2017 Election Coverage - Sheriff Tim Howard Victory Speech .mp3

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Wednesday, November 8th

Erie County Sheriff Tim Howard's victory speech after the 2017 election


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It's time huh. The toughest and into the headquarters in the Republicans are calling the race team I'm anxious. You see that and I could hear it through yours for a two hour movie. Always well it was probably to have pleasant. Thank you very much. It's located legal list column night is long to get called tonight I'll. Thank you all very much. Army could tell anybody here how long. Nightline's but I don't ever remember any on any longer one let. First thing I have to say is to all the men and women Erie county sheriff's office. And all of the law enforcement operators everywhere in all of our first responders. On the people that risked their lives on a daily basis for the good of their community. I am truly deeply sorry that so many of you on the head your good work. Undermined. In the tapped in at me I I I feel terrible about that. And I have a nothing but respect and admirably in our Ed race. It's been a long night for all of harper Oliver first responders. They are the defenders of justice and certainly not the old funders. In my Evelyn most sincere thanks to the Republican committees the conservative committee to the independence and to the reform party's further endorsement. Again might pay my appreciation. On the it enough to our tire committee. On the people work so hard to all supporters out there of financial supporters and certainly on to the voters. I will say in my 45 your arsenal lightly and number. Not a harder working more honorable man. On the islanders there mark government would. Having said that I find it impossible to even think of the words to thank my heroic. Cancer providing life. And. I. Unquestionably work more hours at this that I am. I'm I would come home at night and find her on working at the computer and there room buyers salt. I would fall asleep quickly lasting image area trying that attacks might right then and wake up and finder's still sitting at that computer I'm still going to make it. Trying trying to put everything put out. It's probably not right to say this but I I just can't help myself she she did everything. To coordinate my life. I'm she even laid out my wardrobe or not. A number of wardrobes. Some people may suggest that we did make one mistake and one day she should put something out on the that I go to our. But I can't I continue to disagree. And I think everyone that voted for me I think you for thank you operative being an open mind and for doing your own thinking. On Nolan should ever let other people do their thinking for them. I love honorable people. I love those that believe in personal responsibility. I don't care what political party you come from I don't care about your your race or religion. On their marriage status or sexual preference for your natural. Origin. My commitment remains equal to or are we want to protect your safety on this is what I went might like to do. But I have to say it's sneaking in their country does not make you an immigrant. It makes you an illegal alien. Thank you all for supporting me. And I am proud to continue to be yours here so thank you all very much.