2 Former Presidents Speak Out - Brad Mielke


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Usually when they leave office you don't hear much about former presidents president Barack Obama and former president George W. Bush both kind of broke that rule yesterday let's bring in correspondent Brent Melky for a little bit more on this. The morning Brad thanks for being with us this morning. Tell me first about president W bush. Kool Aid into George W. Bush came to New York yesterday to deliver a speech on behalf of the George W. Bush institute which which really does. Represent a lot of. In his values when when he was leading the country it's a lot about. Yeah an aggressive foreign policy stand an aggressive free trade stands and he really. We didn't speak about those gold yesterday but he clearly with out mentioning president trump by name. Did eight or point by point breakdown a competent or the American first agenda whatever you want a colleague used clearly contrasting his vision of the world. With president talked he talked about how. Nationalism has turned into neat evidently he talked about. The culture of bullying from people in public like that lead out into the rest of American conversations. And part of the tendency to look into word when we feel threatened. And use that sort of talk about it agenda whether it be trade order sentence. Or a lot of other issues the countries they can't really hide president talked to some of the ugliness that we're seeing. In American life is rather startling speed for someone who would never really spoke that way about President Obama. And on President Obama he spoke yesterday may be unlike George W. Bush who we might expect to hear more from him in the future. Well that's right and that is because President Obama made his first sort of high profile appearances. On behalf of fellow Democrat on the campaign trail yesterday he went to New Jersey event for the democratic candidate there who's pretty far ahead and then last night. He made it more significant stopped in Virginia that's where the governor's race. Is rather tight and so he was stumping on behalf of brown nor them. And they could get a lot of similar things that you heard George W. Bush to vote in terms of. Not mentioning president from by name but sort of blasting the era of divisive message and saying that have been created by you by. You know people of the White House and in Washington. But also been called up around northern opponents. Ed Gillespie and you'll see this more from President Obama because. Democrats badly need to win and they think that President Obama can help get them for them. These were his first political heir to the 2017. But then again there's not a lot of elections this year you can expect to see have a lot company eighteen during the mid terms. To the degree that you you you can tell us what was the reaction to President Obama does he still have the juice among Democrats set. Is it is that a good thing he's out there on the campaign trail for them or was it he's a former president now. I mean certainly the you know the former president I would not say he is the he. You know is not dependent necessarily liked. He is still a rock star among Democrats that believe it in an era. You know when he was able to go through eight years in the White House scandal free emerged rather unscathed at least in the I didn't Democrats. That somebody who they believe can reliably get Democrats across the board with the baby party centrist progressive. Or or or or more moderate Democrats. President Obama seems that took retain the ability to speak to them all and command the respect of the ball. And so that's why I think you're gonna see a lot of candidate leaning on him the question will be who he wants to stick his neck out for the conduct or he'd been reluctant to do that. That's Brad milky joining us to former president speaking yesterday you can hear some of those remarks throughout the morning. Right here on WB EN.