1/23 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 4: More Problems In The Democratic Party.

Bauerle and Bellavia
Tuesday, January 23rd

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News radio 930 WBA. And it's. Video games melt. Or grain. It's Tom Bauerle you know what been there done that and it's weird you're. But now you know that you guys I'm sorry I'm a grown up and David Bellamy let's shoot anyone agrees with you today. I would doubt that David it's the hourly and they'll be I think I'm living in real bill I think I'm living in reality land it on news radio 930 WD. Me and Soviet perhaps you Bob that worked all day. And you know what happened in the newest and right now. There's a lot going on a. Especially. We're dealing with sort of the I guess this would be they'll let down of the shut down. I ever won who is responsible for the shut down who the people blamed the shut them well if you need any explanation. As to who won the shut down you just have to see what's happening to pour Chuck Schumer yours merry Els pars from ABC. I was very interesting to watch and key democratic senators put a lot of faith and trust in bipartisan negotiations. Without. More in black and white. They get everything to get more back you've got to deal you offered on Friday. You said noted that deal. And really if if you want to give a lot of credit out. Did that the negotiating technique for the president and the rest of the White House you can give credit to McConnell on us. I mean this deal that they took this was a there was no docket to be had and again remind you doc loses its funding in march of 28. We are in January of 28. There is a a budget right now who's gonna get us to February 8 and they're still gonna say let's talk about doc well. Here was the gamble gamble was a middle America. And the rest of this country are gonna care about dreamers. And they don't care what else happens in the government other than dreamers while Mary Bruce and ABC shows that gamble didn't exactly pay out for Democrats this. Is a huge gamble for Democrats they shut down the government over dreamers and ultimately it's not clear if they're going to get what they want. As you point out most of those who opposed aren't Democrats have been rumored to be eyeing a presidential run in 20/20. We're told Schumer message to disappointed Democrats yesterday. You have to play the hand you're dealt. It is what it. Eat is what it is. The which reads a book and you should all this guy. 8030930. Start 9310220. WB and this is the Democrat meltdown. Over the deal made where is. President I'd drop so she comes back today. Angela and Zach from ABC. This is what that Schumer sent. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer says he is taking his offer to fully fund president trans border wall off the table. On ABC's long is that with the latest in dog and immigration negotiations coming out so. Sure no longer is it allowed the funding. Of the wall to be a part of the docket now again that wasn't Schumer is idea. That was Donald Trump saying. If you want doc you're gonna walk you're gonna give us troops on the border. And you're gonna give us no more chain migration and get rid of the lottery system a merit based immigration system. Believe it or not. What we're asking for is an immigration system that actually benefits the country that these people are emigrating to. And the Democratic Party same unfair we don't like that. We would like a system that brings in people that they have nothing contribute nothing and we'd like them to vote. In November could you make that happen. Put their mouse but so. Sure that's so much backlash by the far left. That he actually had to look tough so is outlook need to buys it. Where got a lot you're gonna need to know or wall walls done that's we're gonna do well Sara Sanders. She got involved. And this is what the receipt this is AD field. And this is what. This is in the field from ABC covering Sara Sanders and what she had to say today about Schubert counterproposal. White House spokeswoman Sara Sanders does the joy democratic and Republican border deal doesn't mr. trump enough money for the wall it's totally unacceptable to the president. And should be declared dead on arrival the president demanding US taxpayers give him eighteen billion for a border wall. Wall he promised voters Mexico would pay for Indy field ABC news Washington. Know it's great quality in the field just give you the story nothing no editorialize it at all. This is something trumps and Mexico. Eventually paid for here's sheriff's Anders more. Russia and the new developments. While we are doing that the program today the Washington Post broke the story. That Robert Mueller has told lawyers for the president that he will seek direct answers from president trump. On the circumstances. Surrounding the firing. Of the national security advisor Michael Flynn an FBI director James Culp here's the great part about this entire thing. Nobody is getting care about Robert Mueller in about ten days. Because once this gets out of the intelligence committee and once you have the American people. Finally looking at the things. Most of congress has had the ability to sign off and scared to look at themselves. You're gonna find out that this is is asking for something far. More expansive in its investigation. And that will trump the special counsel Robert Mueller so why would you need. To meet the needs of Robert Mueller when you know another special counsel is gonna come. And it's gonna suck up the Mueller investigation. And here's answers Anderson said. We set its hand in hand before there was no collusion. There's nothing to it we're ready to move on clearly the American people are. And as she went on to talk more about our Russia the president wants to see this and he wants to see them. Finally come to the same conclusion that I think most everyone in America has that there is nothing to this. So the question comes up to the the president which is how are you going to interview with Robert Mueller well. Here is so mark rather large story from ABC and the Mueller request of the president the State's special counsel Robert Mueller has indicated to president Trump's lawyers that the special counsel's office will seek answers directly from the president on two key matters. First the circumstances are on the firing of former national security advisor Michael Flynn. And the circumstances around the firing of former FBI director James combing that's according to sources with knowledge of the situation. Lawyers for the president have been preparing for the possibility of a formal request to interview the president mr. Trump's legal team declined to comment when reached by ABC. Mark Graham Allard ABC news. You don't rental art also had a story about. We don't know that we you know we we heard that he can't smoke in a car and Erie county with children in it now this is what the proposed legislation would be would change the law. That. You know smoking in a confined space totally get it but the at the county level at the State of New York level that the is as dangerous as a normal cigarette. You eat if you baking got to go outside you've got to go and I've been keeping zone. You can't it's we have to treat these people exactly like we're treating cigarette smokers well. They study just came out from the national academies of science engineering and medicine. Well they have something different to say the good news for. It is a very reasonable assumption to believe that they are very markedly less harmful. David Savage one of the are aware if they're remarkably less harmful that why they have to be outside as they're being used. I mean you're you're treating them the same as cigarettes and we have scientific study that says they're not the same as cigarettes. And bear it mind you neither is dry ice and where the sabres score and you see that. The buffalo on the board. With the smoke coming out of his nose that's a giant. That scoreboard doesn't have to be in an outdoor arena right. But they treat. And it has much lower levels are none of those in some cases an absence of the harmful chemical. But the study did find the ABC news everything has helped risks. The whopper your eating is not healthy there's a trim in its addictive. Wait a second we're talking about all things that your telling me are gonna kill me. And the children in the car because I'm up in smoke in their face. And that you just heard from the academy it's this guy should listen. There's none of those toxins. In in the them some of arm seen any of these horrible things in and normalcy. And I thought that was fascinating because it does not matter. It does not Erie county is gonna do it Erie county wants to do because it's it's. All about money. You would be better business. You know. There was another story that came out today dealing with the whole. This. You've got Jeff Sessions the attorney general of the United States looking into missing email mercy missing text messages between two. Crucial members of what appears to be a conspiracy. I had to work inside the FBI to use intelligence. Normally saved for terrorism to keep America safe and use it. Specifically to target president trump who was then present electoral. Well there are a lot of rumors that there's going to be changes. At the top the FBI and I will place some audio about that. We expected a shake up in the FBI. Because a lot of stories are coming out of well matter fact most members of congress have actually signed to read a mammal for page memo. From the intelligence committee. That people adjourn and get this opens of the American people can get their hands on this but. Even the president trump has publicly criticized. The FBI director Chris Ray. There's also the issue with McKay Andrew McKay is the deputy. Andrew McCain's wife of course ran for state senate in Virginia. And was very close to Terry McAuliffe and the Clinton Campaign it was Andrew McCain that had a ticket to go to the Clinton inauguration party. And it was Andrew McCabe. Who seems to be one of the ringleaders of a conspiracy. To work against president elect trump after the election well. President trump or was there's a rumor according to ABC that. That FBI director Chris Ray has threatened to resign. And Pratt president trump answered that by Shane. I know that's not true at all it's all fake news here's another comment by president trump on the Department of Justice no matter. He's not concerned. And the question was the is he concerned about the Russian investigation and that the Robert Mueller has talked to attorney general sessions he said I'm not at all concerned about that. And here's another record this is the same answer no I did but I'm better picture thank you. He's not concerned at all because he believes that sessions doesn't have anything to hide here's Pierre Thomas. With a good general story of Jeff Sessions today talking to Robert Mueller and the special counsel. If you're special counsel Muller you wanna know about what all the principal players know concerning the firing of James cope who we are told from our own reporting. That Jeff Sessions along with the White House counsel and a deputy attorney general were among those involved during the final stretch of putting the decision was made. Again we're we're focusing on why James Coleman was fired well here's one reason why I would fire James Toney he lied to congress. When he testified that he made the decision alone and at the bit this. Of all the that we don't know. What's out there we don't have the facts but what we do have. Are limited leaks that have already come out of the intelligence committee. And we've seen. Some other. You know we could we extrapolate. That at the very least. James told me certainly talked about the fate of Hillary Clinton we did the attorney general. And with other members of the FBI we know that. We know that that was an he did not have what he described it to congress as I sat down. Jiang guy and I sat down I did my yoga. Sitting blossom or whatever they do. And I thought to myself what am I gonna do here make your decision that is not what happened and that's what he told congress the other part that. Is very interesting. Is that build memo that was written again think about this if OJ Simpson is arrested Wednesday. Who would write a memo saying. Today the Los Angeles district attorney has decided to not press charges against OJ Simpson. You don't have any evidence you have a crime scene you have a guy. You you don't even have an interview you don't have a story. You would never craft a memo saying that you're not going to press charges against someone like you know exactly what he you have. Okay. It's one thing to do that memo. At the end of the investigation. It's another thing that memo before the investigation. Actually officially started. And that's the problem James tell me that's the problems so many of these people at the FBI have right now. Is that the decision to let Hillary Clinton got and the thing that I think it is kind of an interesting take away is when the rental lynch recuse herself. From the Hillary Clinton investigation. It's also important to realize she was essentially. Wiping her hands clean of something she already knew the ending to. So the you know literally taking herself out of it. Controversy the controversy whatsoever she put it all I'm James tell me. James come you handled this heated now though it wasn't legally as a responsibility. It was an ethically as a responsibility he took all upon himself. And he screwed up all thing. What I loved you more some new or some other things that are breaking. It's about the ability she'll more after this quick break. Welcome back to buy hourly bella via. You know wearing day the middle of a short term. Erie and should talk more counties a brief period of gusty winds early this evening and it can go until later this evening. But you could it wind gusts up to 45 miles an hour. And this could be a warning for our loose objects table round made trampoline takes airborne. Who knows. Trees. You names whatever pushes. To Bush's bush is the only don't come out of the ground. Rare do we lose a bush. If Theo might have brought it to break again that it but I don't wanna tell you I'm holding him Alec. Talk shows like Donahue. Did you hear the tsunami warning today there was an earthquake off the coast of Alaska went seven point nine. And they were worried it's at one point tsunami was going to hear Canada and maybe the West Coast of the United States but it turned out that the earthquake was sideways. And so it wasn't there ripples wouldn't have gone that way be given Hussein. Film does it there thank you Phil's face in the microphone as media SP. Appreciate that that's amazing. What do grip. Fill up takes the microphone with the very bare hands. An incredible worker. Just give you an update outburst on a couple things who told about the weather. There is a report that Schumer Holm is being inundated dreamers. That's crazy. And we also have about an update on. What is possibly going on with the Muller investigation you know there's it a very good chance he will be replaced now some people think Joseph. I did Jana or maybe if you McCarthy. It probably won't be I mean most of those guys have already had a public opinion about what they think happened so. Probably won't be solved you've heard and you know Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity but. Anyone who would take this case on. A lot of problems here and there's a lot of problems here for the Obama Justice Department again if you listen to teams you've got bill precept. You've got Peter struck Jim Baker. Edger McCabe and Jim com. That's team FBI. You got teen Justice Department right Loretta lynch. The attorney general Sally Yates who was the interim attorney general for the first star couple weeks of the trump administration. John Carlin Bruce or at least a page now. The last two names or in page Bruce for the reason why that name is familiar. Is because these two cup walls of FBI officials and the Justice Department Lisa page at the Justice Department was in the middle. Of an adulterous relationship with Peter struck. We help old that we know because of the personal correspondence. A Peter strike at least to pay not only are they talking about. There affinity for each other but they're also speaking about what is that they're doing and what's crazy is. You know operational security. Would you ever said message of the messages like that if you thought you really get caught. We think about it you're talking about the president the United States you target about all of these things you're doing behind the scenes. And all the support the you have pretty brazen to do that. But Peter struck at least a page that's the connection between the two camps at one more. Bruce or at the Department of Justice Bruce war is of course the husband. To the horror who was working not only the Clinton Campaign. But also was a part of fusion GPS meaning that Bruce or his wife. Was on the team that determined. The Donald Trump and the intelligence that came from Russian sources. Which we can't really prove or. We can't really say they were Russian they weren't Russian. But their alleged to be Russian sources. Gave this ridiculous story. That was the basis of the Department of Justice to go to would judge and say hey I want a looking into the following people. Now one judge said that's not good enough. And so they needed something else. To get to what Michael Flynn. Who these people of the trump campaign with Paul Matta for cool where they speaking to in Russia. And they needed something else that fusion GPS dossier now called the steel dossier. That was crucial because that that convinced a judge. Okay. There's a little bit more smoke to this potential fire now here's the problem. You know just lied to congress anymore. You're just lying to federal judges. You were illegally gaining information. That is now part of you know essentially using spy tactics and American citizens. And it's based ally. It's concocted to deal lie. And your wife is the one who did it. Let me guess what it's one thing if you get blushed and. And you're lying about you know here receives your lying about whatever work comes and they catch you. It's a whole different. Connection. Way and the very apparatus. Of you you worst essentially what what this hoped to be at its very best you can say. It was an aborted coup d'etat. Because of the entire point is to manufacture. Evidence so that Donald Trump is no longer the president the United States. Dear that is the very definition. Under mining the government of the United States. It's not eight to me it's no longer. A crisis of conscious or problem at the FBI the DOJ or even Obama himself. But it truly is something that never has happened before. At least give us that at least acknowledge that this is never happened in the history man. Where you've had sitting members of a former administration. Concoct evidence to. Eavesdrop on a campaign in real time. Beat eavesdrop on a transition team in real time. And see. Almost as a parting gift. Can we make up some sort of garbage. To at least get this guy out of office. I believe they got like you know people like Adam Schiff who are you know. Having press conferences talking about the the evidence is overwhelming we found the smoking gun when it comes to collusion. What why Adam Schiff talking about. He was talking about the steal dossier. Now we knew that the steel dossier that came out during the election. That was a part of the opposition research. That was put out there originally Biden never trappers originally by the far right founded funded by hedge fund guys and billionaires on the right. And then it was there was no use to. So it got picked up and recycled. And this is what there's an element. Eight and our political machine it's uncomfortable. And we have a lot of people that are are you know they they go from election or election. And their whole job is to make their sideways and that's what they do. They do some really nasty stuff now as much as we go we'll go back to George W. Bush right. George W. Bush famously. Is responsible for running the career of food Dan rather rent to pay them if you're liberal or conservative. It was George W. Bush and Dan rather story and whether or not George W. Bush served honorably in the Air National Guard during the Vietnam War. The cause Dan rather to come up with documents. That he then. Put CBS's reputation on. That we're documents to prove that George W. Bush while the Air National Guard he during the Vietnam War never ever showed up for decode. So not only is he a coward for not going to war. He got it easy job with the National Guard flying planes. But he didn't even do that so he has got to be the worst president of all time was that narrative. That Dan rather was trying to to accomplish right well it turns out. That Dan rather had forged. Documents. And the forged documents and all came down to the two you know when you're right here on a computer and you put. Let's say you put 25 on your screen and then port TH. The 25 of December. Most modern machines will take that TH and make it really really small and we're gonna to the upper right right. What type writers at that time did not have that feature. There's no way a person who tight that letter about George W. Bush in the seventies. Was able to make TH in a letter RNA in a number I should say. Could they make that that small that is something a modern computer could only do I guess wide. That's how they busted Dan rather it was a fraud won't wouldn't you know. The person who provided Dan rather with bad with that document. Was not far left guy. They rightwing stick. There were conservative pro bush people that baby these guys to run a bad story. And they took it hook line and sinker again rather ruin his career. Org that has most people still honor and respect there are people that are agents that late run that do opposition research that will. Every conversation with people you dated. People hate people like you. You know friends of your spouse your your children's baby sitter you name it it's being collected. As soon as you show your head. You know it a national race that opposition research follows. Hillary Clinton had a 50 Barack Obama had a file some people's files they read like you know Danielle Steele novel. Other people's files are dead because they have been around or maybe they're decent people. But the thing would Donald Trump if he was new to the process. And so now the even though he's a celebrity even though he's a billionaire even though he's got all these things going to form. There was a weight he got into. This race in the primary with the Republican Party where it was. Almost like he was above the normal freight things didn't stick to dial throw up. Normal attacks that destroyed Jeb Bush calling little Marco if someone said well they did he said Donald trivia of small difference. It didn't matter. It didn't stick. It didn't it didn't wait him out. So. When you realize that nobody saw this coming. And and listen he took out the bush dynasty he took out the Clinton dynasty. Let's stop talking about Donald Trump like you sub shop off the street doesn't know attacks or not. You might not think he's a politician. Or you might have respect for the way he he is a politician. But what that man has accomplished in one election cycle is by far the most impressive thing that's ever happened in modern history. With out a doubt you kill Jeb Bush who went over sixty million dollars you went toe to toe with. Basically the most articulate conservative. One of the best debaters the senate has ever seen Ted Cruz. You went full on into the DNC. Hollywood. And the Clinton picked him. But that. You can all over a span of eighteen shots. So yeah he freaked out a lot of Republicans. He also got into the ahead of Hillary Clinton the rookies and why don't they the. I don't believe. I don't believe personally. And Hillary Clinton. Was. Used in steals against Bernie Sanders as she did competence that she could beat Bernie the clintons have nothing but top. Didn't practice. I mean this this and orchestrated this is what the clintons oh the clintons are whatever it takes away. They don't get their hands dirty they don't get involved in the minutia of it when you bring the usual suspects to the table. Things are going to get done and it really doesn't matter how things get done in the third and guess what burn eight. I'm sorry we're gonna have to remind people that you're an atheist and your Jewish. In areas that we or evangelical. We're gonna do that if it's the DNC asked the. It's not your time burning nothing personal you're in the way. Bernie he's gone now you're up against tribe in everything that your doing to trump is not working. Nothing's working there is complete desperation. This is the war all that these people that we we watch the hatch and we watched the parades and we think. And these are really immature people these are just. Emotionally stunted human beings. It's extremely narcissistic deceit. What you were seen out there that outrage. And to say you know what they're just. They're just emotional. I can't believe we have to understand where that's coming from. You're seeing on the streets someone has pulled and pushed. All of their buttons to get them to make a poster. And go on five subway trains to show up in Central Park in stand in the rain. But that is what they do. That is what they do they won't get it doesn't matter why you here because I was raped and and I think it's wrong that I can't talk about that openly. The line. Why here I trump I think is a lot of why you hear a black does matter and it doesn't matter what your salad I got something for. That's the left today. That's what we're up against there's a billionaire right now with 200 full time employees. That is do you see an exit comes dire. And he is. Spending hundreds of millions of dollars. I'm doing nothing but investigating waves to impeach Donald Trump that's his primary agenda and 2018. I'm telling you right now Nancy Pelosi if she becomes the speaker of the house. You solve what just happened to Chuck Schumer. What just happened Chuck Schumer he made a deal to keep the government open. Meanwhile additional serious people. You deal so here chip babies to get their mail. And that the poor kids can get their medicine you Democrats love the idea which you keep the government close. Chuck Schumer did the honorable thing to keep government open and they all right now there on the lawn. You're on his lawn right now they wanna take an error for shelling out. The movement. What do you think is gonna happen to Nancy Pelosi. Who we are not even sure she's still with us. What's gonna happen and Nancy Pelosi when she becomes speaker of the house it will be overwhelming. Pressure to find high crimes and misdemeanors. Now fortunately there's as there's a senate side that. And once at the house moves to impeach you then have a trial. But what are we should the president fired Jim call me and he just explain that oh. It's a pretty states. He wants to get rid of the secretary defense he has to explain that why he wants to fire. His FBI director or his secretary of defense. And the president's state gives to determine who comes in and out of the border as US code dictates and yet. The court wants to challenge that this is black and white you can't challenge the law. They are doing. The minute there's no Russian collusion. It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter they're going to find reason to get eaten this is what it's all about we have to be. At a level that can literally ideologically. Combat that nonsense put more importantly. The party has to have people that are willing to fight. And unfortunately you've got a fractured Republican Party right now. And they're not. There it is see you tomorrow same time seems station. Yeah. No I think I was a big wrestling fan and I have all the wrestling action figures. And major blatantly Gary can move the. A full criminal or portal mega powers won't you. You lose the opportunity to come to new. And start grandstand and they're not bogon yeah rule couldn much momentum except. Would they can expect and can live action news is totally go to war when he. It was a bit Coke and ducked into blue and she took two steps away from the and break the merger bullish.