12/7 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 1: Western New York Snowfall Coverage.

Bauerle and Bellavia
Thursday, December 7th

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News radio 930 WBS. Yeah. Video games melt. Or grain. It's Tom Bauerle you know what been there done that and it's weird you're. But now you know that you guys I'm sorry I'm a grown up and David Bellamy let's see if anyone agrees with the today. I would doubt that David it's the hourly and they'll be I think I'm living in real bill I think I'm living in reality land it on news radio 930 W. We're back. And they even though via we're live back in buffalo and I got to tell you in. It's good to be home and it's also good to be looking out. You know this is why people beautiful it here's the thing Gore's count right hammers Cheektowaga. It just looks like a regular. You know late fall early winter day in the south count not the case at all blot. This is why south on people hate Nortel people. Because they're constantly so it would about a million Bergen derby what's the big deal well. Understand a lake effect snow works it's not fair this out 1400. Alma Easter war you get out there on the 400. Cars down deep slopes sheriff's departments all over the place visibility very difficult. Two Wenger joins us and Tim I'm looking at these traffic cameras that. I don't know you just downloaded your home you love. This idea of you know this is like a knife that's coming awfully rambling Paula cars call this the way. The knife or that's right yeah this tiger this tiger the rivers but guys are jagged edge on the southern part of the snowstorm. No I'm kidding but anyways this is it this whole lake effect swap thing gets just comes right off for the lay down your comfort for onion we're going to be and the linemen some and from there in just a minute. And it is digs and Hamburg Orchard Park over Easter or. Just south of Genesee County area and over over into Wyoming county and it's really really happy. And in those spots in Orchard Park Susan has checked in with us out there. And we've received around nine inches of snow in the driveway out there so I mean it's really coming down in. If you don't you're just home and hanging out it's fine but if you drive an eighty you've indicated. It is indeed a masters or makes no warning for that region southern Erie county all of the southern tier. In the weather services. Said that this is just basically going to be parked there until later tonight he'll try to drift to look a little bit further south and then overnight Agassi could pop north again. In cause some Havoc in the morning drive so. Some notes to go to Quaker at that tweet and his personal Twitter page that talked about. You know looking into the future people saying we're gonna get a couple. Series winner storms this season this is one of them as. Now this is a list is. Those lake of things you know and it's if your and it it sucks but what were people. My impression that people expect this to be a major storm means to me well here's what happened at lake a week I talked Indy Parker yesterday for about fifteen minutes for the for the 930 and 716 podcast and he. Because he was really angry yesterday morning at some news coverage from other places that were saying he would go that its never anyone to two feet is now. He's like we didn't I didn't. Everybody's that he was gonna get cold in Indian lake effect snow when news of potential for up to them much by the end of this week. Well looks like some and get that you know if you added it is time ever players you know some. You know Lois in north one woke up and there's no snow so she's it's now it is in now. They got the dump her body was and that's out but he hasn't yet had to actually get those and actually looked like. I'm looking right now at the your state through way. Eat in Angola. Silver creek Dunkirk Westfield an Hamburg which the majority of of people threes and 30. That were checked in earlier Roger in the Limbaugh program they were talking about Hamburg being really. Hamburg was six inches. That is the roughest place them are our cameras on the thruway. And that seems to have shifted and how it looks like. Ripley isn't as bad as it was maybe fifteen minutes ago great west field it is giving a little bit clear but then Dunkirk and silver creek in Angola. Those exits through it really. You know it looks like visibility is it's pretty tough there's some wiped out everywhere yet so if you anywhere. West Seneca north you're fine if you don't have to go anywhere down south of there you're fine don't do anything to worry about it you know whatsoever if you live. We're need to be in that southern portion of west Seneca Orchard Park Hamburg couldn. Spring bill and then moving eastward Easter roar. Whales over that direction here and you're in trouble and it's going to be really messy and I wouldn't go there you don't have to go there and if you live there. You know what kind of drag you're gonna have as you've done it you know gazillion times throughout time we've got Alex on the line. Down on the New York State thruway. Actually is Mike is in the car. Michael honey we on the Mike the line he is here NW BE NN. He and a colleague here are traveling on the New York State through and Mike you're in a mass where are you. That we just talked through the up or wait a boarded it's that chain Roy the other side broke. The other way or point two miles from the sober creek a bit. And look probably at the world a lot where certain people a little bit. At the tractor trailer that girl that wrote. Read tractor trailer on the side of the wrote this unbelievable. Leaving Grant Hill. Our Mike are you are you coming back this way are you heading east. Well we're having we're supposed to be your go to Byrd I don't vote quite well though so why anxious we're here yoga. We had an interview all of the general manager of the Pittsburgh pirate expert and embarked. I think we're going to be good not over curriculum Burkle. Yeah I am probably good it could could think Joseph can you I mean maybe late leave later overnight or something I mean this lake effect and it's supposed to hang out. South of the area during the overnight hours might creep northward again. We authorities should credits. Literally all over here finally Troy is there at least for the next one mile. You have the white out condition. That it really had been remodeled your one. In a throwaway quote only remote quote. But just this scaring people are. On the side of the road and you know people are there there are bigger role model you don't plug them. Oh temperature and Limbaugh or are you click the link. Death Abby you know but I guess the you know we've been warned about the so weak that there's going to be lake effect bands and you know this is also one of those times three wonder if you buy hourly was sitting here he would he would have Marty said it's I'll say forum. Why don't they shut its gates wanted to keep letting people on two up you know portion of the through a report people like you're sitting there is still you know now moving. You got to leave the traffic out there that's on there about why they let more people lie and I'll never understand and it turns into an indie release at. Today I got a but when did you Mike what did you first noticed that trouble was a foot I'm looking right now at the camera of where you are right now and that description that that my game is spot on I mean. It it's bumper to bumper you see a lot of it's hard to identify from from our camera if the tractor trailers are. I'm the shot of the rotor they just pulled over because they're not they don't want bigger drive anymore it's hard to see which ones are you know accidents that there are accidents but. So that he could double truck that I. That was Jack left on the side of the road. And then on the other side doors to Arizona side of the road and now we're just crawling along nearly the Troy Gordy told that I. He came through via the rule. Let I didn't try going Rivera because. Others just wait to virtual no go work crawling along here he says that raped by this over curricula that troop truck. Object great ultimately pretty obvious they're clearly could well. You know slowly getting their boat. It's pretty awful odor that is why don't convention. Yeah well I mean whip Westfield. That the the camera is is barely visible not Dunkirk outlooks will be clear silver creek again where you are. I've white out conditions getting in cedar roads these cameras. Eat in Angola looks like it's clear and up but I attorney with the weirdest thing is you look at you know the city of buffalo the north counts. Have that you could take out your pitching wedge. And and you know practice there where you are obviously that isn't the case. We cut my grass so grim though. That's right and it's just so crazy obvious like effects work you'd you'd literally drive and all the sudden it's clear and the traffic picks up. It reminds you of like NASCAR when they come out of the the pit lane in the just step on the the the gas pedal that's pretty much how what trap is gonna pick up for you when it clears but for right now. You guys are sheltering on four wheels. Well luckily we have all taken care of them you know poor Alex but look at reschedule the bird. Well we did what everyone they. And don't ever get them let's hope we don't have an ego problem on the road. Yet pop tarts Mike EF pop tarts in the glove compartment I know you list in the sandy sandy would tell you to pop tarts. Jim Doyle would put Caylee up. I didn't ask you if you need in my adjustment wanna make sure that you and Alex got Sumner where it was Alex at pitcher catcher I get reported for spring training what's going on that. They only Goodell is really just recently they have the jeweler. Are there are equal to urban eagle scout imminent twin brother. Anyone about it or limit. School there a couple of cool and Alex don't want you legally general manager. He. At. All right yeah. Other. Urban or. Golf. Why that's that's a great listen and those dreams are awesome I'm gonna tell you what if you got. Access to a Major League general manager that's a tremendous opportunity for you we wish you the best of luck will be get there on time. Get there period with the weather but. Good for you out it's really exciting to hear John and kids that are you're in good hands there was mr. Gilani yet you stay safe 593. With your hand in the week. And figured I. All right thank you for Colin and you know Michael's Amy's bread outside of a silver creek where we keep an eye and that and you know. Can you talk about this all the time and by the way to Wenger is. There I believe he has any media Ronald any tree when it comes to weather that you are absolutes of bond. We have been monitoring yes we go. Was that your major blows a minor. Really I don't have you know all certification equivalent but you know what to Wear for a green screen I'm sure absolutely greens when we have only. When we. Any sort of weather system the newest room. Almost looked like the weather service mean they're up all over we radar cameras going around. There's Tim with a little lazy reporter talking about westerly wind I think he's phase of the ignorant like. Hey what direction as the weeks ago and he just looks that you like it would be self lasted way. What is wrong with you. But here's the deal the 400 south towns route one were hearing horrible things about which one is just text and 3030. Just came up from Angola to pop cultural way. Wet road must be further south. And multiple wrecks they're talking about axis three keep you updated with Alan Harris and traffic. Give you tell you if you're headed somewhere there may be closing we keep soon. Up to date on all that stuff and also all the out advisories right now Tim what is the National Weather Service say for our area as far as like lake effect snow. How long you know. Interest AV is gonna lasted through an idea of where where it's bad right now what they're saying is this band for fathers of lake effect snow warning. For southern Erie and then the southern tier which always includes you know Wyoming's top look at drugs county. In this this snow band right now that as the northern edge on the south side of west Seneca and and moving southward. And then eastern into. Wyoming county in that way. That's gonna kinda hang out there we just heard from First Solar meteorologist Bob Larson said he doesn't expect it to move all that much if it does it will creep southward so that's good news for. The metro area. And then overnight after midnight he said it might slip further northward into the metro areas of tomorrow morning all week long India said. The Friday commute could be a little bit Dicey. They'd called for late two or three inches of snow to fall during the morning drive so it's not the amount of snow which is when it might follow in the morning so. That's kind of the future but the problem getting through right now is this band is not breaking apart. The windy and originally. When you see that dark when we were looking at the radar. Real dark. Colored I mean that's just intensity dark color isn't it means it's snowing very intensely which obviously it is because we've got nine in ten inches of snow right now. Since early this afternoon and a lot of these locales Orchard Park is one of them he's got a picture from there. They report we haven't it confirm this but just people we we talked on route twenty in and how rough the drive these 102 people talk about that. The spot between very Bergen wildly county and Erie county line and 28. Appears to either have been shut down closed were gonna try to confirm that this from a a text or threes and I choose your by the way. If you wanna like get updates on weather traffic all that. This is the time to do it and also if you have updates on what you were drivers like gives attacks and 30930. Call us here on the program. We're gonna be here until 7 PM eight. 030930. Star 930 of your cell phone user 10616. WB and and if you're tractor trailer driver and you're not from Western New York we would love to hear especially if your like that. South of the Mason Dixon line you're driving for the first time in Western New York calling the program will all Laffey. The deal not a fun because you have no idea what it's like here in buffalo but you're more than welcome to spend your dollars here. Odd soldiers road driving a tractor trailer on twenty Angola traffic is moving about sixteen miles an hour at best who a couple of. Better than what Mike was who was sitting still Sony did indicate that they had started to move. We I just you know looking at the night tech guy information that we get into the newsroom and right now there are no official UBS with a road is closed there's no official. Agency saying this road is closed including the threw away but if you're sitting still in your mind it's close and that's probably what's gone on a route 28 for that person out varies berg. If if traffic in both directions is sitting still and as far as I'm concerned you're concerned and they are concerned. A it's close but you know officials aren't saying that you can't go on there. You know I'd I don't want it achieves a squirrel here bright so we're just pointed out you know in the in the future with self driving cars and what are what are the British pro kids could like because. It's gonna it's a really interesting question we talk about self driving cars and places that you know when you're probably wouldn't drive into a lake effect nobody and to begin with little human would help. I don't imported fish there's a report. Six fire companies are keeping folks off twenty varies bird to Erie county line report up mark. To export threes are 30 so and his throat that we talked about that this one tractor trailer driver seeing sixty miles an hour at best one outside of Angola by the way. A side note sixty miles an hour that's the projected speed limit now for the skins Jack what do what do you think now. That's that your but does so well. Mentioned. Hopeful Rex. The three way Jack knifed tractor trailers were heard about that now I'm not looking at the updated. Pictures of you know we we talked about silver creek eat in Angola and Hamburg. And it appears that wiped and someone on near the silver creek exit was say that you know right if you get torch for don't yet it's all clear. And that appears to be going along with the how this storm systems moving silver creek is getting it looks better than it did you know ten minutes ago but it's still pretty. Am looking at the radar right now the very latest library are. And it does show just. You know I guess fervor for looking at a map purposes just north of that area just north of silver creek. Is where it gets really kind of dark in there and then continues all the way over. On the north side of con Concord seems to be the south's south end of this lake effect lying in the north side is the northern edge. Of Orchard Park in the southern portion. Of west Seneca then it extends. Eastward into Wyoming county. Bennington. Sheldon and all the way over into Warsaw on Wyoming. Attica looks like they're just about on the north end of the the swap of the lake snow that's coming right off the lake and it's it's not moving not a beat just before 3 o'clock I looked at and who's in the same spot it's not moving right now. In if it does move it's gonna slip a little bit further. To the south according to the forecasters. And I have goes on the 400 and text eroded by James wrote in South Wales on the 400. That was bad about about a half ago but I am now getting personal tax and also wanted to export that. It's it's pretty rough there are now on the 400 and we didn't see as many there's maybe two cars on the side of the road and reports of multiple cars. Now on some other American web. Your service just issued this statement right now it 324 abandoned heavy lake snow extends from near Dunkirk to extreme. Northwestern Livingston county. And the the extreme locations being impacted include Dunkirk silver creek Hamburg Boston whales varies berg. Pavilion Bennington in couldn illness the mall with those who. Some of it gives you an indication of where it is. This also includes the New York State thruway between exits 59 and 57857. A is the Hamburg exits so. When you get to Hamburg Michael honey and Alex it should get a little bit better than those abilities in those spots are are much less than about an eighth of a mile and the snow falling about two inches. In our some pretty serious stuff. Yeah and you know we're looking at the cameras right now 5757. And fifteen silver creek that's pretty much the area and we just talk about ferries Bergen. And war sciatica that southern southern Erie and Wyoming counties we also actually talk line catalog is out there probably. You know dealing with it two hours ago but as the system moves up it's pretty it's pretty you talk about the the baggage that would pretty much what looks like. And yesterday you were in Florida. Got an hour at the back of the bike path that we do win in the buffalo airport I'm like that you guys are exaggerating. Saying nothing but that's the north town at great. Well wasn't bad yesterday on the south town to just a tell you it's got has all the right if he talked about this yesterday and the podcast how. All of the of the ingredients have to be just right to cook up the lake effect and he's right I mean it is that's that's what has to happen not in obviously everything's happening right or wrong I guess if if you wanna put it that way. And I we've got a pretty serious lake effect area albeit very narrow. If you're in it or need to get into it it's a mass. Let's take a break and also already had our first Tim why her correction of the day 57 A is eating Angola exit TM 57 is Hamburg. How long have you lived in western new York and I know that. I'll go home now. Into the Olympics. I would Def 580 eastbound on main street elect them you would. A quick break we come back by hourly of course is off to talk about why Bauerle is often how tomorrow such a big gain asked for your. Your prayers and your kind words for pound hourly. He's in the hospital but he's going to be fine I had faith I love the guy he's going to be okay. Apple activity you're talking weather really get a little bit of his Al Franken stuff later on we also have some holiday party downstairs which. Phil Kennedy will be covering that forced. Hey we occupied a lot period 030930 we're talking weather traffic how your ride home is. And how it's going to look if you believe in a couple of hours more after this borrowing dollar via news radio and I'm thirty dot via B. Reduction efforts there OK just what I wanna hear from stuck into fetus now. Was shot and Phil are are holding it down behind the glass I got to Wenger in here who has mr. whether mr. traffic and if you want more information on traffic and news weather whatever it is text traffic. Whether to 309 threes are getting updates in real time but you know what you could also Texas how though the weather's like in your backyard the drive. But more importantly it's a radio show we'd like to hear from you. 803 on I thirty start on thirty and another update WB and dot com right now if you are thinking. The weather is bad in your neighborhood maybe there's a basketball game or some event after school. Maybe there's some in the community it may have been closed go to WB dot com and check out all the closings. Tim they're just too many big two to read out and it's not exactly good radio there yeah united it's rated the top of the page but it's it's what you'd expect it's all of the you know this well you know Easter or even frontier who want to Hamburg pollen that's all there is clearly lake shore north. Collins their all their after school and evening activities it and there are all districts in the areas that were talking about it no secret there but if you are driving out about and the weather maybe the weather past it was really bad where you work. Or are if you're on the 40219. We're hearing about accidents on the 219 north south bound between Hamburg road. State police are on the scene and again. If it's a white out condition and you keep Nancy wanna put your four way blinders on you for halfway up a hugely bleaker side you wanna put the blinders on. You let us the Amish and their horses and their blinders CI it's out of my head. You wanna put the the four ways on and but also be advised that there may be volunteer firefighters out there other people assisting people. So speed is definitely something to be reasonable. And don't be hurry because obviously everyone's in the same situation that you're in that's my public service and yeah. I wanna hear from people write in in the middle of that you know if your home right now and you're in sake couldn that's that I put my finger in the middle of the the map here where everything is in couldn is is is spot on right in the middle. Some from couldn collar city 8030930 I'd like to know what it's like out there kissing bridge has got to be just out there. You know worshipping the skies right now because they're gonna get to there is a lot of snow I think holidays probably getting a decent amount of snow that couldn is a lot more in the mix right now. So if you're out that way. Give us a call and dived by all means if you're driving in you're sitting still like Michael lining was. And you can safely give us a call at 8030930. And starting thirty do so because you'll help you know what to do media help everybody you call in here. And it kinda gives us a good painting of what. Where where it's really bad weird that through he's moving where it might not be moving. In what some of the roads are put. You know when this much snow falls in such a short window of time this all started you know only 1 o'clock this afternoon when it really started. Hit the fan. That much snow in that short a time. You know it's just all of those those roots are going to be in masses it's funny you can still doesn't have anything not a so it just settle out of the clear skies everything's great. But kissing bridge. Is not great. He it is looks like pelicans they'll probably getting some snow but it's what's not as bad yet it's really on the peripheral and that's it's much further. It is it is just that Nero I mean is just. From about spring bill up to alma. That that the the width of this band the replay east and west. A little bit of audio Bob Larson WB and meteorologist I had this to say moments ago when he was I talking to our newsroom. Might get this for the SO bandy extends from. Hamburg southward and heavier amounts south of Hamburg and there have been some heavier snow near Easter roar that is mostly pushed southeast. Right now applied to. The farther south together heavier the Soviets. But we're not expecting. Any of moving northward of that snow band this afternoon early this evening effective anything is still trying to push southward. But it will be pushing northward late tonight could see the snow move back. Into the city after midnight and it's gonna be a problematic to me for many of us particularly those. They have to ahead of the south but even into the city a suspect is going to be issues. As you can be a fresh one do. Three inches of snow during the overnight hours and another couple of inches snow tomorrow before that so wins the S Cobain begins to dissipate a bit tomorrow afternoon. Don't think we'll see it all day long been a morning commute. Could very easily be problematic. So if you are out in Boston maybe your in now Wyoming county. It's our southern Syria and the lying there we've heard stories from 28 now they're attractive to walk a line along the side someone on FaceBook I wrote us. That there were corrections officer headed out to Attica and said twenty day is just. It's shut down because the tractor trailer. Bull north south limo out just. Just let him go. So. Turn their head lights on people don't have their headlights on out there weird things. There for probably four things have been going meet analysts' Huntley. You know the handicapped sticker you kick off your rear or waste out of trouble with your stuff leaves are just like black ice if you had a met right. Nobody but the da noise Western New York drivers more than people who don't know how to use it properly. It seems to be the number one. He issued that folks that we have someone from called in now 80330. Start on thirty kilter a cold and collar you've actually guilty for all the income that's a look at the boy. I don't screw around. What you would stall in the in the room just for this purpose so there it is let's go to fill in couldn. Phil what do you think Tyrod Taylor should he start. How's the weather out golden. How's the weather is now called the film. Where. Okay yeah well and we are on hold is to say that. Well. It was. So it's it's wicked how bad as it did that that word. Proper quality but movies. I want goal more well no shortage corporate. Maybe. Our ability. Oh do you you enroute to forty. OK I made Port Orchard ROK we did you go by kissing bridge by any chance our doors are registered before Erica errands this lamented that they're probably getting all the snow. I'm sure there are bigger. So. Yet that we're in that area of route 240 is just unbelievable it is just all these little S curves I mean even when the road is dry. Says it can't drive more than like twenty miles an hour for a 243 that are right currency fills definitely that drive in. What what do you what do you think your speed is right now. Your speed that you're driving right now as what. That's up. Yet that's crazy hate still odd travel safe stay warm and a guest. You don't like assure western new Yorker feel that's why. That's right what's in your trunk right now besides. Forward a dead person that was. Now do you have snow tigers or I have you ever done the chains. I got rid of the rule of alt U and Butler. Pretty heavy duty ovals shall order. Now Phil he admits his question for people out there that wanna get their white something's bound for Christmas snow tigers camp later. Several logged in that. I spoke there a bit below. You know I'll do a huge institutional buyers and then spend the rest of them really lottery for his shirt. Pilots you know that's what happens would you ended December moment in mayfield thank you get prostate statement. Or will say it is not taxed at their cue from. Armored duels row which Israelis them. Exit and the 21980s the decade said there's like eighteen inches of snow I've heard them anywhere and ensure there's an exaggerated her Barbeque myTouch enemy is hearing meters when McConnell. Susan wrote that we've. Got served our coaches are there to get a hotel tonight or cheers tonight the company party. That's right my party yeah this is a big deal and by the way. Lots of food and you guys will be here. To leave here in the room will bring you food in here. Will put on the door let's go to back to cold and us and that you Wenger has tilted either. Area let's go to Bob and cold and Bob you are on WB and what's going on in your neck of the woods. Yeah I drove home from. But state buffalo and move wrote to try and it was partly sunny. But about the time I get to the tune nineteen. Go into the Stallone got happier. What's your major bouts today if I. Am and other. But so you basically were driving through nothing not a problem what was the first time you you hit calamity. Well calamity. Ninety's it was code down you got an of this hull and I hooked on VA and into orchards are. Then. Does it what's important. The knowledge that you can work in Poland cars. You've got to utter calamity I I didn't work report cards jobs but the bed bugs could. Could go in. The first part you really start hit bad weather was where. Or in that it just progressively got worse. When I got up in the Orchard Park and it came down on the eighth and into the village. There was probably a good putter more snow there visit. Tractor trailer Jack I talked wrote some cars wouldn't that the pitches so register I got up shortly they'll all real. So I just took it easy. I mean I don't know I can take it but it had to make a strap on my way. Consumer and pick up some beer. You can just gives you drink it in now have. A married thank you. Hey we just had his body that protocol on the the the thank you about be safe and he cracked it open at home pleased. A couple of buses according to a techsters a couple of buses. Kids are on Zimmerman wrote out in it's in the town Boston. But I mean I wouldn't panic over that immunity if there's a school bus and Zimmerman wrote it as kids in it and it's really bad weather's so they're just probably now moving very quickly so and so just sat there on. Of Orchard Park. And there's about a twelve inches it is politics somewhere between the two an image which doesn't car. Previously and another to a by the way if you park your car let's say an airport. And left it there you found about you know six inches of snow on. And I'll tell you a storm like this of I would needs it to David stores to lake effect snow evidently this. This is I mean what meteorologists from other parts of the country look at this in the case I think there mesmerized they've delicately how does that happen. How is it sunny in downtown buffalo and you know not even five miles away. It's zero visibility and the New York State through it's crazy I mean it's really it's it's it's an amazing phenomenon we'd we liberate an element which was writing don't care. No they will because you could see. But you know one of is that if there's something of what's now that people outside of buffalo just abstinence it's like California it's it's a new thing it's just right and you know because of a ten mile wide area we get painted witness to right. You know the weather channel. All day yesterday the weather channel was Erie basin marina and there was nothing to show there was no weather. So they kept showing the waves only theory there was no way other. You know and now here's you know they'll be year in their gonna show blizzard in the in the rest of the world will think that Buffalo's close suffer from exit that. Six blazed L 57 Hamburg 57 Eaton Angola. Twenty minutes ago. Those were the worst areas in the region you couldn't see anything on through way out there go over to silver creek and Dunkirk now that's where. The belly of the beast is student Orchard Park measured the snow. Measured at fifteen inches well all right that it makes sense that's about a little bit more than a foot and a so maybe eighteen inches wheel an off. Ask you this Tim Weiner joins me of course to retard Tom little bit why he's not here and why tomorrow's a big day for him Tom is. Going to be inaugurated the open heart surgery. Club there that's a very serious thing and I got to tell you guys got fight. The guys got a ton going on form tonic obviously. Have a legend in Western New York but on the radio for. Thirty years something 35 years. But he will have surgery tomorrow and we're gonna put our our thoughts and prayers out form if you wanna go on our FaceBook page. He's got a ton of a FaceBook updates. Which is you know good to see him in good spirits but Kim what is difference between the actual technical term between like a flurry. You know they use different it'll do you know what what that is like what is the definition of well. He got hit the flip. A flurry in squall and everything they're actually tactical terms it means something I mean flurries like if you if you you make equivalent to rain you know drizzle sprinkle bright red Fuller. Also it's just that you're just disgust ball would be elegantly downpour. Yeah it actually went three inches is for your fortify them to us that hey let's go to the the hotline there we've got Susan rose on the lines should roadster park and GA I just told Susan that I heard David that that you were out I think it's not a problem Brendan doing that. Parents of Brendan summit to strike call how many inches and Orchard Park outside of the anger state. I'd just like and I like to act it's nine inches but I honestly don't rightly looked like a side. You know with the blowing a little bit I mean if it's crazy you know I can think up when I'm driving home from work is. I think attitude just in the south towns can't get enough and it found here but that's within the city this could be the severe. Absolutely crippling. Situation for the for the whole area. Dan it is already and likely to nineteen and you know will be here in from Brendan Keeney are one of our reporters is out in Orchard Park covering something and I'm sure he would slow trip out there it's a mass and to 19400. Via elementary school bus. It's got strapped up kid Italy twenty minutes later than usual. Content that they. It's really not that bad didn't drop them off at our house or. A valid shovels or where the bird but here's. Don't we get when you hear about school buses on the side of the road kids you know you automatically think accident in this is who were responsible thing to do we have a school bus blockades. And your white out conditions is to not continue to drive cell. You know I'm sure these a school bus drivers in the districts are taking. You know whatever cautioned say they can't precautions to to make sure things ever once. Oh they are. But you know it's definitely lightening up here. Yeah I was just gonna say just refresh the radar and looking at that it's settling a little bit further to the south and Bob Larson and said that just about an hour ago about will be live in four minutes with Mike Benjamin. Get the update from him but the the real dark area which is the more intense snow is now south. Of and the south side of Orchard Park which is kind of where you are so. And we've had many people writing that I'm talking about the weather in silver creek. Which is a little different than silver creek. And that where you're raced Susan out as far as the and I did you see people out there are you know as ever what else snow blowing owners of one of those things where you wanna wait three hours to see if you're gonna have to redo it again. You know what most people are waiting again see. But you know those independent plow drivers doing dry place I don't think I don't blow it out yet because I have a feeling in Oprah's doing and now we'll have to do it again. Yeah I'll let you know I know what time it needs to be done to Susan that's gonna put hair on his chest that's what it's all about he's got to work. I. That. Report that's out there this will work with the kids play and Xbox one he's going to be fine everything's. I. I don't I. If that is gonna go away with technology. I wonder if like in the future but daily power shell game it doesn't even know the reality of it but there are great gift for you for Christmas though is snow tires we are getting snuffed. Do you really RJR. I was gonna put him under the tree but now I'm thinking about it people don't know this Jim drives a four wheel drive vehicle to work and Susan drives a Miata Yaris rare rare wheel drive sports car in the snow it's perfect for. It was a heck of a ride home David yeah. It's right hey we could soon thank you I will get updates from. From we got people all over the roads that not all of the roads but all over the area on the roads Susan of course on the morning show you can listener every morning from. Like 4 in the morning till whenever we're gonna wrap this up to go to break we come back keep it locked on here really get updates news weather traffic all the good stuff. It'll 30 and I dirty wanna hear your story of what's going on outside. Give us a call three journal entries to text SP back after this news radio 930 WB and.