12/6 Bauerle and Bellavia w/ Tim Wenger: Heart Attacks/ Problems Hour 3

Bauerle and Bellavia
Wednesday, December 6th

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Hey good afternoon it is too much anger in fourth hourly and the Olivia I'm WB and back at 3 o'clock we picked the the dramatic musical open to. A market coverage of our lake effect snow event but the lake effect is pretty much drifted well to the south. It's actually drifting through the buffalo metro rate down watching that. Radar right now and you know it's still going to be somewhat of a factor and an issue during your afternoon drive you heard from Mike segment and from Allen Harrison who continue to. Throughout the rest of the drive time but. Really DO lake effect event is India indicated it would just be a sloppy little bit of a mass for the afternoon drive and the most out settles to the south. Of the buffalo area tonight. And then tomorrow we have to worry about it much you're down in the southern tier of the southern tier you still need to deal with some heavy lake effect snow in spots. In locate you on that throughout the morning tomorrow on WB and because all day tomorrow they'll be dealing with a down in the southern tier. So get I'm Tim lingers 510 on WB ENN here for hourly and bella via what a set of circumstances and Sunday started to. Interact with that Tom and his fiancee. Cristina. Or otherwise known as mrs. nerd. When time began to have the symptoms of heart attack and he. Got down to the gates vascular institute in buffalo buffalo died at buffalo general and down. Tom has been admitted ever since in time we'll have open heart surgery as soon as Friday. I believe a quadruple bypasses what he is. Going to have and we expect tons full recovery. Put a serious stuff indeed we've been taking phone calls Thomas with us for the first couple of hours. And he'll be with us again after 6 o'clock you'll hear from Tom. From the hospital but just amazing bunch of phone calls you know people that not only wanna wish Tom well. But people that wanna share their stories they've gone through this really the family member that have gone through it they've that it is time would put it close encounter. With cardiac health in the phone lines are open right now if you or a loved one have gone through something like this. I wanna share your experience in addition to sharing your well wishes for Tom. I you can do so at 803. 0938030930. And star 930. You know we can all learn from this especially men who sent it would tend to be. The more prone to just saying oh it'll pass or it's something else it's indigestion. Time has been very emphatic and recognizing what the symptoms are. The symptoms that he experience and not discounting them in making sure that you take them seriously. And I think anyone else it's gone through this probably would share that and by all means do so if you had that type of close encounter you've gone through. Cardiac scare 8030930. And start 930 here on WB Ian before we get on to as some other items this is our Richie out in Cheektowaga. He Richie you're on WB EN what's up. Ten and thanks for taking my car of course but. My favorite polish partners in crime. And he probably listening. I look a bit over there for a long time and one of the best thing that record probably should actually there's two. Been the first thing. Is that my mom passed away about a week and a half ago which could also be Texas carried grandmother. Didn't. She call shall in terms and the thing about that was what. And it's not that hard to believe what helped me again it was like couldn't wait 3 o'clock. So that I could listen to borrowing they'll be to take my mind opposite. And and to get involved and heroic. It was way. They're like my second part of a family and inept with WBBM. Has been it would invite your me anyway. So and you hear this news and I would. Blinded and immediately settled Carrie we're talking you know few days ago what happened we didn't know anything actually in my head under a rock and now. But for Taiwan. Mom died of cancer. But the problem lies that. Cripple them in which included at least four Brothers into this all. Quadruple or triple bypass. And a mom had a stronger. Part of which stronger. And she was the only one out of the hole anyway that didn't have to go at an older age to be quadrupled or tripled by. And time the bad news is you're probably going to be around to about 9190. Your outlook after that that's how long haul we'll tell. So they'll be right alongside their bodies and and it is as good as it gets you can't wait to get it back. And I wish you all the best and all the love from. Our family. Which include our wonder he patents to be my uncle and I got. And I heard the name mentioned earlier so I'm sure he's certain his best regards also their town. Carried a Richie thank you so much I appreciate. The well wishes in the phone calls and a phone call rather into. Good stuff there and I'll tell you you know. You know yet time has been really proactive about this and if you've watched if you if you're not if you've not late on FaceBook on the buy hourly ability of page by all means do that. And check out the videos that Thomas been offering you know in he's been proactive about. You know offering some advice of what he what he went through and why he. You know resisted immediate treatment and you know he came down to have he's ten or fifteen minutes of of you know really getting even. More horrific than it was in that now he'll undergo. This quadruple bypass they think I'm saying that right that I'm sure there's another. Term for it for cabbage and another once he AVG. But at any rate. You know it in in I think time's going to be fine but its can be along recovery and it is a procedure that. Is done frequently. But not to be taken lightly that's for sure. And there will be a long recovery period so thank you very much appreciate that phone call and Nancy out Lancaster he Nancy you are on WB and. I know I don't really want to wish. Tom Bauerle mind. You. Personal. Well wishes but it will certainly make my church aware of that tonight because they go to choir practice. And which prey after rehearsal. And I had this surgery is the young. No doctor. Nancy how old were you because you know time to I'll consider Tommy youngster. It. I was seven or more. States. Okay have really youngster youngster. Why so young did you have a birth the birth defects. I was born. Not only. Blind. But. I had I had a bad heart. And there were at least three things wrong with. I don't doctor. Ever it jamming me up to that. Point that they went to the school for the blind indicate via. What was. And that things were. Aren't blocking you know the arteries were blocked. I hit three felt the hit should be. Corrected so they would at least getting more. And I hit a heart murmur. And the doctor. Said that I would not BE. I would not live to be be insisting that I am I am. 71. If you want you know. I'm 71 years so I'm still going to. And I hope turn. You off. Take it take it easy with yourself but. But yet. Keep. An active that you can put take giddy. All right Nancy thank you very much appreciate those words Hampshire town does as well and I've he's not listening right now he will be. And of course you know. It's it it's remarkable to hear how many people have gone through something similar I think each and every case and Tom wood would obviously agree in any medical minds out there would that each cases different. You know that individual case but I'm so many people have gone through something like this. And a lot of people probably you're saying the same thing Tom is saying today and that is take it seriously. Gold Coast see someone get it you know. He is soon as you feel that there's there's something untoward I don't think anyone's been yelling U and emergency rumored or perhaps an urgent care which is were times started by the way and they told them to go to any are. No one's gonna yelling UNC shouldn't have come here. You know it is something that that is minor no one's gonna get upset at you for that. But you know take it seriously and in in BC. So if you do have a similar situation a similar story that you gone through or get someone in your family it's interesting for people to share here these. Experiences and phone calls at 8030930. And star 930 paddy is in west Seneca he paddy here on WB and what's going on. I. Well I haven't heard it yet clear your land and I hit a patent to work. And I just didn't feel right. And I immediately laid out and the patient edit it and call for help. Wanna buy your team and at what Cohen and it hurt I don't know why I said. And I did call my aunt and I said come get me a lot. She won it didn't hurt by the call an ambulance straightaway I don't know I don't completely and a half ago. So after a few minutes conversations she said well you can be mad at you tomorrow but I'm calling the ambulance. Well it's that darn good thing that she did because once I got into the ambulance and started down that well. I call it I I. Yeah thank god. Paramedic that was. Well first and lucky he brought me act like. Yeah that you brought me to act like. I write it app so it and three then later. You're the talk about it today it's been one year it's so reaper. Thank god for all the angels play. I'm apparently tickets here and make sure you do cardiac rehab because. It's it will get you and your feet pretty quick it and thank Adam life. Indeed patty thank you so much for sharing that story appreciate and am glad you're doing well. Are you as well as petty. Daddy in west Seneca rather hitting the wrong button and time is taken it's seriously believe me and he will ever along recuperate to period. Following the surgery which could come as soon as. Friday but followed me that the you know she's a year out and she's doing. Very well some you know it's it's incredible so I'm more of your phone calls are coming up next. If you had a close encounter with cardiac health cardiac care heart attack. You're you're comfortable sharing you know in day in how it happened how you knew about it where did it happen. What did you do about it how are you cared for. It's interesting to hear these stories after we then a couple of hours on the year with Tom buy hourly we'll hear more from him. After the news at 6 o'clock as well share your close encounters stories with cardiac care here at news radio 930 by calling 8030930. And start 930. And if you do on the text you can do that and thirty. 938030930. We're back with those calls in just a moment 524 Ed WBA and good afternoon to you on a Wednesday and Tim when you're here for Bauer Lee and bella via. Tom recuperating. In the hospital in anticipation of bypass surgery on Friday at gates vascular. And he's he's doing okay obviously big procedure big surgery is coming upn and time will recuperate. David Bell via. Sadly is headed back from Florida where his father passed away. Just yesterday and David will be back here. Tomorrow he wants to be back here he wants to be here for his dad and he will be back. With us at the tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock here on WPE and so are our thoughts and prayers go out to both Tom and David for very different. In concerning recent 524. At WB yen in continuing with your phone calls cardiac care your close encounters with that. Did you have a heart attack he knows someone close few that did how did you happen how did you know it was happening what were the signs time's been pretty proactive on. I'm what happened to him and we wanna share the stories here at WB EN when that when he does in buffalo he Juanita your WB EN. Yes I I am a cardiac patient but I have not had a heart attack. I give a condition called picnic party Wear my hair role reed explicitly. The late summer went to the hospital my hair rate was 280 beats a minute. Well yeah it's it's horrible and I've gone to the hospital. Three or four times because of that it's what I do go to city are. They take me in immediately obviously and then what they do it yesterday yes actually they give me an injection. This injection. Believe it or not they told me that. I will be away from the world for a few seconds that I did not understand what they met at this point because it was you know also scary and I support you talking about. When they give me the injection in flat line for a few seconds. You literally went like and my husband did not believe me so they let him in that the one time and he's got on the monitors that I actually flat line. And once they give me dead instructions it is supposed to reset to higher -- better actor than normal rates of and found yesterday procedure you are physically and mentally exhausted because the heart is pumping so badly and so they have. That you it's like if you're digging a ditch your tired like them. And where and when needed could this c'mon at any time for viewers this situation under control at this point. I'm on medication right now but could they can come on at any time literally and under the procedure that I could hailed. But on after seeing the procedure on the TV and speaking to move but specialists. At length of my house and I spoke to him. At length there's obviously many things that could go rot in at this point. I'm hesitant to hit the procedure so all I could I just hold my breath that you know even if you goal. Out of town you always wonder if something's gonna happen to you talk I'm always thinking where's the nearest hospital on night. I know that's not a good way to do things but at least I am prepared and that's. Where's the nearest hospital. Currently need and I'm glad you're in the mid medication at least keeping in check I do appreciate that and which you the best and wish you well. We do need to take a break when we come back go live the first follow latest news with Mike beggar man update you on where the snow is where it's going in also update you on traffic. And more of your phone calls your close encounters with cardiac care at 8030930. And start 930 and WV again. Good afternoon five yeah WV CNN to linger here for hourly and Olivia I'm WB and end Tom Bauerle is down it. Gates vascular institute and he is going to be undergoing quadruple bypass. Following a heart attack this past weekend so we're continuing to take your phone calls your thoughts your prayers for Tom but. As more importantly is Tom would say you know and take take things like this how obviously seriously don't put things off if you feel. Something coming on and I'm taking your phone calls right now about your. Or perhaps someone I'm close to you there close encounter with a cardiac event. A lot of us know people who have had a heart attacks and they all have different stories to tell. And oh dear there's an awful lot of care available and a lot of people look the other way and wait too long. And Tom almost did dad self admittedly he almost did that and attitude I think it's interesting important in helpful to share the stories. So we're taking your phone calls at 8030930. And start 930. I would also ask you to keep David Bell of the in your thoughts and in your prayers if you choose to his David it is. Mourning the loss of his father and nine is bothered to stave. Sounds like an incredible man I never had the pleasure of a meeting him or knowing him that. From Genesee county and from Linden bill and I David mourning the loss of his dead after a long illness. What great fan of WB Ian is I understand it now obviously great fan of the work. And the life of David Olivia as wells would either leave that here. Tomorrow and more on that I'm sure. From him it is 539 at WB and let's continue with the phone calls today don't 30930. In this is Jolie in tunnel Wanda. Joey you are on WB ia and what's gonna. Well my daughter had a routine. Doctors checked out and choose what a month committee advisor that they had detected. How heart valve problem them the doctor what to do some procedures. Put it post a after a short time. And she refused. About two weeks later she called Rama and so I got to go to work and I choose a nurse mostly they're immersed. If you set watch tomorrow all right don't feel too good. Well there are some movies and per couple 34 hours a mama okay our got to go to work got to sleep. That's the way in her sleep she refused treatment and she was a nurse and she knew better. How many guys Joey it's awful time did the right thing because my daughter it was a hard and party promise. Shoes thirty years ago. And successful career. In all and so if you do put it off those things which shows how long ago was that. Beginning in July. Wow I'm really sorry to hear about that and you know I appreciate you sharing infant that's that that tragic tragic story. Oh it's it's so hard to take it that it doesn't matter what age but. When you barrier on trial it's very tough. I can't imagine Joey thank you for the the phone call and thank you for sharing and it's an important message for sure. Olivia I am Barley so. All right thank you so much it's Joey in time Wanda and that that went as a wake you up. And make you think. I don't know what will mean that he take these things seriously and you know it'll look the other way I've I've made this mention a few times on the show today here all the time and for whatever reason it's a thing. About men. Men are are offended not exclusive but men are famous for. Finding an excuse all with something else it won't be that it won't be me. And we hear this story all the time and it's either. Close to two later too late and meantime he is said that he even waited a lot longer than he should have been BK came down to minutes. That he got the care that he did once he was down and Doug gates vascular now on as soon as Friday we'll have. Quadruple bypass surgery so. See your close encounters with cardiac care heart attack. That you may have experienced or someone close you 8030930. And start 930. Let's see let's go to a Dennis in time a Wanda Dennis you're on WB yen. I thank you for taking my call of course glad I had out couple heart attacks but primarily the first one never way. I was on my way and wrote in Niagara Falls and I'm tenure as those symptoms there. The classic symptoms. Let's stop for some. And it didn't really work and I was in between buffalo Niagara Falls shows Niagara Falls. A little time. Preferred. War when you don't gauge. What. Are you experiencing Dennis. I have a classic symptoms for I guess women and there are some them. I had you know arm numbness and arm I felt like that's out there he. Arctic I didn't have law. Had a severe pain in my shots. I was tolerable pain I just knew that was all I had previously worked as a now works you know and a lot of you know and key and paramedics and a leg. Terror. Supervision. And not think yesterday you learn the symptoms you can at the end. So I elected to the hospital Robert Carter I'll. Learn stuff and and an ambulance and think. Ask for assistance in the you haven't had so I'm not here dramatic. Opinion article on the bat and. He's at work I mean not even a minute sitter at the mask. And my column I want to go to gates said. Really am certain. I'm not a lot to tell you. I. Sought a while technically they let him make and he took me merry and who are out. Well that's one thing you lose a lot of time. When they're under a lot of stress this time goes by so fast. And in long com home in the west bank and sit well. We want. There are shattered and it was started we kidding me I'm gonna make I want make its center. So what I'm only like I normally you know a lot about you know gates museums it and so do something. Ironically it was saw my doctor and commerce and and you're willing to have the operation right now. I don't blame and make it what people picket lines at. A lot about it. I have children grandchildren and elegant. And plus being educated. In world war people probably day. I was about what my wife risks of Iowa and you don't do well. It'll secure is your little daunting long. And that may. And fortunately. You know being worked a one hour outside this later not one which you do those signals would put it away. To. There's no match out of masculine and get to a network. This is not on the halos is not the only ones I mean Sam it was sort of violence that. Thought it the right thing fortunately it worked out Armenians Natalie what's out. I mean I'm glad you it would get me this let's look at that is that's the biggest thing you can do it. Fluctuation can anonymously that the doctors. Yeah and I think a lot of people are for whatever reason hesitant to do that sometimes in their. EO Dennis that the biggest thing to the point out and in at the Thomas point of the day you know listen to yourself to you know and I think a lot of us sometimes don't do that we make excuses or. Or are we tried to. Reason our you know reason her way out of you know this this probably isn't happening so. As a MySpace but the creator and I know. But some things in life yet to kick in your own hands to stop here on this article and. I guess. Without all the guys in the world. You know not a macho thing it's a reality and it's something I never felt like war. That's what our suggestions that he's hitting that ceiling gets usually wouldn't. I don't watch for me because I never felt that my life. All come home so. Eric well I hope you don't again Dennis and I'm I'm glad you're doing okay appreciate it. Larry Dennis thank you so much Dennison tunnel on the checking in from Dennis to let's see Steve on the cellphone hasty bureau and WB yen. There's just curious. There are expected. Knowing time he has ease completely comfortable with whom he's he's seeing and I think it's pretty reputed. I I into orbits are such that what. DA accurate commended. If you ask it anyway and couldn't understand. I know in time circumstance that wasn't an option. Yeah and but here's here's the deal. I went to another cardiologists. He said is although I'm sort concern nowadays they can beat street pretty doctor. Also. So it almost doctor himself. Is so yeah I respect him. These sort sort of upper Thursday morning. Went about slow general. And Aaron 45 minutes or so so the surgery and could spend or. Married to a doctors recommending quadruple bypass surgery. Beer and that was seven years ago. Ari and I elected to get to sit in a certain. In markets through that state. Long term rehabilitation. I know it is not. There are other options barriers and so it. Yeah it was Steve I mean I think I just wanna be really careful here at every single circumstance is extreme heat in each individual cases very very different and you know we don't know if those options are if if there are different options for him I mean I'm glad they were for you. But for his his particular case can be you know specific and different to him. And this the other just. What he's done that as an incursion. OK I know he's listening you know here this so cherry appreciates. The advice but. You know I know he's in the very good place in he's he's getting the the best in top notch care. Down negates so that appreciated and I yeah I think it is important to note that everybody's circumstance everybody's condition. Is individual and different in their pre existing conditions at different patients have if you know his time would always say I'm no doctor. And I it's certainly not just I think it's quick to point out. In any individual case that the circumstances are different gym is up in Niagara county hey Jim here on WB yen. Yeah this thing about all the architects of the and I had our act is passed this summer and that sort of interest thing I like. I was I wouldn't call a lot and I noticed some construction going on around not halt hostile stand. From my own Beckett or a lot I noticed it was heart shatter. In Niagara Falls. There is heart chat that you just it is run by the same people Arctic Circle. It we have our own hearts here had a heart attack that haven't heard and I electric completely and I knew I watched. Shall I didn't let up in my car. And I drove to Niagara Falls. And got here in the media and Alley parking. And I thought to have her second gold in two hours of the hole and gotten. Wow. That's incredible it is state of the art. Shatner in Niagara Falls in out I didn't guy's name that brought these dash. When it also. And he was letter. Didn't get everything they do up there to open heart surgery but it is unbelievable. The facility there. Victorious so if you muscle. Jerry lucky I was re not troll was because my in laws and any hard act that China's tissue. The longer you wait the worse it is to mortgaged your car drove myself got there was really being all uncomfortable. And. That's my story. Larry Jim thank you very much interesting one indeed appreciate it. Larry that's Jim up in Niagara county. And that 10 minutes before 6 o'clock it's time to check in on the roads and we've had quite an afternoon in 552. At WB EN and with Tom Bauerle situation now we've been taking phone calls from people. You know with their close encounters with a heart attacks and cardiac care and we can't forget about Allan Harris who went through this and Eleanor mean. How long ago was this but so many years ago like you know is this sort of ball that long yeah I've seen a number I remember the day that this all. Really kind of happened than you know I was concerned for all via the is it so I was concerned that I know of course we're gonna look you know in a nutshell what what transpired for you on the same thing is you know we missed recently in the last couple years I found my biological family. New York State doesn't tell you anything about it if you're adopted. And I found out then that my biological father. He was getting out of those vehicle that work in the industry when he was in his forties and drop dead right there in the parking lot. So I had no idea at this the only history of heart problems my family. The Jamaica red dues to the story shorts. My doctor I was drag myself my Italian around send me to load a group of doctors that are doctors may get all the equipment and they do all the testing and all list. And I spent hours are being tested. And as as already knew it was were done I guess that's the technicians and the nurses well how bad is it this that we can is this hate is still. We can't tell you the doctor estimates it as a man until. When he can't tell only know and they and they wouldn't tell me a thing so I went home and then the next morning I felt. Just I mean worse a lot worse crawled into my doctor's office. And he looked to me and said well what do they say they want to tell me you know they had doctors and look at it when he went down on the phone and I am going who's got what he's got this is death. And then I've never never heard my doctor and yell like he did that day how could you let him go home. And that condition with the X a matter with you people are right now and what what procedure did you have done what perjury I would definitely go down the gates and you know did that time and down and Delaware avenue. And out these they try to do the stance. Actually the they've looked and everything and and here you can watch it well and doing it on TV screen was really weird. As a putting the opening it up through the veins and arteries heading into your heart. And the the doctor said now that this is not gonna work means that the due diligence to blocked. And he pulled back out again and the next day I had open hearts and and triple bypass they wanted to do five but to them too small. An and since then I have been great that the good the thing that really made me feel good about the surgery. Was that the my regular doctor when I assume when you sending me two down there. He looked he pointed to his own parents and the guy who didn't mind. Well what are you you're doing well now everything yet he that the worst thing that towns and go through and any hard and the occasional thing is lose lose as far as I was concerned is the ribs. They got to know there are cars that are idea Eric and and island couple years like get another heart. X ray and I never realized that inside my chest. Others still a piece of there's a wider that they put in there to hold the rib cages together. And their nose in there and it probably will be in their for the rest of my life that was. Really if habit you know gates is a great place and Thomas gonna get through this just fine. Larry Allen and ledger doing well in thanks for Chiming in with a story appreciate have a good night and more traffic from him coming up in just a few minutes in the news. At 6 o'clock and I just amazing stories this afternoon heard a lot of people talk about gates and we've heard people talk about mercy in other places. We have a great tech community of cardiac positions here and they're all over the place and they specialize in different places and and and be thankful that we have that and we'll continue thinking of Tom and you'll hear more from time coming up after the news at 6 o'clock from his hospital bed down negates vascular. Tom to undergo. Open heart surgery on Friday that news is next with Mike beggar man at six here on news radio 930 WPE at.