12/6 Bauerle and Bellavia w/ Tim Wenger: Tom phones in from the Hospital Hour 2

Bauerle and Bellavia
Wednesday, December 6th

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Yes the dramatic music you score. The coverage. Of the blizzard of 2017. That we are enduring here. Outside of our Amber's studios where it's currently not snowing. The lake effect snow band has settled to the south it's crossing the buffalo metro area right now and I really all kidding aside. This one's pretty manageable folks but there is a lake effect snow band. That is settling across the metro area and should die dip into the south towns in the southern tier later tonight. But between now and well right around the show and at 7 o'clock this band of snow will be impacting. The very busy areas of the the main line through a between Williams will hold down political wanna in and through the buffalo metro area and if you see anything you wanna let us know what's going on. By all means text us 3930 year gives ecology 030930 we'll get to those calls. Coming up I'm Tim lingers for a nine WV EN in I've been speaking live with Tom hourly he's live at. Gates he's at the hospital where on Friday. He may go under the open heart surgery. They could to delay that do some circumstances that time has been telling us about that. He's in the up most best care here in buffalo and Western New York so. We're happy for that and then also on the line we've got to David Bell via who is down in Florida and he's on his way back up from Florida. After said visit down there are more we're gonna do is talk with David here and and we got to let him go because he's gonna need to board a plane and then we'll be back with Tom and some phone calls. From people who wanna talk to him that David. Menu had a tough time here for the past several weeks. Watching your dad go through a long illness and then. I'm very sad to report to our listeners that your dad his past. Set time for you obviously in your family. I did absolutely gut it out. My dad was. Just. Just a perfect man today you know and I idolize him you know it it's it's crazy when you see. My parents were from Jamestown battalions from Jamestown this before court Jamestown turned into a left ice. There's a nice quiet. And so be it diet out there. Everyone's. Does that PS family there are two daughters and two sons. And d.'s four siblings archer. The best of friends they talk all the time. And so you know your aunts your uncles. There are there party your life and and you see you don't know how weight issue in some way. And out of mind of a dad had been together almost fifty years every single day. High school sweethearts. That I saw. On the most. Perfect in storybook. Loves. And to see my mom are react to losing your best friend. It. It just aptly got you but I'll tell you this beautiful part is able may instantly and my Brothers are here. And working we're gonna take care and remember my dad. Bigot like as a huge radio guy. And I remember you know I was introduced to come by hourly talk about release did a sports show in the ninety's when the bills were amazing. And so I would go to school and listen to breakfast with the hourly and then I would like Gil Alba Mike Gavin here all wander. And my dad would talk to the radio and I will be like while if I want to press my dad. Comedy jam the Radio One of these days and the decision. To decide to go to radio was really. Maybe two to make my happy because she shot. Yeah it's the only time I can you know you're really shut out. I thought I. You know and I did you know we talk a lot David but I didn't know the your debt that was such a fan of of radio in general and ended that he was paying such close attention. To the show with you and and that's awesome from afar and it's the beauty of it all they did digital age with streaming etc. so he was plugin dollar that's. My dad would listen for hours that day. He would text into real time he would tell me a backdrop comes got a point here you're gonna look stupid. You know he would he would literally give me play by play of every thing. And that you can always tell me to stop jostling the bike which kind of annoys me to be honest. But felt like my dad had doubt that kind of critique that I loved them and they ought to get it it's. You see it if it's so weird when what you see your your someone that you idolize and you see them at their at the end of their life and I got to tell you. This is a horrible experience. But the people hostage if there is any you know it's holiday time. That any opportunity that you could support hospice in Western New York. I gotta tell you these people are some of the most amazing human beings in the world they're strangers stick with your home and they literally hold your hand. While your loved ones you know leaves. And it I I just can't tell you how how beautiful they were and how important they are and really how they're they really should be appreciated more. Yet you know and do we've been through that I've been through that in it it is it's it's first of all it's terrific as you've but you know now experience but. It is amazing. That the job that those people there you know every time you wanna complain about your job. I'll pinch myself and think about those people and I you know you have to be going through it in Florida but. Obviously got a amazingly talented and compassionate people in those same rules appear and it is remarkable what they do so I think it's great the that you say that time are you still with us here. Perry had just won a we're gonna let David go here before the next a break I just wanna give you to the opportunity to. Go back and forth here could stymie or you're going to be kind of fading away from hourly and I'll be the first few weeks issue I recover from your surgery on Friday. They came to use a better term been fatal. I want it say that they have the outcome mentioned these 244. Possible 24 transfusions. Did at least think about that status a lot and we talk about the surgeries all the time and other technology has increased in everything. It's amazing at the end of the day. It's really crazy to think about stopping human heart working on the human articulate seen him putting me here there. We are blessed that it will be able it would be honest with years ago. Something like this with a death sentence you were gone. And so they're extending life. Other doing amazing things and I look at my debt 73 years old. That just seems so young to me and it's creepy to think that because in Russia you know 51 of the good life good job dead. Yeah America the was spoiled to think that. You know we're all of my relatives live to be 95. Yet time you know David brings up a really good point we're just speaking with the caller they're not too long ago who went through this in 1983 and oh my god the team you know the change in. Medical technology. For what she went through you know in 1983 to what you're about to go through. You know the end result you know you're after is the same but the way they do it now is just if it's remarkable I'm not belittling what your boss put to go through by any stretch it's a serious stuff but. The technology's amazing right. I'll be the outcomes. What you do you can actually just if you look at the abstracts on line. The outcomes for open heart surgery and bypassed. Has that improved dramatically via the mortality rate is not anywhere close to what it used to be a in oh. And duct tape David's father was just far too young 73. Years old. And we live in the society now where you know eighty it's it's the new AD but people are are hitting eighty more and more and more. And anytime we lose somebody in their seventies. If it's very difficult to or in their sixties or you know god forbid that in the fifties and especially. You know what it's. I know that this is so cliche about their cardiac heart disease is in fact. The silent killer. And you know David my obviously officer for the number of discussions about this and you know Dave good news is going to be going through the grieving process and he. It is you know obviously will be good days there will be bad days because David for those who don't know was extremely close to his father and David stand was Byrd are proud of the work David did on the radio. My mum on the other hand are you Tom Bauerle mother. Who I I don't local news speaks. I need an adult. But David is. David is going to be David is going to be fine you know both of us so all of us actually have. Experience. That the parents or a parent and there's a special kind of of sadness the comes along with that. And in some ways sister reminder of people circle of life and beat perpetuate shin of out of your DNA. And the closing of one chapter and he realized that you take a different role in terms of the family totem pole was you know going from the kids to the elder statesman so. I guess the long story short everything is dynamic everything is changing and and I think we're all entering into different chapters in our lives and sadly sometimes entering into the new chapters that brings with a great deal of of sadness and and reflection. Yes David you know time is lost his dad I've lost my dad and I think what you'll find is. You're gonna go through obviously very difficult time but you'll remember your dad in such positive ways to you know things. Sounds like I think when you're working when you're on the radio you're going to be thinking about him and I think that's gonna help me get through for sure. Well listen I Tom Tom was really sweet you know walked me through a lot of what to expect and and that on the spot on and and you know I was shared with these some of the things that. That that Buick through which you're dead with the VA in and and can be made to people that helped him. Listen this is or it's a horrible spot and go there one thing debt relief. He had to change me when I was young might get hugs were like. I mean we were family I I told my dad I love them I kissed him on the mall he was at work Italian man where I'm ashamed of well I love for each other and are simply. It simply is if she's got. And it's all you know there and ran him for all of their gathered around the bed were saying good by the way our father and I had with the chance to. To move might dead on the hospital bed. And we were alone and he wrapped his arms around me that kind of brace himself but to me. It was so hard I had when I was six years old and I got stung by B and I was able to just hold my dad like one last time and it was. It was the perfect ending for me and and it's horrible things that yes yes dad you're horrible but again it was a very religious guy. I have never in my life I've seen some amazing Americans. Do some crazy stuff. For god and country and and unfortunately with that you see a lot of tragedy and trauma. And I can tell you what. A person facing cancer knowing that they are dying. Knowing that they have hours to live and they look at it hit it head on. That is the equivalent of you know charge and machine gun nest that there's nothing different with fighting that fight. Then fighting terrorism and you know cancer survivors god bless you and support hospice. Sorry Dave you'll hear you on the air tomorrow and before really gonna just read a text. That just came in David's father was a great man everyone in Linden build new on he helped so many people as a dentist a friend and Christian leader in the community. Bennett from Linda until sending men and godspeed David and have a safe trip okay. Secular topic is being so we'll let you that I love you Lola publish on the use of highly inappropriate action just a minute. The program so I. All right that is David dollar via joining us he's on his way back from Florida and all we can do is. Is that he gave it in our prayers when we come back after a break here. Of updating traffic and weather more with Tom and some phone calls and then move on to some other things this afternoon. He's just a lot of heavy but important and amazing stuff this afternoon here on the radio for 22 a WB EN. And time to check WBE and traffic command Allen Harrison sure it is a busy one out there. Tom hourly as with us at 424 is WB and I'm Tim Wenger in for Bauerle envelop via Tom is in the hospital. You in the best of care aide gates where he'll undergoes some open heart surgery and have the long recovery period. David will be back here tomorrow on his way back from Florida after the passing of his father than some people on the line here. Time that one which use some. Well which well I should say and pass on from a Marxist is TJ entitle one to you are on WBBM time hourly DJ. Yes with what they've done annually is still wary about the kids that are that I yet. Since forty when they quoted. Think skeptic can have better you're gonna work that is so simple way or Qualls right over the catheter is state. Only go at they'll will start authorities guilty plea. Perry DJ thank you very much here's some advice for your time with BK. Well I'm not sure if I only heard her legs up and it's. Am I you know I can actually feel your wind tunnel I could feel your way into the hospital birth. This is I will be completely 100%. So dated upon the implantation and the removal. Of the captor which is probably a very good for. Yeah and just before surgery when you are fully sedate and I do have some paperwork for you than him and have you side and fifth at the fact that. A teary down in Texas Terry here on WBM with Tom buy hourly. Meg. Have and the advice in that grading handy advice like that and I'm Sarah court down. Blair said the the end of spam my. 9 o'clock. My grandmother so we understand it was a similar situation. Meant to. Best wishes and everything on the auto you know you personally or anything like that but I although that's another show in August. And you got there like mob buddies you know yeah the show about computers there and you know get your Bill Mueller saying nah. You know he's going to be a certain they'll come back and entertainment tomorrow man. Appreciate it in particular week we do love our fans and well most of you know we we do lover hands and your. Wishes and prayers are you know sincerely sincerely sincerely appreciated. You know that David couldn't say things couldn't be there are certain things rattle me and then it's hard for me to be little which multi prepped thank you it's. Totally appreciated. Right I know I keep doing this you want you wanna hang on for another. Absolutely. And if throw so we aren't ratings if I do die on peer to. Cuomo you're gonna get out of that is gonna be killer. There were recording of the off fair to just in case of you who you know we wouldn't miss that can't. They I just. It's the people we've lost 27 team I mean it was. I saw that on your video targeting and just a minute when we come back we'll have the update from a Mike Bagram in in the WBN newsroom with traffic with weather got that all covered. More with Tom hourly more with your phone calls at 8030930. It's Tim Wenger here on WPE. Telecom hourly and tell you today it's Tim linger in fourth hourly and Belle of the and a whole bunch of circumstances of led to this time our release live on the line he's from. He's down at the gates vascular institute Tom. If if you've been living under Iraq. This is going to be undergoing. Open heart surgery and has been kind enough to join us for the first couple of hours on the show today from the hospital where a guy I tend to get it he's going little stir crazy so back to Tom. In just a minute and David Bell via we heard from a little bit ago. Is uneasily back from Florida after a very sad it's set of circumstances that led to his his father's passing after a long illness. And our hearts believe forward David and and in our prayers out to his family and I know you join me in that. As well both common in the rest of our listeners ship out their cell. Be thinking of David David by choice is going to be here tomorrow in this chair he's ready to get back to work so. David will be with us Tom unfortunately will not be able to be here but he's with us. On the phone from the hospital that time it's pretty cool your goodness I appreciate it. Well actually. I'd like to say that it's some great spring for reasons Rupert I am bored out of my mind I figured you would be actually I'm actually delayed a picture estimated due August. And you know at a pivot if book and else. You know obviously do that with the passing of David's father. It is a good reminder for people to make sure that they keep an eye out and any possible. You know oncology situations and in the one take away that no the reason you wanted me out here everything is very very important is for anybody who missed earlier. When your body is giving you shortness of breath for no real reason when you're having chest contractions or or chest tightness. It's sometimes it'll let them away and then after waxes and ways it will. It will grow will be even more severe the next day and the one symptom that should be a dead giveaway in combination with all of those you know about it our church is. A feeling of impending doom which I can't. And you know folks just please keep that in mind if you listen to radio show and you think. That I have some reasonable degree of intelligence please think again I'm stupid. Don't be stupid like our words if you experience any of those symptoms you'd need. To not pretend you're Superman you need to not pretend it's as much. Not pretend it's respiratory flu it's better to be safe than sorry teach yourself to the ER. Yeah I think a lot of us saw in it and particularly as I pointed out earlier a lot of men just think you know if he could be something that will pass and you know how often have we heard oh it's indigestion and you know it's amazing to me so. You know and it's cliche and it's true and you know this is certainly what took her via urgent care facility respect and immigrant would whatever places that. When the doctors said you know Tom you need to get to the hospital as a non political home. She walked out and she was not happy she's a lot smarter than I am but. Her intelligence was vindicated when I called her about a hour after a Serb. We need to get to a hospital heart attack. Lot of people on hold wanna talk do you Tom hourly rate in Amherst few are on WB yen with Tom buy hourly rate. Just might want to police cheese. August when he first so a little to be some advice on. What he experiences like. First oval take yourself. Any stressful situations. In. Including and do not around naked people or angry people. Stressful to you. It will it will cheerio I've been battling heart disease forty years. That circumstance in the register at the quadruple it tests. I doctor rose there. They gave you may be in the city. That I was. Rosters were the greatest heart surgeons in the country. They've made me wait. It is my cardiologist. At of yet it was amazing. The scores are set to be months or earn your shield. I'm here here's the experience. They sheriff elect who. Initiated you'll then take it take our ship eagle there on and you go away and this yours so it's dictated. That you won't remember literally weeks out. What happens you'll remember two weeks ago. He's most comfortable orders ordinary weakened so what do you. Leaders that are inserted his most uncomfortable. Part coming out but it's not overly I'll. You know. You're. You know it would take out but it doesn't hurt. It doesn't really hurt that much when they take him out in its they count went to remake of my. And after they're out so much better. They re when was your surgery district timing. When he first book I waited on a Monday in the legal on Friday I was shocked. Quadruples the so ward from my left storm. The mammary artery. From the heart. They've the punctures they don't Fleischer political that in order just punctured to a culture party yum. By the choice and micro surgery so you don't you're not that's ridiculous score at all you just have puncture. On the so for the first three to four weeks shall that the strain that they do. You you'll literally. Walked in and if you'll be sleeping in a recliner probably a reclining chair 710 days. That's the other singer had and other court. Open art people told me this sleep upright in a recliner. Or find video on television physiological reason for that Panetta is a as you will vote for the experience that you're able to get more into yearlong in this position than if you were supplied approach or decide. Correct so for the first ten days I I don't try to sleep. Regular after a couple of days and I had you know as you do. And is literally woke yup. Change in my chest and I ethical ex sleeping in the order that's great thank you so much that you know what it's great advice and actually have a recliner at all so. That's gonna commit very handy as far as the energy level you find that it is greater now than ever before. Yes what are together timetables. Sweeter for weeks straight and that they be. Or six weeks. You'll find a dramatic. Sling shot of you starting to kick your string. Two months. You'll actually seal. Good you know to seal so the point where. Your. Here incisions are not itching so much and you'll feel your incisions pitching and tightening up this stage you'll put two months. You'll feel really good now three months. In my neighbors are shocked you know I was I was out mowing my lawn at two months. And I'm going polling now it's three months. And the you'll see after thirty days of having restraint that the baby. You'll still slingshot my most important crisis. Two things war and eliminate. Did you yourself at any stressful situation. Stressful kill you and to. Disability your week of things and saturated animal. From your side that you can no more red meat no dairy. No no sugars no whites flower right you'll 400%. Whole grain grids. You know is by basically live on a diet of one else and in. Turkey. While sentiment in Turkey and organic chicken sausage where is all ray impostors. So its session people prefer positive outcome that. Any rate thank you very much for getting it's as some other cause I'm glad you're doing well on appreciate all of the advice for time okay. Our agree. That it's amazing to have that much insight and advice from when your faithful their time. Absolutely and and anybody who wants to add to go to about the ability of FaceBook pages to put a post up their few days ago but hey what should know about this. Are you as long as you're down union your camera up is this note is the snow stopped downtown. I thought our rates though it's yeah its it's not do anything out here you know leaders of the afternoon drive. I has settled in well let's move on now this is a bill out Eden hey bill you're on WBM what time hourly. HM I am and I I heard the news and I'm just wanted to let you know then I'm thinking of you know and I'm praying Soria. And dom and he money that I can ask to pray for you I am. We got a lot means we're the only time you would say you know say your prayers sort of like you know that the child with cancer down the hall and such like but. I'm we luggage you mean I mean I think you and David like I'd rather. I just want you all you always tell us about you guys like yourself well and we are often. On the things we have to say that are important but. I love you and I loved David you know question and it's like Brothers and to dismiss all the best for you and if you are I think it's something that you can do. I'm and it liking your new dog true that's just offer it up. And you've got through additional sometimes and we talk about. To stop for years suffering with Jesus because one plus infinity is suffering seniors suffering attention and mayor. So. Well pillage certainly you know I definitely appreciate. I appreciate percent of the comedian without going into my particular. Theology. I think you're Jews is lord's prayer. There's a very important part of edits by will be done at one of the hardest ones that we face as human beings is. If we are asking the almighty that our that is will be done. That we have to accept the results even if we don't necessarily like them but we have to stated that whatever the result that is what was intended to be so. I have. I don't have any long term trepidation so about that but I'm very grateful for your prayers just actually been proven scientifically that. People who were praised for even if they don't know after being prayed for have this statistically significant better outcome. There are those who have operated for. Which I find fascinating. Larry well you've got the prayers coming from bill bill thank you very much Martha is in Williams though he Martha you're on WBM with Tom hourly with top. And Jack and I'm not that I'm group in the new I would settle. Little genuinely. At who went back catalog outlet. That could eventually confirmed that again. I'm saying. I have been threatened. I would excel. The kind of out. Email to let it go if you have a good bad or else. And yes. But he's got nineteen years ago. And has synergen. General. And edited highlights February 27%. To everybody got. If you guys have had surgery and Barack. How about instead. He can't wait till he end and didn't affect compact the next ankle everybody's style guru John. She said look if you look at that he would never got amnesty decree. Mood that that can build a stack. I'm Chad can do England. I would try to give them an in depth. I was solid acting was what they did. Epidemic at Christmas time there's an internal. That this goes south so deliberately. Tried to get people that I eat out compared to discipline that it. Got outside early in the little bit and indifferent about it and I had a chance. We've been proud of god bless you. And not spend time. Actually I was like a maniac. Sometimes yeah. I couldn't get a budget today and it was better stop. Kelly Martha thank you very much appreciate all that. Well Somalia's future bride is very very intent on making sure that I eat too. Properly. Actually that's where we started talking delicious healthy food together. A good remarked to work doctor roster that it's very interesting that. It would you know for the past month we start eating broccoli and Brussels sprouts and then know that all that stuff went with some minor exceptions and of all the of all the times display that you get pretty nasty. CPB for this could see it as it is ironic you have to laugh about it Larry Lola. Don't lose thirty pounds because you know I don't know it'll be like word in the field somewhere with you mean you can't lose thirty pounds that's Fisher. Go back. Eight Darcy up in Youngstown Darcy or WBM a time buy hourly. Eight RC hand just a moment because I just made a bad for 53 at WB yen. We're gonna let time go in just a few minutes and then we can continue with your phone calls after 5 o'clock wishing Tom well. You're close encounters with some cardiac experiences will take those phone calls as well after the 5 o'clock hour. Wanna get a few more minutes and a few more calls with Tom let's get back to Darcy Darcy sorry about that you're back on the time hourly and WB yen. I think Tim you're gonna break up all the guys are out. And permit its wish you well and I had two things do you and we donate blood your name that you need so much of it. And what. Priority life like since this like conducting its capital Q what has become crystal clear that was. Not so much like what come into focus if you wanna share that pure. I think it's great that you're bringing this to the worker to them the same age issue and you think you're you're not. Old enough to have this happen in that sense you know and then somebody your age it does happen. Opens your eyes and goes well yeah yes. Yeah where there. When well actually just I mean look it's it's always a good idea to donate blood if you'd like to but I do so worked or sort crystal clear. The reason for people late in the surgery is sort of my platelet count get to that level where we don't have to go through all of those transfusions. If they were to have done it yesterday for debate before then we would have been talking that increasing their risk of extra penguin nation exponentially. So. I tend not to be a big error. Sometimes Arab leaders sometimes and not that term with all that with all blessings. I should be able to get through the surgery with only in my own blood being used. This first things that have become crystal clear this might actually surprise people but. I actually do have a very strong faith in the in god and higher power of the almighty god the almighty so. I think if anything. It's simply has solidified what committee where is. I know that surprises a lot of people given my language in the way I live my life prep. I have a very very strong. Trait that. His will be done and sometimes I think it's good to put that Padilla. Sometimes it's good to put it to the test because anybody can say that when the times are good. I think true test of faith is when things are so good when you do actually have a risk of realizing mortality. Do you hold on to that say or do you abandon. So I think. That has just. Become more crystal clear that it was but it was already got a crystal clear. And what I have a chance to meet people like to picked gates Dick vascular institute this guy. From Andover mass please the president of gates says he came over to see newspapers Christopher lane. Big fan of his regular thirty WB EMI he offered as well wishers and the medical director and VP. Buffalo general medical center doctor Colin McMahon all pokey is a term or west guy. And I'm looking at more these guys he was kind enough to drop by and say hello and offer words of of encouragement so I don't want to give a shout out to those gentlemen and really good you know and you know the other thing too crystal clear. I'm glad you brought that up and left and it gave shouts out to Chris lane and our Colin McMahon medical doctor is that. You know it it's so easy because we are searching practically divided country I've done my part to make that happen but because we are so practically divided. That when you see people of various backgrounds various persuasions various ethnicity. And they're all working together for one common goal and that is the betterment of the health of the patient. It is very reassuring in the history did distant times that. People from such disparate backgrounds can focus on the common purpose and make things better for all of us. Terry Tate Tom Morgan thank you very much Darcy for the call by the way and that commonly go get some rest and which all the best will be in touch obviously as we have been and I will keep watching for the updates on FaceBook and the hourly in Bellevue page. Is you choose to do that thank you so much for the time. I just what they get a comparable Rick and Becker fire glow. 366. String a thought that was a beautiful gesture. And you're gonna love the recliner we have in the studio waiting for you. On Monday are Tom buy hourly and WB and time thank you so much we are thinking them about you pray in Korea. And you are going to be just fine and you are in the best place. That you can be that is Tom buy hourly here on WBE and when we come back. Got some people on hold. Continue your well wishes for Tom buy hourly and also share your closer to close encounters if you can't summon your family your personally. With cardiac care Tom you know went through this just over the past couple of weeks and obviously came to a head. On Sunday any at you know we had a cardiac event he had a heart attack. And he's going to have open heart surgery but I'll means I give us a call and let us know. Which your close encounter with cardiac care was and I you can continue to wish Tom well. And send him your warm thoughts here on news radio 930 WB and it 8030930. And star 930. The latest on the weather in the latest in news with Mike beggar in next year and WB. He then.