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Wednesday, November 8th

Erie County Democratic Chairman Jeremy Zellner on the democratic results of the 2017 election


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Here. Our has. Declared victory. Are you all still calling this still too close do you want to wait and count absentee ballots. I think Bernie wants to wait and count absentee ballots right now. Comet appears I think there's 1111000 absentees bots that just over 7000 returned as of this point. And the race is I think about 4000 at last they saw but there's still numbers being dumped in so I don't think anybody's ready to do any conceding any time soon. Any idea when the absentee ballots will officially be counted probable won't get those together the next week or so concerned about definitely how many are there. There's about fight again I don't know the numbers in front of me I just left the board but. There's about 7000 that are in at the board right now but there's still they were able to postmark them and they still could be in the went down to the wire it did you know this race and the clerk's race were hotly contested. People work very hard on those races we had a strong positive message for us do you see shot the Republicans in this town did a lot of lying. That a lot of misleading did a lot of negativity kicked out of the gutter and they pushed us to vote down and suppress the vote. Didn't run anyone for legislature in the city didn't run anyone for mayor did run anyone for city court. I mean did everything they could to make sure that we at a low turnout. But our parties or candidates went out and pounded the pavement knock on doors all weekend all for the last six months. And we boosted the turnout and we came damn close to taking that clerk's race. And I'm very proud of our candidates picking up Erie county. Majority in the legislature was a huge thing for our community. And you're gonna see it out real soon we take that don't share power ran away with the race four years ago at this time obviously as we've remark down to the wire. I was different about the candidate this time around well I think. That what I said is is he he got pretty deep in the mud and in so long a lot of mud. It's rare that you see candidates start six weeks out before an election doing negative advertising amassing a word about his record. So you know it when that happens it's it's hard to pull through and he did four weeks of toth. Misleading ads and mr. October mr. Childers won a theme. I think it's just too close right now I'm I'm not sure that at the point you know that we are in this night that it's time to concede at this point we still have absentees. Could be affidavit. Ballots. And all the chips are into the machines with a final count right regarding the clerk's race over a 100000 dollars reporting by both the Democrats and Republicans. Why is that race it would work well it was an open seat there was no incumbent there so I think both parties wanted to have a shot to replace Chris Jacobs of accounting clerk. I think my my yeah counterpart mr. Ling were the mr. mr. Kearns. Fail to remember that last year they spent over 200000 dollars directly from the Erie county Republican Party to try to purchase Erie county district attorney's office. But this is 2017. And now they're gonna try to. And then on us but. It's an open seat Tom there was no incumbent there and we both thought we had good candidates and I think we definitely have a good candidate in in your career today. It and I'll be very positive concession speech. Do you think this will be the last time we see him running for office I don't think so at all I think you're gonna see a lot more from Steve C shot you're gonna see a lot more from people like Michelle shot a man who ran a great race energized. Frankly energized me. And inspired me Michelle worked very hard talked about the issues hit doors every single night we're talking about a woman who was a teacher and mom last year. And you know just you know going home and taking care of her kids. She she takes Chris Collins sound of the most powerful members of congress puts up billboards builds a grassroots effort against him. And then takes on the Conservative Party a majority leader in the county legislature that's inspiring. That's what we need more governor community we had 33% turnouts and hire thirty to 31 we need a hundred. Read more participation and inner inner community. We're were you surprised by the united turn our wasn't right about where you expected to I was we worked awfully hard and spent a lot of resources I'm getting people to the polls today through mail through phone calls and paid phone calls canvassing. Through social media and we did everything we could to boost that turn up everywhere. Turnout everywhere and so I'm a little surprised but but we did work hard for. I think it's appreciated sorry got here easily. Oh.