2-20 Olympic Update - Alex Stone


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Yeah and competition oh my from South Korea with Felix Stowe. OK Alex is here let's start with hockey pretty exciting night last night and what's the US men are still alive. Yeah I think you know it's somewhat amazing Susan that many people didn't think of these events he would get this far this year minus the NHL players because it it was kind of an unknown nobody dad knew really what now this team is gonna jail and how they would dad and be able to perform but. They crushed Slovakia five to one overnight there was elimination round it was do or die they had to win this one otherwise they were done but. They are gonna stay alive now Ryan Donato plays for Harvard related to stand out scoring is that third and fourth goals at the Olympics. College players again the the NCAA players like we talked about past matches really leading the way for the US. The men actually Susan scored more against Slovakia then they did in all of the preliminary rounds but have been now it's tough. We go into the quarterfinals. Netted they've made it that far against that the Czech Republic the Czech Republic is undefeated. I've gone up against undefeated team is gonna be difficult if somehow the US get past that then it's into the semi finals been in the gold medal game but. I'm we're looking along way down the road overlook in five days down the road dead Sunday. And at this point we wait and see if the US to make it through this next I am sure what is this next game against the Czech Republic. It said tonight US time it's a coming up they don't get much rest time matters there didn't women the next day it was a last night US time was. The game against Slovakia really overnight in out a turnaround that they've played the Czech Republic redolent okay. Anyway medals for the US last night. Yes good news bronze medals elegance not nice at least WS siblings Alex in Miami shivered Johnny. They took bronze and they were up against the power of the Canadian tire tests of virtue and Scott Moyer who were just incredibly strong but Alex in mind shivered Johnny. They had a very good performances as well showcase excellent technique and one other bronze British Sigourney. Earning a spot on the podium barely edging out her teammate Ian half pipe or teammate got bumped to fourth place. I CO this is a day that we can come and we have many analysts say this every day and say yes team USA has two more medals today. Are they still I have reported another doping incident with the another athlete from another country. Yes so we we were talking yesterday about the issue with that the Russians which by the way just a little while ago. The the Russian that delegation that they confirm that. The crucial risky Alexander crucial that Steve that they're rushing curler I did in fact that dope the day yet they got the beat test back and that beats and shows that. I he did in fact to have melt toll on the blood flow drug in your system we are waiting for that be tested to come out because. Up and tell them they didn't know there was actually confirmed now there is a another case a member of the men's hockey team wrestle mania out. He has tested positive he's been suspended from competing he asked to leave the Olympic village within 24 hours so. Three cases a lot less than previous Olympics but still they are dealing with those three cases in continuing to look for anymore. We don't know yet whether Russia will or won't be reinstated before the closings Dewey. No we don't know the Eddie International Olympic Committee hasn't decided they actually that they haven't even ruled on what he asked to do with his bronze medal it will have to be forfeited in the end you'll have to leave the Olympics but. What it's got to mean at the closing ceremony and if the Russians I can't march as Russians with Russian uniforms on. Yet to be determined but there's a good chance that debt. The International Olympic Committee is gonna look at this and say that that no way you can keep your end of the bargain that bargain was you have to have clean Olympics and then you could be reinstated. A gateway and fractions of a second means everything in the Olympics it's hard to believe. That there is a tiny that your reporting on in in one of the events. Yet comes down to hundredths of a second in in some of these and it deftly does in bobsled buddy and then and bobsledding. I Canada. And did Germany coming to an exact time down to a hundred Davos acted. They are both getting gold medals the hope that they've made enough gold medals for the team's day to get these medals. But they are both as a tie. Being awarded the gold medal something it's highly unusual has it ever happened before in the Olympics you know it's good question I don't know. We haven't looked of that fact yet but today it is not something that in in my career covering the Olympics and I've ever seen before okay well will be waiting for your coverage again today that's. Alex down reporting live from Keon Chang in South Korea.