12/7 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 4: Dave and Tom Reunite.

Bauerle and Bellavia
Thursday, December 7th

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News radio 930 WBA. And it's. I think that it is something that is it's like a human thing. If it's like. It's almost you see somebody who's really talented but delivery self destructive except that is despite give me a really good but at the same time self destructive it's almost like it's duo takes over where people feel guilty. Com hourly as I do think that there are Americans who. Even though they'll never say this publicly are kind of secretly rooting for the bad guys because they think we have a too good and why wouldn't. Wouldn't they because that's all the crap they've heard they were kindergarten. And David Bellamy but I agree with you David we'd all be rock its hourly and all of via. Their partners Bloomberg taught us. No obvious what I say. On news radio 930 W. Welcome back to buy hourly and yeah. Well you know there's a guy that's been missing. For a few days and he's been in this town by now if you've been listening to radio on buffalo since 1951. You know the job hourly is a mainstay. Some say use a legend of Western New York buffalo. Well we have a very special guest this very tough interview and it worked with doctors get this done. We have Tom Bauer released heart on the live line here we go. I. It sounds he sounds good but. You know hearing could be deceiving. No I'm kidding I'm below I've lied we have the man himself. Todd buy hourly ton. Remember our Jude I am better than you what are you thinking going in. This is a really the first ball I want to tell you I love you. I was I didn't think I was called the Olivia and hourly I thought I was call and also don't ultimately one of those things is. Clinical. While he is let me tell you something bad it's Tom Bauerle real for not reviewed and I've FaceBook you've seen Tom Bauerle. Literally it it's like the Carson show he's got like all these gas on the bed he's like interviewing w.'s target dorm. I didn't and Shrek lately us. Yet but I guess you're my you're somebody at a looters they were what kind of idea of what joy that. You should. We we joke around you laughing at things that you know other people don't find funny but this is this a serious serious deal in autumn when it. Listen. You talked about you know 24. Transfusions of blood. That's really frightening when you think about it you know stop the heart you've been through this. You know before and it was stressful and you made it through I have no doubt you're gonna make it through this and you're going to be better and healthier but what goes through your head. When you go into a day like tomorrow. Well it's like when they ask. John F. Kennedy what went through is there had when he was in Dallas in the motor here just I don't. It is if the morphine talking because he is spot on this is the best show we've done ever. This is actually the real me I just about a dialogue however. Actually just I wanna just to put something to rest. It is highly unlikely that I'm going to need and excessive blood transfusions tomorrow it all is based upon the platelet. Count and let platelet count pews terrific. About the only thing in my party used to record. And the long story short I'll probably end up needing two to three units of blood which is quite typical. In a in a quadruple bypass situation. That's for by the way before. All much note David they like me so much that they were able to specially bring the end. Ten units of blood from patient hemophilia irks. Oh my lord can get the dumb but ready for this next question. Here's here's here's the thing. Are you joked around a long time ago about like if year. You know in the event of your death we'd throw you off a cliff for something you said segue we major. It buried up on good morning sure. Yeah okay so so my my point here is it as serious as this is your making light of it. I thought the message you had to the listening audience about. Gonna call a public service announcement but you know what. You're you're kind of talent other people look I mean I didn't expect this to happen nobody expects this to happen. And you know we got lucky because. Thankfully your heart was strong enough to kind of keep going when you should probably go on the doctor. But now that you're tackling this thing you really can come and become an ambassador to it to people to maybe save their lives. Well you know I think that that is that given there are a lot of things here that are giving me that have a lot of affirmative value and you know it just sort doesn't sound like we are. Engaged in certain we each other I think it's absolutely remarkable. That your on the error given. Given the tragic death of your debt. A man I know it was a big fan of the show. And a man who taught you how to be man and a man who. Lived as a man. And he died as a man and demand that you gave your final putt to just hours ago the fact that you were actually on the error. I don't think that people should overlook the fact that you. David are providing an unbelievably. Brave example. Of what it is like. Two. Forgive about the personal as best as you can for four hours in to actually go into the limelight of the public. And performed despite the feeling horrible personal loss that you. In do were we we are dead and David. One of the people who visited today it was a guy by the name of Tom Bender who is very. Terrific local musician. Tom in a previous life was a pastor. And he worked with your debt doctor William bell appeared in eighty our food pantry drive or something. And he was talking off over FaceBook live interview about all of the contribution your father made to the lock port area. Even you know even though you close to where you close to where you grew of course. I got so many tidbits about your dad. And a different kind of the texture about your father coming from somebody from the outside world as opposed to directly from you. And I wanted to let you know that you're dead. Is held in such how many. Team but so many people and he made so many valuable contributions. To the area. And I know how much you loved him that would be great many wars and different pitcher on the here. Today despite such a personal loss is it's it's just remarkable and I think. You're giving men that. In this crucified era. You're giving men an example of how to be a man. There's a great piece in Shakespeare's. York father had a father who died his father had a father who died and so on and so forth and we are players too that human tradition and you are. You're showing people agree electric or something except for that. Why how huh that was really a beautiful Tom and you know that's that the the beauty of Tom Bauer really get Haitian joke followed by the most amazing sweetest thing ever I I've never met mr. Bender and dead just absolutely made my day Tom. Thank you that there really means a lot. You know one of the things well what we'd lose somebody close to us we we always know people in certain context. The entries here about other aspects of their lives to which we may not have been privy work. Specific events out of a train of community service events. That your dad. Played a great role in helping other people I think sometimes help in the in the grieving process. Well you know it's certainly just did wonders for me you know when you said it so thank you you know one of the things about my dad was he obviously was a radio junkie and the idea that I got a chance to work what with a guy that he'd listen to all the time and you know when breakfast and buy hourly. I was in his heyday that was a time when the Buffalo Bills were I mean you tune in Monday morning it was appointment radio. And he I would tell them later on that note Tom really isn't a sports guy. Any did spoke Pittsburgh. For years and he said he was like that's occurred I never would have guessed during that time that I figured he was a football junkie that he loves sports. And and he would ask me questions about what you would like. And it would broaden such pride that that I was you know selected to be on a show with fuel and it was something he was really proud. Do you do you know and I know we're gonna go to traffic elect let me let me introduce haven't done this in a few days. We got three minutes and you're good. Birdie at 930 WB yen and the show actually has two posts even though somebody doesn't like saying my name. Because he's so classy. Let's go to traffic on WB and here's Elena terrorists. We got two minutes ago on that but that's. Record their little little the law that lets hope the surgeons flock is an off. Yeah actually so blustery sure. But yet you. You're used to and I obviously agree chuck de mr. DuBois what were real charter accepting the. That said he did a sports show for years and nobody knew that you didn't careless court. Opel we have talked extensively ought to hear about the importance of acting. Now I don't want anybody to get the wrong idea if David and I take an opinion or voice an opinion. We don't do for the shock value we do it because we sincerely believe at the time we give vent to an opinion in the position that we've taken. Are we don't do contrived nonsense. So the long story short. Is. Some of what we do is acting to the extent that we have to kind of pretend work passionate about something even if we're not. But. For example I'd ride sharing. With the Buffalo Bills with respect to the little bills or lift winters. I will get that point I was genuinely excited because there was a magic about the team at the same thing with the Buffalo Sabres there was a magic. To those Buffalo Sabres teams even though they never made. Even though they never have won a Stanley Cup so. But you saw the golden years of the bills and sabres in your lifetime. You know I didn't and I will never forget that but honestly I've I've moved past professional sports in my life because I simply chosen. Other. More pro America and conservative institutions to follow like Hollywood bogeys. Well I wanna give back Q of course Tom Bauerle I wanna I wanna get back to what Tamar represented and by the way how many people. Have not only contributed to go funding page for town. People legitimate people this tax board I know you have that on your phone. This kicks board is blown up by people that are are we should use a serious. Prayers and you know bill eating who. I believe we should probably get a restraining order on top billing me and loves you wouldn't and is sending many many he's a wonderful guy let's go to traffic they give back to Tom. Who gracious enough to college I guarantee the doctors told not to. Thank you will that was very sweet of you current temperature outside thirty degrees feels like nineteen to an update on what's going on. Pretty much tomorrow is going to be. Of 2000 pounds or kill them whether I went to. Focus jobs more important whether it but anyway Tom. Very kind of Alan to say Allen of course is. Was but I where he talked about the zipper club I held it you know I was in Provincetown all hoosiers this. This is unbelievable. Believable. Way what do you what is the recuperation time because obviously that the surgery is very important. You know. Analysts it's very painful but it is very painful yeah. And the ribs are something you know what you don't know you have them until the broken and one rib is an up to you know really ruin the holiday. We're talking about like every rig in and year stardom. That takes a long time to to heal. You know all the way from the area just. You know our best bet that the all the latest from that topped about bottom of the sternum including those site storage process which is that little loopy thing right at the bottom sternum. As they try to explain that David if you're in close combat with somebody that's what you try to hit and break it inserted into their liver for a slow painful death. No you don't nothing about that. With that I left. It was bad well not with that idea. Without any action up but anyway tomorrow morning David I have I just had a forty plus but the talk with the anesthesiologist. And I guess they're gonna let me at 6 o'clock to it into the details about etiquette terribly graphic oh yes I will basically. Very are gonna put me in bed they're British gave me everything except for my head and other inappropriate to show our. Which so this is this Friday night. Well it. Started way. Any other Friday at our. Normally it's three to four. And like 24. I call that Saturday. A but anyway yeah I mean people who were interest isn't all of the intricacies I'm sure they can look up how exactly via open heart to their quadruple bypass surgery is done. But you Thanksgiving. When you have Victor Turkey and had to like written on the middle yet kind of like that. And the recovery time. This is what I am genuinely not looking forward to as you know believe it or not I have a brief strong faith in god. I guess that the church the pastor away from the room today. Kawika that he kind of throughout the group you buy more objective the concerned about your soul vibe. And I tried to explain to people. That I am so grateful for the prayers. As the law of of buffalo and our audience in particular David. When I look at FaceBook and I see Muslims and Jews and Christians and I think they because Aurora street that are some or logos aren't. Offering prayers you have no idea how good it makes me feel. And not in an eager to go away just in our in developing a way it really. On it really has been periphery special committee to to read goes. But the recovery time is extensive. A I'm too old that the pain news excruciating. Which if you look at the origin of that word that comes from crucifixion it is in fact excruciating and of course Jesus suffered many broken rib during the crucifixion. Long story short and whether you believe using historical figure or you know was be resurrected some of god there was a guy named Jesus and they beat the crap out of in broken ribs are pretty bad about. We will be displaying the shroud of Bauerle later. Extra motive but portly. Other though that it might might Pesci here after all the infusions I've had over the past few definitely infusions all the yeah I get the infusion DeLeon and plots all the blood donors who looked like a big Maxi pad. But anyway. That was a pulp fiction reference. Thousands say hit his bed sheets look like Gorbachev Ted. You got out. The John I think a break wanna get back to Tom you recall back or you could stay whole tablet until. But I love the doctor more view of the energy and other doctors are telling you ought to do that or maybe you wanna call in and talk to Tom hourly. 8030930. Start and 310616. To Bibi and big day tomorrow he's trying to you know be funny as he always is but. I look. I saw this thing happened on Friday it was very concerning and when you look at your body and he's got open on his. Monitor symptoms of heart attack please check the law. It's not cool but anyway I wanna talk about my friends at best totally cool image aside. A festival. Equally let's put the vegetables and jobs aren't that will be heated and. Us game. Man. While great grade Sasha. Yeah. I'll buy hourly on the phone you can hear him weekly Monday Dailey and should it surprise threes seven and he. Currently developing a program. I'm Tom. And Tom here's the thing. By the way a bunch of sweet wonderful. If anyone can do it is it's Tom I'm here Tom again. Tom if someone else in the way it's fitting that today is Pearl Harbor day and you a big history about. You always went out of your way to do a Pearl Harbor story and you would play they the the vets in and just. It's something that. I think people can look forward you know early talks opera. All I I know that some people this might sound corny but. In the midst of dealing with all of these forms and consent forms and they informed consent lectures and all that kind of stuff. And I did take the appropriate amount of time today to reflect upon. All of the American lives lost in the uproot hideous Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. This date back in that 1941. And I really encourage all Americans who make it to Hawaii if you're going to go to Hawaii you really have to visit Pearl Harbor and do believe that such a beautiful job there over the years in particular with the Arizona. Memorial and December 7 is so one of those days that is the special day. In the American history actually this is nervous standing right next and in my future wife. And she. You don't know where it was the announcement that was his. Do what did you just the announcement. Well everybody pretty knows that that's gonna ever everybody pretty much knows is gonna happen. Well I just I've never heard it said before publicly on the airwaves well yeah. Well congratulations. Well thank you why I think you prepare for permission I gotta tell you I think she chose wisely. I think I got lucky but no I still active it's really not formal because. That the wrong way I met you chose wisely I don't think it's like a bit I mean do you I'm saying Christina is a wonderful person. Yes she she she truly is. And that's. I I definitely need to make sure that it took over the parrots because of basically though I want I can't do it. But I hope she can be emancipated sixteen your gut. No no it's it's it's as resilient during David duke all people should understand that. I wake up my truck. NHL job I gotta get to people who actually wanna talk UN actually care about you. Not seen executed and of course. Does it of people. I have callers Christina I'd say we have callers on the phone at one to wish you the best and give you shout out and tell you that they care about to hear from them. David I was I before we go any further. You know I I was really taken that. The Buffalo News which showed such a great interest in my medical situation or alleged medical situation just a few years ago. Are apparently very broad front page stories about this open heart surgery as well let. I want to thank them for their fairness in reporting I guess they just can't think they can make political pay off the situation. We did hear that the surgeon is a registered Democrat so I don't. At that no other surgeon who actually looks at this surgeon that I got gross error. It's so great she plays racquetball with god that's a beauty. Who wins though as the he does hey let's go to Marcia. In Laporte it's two let's go to Marcia unlocked ports she wants to talk to Tom buy hourly the day before. You know the big surgery a wide margin. Hi I'm I didn't date eight. Some guy. Well I don't know right now my husband get a quintuple bypass surgery in two years ago. And like fine except there Ali monetary tightening on top of everything that. Unbelievably. Exceptional. How's your husband doing he's doing great he headed out surgery. I'm Monday it was December 14. You at home on Friday. And back to work. Opt out early eight. Don't tell Tom that he's gonna milk this for at least four months until. I have yet thank you for that but I plan on milking this for as much as I possibly can't. Both in terms of publicity and time off so let's not given these super human statistics here are actually you're the average is more like. I'm off until the end of my contract. Well that depends on how long we have to go funny page. We don't regret that at that Forte would get equipment. How how is your husband is doing great and it'll. Just one question how did he do. The uptake of the thing that really at a lot of different doctors not to freak out because I'm a man I'm not a damn about American male I am an alpha male thank you very much. That was David but we don't go around pretending we're open Bell's what we're really not. It's far is the the incubation. Ali I am not looking forward to it happening this long saying down my throat for several days. I'm a key yet and I'm. The integrated Exxon after the surgery. They have. Well I'll admit and that case I think I don't they open heart surgery at an error that let it you're bad I. For either six or eight hours they don't Lee. Right there and Ali monitors and monitoring are here you know vital signs. What I want to see him that question is how painful how uncomfortable is it to be incubator that never been intricate. Well. I don't think the governor content when he was and debated and he went to Cuba and quite. Why we sing it debate and all the time as the the fifth time we've set it is that the I think that they they they do for the eggs to make him checks. But that's actually has actually done it just it's a medical reference to having YouTube jammed into your mouth or you can brief. Pick a side note let the audience know that Tom is actually being tortured right now by the same system that he tortures you with. We'd Tom talks and Marcia talks Thompson sound goes out. Actually with Tom does to you every time you call that the program it is our it staff edu and Marcia. Thank you for a telling us that he's in good hands and also. I thank you for given us an update your husband it's great news. And god bless you and him let's go to a job and go one day he wants to say something to Tom buy hourly jobs go ahead. I'm rotate it. And you'll. Do great what's your mind. OK guys I I have a doctor who's just come and they need to get off the phone so let me. It's not a problem. That's our job do what you gotta do it is your heart after all. Right well let's let you. Let's go back to John top. A child's do incidents should test right now live radio people and I'm about to go to surgery. Breakaway job did you Wednesday. You ready to announce bigger and what you what could nine networks where and the idea actually what it well. An airplane in place and John. Yeah yeah and you know my idea. Like gigante who they would look at you got what does it. God I enjoy your your good we talk a typical time. Yeah we Julia yeah and I looked comment on Hillary from that go and you know I yeah I've been looking into that mode. Always. You know reasonable reasonable we can certainly and a million. You would you condolences on your father but other are there. Two. Who and there are. Starting here that John thank you very much for your kind words. I know and better and Lanka and a we'll see you soon so look. And we get to meet Greek. We did okay. Thank you I appreciate that thank you so much John and it's good good to hear from you we always talk on FaceBook breakup. Yeah yeah they can take your job and take care you don't I'm. Thank you I appreciate that you know so here's there that the big take away here at tomorrow's big game for Tom and obviously you know. Were joking around in and trying to make life David but it is a very serious thing we do very much care about town. And and we're looking forward to calm seas speed its speedy recovery. And that he's going to be back he's going to be better he's going to be healthy he surround by people that care about him. And he's got the best doctors in the air and so were were really excited. I'd give them back and I'm and you're gonna hear from him even that was in the studio Tom's call back. From time to time because. It's what we've educated to victory away from town. And he talked to Bob and retire Dominique Tom Bauerle is that you radio. Not he loves it it's his life it's who he is. And so even though he's recovering I'm sure your voice from time to time so thank you for your kind words and there is no go for me pay for town we were joking about that they're going to be go on for anyone. And her job if they're having surgery but if you start one put my name out as well I'd be great. No I'm kidding where not just listening to Christmas party going on. At an account headquarters here. And it usually means that there are hundreds of people and these are people that advertises of people work with a Albert sister stations WGR in Kingston and starring. 1520 SP name. I'm sure are missing sound but they're all here and there have been a good time and the good food and just undermines this the holiday season in aggregate together. And you know we we we were you on getting into a little bit of Al Franken and I. You know sidebar and giving to this but a plea for you. A little bit of what Al Franken. Said on the floor of the US senate. This was essentially a resignation speech but he really announced that he was resigning in the end of the day as to when he was gonna resign. Al Franken gave a speech I gave you a couple of highlights of this thing and I could tell. This really crazy I mean this guy is basically saying I'm stepping down in a few weeks and this is why. And any Heathrow some barbs at some folks. Purdue. I was excited for that conversation and hopeful that. It would result in real change. That made life better for women all across the country. And in every part. Of our society it's. Then the conversation turned to me. Over the last few weeks a number of women have come forward to talk about. How they felt my actions. That effective thing. I wish I was shocked. I was upset. But in responding to their claims also wanted to be respectful. Of that broader conversation. Because all women deserve to be covered. And there are experiences. Taken seriously. I think that was the right thing to do. So I think. It gave some people a false impression that I was admitting. To doing things that in fact I haven't done. Some of the allegations against me are simply not true. Others and I remember Mary differently. Hi said at the outset. That the ethics committee was right venue for these allegations to be heard. And investigated. And evaluated. On. On their merits. That I was prepared to cooperate fully life and that I was confident in the outcome. The you know important part of the conversation we've been having the last few months. Has been about oh man abuse their power. And privilege to hurt women feel. I'm proud of that during my time in the senate I have use my power. To be a champion of women. Fast. And that diver and a reputation as someone who respects. The women I work alongside. Every day. I know there's been a very different picture of repeated. Over the last few weeks. But I know who I really didn't. Feel. Serving in the United States senate has been a great honor of my life. I know in my heart that. Nothing I have done as a senator. Nothing. Has brought dishonor wrong. On this institute death. And I am confident. That the ethics committee would agree. Nevertheless today I am announcing. That in the coming weeks. I will be resigning as a member of the United States and I all people him aware that there is some irony. In the fact that eight and waving. While man who is brag on tape. About his history of sexual. Assault sits in the Oval Office. And a man who is repeatedly preyed on young girls. Campaigns for the senate. Will look with the full support of his party yes. But this decision is not about me. It's about people of Minnesota health. It has become clear that I can't both pursued the ethics committee process and at the same time. Remain an effective senator. For them. Let me be clear I may be resigning my C but I am not giving up my voice. I will continue to stand up for the things I believe in as a citizen. And has an activist. Also under frank and you've got a bargain and a pure voice what you're gonna make pat. True. Your board and hear your resign now it stays at that account or should I do not like for. I don't respect he's our guy. I don't think he's. A good big thinker and I don't think he's. Those issues are really I think he's opportunist. I think that that a lot of people hungry Donald Trump Al Franken was sort of the democratic ultra or I should say the democratic Donald Trump he was a guy that. Was not a career politician he used his name recognition to rod to. I mean this is the state that elected Jesse Ventura the governor no offense to Minnesota but. They don't have a great track record of picking you know wonderful representatives. Tell you this. I would he said I thought was extremely immature and a professional and quite frankly deplorable. I don't believe that Al Franken. Should be resign I really don't I don't think that you can have. Allegations. There was a picture out there. That obviously was disgusting and gross but you know Al Franken did disgusting and gross things when he ran around with the US cell. And that's why people don't so much. To me this whole thing has really gotten out of control what you're watching Al Franken is just what happens when the machine itself. Yeah you know these leftists they come out there they make they're they're they're rather commentary on what's wrong with the world and it ends up. Taking them out. And I don't think it's right just because I disagree without Franken politically. Doesn't mean that a person can come out of the blue and I don't believe that you know 8910 and women came out. So it all these things happened one that was a sergeant in the US army female sergeant. That made allegation. That that senator Franken touched her she's a chain of command. There's no way Al Franken is going on another USO tour if that sergeant goes to which any commitment says this guy inappropriately touched me so. It makes no. It's illogical. To state that these things all happen and nobody found a way to get Al Franken not to get money out of him arsenal on. Until of course the first story came out. I think it's a sad state of affairs. Dwight do I want him to stay in the senate for political purposes now I really I could care less about frank it was a senate or not. But I just think that this to be fair this whole thing has gotten totally out of control. Inappropriately touching a woman there's no point in defending. When a man decides to. Touch someone or. Choose his will and desire over that person that's assault that crime that needs to be stopped and people who do it should be punished. Legally there's no system to punish people that are are abusers. To mean that we have a lot of people are coming out of the woodwork we're seeing stories that don't make sense where here and a lot of allegations and just how many allegations get. That adds up the the weight and you. And eventually block or resign but like Trent franks little known congressman huge I'm a pro he just resigned he's a Republican for the same purposes. We're gonna be backyard tomorrow and give you an update on top you know in on weather and all that hourly bella via ticket. Event inaudible. They did a good diet and did that ever read a good way they've got to put the focus the they've put in the right into the big brown not right. Calamity at all.