12/7 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 2: Western New York Snowfall Coverage.

Bauerle and Bellavia
Thursday, December 7th

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News radio 930 WBA. I mean. I think that it is something that is it's like a human thing. If it's like. It's almost yeah you see somebody is really talented but debris self destructive except emphasis I give me a really good but at the same time self destructive it's almost like his guilt X over where people feel guilty. Tom Bauerle. I do think that there are Americans who. Even though they'll never say this publicly are secretly rooting. For the bad guys because they think we have two good and why wouldn't they because that's all the crap they purchase it or kindergarten. And David Bellamy but I agree with you David we bought the rock its hourly and all of the they're partners Bloomberg taught us. No obvious what I say on news radio 930 W. Welcome back our general violently in Vietnam is off Tom is awaiting big day tomorrow and you know. I don't know negotiate and title one get stuck in snow that wrong venomous in their own snow between here in town but Thompson having his surgery outside the solar project. In other global effort and if it is possible as regular mobile unit all right. So I feel bad for her name and my hearts. And I tell you. He's all get on Friday. Probably dirt if you go back to Friday I don't know and then he didn't he didn't do. It's 430 goes off to use third bag of popcorn. From the vending machine and it comes here any of these guys as chess like I was like you know it looked like he was in the pledge you know and I just given the visual. And any means all like bent over and I'm thinking you know top what do you deal what's wrong. He's an exit test it's like to hear your hand hurt go to all the things with his lips is in the stroke what's that Eddie. Positive for every side and you're good you don't and I think I told. I don't during the break as Tom if you have a heart attack in the air. You will be known forever as the guy who had heart and you know me know I. I think they'll do any of it I will be known as the guy who allowed just happened so please for the love of god save yourself. But he didn't do it because he is stubborn. You know thank god someone got to the hospital and not yet. We have. A horrible thought good. For you but we. We have your 48 hours and help you know at 330. Start at actually what appears to be added I carry baby aspirin my belt just in case. But Mel were words thoughts and prayers Thomas he's going to be aptly fine no. Comeback can be as obnoxious as always he was yesterday and we will that these are morphing. But today he is having the surgery tomorrow. Tamar if they tell you this surgery is gonna happen tomorrow. And yes I and they're gonna keep me updated. This is nerd as you'll collar I caller Christina we'll Lotus Notes core elements that's right and cell of an update on the show for it and we'll keep you updated here and also on FaceBook and Tom is on FaceBook all over the place and yet. And you can visit and talk to him and sent him your thoughts and prayers spot in Orchard Park right until we have something going on that's right we've got this does streaker correspondent for a WBE and his name is branding Keeney you know I'm from our WV induced death but he's been assigned to the streaker case. Which is in court by the way anytime now I'm told it will be about 5 o'clock. But we sent branding Kenya to Orchard Park court. Where the streaker from the bills' game is going to be. In court. Originally we thought it was going to be for motions and then. I think there might be a plea. Playing out theirs so we'll find out more about that when it happens but the real reason we have Brendan on the line right now. Is branding you drove from here are Entercom compound appear in Amherst downed Orchard Park and I warned you leave early. He got there are safe and sound that you do it was an ugly ride right. It was an ugly right now looking back on when you add to cover this story it really wish not accept there was not a fund drive and especially on mile strip. But really the problem that we're seeing is the wet snow slush and my car is not up. Mike Carr had trouble getting some of that thicker stuff and start and just had a they'll slow and make sure even mother now people are getting behind me and whatnot it was that I was. Are now hold and you're just to adjust to lift the burden of guilt to offer and the manager you needed to derived Easter or any ways to go home. You write him in danger and that's those are so this well I wouldn't have accepted the job and Orchard Park thing. You know by the way Britain covering a coal mining accident tomorrow West Virginia at the so the question is you how long did that debt. Trip normally takes how long and I wanted to. I usually don't make this trip I can't say for certain but I will say that it was a smooth ride. For most of it like pavement was dry. Most of my right mind is down in the south sounds and that it was just so logo on I would say. You know strip wrote sadly the change but Muster was brought them and then having to change lanes I'll strip because the in others there's practice no in between the lane that does well. Because obviously you know the tires from the cars weird almost no in their lanes but move it over was what kind of difficult as well. What to do an outside the Orchard Park a town hall right now as it's snowing right now. Is this just worried right now I overheard a conversation with one of the officers and in the courthouse he said we're here today can hardly see it cross street. So right now it's pretty mild compared to what it was for most of the day. Are in for locations say he's at Orchard Park town hall to town court building which is. Rate your work with what's called the four corners route twenty in route to 77 in Orchard Park so it is very user eight what we're talking about the weather of course because that's what everyone's talking about it 03 on 930 start in 3106. With six WB and gets called you're in the weather. But did you actually went there to cover the streaker in case anyone's lives under a rock or listen outside the Western New York area. This guy got completely naked and as most readers do we jumped on the field of the Buffalo Bills game. And and became almost you can say. Sort of a legend in buffalo he's made it was here at fasting and after that they game I was there so so what. What is this guy facing what what how did they go for. As they happen to have that that's gonna happen bread and we've what we like 5 o'clock or so. We don't know yet the cup immediate kind of circled around enough for here I'll wait for the judge. The comment and figure out before electric cord and all the typical media stuff but he would not come into my knowledge yet. And so what is he facing today what is the point of the that the appearance. That oh yeah as Tim mentioned earlier not totally sure what's gonna happen. Originally he was gonna they were does motions in the case and the emotions can mean anything from just from its legalese you know. You know wranglings between the two sides of lawyers but then I also heard that there may be either of a plea deal or he would. He would plead and I don't know which is going to have. You know he's he's already entered a plea of not guilty I believe in the original arraignment at Susan covered. But the what is the probability from showing a naked. I could feed him and he was completely clubs. Structure there in them that you you shall remain same as well. Jessica so they'd give us an update if fight happens on the way back especially with the weather and of course we've why you're there. To cover the east reeking. Appearance. Absolutely are entirely safe drive already story to Brennan. Thank you very much thanks for joining us that's. Brendon aunts and streaker gay. Is what he's covering and also gave. Yet breaking he gave us an update on that weather out in Orchard Park and that's pretty much we were looking right now at the at the threw away cameras. Exit sixty Westfield Dunkirk. Silver creek eaten in Angola 57857. Hamburg totally clear and a that was in the case obviously we start right program so it appears that. As you move up the numbers on the threw away that so when the weather's getting worse were to trade I'm gonna do my NPR pledge drive now for phone calls from the southern tier to get alive double speed hit and miss about if you would like to hear that show if you don't want me of fired. David by 3 o'clock. Call 8030930. And starting three know what what I'd like to do is what we'd like to do is hear from people. There in this side that are in the snow areas and obviously. You know if you're driving along in the road you don't have. Bluetooth and don't do it but if you are safely able to give us a call let us know what it's like. Where you are pretty simple. It would help everybody out that's it it either is there now or many like myself need to be headed out that way a little bit later on. 8030930. In star 930 so for those of you and Orchard Park in East Aurora. We had some couldn callers before anyone along the New York State thruway I'll tell you from Hamburg all the way down to about for don't yet. It's snowing and it would indicate that it's snowing pretty heavily by the the radar. And David so much from the cameras to. It's it is moving a little that it does appear to me that it's broken up on the northern edge of where branding Kimi just checked in an Orchard Park where we heard from Susan. So it's more flurries and then northern side the more intense snow appears to me. To be out in the Eden valley inn brand in Farnham Angola. Maybe in silver creek is well and then draw a straight line up toward a Shelden in Bennington over that way so that's where the heaviest snow seems to be falling. As of right now. And Chris is how about right now and Chris is gonna check in with us here on WB and Chrissie where you calling from and what's it like where you are. And actually get in the it could be 78 yeah goal of one I don't side. All gotten towards larger part and I came from Dunkirk number memorial hospital. Three did you know lap. Let me tell out or overruled by war and it just that the Indian reservation. What's it like right now where you ours it's still snowing heavily and we're York. No absolutely clear just minor little Wear them down apps we'll hear him. That's amazing it just incredible it's really moved and what's the price of unleaded where your. Known to affect the obligates you have a full tank of gas in your all senator Chris. I had a whole thing to get gas filled up yesterday and I'm all. Not you shoot a common theme here when western New Yorkers know the storms are coming what do we do we prepare for. You you Philippine gas tank you make sure that you're not a bad spot. Make sure you beat coat your your boots and anything you might need we heard sandy beaches. You know he carries pop tarts everywhere he goes I love that one with. But it's a good idea to give you energy it'll give you food and maybe some water what every need but. Chris you're prepared and ready to roll how long is it taking you what your normal commute. You're looking it's about it either but besides that at home. And I don't the idea about an hour and forty and. While that is crazy that's like Scorsese film well when you get to Orchard Park you're in essence noted deal that's for sure. Thank you Ellen as always we appreciate your work. Others have banned public affects how does your WB and some for export forecast we talked about. You know Hamburg alma silver creek southern Erie we we talked about what's happening in Wyoming counties. And yeah we've got a lake effect snow warning out there right now still in place until 7 o'clock tomorrow morning David. For southern Erie and the southern tier counties Wyoming stock locator August again that's in place until 7 o'clock tomorrow morning. I would be surprised if the issue something else for the buffalo metro area tomorrow morning. If this thing reorganize is in creeps up northward so it's stay tuned for that. During the overnight hours but that it indicated this band might come back together and move north. Overnight and that heavy lake band has dissipated a great deal but still hanging together and and even narrower strip now south of Orchard Park. Couldn I guess it's still looks to be about the hardest hit areas based on the read I am looking. And so you wanna were expected of course for the money and drive tomorrow. A fresh one to three inches that. If there's any concern about closings go to WB and accomplice in the morning show. A new morning. With Susan and Brian and you don't three inches doesn't sound that bad be easy but if it falls in lake an hour and a half during morning drive time. It really messes things that I mean even if it's if there's no snow you get three inches right forty minutes it's still it's like. It's still calamity. The word of the day we are well it'll three. Not thirty start 931806. Once WB intact threes and threes are also get updates on traffic weather and you've got to do those type those words traffic threes and 30 news. Whatever you want whether we'll give you those updates very cheerful let's go back to the phones. And let's talk too much Eden shocked what is going on eating. Route 62 loot bumper to bumper real well. Heavy have reached an all you can beat though probably two currently. We got a text message a little while ago that Shattuck eroded eating. There were there appeared to be some sort of an accident blocked the road is that is that where your. I am kept chanting hero but are. It's it's all on Janine hurled. Always answered I am mainly in even. And yeah I'm not really where those areas a beating but I'm aware of the the school out there. But that's another story completely. Hey I'd chuck let me just ask you to a question are is this a normal drive for you how long's it normally take. I normally take. 25 minute. Were you bet I'm mad about it here and how much no longer have to go. I'm almost all okay we're. What would you address. Senior Osama but it it's already doubled your your drive time we hear a whole lot of people some guys at 55 minute drive is our forty enough these wars and is it regular commuter from the south towns appear. Nothing is worse than sitting useless traffic I already I. I got my first official. Someone has just texted to me asking whether or not that way is gonna put a camera card. And I felt that if I'm not going home till seven solo. That's what depends if you don't buy better snowblower like beat up by not to go home at all but a shock what what what kind of plea before. So as far as the storms that you have lived through your years to your it is what it. Not. A one being no one be okay. One B and like yet not a bad 110 being the blizzard of ten would be calamities that would be the blizzard of 77. Are the same as eleven Barkley he. Absolutely that's right good answer that's right that's why we are are who we are thank you John I appreciate that drive safe chuck in Eden. And you know we're getting a ton of calls get your calls it a 30930 start at thirty wanna hear what it's like. Where you're at Anna I'm also intrigued as to how much time this has put. On your commute and we're gonna hear from Alan and give up to date all throughout the at four I should take twenty and and two of every hour we'll have updates on weather and traffic. And you know Tim when we look at this situation here in Orchard Park in the band as its moment you figure that. Bragged to talk about weather for very long. Yeah I think it's breaking up and it's moving it's drifting southward so you do it already is impacting such a narrow area and obviously again animate belittling and if you're in it it's bad that. It does appear to be if not dismantling somewhat definitely shrinking moving southward so. Well I think it's getting better and again just before warned that. It could come back together after midnight according to Bob Larson and he could move up into the buffalo mentors for morning drive tomorrow morning so. And I got you when we sat down here together in different years but will be set down Hamburg and activities that was the worst. Of anything in the region and look at the cameras. Eat in Angola Hamburg silver creek anchor. It's pretty clear Westfield we Kimberly I wonder where Mike Bellotti is significant but Ripley if you look at rippling that was that appears to be. Sort of the and I think this system because that appears to be the worst. Yet but again we were on track following it will do post group we get your calls. After this quick break stay out of hold 8030 and I'd thirty wanna hear more. About. What your drive is like home to work if you went through the system while giving updates on the streaker. And we'll talk a little Al Franken all after this news radio 930 WBE. This is snow it came he got his. A Canadian rapper if I'm not mistaken and it was in the mid ninety's he had a an album called twelve inches of snell. Ever gives a white rapper. He was. What is your singing a leaky boom boom now is that what is. A leaky boom boom down apparently it's Canadians Lang's early revenge or something and it's Canadian slang faster than flooding. The Canadians always. The violent Canadians and there are slight David Bellamy in Tom Bauerle of course. My my partner is and have surgery tomorrow on his heart and a little bit worried concerned about. We love them and we know he's gonna push Stewart to these stud. And yeah I won't I'm gonna go see. Him if it weather the weather holds. My daughter. And you can court struck gotta put all the people who visited her hospital praised jammies on the guitarist from every band he's ever played with this is in the room with them so now of course that. That's delegate guilt for why are you here. But I'm because you Tom and Jim Hogg and hopefully he's doing well too where George's because if weather in buffalo whether you need Wenger. That's how it works I'm a nerd and he Liza you have a secret site on the web that I go to where weathered her Disco. And I can tell you that tomorrow morning out he's going to be crazy bad at all I think I'll listen everyone's telling you that this is going to be nuts Tim angered WP NSA. Maybe I'm just it's going to be there's there's a chance that this lake effect snow could could come back north. But they're saying because of the whole bunch of stuff that's gonna happen way above our heads. That it's gonna kinda fall apart nappy real organized so I mean it's going to be a snowy morning there could be some snow in the air but. I don't think it's going to be crazy lake schools closing sorry everybody but yet. This notice you get through you will get through and Entercom will be open to mark for. The shuttle will still be. Three this despite the party tonight 8030930. Start at third that's another thing there's a big party and are column I headquarters I find it weird that Tom who hates these parties. Happens to have missed another party and the excuse this time last year you guys walk through the party remote not that was the actual party this. Is this actual parts of Australia I'll come on really. Yeah why what's wrong it just got here days. That was like the hole and Tom loves that stuff he wears a tuxedo electric magician he walks around eat food you. Obsess. Cern and I thought this was like dead the one that you go to the airfield and start talking everyone in you know eat little people's runs on four. Knows his prior to this is a big one is the big one yet I'm new here and now. Anyway listen to him I wanna get back to the nitty gritty here we were talking about. The weather we're looking at our our through cameras which by the way is the first calendar or had access to through cameras though thank you for logging if we don't superdome that existed we got updates people on the phone that wanna tell us about whether there where they're from let's go too well Wal-Mart and Sheldon. Let's go to Sheldon and talk to mark mark what is your weather update. And Wenger is here as well. I know I couldn't say what's up. Just battle loosen audio web accounting. And you should be in the heart of the right at least you have been what's what's the deal there now I have it right I mean he let me just what are shattered here I think. That screwed up pretty good and Sheldon right now I wasn't Alexander probably 45 minutes ago on a report it's pretty clear there. Okay I'm looking at the radar and you're in the middle of yet gone without pretty good right now I did cost 48. To get here from Alexander I can report that the traffic is cleared up somewhat better there was emergency vehicles at the corner of 77 and twenty day. But they were letting vehicles going all directions I think again tomorrow. And so as far as the worst that you had the weather was that would you say it was an hour goers right now. It was a worsen our. All right now worse it's. While. That where are you exactly you're in Shelton. Shelled right now and where is your destination right now. I'm an A hole I wouldn't okay it will then. Again that area by by radar standards that area from Sheldon if you drew a line over the Eden is about where the heavy snow is right now. So the the more populated like Orchard Park he's two Rory area they're getting a little bit of respite still snowing but it's not it's not like intense stuff that. That was here awhile ago. Secure getting. Well mark thank you so much for your call do you stay warm and dry out there now Wyoming county that is a beautiful beautiful spot to live and the treacherous spot at times to drive. Let's go to Karl Karl where he held from today. Pop culture mention this right now. All right each Carl what it would see a situation now where you're. It's a matter saying one thing. We're talking about the weather though. I know I have my little block already know my little color stereo. So I'm zooming in on the Shia straight now and it would indicate that you're you're not get much snow or. There yet not. I came from all them. And you can use some disappointed that you do get. There are Alia. Or worse but you get the most of it. You know it's really funny if you looked at though at the radar map right now. I mean there's like a circle around the chinas and into your lake in the eye of the storm there is no snow there that Carl you've got to go on file lottery tiger and now. Are currently all the mothers at any power in their life true thorough. An outlet that was there at eight. I want I had an out route sixty. Well our protection that I cleared up then valid match that thank. Thing were just you know if I look ticket while you're at it tomorrow. You're due to its assertions noble sanctuary automotive press column where I can't make it. At this goes to bat you know. Leveraged. Our act I Carl thank you for Colin appreciate I don't. It's funny though that he would call from its eyes and these guys who are in a series would be if flee the cone of protection that it. The ring of Jesus that the you know what's great is that these systems that. At this point I mean this is the incomes over this the way it goes. But this is nuts when you have you know a region. Like minded people we love this team sports we. You know all eat the same food but it almost seems like haven't. Between the north. Yet you know it's eat your prime minister house here in the morning though he's in north towns guide Susan this outcomes. Girl in. It you know there is. We didn't did you do that show one day with time the south times or time it's unbelievable I was actually fill an idea about myself it's we were doing remarkable the fact that it's likely that day to do that. If it starts out with pizza the south on people like herpes certain place north people believe they have the best pizza. And when you start to realize that there really is. Perhaps. A building civil war between right side when it comes to driving. You talk to people before I tell you this is nothing we can do this words. To work and the two and he gets well. It is just nonsense people all over the place close the roads two inches all. And I think this people tell you. Are there more rugged I would rather drive in the south announced today in this snow. And to drive and shared and drive Niagara Falls boulevard and wrote. I think it's it's crazy but as you there's like a traffic every ten feet but you a little bit. Culture and it is it really is different it's totally different and why would you want to live in that area. Plus if you definitely do not that I guess people more people. I'm from the south I'm from account which you know it's totally flat we have no heels. My point. I just like the mentality of this I used was to walk up to my office in summit came up to me it's really dead down there and yet that can have it. Keep it done. They can have 330 start the big jump into the south to north and debate me on the rare occasions north towns belted. South that is. You have people from us to call an abuse the people for him it's you don't know anything this thing. I. Take you twelve speech and and I drove in ninety your cowards. They get really see. The north and yet it is really it's an amazing phenomena that you know and I've I've seen so many times when we bring. New employees in in here and Anaconda move here. And you know where do you know amount Orchard Park in the south and you should check it out you know we're we urgently Williams now. Kind of Wanda is ever you know it's it's scary there's definitely it's either there. You know buffalo is getting a lot more popular. The city is you know so that's that's gonna help things out but Cecily just wrote us. You know tell that snowflake of reporters. To grow up there mile strip it's fine to wheel drive. A target things change so yeah. You'll always give the he's probably in north tell those people and they attacked or boundaries for complaining about now during this streak. Very cold and let but they're probably bill as the. People just a lot of elect either budget cowards he can rot your worthless. Jeez please me if I heard it offs ever. That we have a knife fight we will not take arms together like the opening scene in beat the music video. And then were out there in the south towns that are shovel in the you know up here you've got. Eight cylinders. Snowblower. You Jesus and power. She didn't. Out with this track. I expected thousands of dollars a small I don't know what. North town people they have the enclosure. You just talk to the and her while the Amherst town supervisor had a ninety tons of salt chinook. And Edgar. Orchard Park like dirt when digging it for high end. What the Kmart about a couple. Throughout the fact that windows were dropped seven miles an hour. Yes people like that. I think there's a mob and that we should that you air stadium in Orchard Park. I think really obsessed north. They feel entitled to have the bills played in the north. Yeah probably in. All the shuttle is for the stadium late Sunday they're gonna. That's gonna happen right deal calls gonna go out for shoveling the stadium and you death penalty north towners volunteering but you get tickets for. Tickets to educate its version of the pain I would pay. Now what can change over will mean we'll wait and being a beer yet I don't think these idiots they pay you. Would you tickets what he's saying Phil. Sometimes view about what have you done it. OK at school ticket I mean that's that's great. Well it was great thing in the nineties it was a great ethic of the world. It's kind of like. With the that you can ludicrous we'll give you your own it will give me your own banquet table for the tailgate. It away. You know the big deal here is that we we've got Rob Gronkowski. Is a south sound guy. That's admin tell the shopped around he's themselves what is it reasonable. Only gronkowski for ball well I'm exactly. He's probably wearing boxer briefs to fetus now he set himself on fire jumping through tables. What else he's cute but from the accounts or Cadbury tumbled. Literature altering. 930 is an article start 3106 votes to BP. And the door house out town rival. Why south tell people hate them or town people so much and why he's come down to snow I think it's more the other way. You ignore them I think north counts people can't steam in the south county don't understand I can't imagine why someone might be. Who works appear would drive down there live now let's let's do details of the two balls. On the ball and start talking to people. You're probably went in the ball it's. Known that's true but that meant quality in this in the north. The north and maybe it. There batters in this you know and I'll I'll throw some of the season and I've talked about this over the years in a very you've got a lot of pricey homes up north to park at a pricey homes appear gamers. Why are the pricey houses up in Amherst ten feet from the road. And you go out and is south towns and eking its house tomorrow because Nortel people. Oh trust or AM hour they want a shorter drive way to blow with her eight cylinders snowblower. Could be I get mean. They pride themselves and be the safest cities in the world agencies it is. With our efforts when some award rate you hear about Orchard Park now well. I depend on how bad this north town south out there that it totally. If you waited in order to people checks and whose got the best source who's comfortable dorktones of the best restaurants opt out of the best restaurant. Accounts have the best drivers had executed checks someone in Niagara county says don't loan Niagara county and north towns totally debt I'd entirely different. Would be especially when it comes to politics and here counties like Chicago. At the creepiest on your aptly write nor a couch and opulent. But if you're an argument that means that the north town. Of the best drivers are. Based on. And we were 290s enough to. Wish happy about gates too if you do what we get a to which people who. Absolutely may never use the gates. I was in the news conference for the thruway authority and I asked the guys four time at the time to even know him but was covering it but it's of wind and you close the gates wind. Well it's something we have meetings and we determined and he's done if I had never known the gates to close since that time when they should have clothes and I was out there. You know I don't even know what is it official protocol for when they close the snow and obviously it's like him and meeting. But it was a horrible accident would use the gates is related. I think it's mostly were they had the ability to do whenever they want so they could do it for massive accident with the idea is to not get more people. You know there's going to be people stuck and threw away any time rate of right if the weather but it the ideas denial lit more time to screw ups Adam. Well we have to north town's situation going let's go to Marty too Marty what your take on this I can guess from Easter world where you stand. Well I've just been celebrating. That today it only took five light changes and ten minute they get between. Worldly and Jenna Leah Harris oh. Well. And you did you live in East Aurora and YouTube Q commute up to Clarence. I'd I'd I'd try to take that back road home because try to grow. It is like a parking lot of people out porn off the through way and sometimes shall sit there at the signal. And and not move I mean Williams go. You can give me a home I would. You know Tom says that all the time about main street Williams though that you can be what is an Evans road like from Evans all the way up to. The 290. Lake all of the lights could be sink and turn green and no one moves. If it's you know and it's dry as a bone up here you know. But there's there's a whole part of Israel they drive range rovers and and and it's like they're greatly that was deliberately. With the mules. Oh lead the blind you. But but you know here's another one they're saying like it's the south to north and they knew that the faction of grand islanders. And those people who animals they're totally different than an Britons out with the the Grand Island people are just there does drive by out about a third of the party its sexual underwent south they've lost their mind in Grand Island. This Grand Island bridge. You must Grand Island casualties at the Grand Island Britney. Who wears. Dollars were fine. I do see that about grow while doing live them please read across the bridge read right through. We love. But you're you view your south out. You have you know not to pay any money that comes. Is there are. Well enough except for the two XX is enough hours earlier this. Guy expect. You know one thing about I lived and Easter are for seven years the one thing you do have to pay for an Easter or that is insane unless it's changed from from when I lived there was Susan is. Is the water bill. You pay more for water. Great on paper I don't paper my water. Love what do you do you well catch it from our own it I live in a Condo so. While you pay for it somehow the shelf talent Condo people. Yes mean Mardy is RD. There's been drugged. Blood has been drawn in the south of town one north and Marty Stuart thank you for your call party on top of it.