this is nothing there I would disagree one thing I heard. You say that Michael said maybe you didn't quite say it this way but. That big of an improving economy won't help the Republicans I disagree with I think an improving economy is hugely important a record is seen article recently about the late nineties and Bill Clinton and all of the problems he got in with Monica Lewinsky. And he survived one of the reasons he survived is because the economy was doing so well and the article had a great great line limited said. In politics the welfare actor will always trump the yuck factor. Okay until I mean don't you well Becker certainly overcame the yuck factor in Bill Clinton and I think it's got the potential to do it again. This coming in the next couple years. People may very well say I don't like cultural book boy look at my 401K by wages have gone up my businesses expanded my taxes have gone down. How would hold my nose and vote for and don't they need someone to to us sound that trumpet vowed to point out. G tax reform was good for you yes they do and hoping house elections will do that I'm hoping house elections will do that it what's gonna happen now. Is you don't during this course of the year members of congress will be going home on a regular basis will be conducting town hall meetings will be doing polling. And once they get. Increased take home pay kicks in February better start picking that up. In person and in polling and the more they see it more than gonna talk about it the more they touted it just takes the life of its own so. I'm hoping the party or things that bothers me about the Republican Party is their messaging strategy or lack of Democrats are very very disciplined. When it comes to messaging we sought in this tax reform vote that they've managed to convince the American people. Again with a huge assist from the mainstream media that this was gonna hurt them. Republicans didn't seem to have a message and strategy they have a policy strategy. But they never seem to have a separate war room that was okay. How we gonna sell us how we gonna counteract Democrat. Talking points and how we can respond to this question to me they just don't seem to have and I'm hopeful Mike fingers are crossed. Going into 2008 and put it together at a national level. Two to sell it they might my advice would be tag called Newt Gingrich has Kim how best to structure a messaging strategy going in 2008 team. Understandably so our conversation with Carol calabrese alive in studio's been focused on Donald Trump because 2017 was again. The year of trump put Karl locally there's some big stories in politics too. How big going into 2018 is the Democrats taking over the Erie county legislature. Well. I I I would limit that to. The county legislature or some other things that happened locally that that speak to the broad picture aspect of your question brining this. The Democrats took over the town of Amherst town board. And the Democrats now control. The town boards of the first three ring suburbs I don't want Amber's been Cheektowaga. In total. There's not they were elected Republican. Out of town border town super riser and anyone of those three towns so when you take a look at it and that's indicative of you think horizon registrations and horizon and yeah I mean we have reviewed cop and the Republican Party is down 13334000. Votes in Erie county. That begins to take its poll after while another Republican is the glow on the three countywide seat so mean to win all three of those seats was an impressive. And string of victories given that enrollment disadvantage but as I said I think earlier. In the year operating after the election on the show. The Democrats won the long game because they now have a farm system they now have. A cadre of town council members and supervisors. That are learning politics and learning how to raise money building an organization getting their name ID up and we seats open up in the county legislature in the state legislature county executive you've got people. Known quantities running large towns who can move up and be an A list candidate immediately so. I think the the greater significance was affect the work that Democrats now control the all 31 ring suburbs total of over 30325000. People. And to add to that the buffalo population and you basically have nearly two thirds of of you re county residents. Living in communities with 100% Democrat. Legislative bust. And in terms of policy. Can you make the argument that now what they democratic majority in the Erie county legislature. That mark on cars as county executive has a much freer hand. To do some of the stuff that he may be tried to do when Republicans were in control absolutely and not only a free hand for probably an easier hand. Allen Joan how controlled the body you're gonna have a friendly group of legislators who are on the same page as a county executive in terms of an agenda. And it's gonna make life a lot easier and and the criticism now gets. Dial down a couple of notches because you're in the minority so what issues does he put forth now because he's able to. That's a good question I I really am Ahmed at a loss on that when I think we have to wait and see. What. What he rolls out as an agenda this county executive is known for for throwing some policy surprises just when you think you. You know we him he's not he's going down one way one road. Abbas and other media I revisiting the plastic bags and they are you just don't know you just don't know. He made a one of the more hot issues in the city of buffalo in this past year which may. Turnover into the county is what's called exclusionary zoning account executive has been talking about. Making inclusion Mary zoning for developers. Part of any incentive package that comes out of the EC IDA the Erie county industrial development agency we'll see if if he pursues that there's a lot to do a lot of push back on that. The city just had a consultant's report issued that said it's not gonna work infecting could be a detriment to development so we'll see how that plays out. We are wrapping up the year in politics with Carol calabrese are in studio guessing Karl. You brought a list with Syria the winner is sandy had a good losers you know the people who didn't win 200 another word yet losers and other words I guess so why don't we start there you're losers of us. Seven has a long list unless it's along this mud twice as long as my winners half I don't loses must start with ice this which has lost 98% of their territory. A major reason is because Donald Trump change the rules of engagement. In fighting them and allow the military to do what Rush Limbaugh's fond of saying you killed people and break things. I have Harvey Weinstein that's an obvious one enough. Honorary mention all the others from metal our two. Charlie Rose on and so forth and so many of them. I put my loser list of Democrats in terms of the way this strategy for handling this tax cut. No one democratic vote and that they don't have any ability now to say that. They had a part in all the good things that are going to come. I have the mainstream media which I thought the mainstream media. Lost a lot of credibility during the campaign. They've continued to just essentially abandoned any sense of objectivity in covering this president is so biased I I don't even read anything anymore. With a with a byline of New York Times or Washington Post. I put the FBI in there I think the FBI has done some serious damage to its itself again not. Not the the agent on the street I'm talking about the highest levels the political leadership of the FBI has gotten way too involved in politics and I think. There's going to be more revelations to come Hillary Clinton is on my list because she she lost an act will not go away. I put the NFL I might lists the NFL. Badly handled the three National Anthem. Issue. They the game continues to get bogged down now just in replays and over on overturning place. But the number of penalty flags it drives me crazy that. Almost every other play there's apparently play just as an aside a couple of months ago my son in law and I were watching the Alabama old miss game. They played eight minutes into the second quarter before the first penalty flag flew. And then another five minutes into the third quarter before the cycle influence on the plate 23 minutes. From the first the second quarter of uninterrupted football by flakes you think that's good as we told Vince McMahon brings back the ex FL. Don't want it yes. I put Al Gore's movie the sequel to inconvenient truth. Which earned a grand total of 3.5 million dollars the box office was that tremendous flop Steve Begin and end Roy Moore. The to a democratic couple because. That was the Indians candidate Roy Morse interview with Sean Hannity is the go down as one of the worst interviews in media history when he was asked by Sean Hannity do you date teenage girls is as was generally know. And while out by saying but I asked permission of the parents first I look really studied humidity nice prologue time. And then lastly I put down free speech on college campuses and what's going on college campuses now is is scary. Then I'm but in some campuses the vast majority of students. Do not believe in the First Amendment anymore and are willing to shut down speakers written argue. Using the logic effects they've turned into an namely mom I think that's very concerning to I've been the other side here come the winners. A real quick Donald Trump. You really think he's when I do. Put this what we look it is we tolerate people are battling him so much with who wouldn't look at his policy successes. Which the media does not cover that's I think is selling point not only does a media. Have bias in what it covers at his bias and what it doesn't cover the angle through list but doesn't things is cutting the regulations that tax cut bill. The Supreme Court nominee is appellate court nominees. Drilling in and wire oh approving pipelines selling liquid natural gas to Europe. Which has broken that the Russian control over European energy. Selling anti tank weapons to Ukraine. The unemployment statistics in the economy is starting to come back the defeat devices all of those are very positive things. They just not. Covered yeah you could make. Oh in an argument that his name belongs on the winner's list because he's getting what he wants every single day and it's whether it's positive or negative no matter what the outlook it is. His name is at the front and he's driving the agenda sought put him on my list. I put in this this will probably upset a lot of the concerts but I put Mitch McConnell on my list because it was in Richmond Kyle's decision not to fill this goalie a seat. In Obama's last term that allowed to. The vacancy to be filled by trump that's gonna have him pick 20/20 five years in the future and the fact that. Well under Mitch McConnell is leadership the on the senate has approved like four times as many judges to the appellate courts which are hugely important. Then. As occurred under President Obama and most of these judges are like disciples of Antonin Scalia so that's gonna have you and the impact. I put my winners list the democratic base voters which is energized now that Republicans don't come up with a strategy. For turning out their base they could have some serious trouble coming in and Erie. We briefly buffalo mayor Byron brown won reelection this year. On the Lester not. He's yeah I'm a winner on the wordless vocal it can't calabrese joining us live in studio for one more segment Massey Alomar Tucci calabrese & Associates were talking. 2017. In reviewing Carlton the one thing when I look at 2017 and how Washington is operating. And with the exception of there with the resume VA bill early in the trump presidency. There was absolutely no working together. A Republicans. And Democrats on I was actually shocked on the local level yesterday we itself hum hi Lou mark holik are standing together. I agree you know outside a podium in it was a really refreshing to see. Does that change at all and as we go forward and 2018. Not on the national level know that the Democrats have have settled on a strategy of resistance in the way you know that is you got to numbers of US senators Democrats. Are running for reelection this coming year in state said Donald Trump won by huge margins double digits. Not one of them voted for the tax cut bill not a one that tells me that. They have convinced themselves and see time will tell that they can they can win. Just based on a resistance strategy as opposed to be a pro active strategy so that they had their best they've made their bed we'll see how that works out for them. All right we're telling about still working together though let's look at each party. How big your rift as they're still exist in the Republican Party. And topple being mentioned earlier the Elizabeth Warren Bernie Sanders wing of the Democrats vs the Hillary Clinton wing of the Democrats. There is risk in both parties that again the media just tends to cover the one in the Republican Party there is certainly a rift in the Republican Party there is still yet to be a reconciliation between. The trump wing of the party in the establishment wing of the party and I mentioned to sign on your show last time I was on. After the Alabama raise their youth group Republican establishment candidates seem to have. A tough time winning primaries. And insurgent trumps candidates seem to have a tough time winning general elections and the until those two wings come together and figure out how to find the candidate that meets. The criteria of both wings there I have trouble. The Democratic Party people do not realize how far left the Democrat party. Has moved is moving will continue to move. You've got the Elizabeth Warren Bernie Sanders when the party very strong growing stronger. And I think anybody who runs for president under the democratic banner in 2020. Is gonna have to sign on to what I call the free stuff agenda. You know free entry into the country open borders free college tuition free medical care that's the agenda that's being driven most powerfully now by the left wing. Normal before we let you go in 2018 you mentioned 20/20. That were already going to be talking about it will the candidates kind of become clear for what we're going to be looking at in 20/20 on the Democrat side for president. No because there's could be so many of them if you take a look at. Early lists of potential democratic candidates there there's over a dozen in terms of some governors senators. You know these are the the left wing of the party though the progressive wing of the party. Will drive this process and I think you no matter who runs you're gonna see them you know really catering to that again when I called the free stuff agenda. Our Carlo calabrese political strategist at Massey Telemar Tucci caliber is an associates. Joining us once again in studio Carol thanks for us all your insight over 2017. And it. And a happy new years you know all your listeners yet happy new year to you we look forward to much more in 2018.