12/7 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 3: Northtown and Southtown Debate.

Bauerle and Bellavia
Thursday, December 7th

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News radio 930 WBE. And I'm not sure I am almost punched out Bauer. I'm saying. That was very close. That was one I cannot believe he's not gonna apologize for. He's come our way. You spit in mind. I do not yet. At least one is he's been in so when straight top what I'm sorry. How about like all I just hop an enormous boom. A you pizza so want a do it hard and liquid. Even my right and David Bellamy I am curious that you can imagine that it went in my mouth yeah. It's Bauer lay and Olivia. Get by DNA is now inside fidelity. Do not tell him I said that on news radio 930 WB. Welcome back it's outward three got Tim Weiner here because top Bartley is well he's got a pretty busy day tomorrow Tom is going to be. I have heart surgery and you know to tell you what. Iman it can be fun and he's he's gonna work out and he'll be back to work soon but if you wanna see in your prayers thoughts he always appreciate that. But also want FaceBook app legal via Twitter and send your wishes to him I'm sure he will respond when you tell the we at the Christmas party tonight I'm gonna send Tom one of cookies sent packages state. Because it's probably the last I immediately eat something like that. Only god is like a stick of butter in every cookie. That is down at the other end of the building and I those looking interest and we need to go get it can be taught our top Tim worked at a time of three entries so it's very David tell you that Gradkowski graduate from Mosul or I am aware that I'm seeing the gronkowski mentality is more cell count. But the big thing here is why isn't counting part of the Norton. It's a totally different for its like its own region yeah its own region I would say that Grand Island has to be separate. From the north counts it's great it is its own tribe counties tribe the north counts in the south counts. I'm seeing that counties basically politically it's like you. But tell me selling or falls has a lot in common with it was it was going to be careful calling them tried and referrals I mean. Automated thing on a not what I meant was it's it's its own little us. Its own little group it's a subset that its own cities like it would buy their own rules any funeral to. Which would mean just. In Niagara Falls if you take and these are blue collar. Rugged guys that you take them over you wouldn't come you don't pump raw sewage and our water but I love it. That makes women and assess what's the problem this. All started because of the south towns lake effect snow storm we've got into this you know and in a lot of people out there wonder why why some make me why do we live out in the south towns and commute to the north announced. And I'm I've always been a south towns person I converted Susan Susan was a north pound person she grew up in Williams though. Yeah and I didn't know there was gonna go we lived any story we moved Orchard Park and she loves it. But that was your home base whole Orchard Park as my roommates we lived and Easter are for ten years but. Yet so I've just south towns in the blood but I think. You couldn't pained me to drive around appeared like if I wanna go to say one of the big box home stores or something it takes me. You know five minutes to do it where I live. In appear I mean it's league you have to negotiate need to get them the map quest out and try to fit you know the figure out which which road is and and have nine traffic signals just to turn into the parking lot. We got a text message that I think the best of today threes and 30 south owners hate north owners because. North town by the written by north without at you north ownership of your own area codes we can identify and subject matter is that Nortel has beaten or towners can get places quickly. South have to drive up to a target home. That's not true true. Call it might be further we get there quicker you don't like the Wal-Mart in him right that is true but the Wal-Mart Hamburg is nice Wal-Mart western. It's huge if if you'd cut isn't marble floor. Here. Burton that you said the best Wal-Mart in the tired Ortiz and why are houses up here in the north town so close to the road. I'm your guy is a serious thing you could ease the hammers you drive down the street. That the houses are like ten feet from the immediately you could ring the doorbell from the road and mean it's crazy and you go out to Orchard Park. In Hamburg in my Seneca people of front yard so Gradkowski went to north that they kicked him out of the north announced that it. The legs. I think what it comes out with the north towners are absolutely obsessed with Halloween. And they want it close proximity to trigger trees fifth up at a and I don't think south honors care about how only. I don't know I don't think there's many many differences but but Kim the phones are blowing up 8030930. Start 3106. Once in a long way if you are out in the south towns right now and you are affected by the snow you can chime in and that we don't know but it is dissipating and how we'll tell you how long it's gonna take to get the target or Home Depot will take thirty minutes -- if you were a bit. This is it target on deep ignored the let's go to the phones. And let's go to JD in north China Wanda tell underwear when JD first ball. Let's say do you think it's north on south do you consider Niagara county part of the North Adams. I consider the town I come from grand Al part of the north towns. And they don't want us to be counted as part of the north towns now I live in order to I don't want to now I'm just glad I don't live I'm grand I want any more. Well what is north title considered. Nagger nagger county community and his nagger can anybody mile north of here it's not Europe and now. Until we don't have part of that through their front sure we're lucky we got to twenty highway. And there's no light turned and read anywhere you're lucky I'm one. So Whitney JD do you agree that there are actually four groups that were talking about yet islanders. You got the north tot you got this tiger or not liable now you got the north comic than north I should say the north towns and you have Edgar county and I believe its own sovereign count me. Its own sovereign nation. They have nothing big. What are the similarities between Niagara county people and Nortel people. You know you just admitted they don't want you part of the group what are not a part of the club. You don't part of the north towns. It is buried under segregated if you go to Niagara Falls proper. It's disaster. There Norton sound they're grown pumpkins. Welcome. You're lucky if you like yeah it's true the pumpkins in in Niagara county it's just. But here's here's one of it are you do you do you hate the south. No no all I completely believe me I. Think about trying to date a girl from East Aurora and she's got her own place you got a child lot. She disclosed her job she's like she's far away from the road above it neighbors neighbors are now close. Yes do you go to the south downs. Yes exactly I sit in meetings in this building. We're decisions. I am I am telling you no lie decisions are made about where things are gonna happen. Based on whether there in the north countertop if something comes up like. Well maybe we should consider holding that the you know out near the stadium. Can. The people from Williams all gonna get there. Dixie that's what I think the state apparently dead as the dividing line. I beg your I would I thought that I was gonna disagree with JD but I think he's gone. One I think wolf first of all I think he's defended our point that. That Grand Island they don't want them in the north counts they don't want Niagara county in the north towns. I think did JD is is about a man without a nation. Bat what I'm saying is I grew up under and I'll Wear the red headed step child. But western new York and people and say I've heard this they say oh yeah that article Ontario. Is that. JD in north title Wanda given to a straight thank you GD let's go to rushed in Grand Island. Is his restaurants. I rushed Johnson. Ago that your government Orchard Park rose. Paper bills game proudly I'm gonna tell you that Ross is Italy this Grand Island. My friends most of my friends live in the south downs. Hamburg East Aurora. Alma Orchard Park. There. So most of my friends and down there but I live hungry and analysts agree and I would like a world bitch oh okay absolutely. When I coach when I go shopping. I would rather go to Niagara Falls in the straight over the north bridge. And I can get my wife when I went Christmas shopping update two years. We did every single thing that we needed to do and tiger lost and we will back hold like five hours that we had not been any shopping what. I avoid it burst Williams bill parents spent whole area I would like war. Okay Jim you're exactly right every twenty feet businesses stop sign or stop light trap it or read it's. So I avoid debt but when my friends having parties. Or I'm meeting where it like oh we go to Hamburg Easter rocker. If Michael seen Gately we'd like go East Aurora. Mike and Mike Garrett Mike Loomis coma I mean all my friends down there so. So just wrote in arrested Niagara county is nothing like Chicago they're Republican count. I county politics right now here's a question from a political guy that's a pretty if you're gonna all the protests where would you go the northeast. Her spirit this old times. South people don't protest answer don't you. But now they really don't and that's what it's aggravating about Niagara county there's only small handful of people. Debt basically protest in different areas you government or government we feel. Okay in eerie Cody. Could protest anywhere and everywhere to be honest with you a week it's typical for us hoped it would and we're gonna have a Tea Party meeting. Or like a Second Amendment meeting. I go to all of my second mending meetings down down on the yes southern tear down any amber at East Aurora that's where they all are. Otherwise you buy go to the one in Niagara county medical all the way up the Wilson. Hold aggressive and keep overcoming these questions about politics and quick. We got to out rush on line in Grand Island and I was just I was looking at people that write a map trying to figure out where the north. And that grant looks like a poor job and I wanted to look at them it's really even as the little beau and I was looking at a map to confirm that indeed Grand Island who can know that Arctic I don't know if you do notice do you know that are transmit WV Internet and angry and that's right it's it's on the the bone and of them until March. I of the business and the fortune. While so it's the driving by your house right now it's always great to put on the air Q texture and will have a guy who that is yet will have elections around. Rush into a Grand Island at the bottom of this county and county great but here's the deal. Politics out there is more came to Chicago that is your count. Agreed insurance that you like people believed in account. Yes I get dot I had Niagara county politics Erie county politics. Are completely different animal absolutely completely different animal but Democrats control everything in Erie county. And the Republicans control everything and accurate not able you would know they or a study at saint time. You know you can really pay attention would go one out of Niagara county go OK when we try to the legislature. You know and so. It really is bad yeah I mean it it's you'd think people think gets nasty night in night Erie on its net here. It's just. A nagger county politician is a warrior. Gil question supervisory Richard Park tech team he's very good undermine it helped him get elected. Yeah he was EX two when I look at these two Laura techie was my dentist. Yes what is the funny thing is is when I first met pat I met him through primary challenge. He introduced himself really look ridiculous project TV. Mikey could look like it I'm against I always ask what people steep. That it allows caddies. Yeah he's good man rush thank you so much are always appreciate your input let's go to any north town mark mark what's on your mind. At. Niagara county. And no islands are or nearly all my eight year ninety. And that is a totally different world. Are sure better world. At that different world about. I look at Orchard Park and everybody archer part you go out boy yeah that probably. Barbara. It. Larger. Like I realize. When they are well you're not now outdoor. Change would have been here. Yeah that the that the that the or overture. Shot you break it down you would you consider Grand Island to be its own thing now they're counting to be its own thing the north towns in south ons or do you want from all together. Yeah I think I think you're absolutely no doubt especially right at returning to Britain separating public that are a different world. 70. Being in the bowl ala. It's it it'd mark appreciate your call it's a really good vantage point moving to the south jobs. And you always have to ask. If the north towns are so great why is everyone going to the south towns but that's just another thing in Twitter poll by the way there at news radio 930 the Twitter Paul. Well now Boyd just flipped north towns are winning now 57%. To 43%. Because this shop John zarrella work. Well it just flipped. Our routers work and mr. but I will say it I think the Russians are voting. That a departure if it looks like that Ukraine is responsible from forty to flip to the North Adams wrote we got an update on the wire here that I Trent franks Arizona congressman is stepping out the series. And in the in the setup is just about an allegation is just appropriate conduct that is really why is this adds he's a great guy congressmen. By now made it comfortable ways reverend Al Franken. Announcing he will resign in the coming weeks title bout you you're going to resign. Resign immediately in any dignity was lake throwing Molotov cut that out in the crowd. Will definitely and a little later talked about definitely buffer and we're talking about this or that broke in Western New York. Between south. And Nortel as we've discussed that south powers believe that the better you know with traffic the better drivers. North towers can't do now the shopping and restaurants that went to the north counts I agree with they're accused clearly more shopping in the north towns and more restaurants and no doubt and now let's go to the political side what more difficult county seems to be its own. And but that seems to be sort of I would say I called tie the real thing is cool has the better looking men and women. Is it the south towns for the north the last time we ask questions people bought. Women were more attractions meant more attractive in the north. That we've heard that explains me. Could you what Europe's outcomes. Birdies at your man and it's you. You're not attractive rate of you know if you were following the just announced that it over we come back if you thought that the we'll have written about it picture that you'd defend yourself healthy overnight thirty start 3180616. WB we're talking north on south down. And the islanders and Niagara county. The four little groups that make up Western New York way. Will we all learn to get along. And elevated Tom is out resting getting ready for surgeons are tomorrow. And we have breaking news to wonder joins us to what is breaking. Send button again it's that button. By a pretty keen who we talked about the weather a little while ago he's down and Orchard Park town court covering media. Is this the bills streaker as we refer to him he is in court he agreed to a plea arrangement. And he will serve 25 hours of community service no jail time as I didn't suspect he would. And he'll also be find I don't know what the findings yet Brendan is gathering the details talking with his lawyer right now. And we'll have Brendan on shortly but does that is the deal. That was agreed to in Orchard Park town court 25 hours of community service for the bills streaker and he will be fine no time. In jail and where structures and for. And we answer Imus and North Africa. Oh. And that's by the ones are those moderate. The verses opt out about the different the difference is what makes you proud to be from. The northbound it's up but I have decided. Along with many callers from Thompson called but the people the islanders. Grand Island totally different group rather own sovereign. Little. Account I can. Believe. Is part of the north. Completely unique to themselves. And he's from Cheektowaga. What I'd say. So the rest of the northbound I believe one lead in the north and it's now. Yet folks are jets yourself to people you know he asked for directions to the north again. They look at your car and the model and the side of whether he deserved directions. Some teams out to start hash tag. Teams south town he plows with a motor in the north towns and north towners had no comment sounds they own the road from one texture. Someone wrote it. If you cheat on Lancaster. Owns central place there's downtown grand island's north counts. It to break down dissent in the United Nations. We eighteen different. Groups of four there's only four. JT. Change from Orchard Park says the south towns rules. He's ignored north people are not as friendly working or decade. I work. Orchard Park different people sell 330 star and others ones XWB. Ports down south. Who adds the best drivers who handles the weather batters. You know what I say this I think south towners are better bills fans apparently Diaw I think they're more oil. A lot of people in the north count pills are out of the playoffs by you know mid October. Some physical. You know you go store in the shop GC. Eagle. On. Such. Teams up there on the racks. Let's go to the phones let's go to. Amherst. Your WB. Would use its air. I as far as the north house I think the I think they're talking Erie county that's right when they talk about the northbound and I'll talk about neither candidate talking about. Northern Erie county. Niagara county is this opportunity. And you know you listen to the Letterman when they say yet gonna get the north counts and then they'll talk about nine or company. That's my take on net. As far as this out now that they get that fantastic place to go. Hard to get to. Shopping because they don't have a lot there. Don't count as development that's why they have. Posted on her feet from the street. The developer is gonna try to get it cram as many homes in the end in this one section of property. That's an actual employer. You know and where is Sal pal if you get the freedom you know you'd you can open up even on the southern tier you've got you'd talk about acres. Do you you've got I mean let me tell you there's a lot of real stayed out there and already for the city buffalo. I'd rather not. I'd like to put it ultimately carried it. Dolls karma and buffalo is on fire it's an attack. Owls. No it's an entirely different filled let me upgrade yet now I entirely separate entity now what. Not with all the Bryan as a Ralph Keyes they got this new young millennial group that's taken over Western New York I think he's a perfect ambassador of the north towns and why. No one can never ask you though is superb example to young. I've millennial groups and they come in the city of buffalo and they turned the city of buffalo over to the north. He doesn't live in the city about I'm just saying he's the type of guy. He's at new modern. You know that that's with the young guys do you believe. I just consider buffalo an entirely are not in this mess now I. A city of buffalo is a hub in the north towns. Our surrounding it that it. You say that there barnacles. If they're not about the north downs or growth you're saying they're like zebra mussels is what you say with the Dalai which I'm putting words in your mouth Earl Earl is an excellent dare I thought that was a clinical description of the of the differences. But with Italy you know you'd think bad one when the city you know in buffalo and it was noted the queen city of the Great Lakes. And then the suburbs were were built around it. And it coming back. Yacht in buffalo is definitely I. I would say bubbles coming back and see bottles back. And it is it deep it still needs a lot of work I don't see. Don't believe possible or. You know 100000 people showing up on a weekend in the summertime and you know sometimes it's four yellow dot. I mean that's a that's a city that moment I am I doubt anyone else would need to happen for buffalo to be you know best idea yet commit now I mean it's. It is on fire I really didn't buffalo buffalo twenty years ago about the limit access to their main street our houses in Allentown right now selling for 450000. Dollars to two years ago we're selling for under needy. It's and it's remarkable it is real real estate jobs. People come from New York City and look at the cost of look at some of these new apartments about what they're going for I was able wheels back and I grew girl and every other port pearl appreciate your phone call let's go to odd Dave in Cheektowaga when it was this gonna go. Dave what say you hope. Either you guys look there or else I'll. Okay yes total without looking at it is in dividing line. I think the dividing line between the north town in him shall now. Is between the cheap to walk or sell order in what some of crack anything Cheektowaga kind of neutral. Waffles kind of in that area because we're east of that. But anything past Cheektowaga. To me would be considered a north county and anything past. Debt Cheektowaga what central line is insult. In if you look historically. On winter weather. Acts were happen. You know that that's actually really good point there is almost I'm Mason Dixon line if you would that separates the group and I think if you would have to go. I believe the weather is the common denominator of what separates the two. South towers of had to learn to deal with stuff that north honors haven't had to learn to deal with. Over the years it's been predominately south. So that's why I think there. You know there there's a certain dividing lines in where people live I live it up to water but where people live. Is what determined you know what they're whiners. But armed yeah. The best serve. Who has the best you don't want where you really don't. It's a north and I think that well now it is about who. Go to a lot of not yet. Goat would not a lot of places in in the north towns and big serve great food just like okay for example Russell's. Durham north. Of great food are fantastic. But you go down into the south towns there's all these little. I'll restaurants mom and pop shops and stuff like that. And they hit fantastic food but they don't advertise so you don't hear about it baker are right. That's why do. Yeah but there are more restaurants more or counters is no age shopping you've just a better selection. Yeah you're just you just can't bust years and the quality of food might be better in the south downs but the actual. You know what you can do if you wanna go to a stake place or whatever these more variety in the north. I mean. Terrorists dirt would whole foods work in the south them. That was. Important and hopefully sell them saying would there be a miles Roddy dealers. The main mall in long ago. It seems like I think that's the main mall west Yorkshire and it's right in the middle. When you're from North County. Which I tell you I think the McKinley mall has an equal leaves large tax bracket but for whatever reason people don't go to the killing people you're the only person I know in my life that goes to them. It was that's another show but it's a better mall in the north. It's just like Vidal play of the eastern. Right. Yeah well and can be put carpet in a mall you're asking for trouble Anderson he later Romo obviously you don't argue that day there's all there's two things you don't carpet a men's bathroom. You know carpet a ball in the kitchen and it hit it very true it's disgusting you know eat up a carpet and throws. Now that every I walked into a men's bathroom and this carpet I'm like what do. Marked on the malls so we need to do today. That who's a total disaster. Gave it Cheektowaga claims that dies at the north towns assault on food is better and he says it's calamity. To put. Carpets in malls in bathrooms thank you gave a great year you're crazy you're you're you you see where the people for me automatically assume I'm prejudice that. These guys are going to represent where they're from but now they're they're shooting down the middle that's another thing that death south towners do really well. Just gotten tunnel Wanda poly what what's your mind that it Polly. I had no idea we have this big competition all it's cracked in the maybe at Stewart upon people. And so okay let's go with people who are the better bills fans south or north. Are quote here I who as the better pizzas and orders. That they norm and who has been itching. And about what. You've split the baby right there. So what's your minds of people like. You know law well first to prayers street union came out and I was hoping that the new driver people at number. Slid out of control or German and got stranded in the winter as. Don't realise that young people. We you don't Wear colorful people want from art and warm place. When it's really cold publicity steps in her mind that's R&B. Market. Folks aren't there some cleaners to basic. Act you know extra things that people may not think about like I heard the if you have a Campbell courier are. In the in like they want people were trapped on the way. That you concede appear crier. Com just even with a candle keeping him warm and. It did did the seal the car actually keeps all the heat and in just a little candle he could even keep everything warm and it's a very good point. Yeah. Still got your pop tarts the we hear about them or are followed cheer you bottled water whatever it is Polly thank you so much and that volume thank you for your kind words really do appreciate. Well again when has been anchored at that I need to enough funny it was so funny I wanted to steal. It was I think you were imitating. Going like well you know days if I agree with you. We'd all be wrong. That Tom is a little condescending at times feels like you know David. If I agreed with you know I would agree with you David but then we'd all be wrong. And it that means a little bit but I still love Tom and I know Ukraine form. Take your job early. Will be talking about that on the road but let's south towns north towners. Sport we. Again as we call cities. As well. Borders she. You know they'll be involved would gasp for middle port all the ports ports so hopefully it does look too good in the north house as restaurant there. And ultimately that monster and should orchard park at town actually picked the wrong actions. You know the ones. Porsche the bills of course yeah. 51 million ears and you're so. And Tyrod he's got that Mercedes issues. Purchases. That's outward. But were asking accounts what you think who who's better and quite frankly I think we've spoken in and believe it's out. But you might be from the north you'd find yourself and county we don't include you wouldn't either of those actions because counties it's old animal and I do mean. Animal horrible acute need the north but but account is part of the north. They're probably a little cooler appeared in the North Africa. A thirty start daughters. Began asking about north on us when. Everyone has their own pizza but the chicken wing debate you know. I think it's been dominated by. Dobbs I don't think the south towns can win in week I don't know I frankly don't think they can win the intensity of the they have a chicken wings drawn to stand to be the ticket. Then. That was we've been good or that'll. Would you the scope of the phones back to phones days it will. What's Wilson. And with republic. To Wilson's there's water Rochester and there's one of course mr. Or. The real wills and jagr can Wilson gorge itself has been. You guys a heads up. I just came in but I efficient all afternoon in the boat and I just got the ball without a trailer put no way. Clearly you went fishing thing. And official bite and then it's a glorious city got a big got a key European ban over the Wilson boathouse restaurant. OK I lied about that. I've got to say there's no there's no way that's true that that actually sounded like the the the what was his name the guy that. Peterson and Scott Peterson who murdered his pregnant wife he said he was fishing again Christmas time as again that that dog don't hunt you know you don't. Was I was pulling boats water today I can imagine they were very very business and I got blessed quote old out and out. Hope Marley too good. God yes we do two years I. Had surgery done about fifteen years ago and it makes you feel like it's a great. That and told the CEO and I was at the world some boat house at night that he jumped the line it demands that the Wilson Bono also. Well Tom is known to Jeremy. I have to. That is what child. Nobody is great daughters sons guys. You're not now what yet. Wright was not mad during nighttime but everything's great well Dave David Wilson who was started to call the lie. He'd be what you guys got on what they're meant. Guides it's pretty rough in our area but Dave thank you so much Wilson Niagara county represented. Poorly if I can be honest my buddies they'll represent now. David Wilson thank you your ulcer in your kind words and fifteen years ago Dave had surgery that time tomorrow. And we want to thank our our sponsors at beans greens being forgiving town three. The problem. And I don't Norstrom shot down Dyer county. He let I have to go to the party now. Oh really I do in that nicer than nice but you're gonna have against. I will have a guess it it definitely. Thank you Tim for your time here we've done or should it go eat tons of food and by the way this Christmas party in the wake of I bet you this is going to be a little bit different here. HR is firmly in control at this prison for our guys curious. Home Al Franken in other words he is announced he's resigning because of allegations Allen a Republican Trent franks of Arizona finally. He's Republicans very strong national security he's stepping down. Because of allegations though. Diseases affecting both parties but were also talking a little bit about north town south town. Your collar Niagara county it's best they ego. All of bolts boats out to is also by the way the anniversary of Pearl Harbor remember Pearl Harbor. Pearl Harbor on this date. What 76 years ago. Is that what it wants. 76 years ago Pearl Harbor was attacked. By the Germans. Pearl Harbor was attacked the course but the imperial Japanese. Surprise attack it brought us into World War II would galvanize the country. And of course the famous speech about the coming in at 6 o'clock. What can could be who could it be what we're gonna plucked them from the party. 6 o'clock mystery guest will come on stay tuned for that you don't want to miss it. And a bar bill is in the south sound and the creepy and wait I'll be back after this with a mystery guest. The parties going on lots of cookies lots of vague nod administrator 930 WB. And.