2-13 Olympic Update - Alex Stone


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W may and competition. Live from South Korea with external. And let's go live to Alex don't over in South Korea Alex sold many Olympic events going on over the past couple days and nothing seems to have. Caught everyone's attention like flow we can the US continues to dominate at the snowboarding events. Absolutely much she was able to do overnight Chloe cam taking a gold and half pipe that incredible performance that she had getting a near perfect stored 98 point 25 out of a hundred that that's about as close as you can get without getting a hundred and believe it or not she says it did she could've done better that data during her run that she was. Angry you know I'm hungry angry kind of like the other Snickers commercials it here's what she told us a short time ago. Assailants. Think parents you know I actually eight probably twenty minutes ago Sam filling up better now. Mean as she says it says she got out they had to get going early she took a couple of nights of his sandwich in a Clementine Sacha because she got out there and realize that there is she where is you know a little like little grumpy because she hadn't eaten enough of and she was starving but maybe. Maybe that's what allowed her to add to win the gold so it it might have worked for but she says yes while she was up there and it's he was. Alex I saw her after the competition and she looked like it was just it just another day at the park for her I mean she's dancing afterwards. And didn't seem like she was is feeling any pressure at all. The Abu Allah nag you know maybe it's him as being seventeen years old and it seems like there's this snowboarders are are pretty chilled about the whole thing all of you know Wetherbee. I Chloe can more red Girardi who won that gold on the these these slopes dial. I did that you kinda get this real relaxed. They're stealing from them she like she was doing yesterday during the qualification round she was tweeting during the final she was asked today. Shouldn't your mind to be. They're just in his own and and focused on what you've gotten Friday and she said why she has produced going out there and snowboarding so. She was on Twitter and in between those are runs as she was getting very close to winning the gold medal. Aren't so that's snowboarding event going off without hatred some of the other snowboarding events there is a little of the controversy surrounding the weather and why they were allowed to compete. Yes the women's says slopes style they did go forward with it and and now the International Ski Federation is being at and it really kind of back called on the carpet to say hey. Why did you allow this to go forward and other events were cancel that but he got fifty mile an hour winds that you put on a snowboard that it turns into a Salem makes it very difficult. Forty of the fifty runs in need the final four slopes dialed snowboarding. Odd they've wiped out or they they pulled themselves out because they couldn't get enough speed. Dot American ended up winning that one Jamie Anderson from a northern California so worked out the team USA but. Now some of her competitors have gone to the skiing federation and said. This this wasn't fair you that is trying to do jumps in fifty mile an hour winds and it just wasn't appropriate. The ski federation though is saying now that they made the decision and and they decided that it was good to go and that everybody was on the same playing field that that nothing will change. So they're standing with the Ellis how the crowds what's attendance like it especially some of these outdoor events. Yet the outdoor events terrible bit tougher because it is so darn cold and and so windy that it it's painful for folks will be out there and and even in some of the indoor events we are not Ian. Metropolitan. Area we are hours outside outsold it they've built all of this. The venues. Specifically for this. This isn't an easy place to get its fourteen hours from New York it's fourteen hours from California depending on where you flight from it's now about the same for both coasts. Eats up a tough trip and apps take a couple of our train ride it to get into this area. That week we are fighting Americans are a lot of Americans who were here by. IE it's not in huge numbers and then there are quite a few venues it that a lot of space left in them aren't Alex Stone joining us every morning at 750. From Yung Chang. Talking Winter Olympics.