2017 Election Night - Mark Poloncarz

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Wednesday, November 8th

Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz reacts to the results of the 2017 Election.


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Can just talking about thoughts. Well we've certainly had some huge victories by winning the supervisor's race Amherst and Hamburg. Sloping nose and of course hoping the right legislature from red to blue. The sheriff's race is still in doubt it's too close to call. Talk to Bernie Tolbert and I. It was not an concede I don't blame his too close a lot of absentee ballots out there and still some districts have been accounted for putting districts that we think Bernie's gonna win. So it it it's. It was a good night if you think about it because the Republicans came in control in the legislature. Controlling all three countywide seat controlling the town of Amber's controlling. Hamburg and lost hamburger Los Emerson lost legislature. Along the way we want some other seats to including the entire hotel bored him Amber's. We had a pretty good night as good as ugly but. It was it was a good night read. Can you talk about what the warriors. Mayor Byron. The city. Well bar has been a great partner with myself a lot of these issues economic development. I'll continue to focus on poverty. Addressing poverty and I know the mayor royals will so we're gonna continue to focus on these issues of growing jobs for our region and addressing issues of literacy poverty and and and I think we'll. The site that I had a good relationship with a message of change in that. And just allows us to continue to work in the right direction. I know I talked to governor governor called me tonight. I'll congratulated me on our victories and I was very happy of course the bears' victory and thus taking back the legislature. In it's a good sign going forward to 2018 which is the governor's election there. Crises said that it's not a good night to read. Tonight you know which liberty and through the great night next elections well I think after all the votes are counted to show Bernie Tolbert was sheriff's office and review great. But you always you always see people win but in every race is going to be winners and losers we had some tremendous candidates. Steve C Jeanne moos shows and print. A strong candidate right races came up little short like Clint I really thought like was gonna pull that race out in the legislature came a little short. But that's just how it goes in politics he can't win a ball but we did better than we happen. Passed this is a top election cycle for Democrats and she's the lowest turn out here ever. And we actually increased the vote total by almost 20000 votes from four years ago that's why Democrats to disloyalty to tonight. I commend the Republicans and one of the operations. Such as the Mickey turns and stuff on the island. We know in county government got a record your partners and and they're gonna be partners I don't have for the next four years.