2017 Election Coverage - Bernie Tolbert

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Wednesday, November 8th

Erie County Sheriff Candidate interview with Mike Baggerman during election coverage. Note: This interview was done with only 61 percent of the districts reporting and does not take into account the close results at the end of Tuesday's vote count.


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Hey Tom yes Bernie Tolbert is joining us live on WB yen up Ernie to some of the recent numbers that have come in. I Erie county chair Tim Howard has about a six point lead on you right now at about 57%. The precincts reporting what was the feeling like. Well all wheel we're very hopeful week but we're tired we've done. Other things that we think we need to do and that's what those numbers and I've just Portland in and that's what districts polling places that reflects well. It was the obviously you want tried his many places in Erie county and during the campaign which placed very expecting to see the biggest turnout from your stance and now. Well from what we've worked like thing that's huge victory hardware but we were out of across polling sites today I was visiting polling tonight stake in Opel workers and saw huge turn out to end up Amber's. In that area they afterthought on this outcome hamburgers not righted itself. I've I'm hoping that there's a big turnout in the city who worked hard very hard in this city the last couple weeks to turn out the vote is crucial given the enrollment numbers in the city. But so I like to see the city through notes on the heat through what you're days been like. Well these data out this morning I've voted first thing in the morning they have that we yet apparently hit the road we went to. 21 different polling sites start up experience. We did and it's Amber's. You can block let's and where Eden. If it ended up been down bring them. They came back here did. Tightness. With. In your reaction to some of the attack ads that are that's been playing these last few weeks is it's not it's it's been both sides know what you thought about. Here our stance against you. Well the first of these things that they do not true errors. A blatant distortions. But that's politics I suppose night started doing this my mothers that don't run because. Let us say things about them make up things and so it's not like you know I didn't expect it but I tried to focus on. On the record and issues think that at you want to hear about. Now that you've been under what say you talked about things like you're counting all the insanity L Buick epidemic both are important battles here in Erie county. I'll of all the things that you campaigned on what what some of the biggest issues that are facing. You're reconnaissance office he tackled since you've become the next here. I think the first issue is one of leadership I think there's been a real lack of leadership in this here this in and that's what I think I know that I can provide. Who's the good men and women in this game to army hospital while. You know that the fact that it is here has appeared in them rallies in that I divisive and send the wrong message to contract. To me that's not the kind of of the leaders so I would never do that anything that's divisive ringing at suggest. Patriot. In any way to me it's not part of my agenda and I would not exist. I know you don't want to think about losing but hypothetically if it were to happen numbers are in your favor right now what happened. CT clamoring for public office again you go to private sector would you. Makes its way to relate that to think about that night and give him. But. I've had along the career and I think very successful career so. You know it's something that comes times that I've I've done my part I've done my fair enough and now we let them do everything very right green children. Good things you know anything they haven't had a chance to do but at this point it's. Really. Well I'm glad I plan B to share for the next week. That's blurred Bernie Tolbert candidate for Erie county sheriff if you miss that audio you can hear on demand. At WV UN dot com Tom.