2-14 Olympics Update - Alex Stone


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Then competition out there live from South Korea with Alex Stone. And Ellis is with us this morning let's start with whether we can Alex Smith women's giant slalom is happening in about twelve hours and we're watching someone from buffalo. In that race this event was already delayed once already is there talk of another possible postponement. Well we're hoping not good morning guys Indy Al lot of guys are beyond a Tricia mangan had to see how she guys in that in the giant slalom and now we're gonna have to see what they can deal you know every day we hear from the meteorologists saying that. They believe that the conditions are gonna get better that the winds are gonna die down and every day we wake up and it's still fifty mile an hour winds today the by apple launch was delayed some other Alpine events and then the giant slalom which we were looking at last weekend got bumped up to Thursday. Which is only a couple of hours here and he's still he's very very windy outside now we don't know at this point what they're going to be able to do with it. Will they after bumping up again and worldly a week and a half away and and it's gonna quickly be only a week away from closing ceremony that. They got to get all they see in the schedules gonna get very back cabbie and other gonna have a tough time man at finding a spot for all of its it to go and the schedule. They say that the Olympic organizers believe that they've got a handle that everything will be fine. But there is that potential that at the winds are strong again tomorrow the thought to delay again. You know we if everything gets pushed back push back push back is their possibility for the games to beat extended. That was passed down early in the week to the NI OC the International Olympic Committee folks and they say that at that time it was too premature dated anyone think about what they would do. It would be almost impossible to do that day you've got you know all of the broadcast rights and all of these the accommodations. And contracts for different things. You'd be very difficult to do that. If they had to potentially they could they're gonna try to get those runs in. At the first possible all the data and when that the wind comes down they're hoping it's going to be tomorrow that'll take some of the pressure off. Part one of the the big highlights just from the at the last twelve hours or so it was Shaun White in this amazing gold medal. Was the 100 gold for the US so for in the history of the Olympics right. Yeah exactly a very symbolic or gold medal there at a very high profile one and never before has an American man won gold medals at three winner Olympic Shaun White he's broken that record. Score on gays have final run 97 point 75 and telling reporters overnight that he feels pretty good ear for a. Says three time Olympic gold medalist man you know this obviously he I'm sure you can tell by my reactions at the bottom of the pipe that this meant the world to me and down in my family and my team he says. Everything after he was done it's all kind of a haze right now he doesn't remember who gave on the American flag he's getting criticized now bid for raping that flag completely around his body which is against flag etiquette but he says take. Forgive me I was celebrating you we use crying at that time. That he was redemption from Sochi in 2014 when he didn't do so well and didn't medal but at 31 years old he could say. I can still do this and he's kind of looking ahead even toward the summer games can we Siemens 120. Yeah and stating potentially that that they're there is that opportunity you know you'd be at 33 years old day at that point. There's even talk about would he come back for one more winter games to go down 35 year old. Not taking part in that something that seventeen year olds are competing in an and winning goals could veto it is body looks like it's in shape right now we don't know what his plan will be. Hate figure skating if we can switch to that North Korea beat the US last night how big of a surprise was this. Yet pairs figure skating at North Korea head of the US neither is likely going to it to metal they got there one more round coming up later today US time North Korea is an eleventh the US is in fourteenth but. Some surprise at that North Korea was able to to do better than the US and now a little bit of trivia for you that they kind of I surprise folks is what was the song that that North Korea decided to skate to young people thought it might be something that had to do with their country and here's what it was. The Beatles. The Beatles is what North Korea decided that this date to an -- had some not surprised that was her choice yeah I was surprised to say the least I'm sure exactly I'm sure there is the audience was as well hey Alex thanks so much we'll check him at you again tomorrow. It's Alex Stone giving us our Olympic update from Pyongyang's Chang South Korea.