2017 Election Coverage - Sheriff Tim Howard .mp3

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Wednesday, November 8th

Erie County Sheriff Tim Howard's one-on-one with Tim Wenger.


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All right that's it here with good victorious Erie county sheriff did Howard. Sheriff Howard very very close race tonight extremely. Close to get a closer as doesn't. Now and it's like Cain and went back and forth that for Carlisle felt like we are watching professional wrestling. Yes I you know some pundits out there can truly include leaders say this is still too close to call. Well. I mean I I I I guess that elude them for the the experts that this would say that. Well when there's a racist that is this close to double that can do recounts are looking at absentee ballots. I'm I I feel confident that this will that the that the same results will prevail. On that the that the and think you're eligible we'll matches they normally do on the voters are certainly once a close race. On voter turnout actually hit a a lot of impact in this economy across the entire county but that. Would open. Would that I believe that the voters made their choice and they made the right choice what does this close race him. Greens are the close race they pound well yeah there was a ton of misinformation put out there miss in the night like statistics than in those. The network falsely represented. It is certainly demonstrate the need for us to get back with the public can make this clear and I'm almost let the actual circumstances are. But it's hard to get the truth now when there's so many other people that are trying to spread something other than through but the people that nor did he help the people that know I deputies. Like our current practice laughter. A working knowledge that they're there to help people not to hurt people but at Gail and I think everything else. But our deputies on the road are doing a lot of job as our our personnel in the jail but bad things happen in jail because the people that are there and gradually sincere thanks. That is seared in her life making millions and walks up the podium here tonight victorious. WP you guys.