1/23 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 1: What Would You Do If You Were President Trump Right Now?

Bauerle and Bellavia
Tuesday, January 23rd

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News radio 930 WB EN I'm speculating but I had to email that was talking about the showing some numbers on the revenue at its drop because Hooper. And lift our our our every word. So blessed people are getting pulled over for you lies which means that revenue has to be replaced let's make it more difficult for people drive. That are you know touching alcohol. The restaurant experience. It if you wanna take care of your customers you almost have to make the restaurant experience five hour experienced this or that it. Your clientele isn't getting nabbed by the police when they what they walk out. You can have a bottle wine at dinner. It's come hourly I can't respect that law I can't respect the law that says point 05 makes you an impaired driver and even tell the if you are traditionally need a big meal and have a bottle of wind between three your two friends or whatever you're doing. That he's no one is driving around that that will be legally impaired under this new. Right its hourly and Olivia of course they wanna lower the blood alcohol rate at which people can be considered impaired. Because of it's always it's always about the money on news radio 930 got home from. About it that out believe me. Little wasn't driving. And it's the bill game. We need an investigation. Of the ambulance mafia in Western New York 17100. Dollars for three mile drive. Three miles three and I'll set. I could take a week and all inclusive in the bloody Caribbean. Five start cruise ship for 17100 blocks of three urged him getting that 700 bucks for me. This could you might puke that that Barack. You throw in the ambulance. The good sense to wait until it got to the year. One that's problem with the problem. I would like to point out I've been dropped six times in my elect the last time I was drug was in the 1990s. In Greece on the and you know what I didn't eat an ambulance all in it was a plastic shopping bag. And it cabbie who understood that a hundred dollar chip was a hundred dollars all I needed. Hell lot less than 79 when I wonder I wonder if that that that. You know had you not been nauseous at that trip Woodman foreigner dollars I don't know over but it. Don't charge your health care proxy would there she was sound machine you're telling though it's so if an ambulance comes you cannot say I don't need to go apparently. Apparently the patient tolerance is just too much or script because it says you can't if you lose and you know if your if these fabulous companies at the right to call the cops to make you go to hospital you don't wanna go to in an ambulance you don't wanna pay for then the -- resuscitate orders means absolutely nothing. Yeah because I've got the DR's well. It. Draw that lets you send you give me about the amount. We're gonna put bout live on YouTube. Our victim the victim of human gaps of the bill game it's like every day I open up these medical bills. They have like preparation H Andy 17100 dollars an ambulance and offering the end of industry needs to be investigated. You know what people at all upset if they pay a dollar more to fill up their cars. More and more to fill up our cars between your re clearly upset 17100 bucks for an ambulance are you kidding if that was a helicopter. I mean by how many. You can buy a lot. Some really good stuff for 17100 bucks I'm ashamed of who was a helicopter rides and Alec it's the ambulance to probably would have been 5000 I do not plan on retiring in the United States of America our planet retiring and an exotic destination and X amount of money set aside to lease age. To me to the United States for any medical treatment are at. 7800. Bucks I could at least a small. Bite it take me to. The strike an opponent that night. Center of an awkward or whether they know what Alli. The wolf from Wall Street is as gently Buddy Holly and Ritchie gallons in the big operas they can we get her. It twosome tombstone with the big opera. Chantilly lace it is a twelve minutes 53 at usury the united thirty WB and that. No seriously the these these and and we hear about. But well you know understand I mean they're they're they're paying their people to sit around doing nothing waiting to save your life. Do you have any idea how little EMTs make. He'd be EMT is like being an airline pilot you've got to spend so much money and have so much dedication to going to school in order to get a job and that at the end of the day the compensation. For the job is absolute peanuts. The EMT's get paid next to nothing. Airline pilots get paid next to nothing and you consider the responsibility there whose pocket in this money. You know I was at Medicaid you know to go to them. I would think one you wouldn't attract the rest of the state of yeah so well I'm I'm a little bit. A little bit upset. Totally understand and I got a tingle and we think about what happens when you get in these things you're in an accident. They show up you're like hurts but I need to get back here. I don't you know. 17100 dollars rent out the door through three miles. Over get yours yours yours I don't understand. To automobile accidents neither of which were at fault but once again rear ended our era Florida never said do you want an ambulance I said no I don't want an ambulance I don't want rescue I just wanna drive all it was no big deal August 31 1980. Another woman ran a red light team on the Washington street. Do you want an ambulance now I do not want an ambulance I'm fine. Let me drive or ride that they had no way of knowing if I had some cervical fracture and was gonna just drop dead in the middle road driving home but they let me go do you think things have changed since then I do because I think New York State has become an inch formidable name at least it looked at with the move. Just because of that. Well well it's it's because. Andrew Cuomo does not want people like you or people like me in New York State. He's so himself in fact he personally said that made so why in the world and I heard your your quarter you're just being quarter. The other becomes a point when you have to be your realistic Italy put those in just the way people. New York where I know I know the way people are and and here's the deal. Life is short you have X number of days on this planet. How many years are Yugo to devote to your life to trying to change Albany, New York or any part about New York State. That is to the left you're not going to do it we know we could name two people right now if we wanted to do. Who have spent decades trying to fight the power structure of New York State. And what has there efforts would of their efforts brought them nothing but misery in one case getting thrown off the school board in in another case being completely overcharged by a politically oriented district attorney that's what gets them in New York State run. So what's the point if there really. If you look at the amount of people if if it mr. Smith went to Washington. You go to Albany use side you wanna change the what is gonna possibly happen look at DiPietro is out there every day. Smack in his head against the wall nothing makes sense to recertification. Process. That makes all you know we're not gonna really enforce it until we do enforce it and then we'll just enforce we're gonna tell you when we're gonna enforce it will give you a few months if you don't. Not complied but at the end of the day you're gonna end up with all of your stuff confiscated. And with the DEA. Reading out charges if you don't comply more and the bottom line is vote. The Second Amendment is a right it is sacrosanct. It is a right that was granted to you by the constitution is number two out of ten of the bill of rights to the constitution. Yet they treat in New York State the bill of rights like a privilege at these so called privilege of driving I swear at giving out driver's licenses to anybody. Literally it's gets up privilege and yet it's easier to it's easier to have a privilege. Conferred upon you by the state. That it is that the state recognize a right there's something fundamentally wrong with that. But about a person comes into the country we don't know what their country of origin is we'd take them for their word go to the pool all countries nobody. You have a document that says this is where your from. You know we go to the DM VDs on the driver's license now guess what. It's the DMV in Washington State the breaking news story right now in Washington State home of Seattle. They decide that we've gotten an illegal person overstayed their welcome they should not have. Everything worked out their social was wrong or these guys somehow come up through the system. They are not a lot out of contact ice and say we've got a problem. Matter fact if they do. The state will punish any worker at the DMZ for content you nice to get legal the country I mean it's how bizarre world we live. But that. Well okay the state of Washington a lot of people do not know geography. Because remember if you asked a hundred people on the streets of this city or any other city in America. Unless it's in the state of Washington to show you Washington State. What percentage you think you get the general area correct a lot of people get that confused d.s so if it's the Pacific northwest right L what do we know about the Pacific northwest well it's dark it's dank and it immediately. Now we have is legal and the Pacific northwest produces more what that any single geographic. Country. I think mental health Pete serial killers so you know why would it surprise anybody that the state of Washington. Which is that gross or real killers like oh we broke potatoes in Orleans county but they also do great when it comes to four man bans and all other excellent post sport. Well for me and beds and treatment treatment bands as well but it music they've they've they've. Cornered the market on that and some of those borders in America but Washington State actually changed the flag of state Kurt Kobe. Just be your cues from the region of the Internet and that's alone back human enough. It is 392. News radio 930 WBE. And a whip so did things get into this morning as this afternoon to. There's a lot out there were also keeping our eye on what's happening in the world Regis CIA give a briefing the president's aides about North Korea. That's kind of interesting because they're talking preemptive strikes. Pretty much everything way shock wave is there anybody who left at CAA because I thought that everybody its existence up on Fox News well well not only does the horse filling in for Hannity what we're we've got you there Navy SEALs are CIA guys there's anybody in the left. There are few that is a resonate you check the box when you go CIA but but the big thing here is that we have a guy that. It looks like people the FBI are starting to feel the pressure from all of these memos and leaked things coming out of the intelligence committee. We were looking at a hemorrhage of leadership that the FBI weather comes today or tomorrow expecting. Pretty much the entire leadership the FBI stepped aside now does that include sessions as attorney general. Of the department of justice and the other. There have to be a special prosecutor. To look at the way the FBI conducted itself James Cummings at the guy Barack Obama is Justice Department. They have to have and battling Mueller goes away at that point because he's now superseded by another independent investigator. I remember a couple of lunatic talk show host him back when Donald Trump was inaugurated as president of the United States. Barbara colluded to talk show host who caught all Denzel. From all kinds of people for suggesting that there were elements within the United States government and specifically within the intelligence apparatus and the law enforcement apparatus and the Justice Department. All well over 90% of Justice Department donations by the way went to Hillary Clinton we should point that out people who work at DOJ. Our arbor couple whacked out talk show host who talked about. The fact that Donald Trump was up not just against the Democrats not just against the media. Not just against the Republican Party but against the deep state. Trolls. Bit held onto the wheels of the bureaucracy. In our nation's capital and David it turns out that he whacked out talk show hosts were on to something. It does appear that something which has been going on at the FB after a very long time and which crazy right now is you basically have. These individuals who. Held some sort of clandestine committee. The day after the president trump was elected who took it upon themselves to not only take him out. But basically try to bring back in their candidate who lost I mean it's it's. Extreme. Let this would be completely reckless and irresponsible this happened in your church okay if this happened in a group that you were affiliated with. For this to happen at the FBI. Arguably the most you would argue the the most professional law enforcement agency. You know in the history of earth. It's crazy the amount of powered that they yield that they wield it and the amount of how they were allowed to use terrorism all the 702 but let me tell you something that they're really upsets me about the Republican Party. How how Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell could vote on 7020. To bring these things back and not even divulged that intelligence kip can people probably don't know at 702 news OK so so what we have is the entire mechanism and how you can. Get a war and eavesdrop on American. We've deliberately done three weeks on this. A foreign entity is talking to an American citizen and they get caught up in an investigation you can now go to off Pfizer court you get a warrant. Not to look at this stuff to extrapolate and say are these people bad that are talking to Pakistani nationals. Here's what we know the intelligence committee right now knows. Debt that fights a program was completely is for political purposes black and white the evidence is there than Obama. That he is sacred that is attorney general that is. FBI everyone was in the bag for Hillary Clinton eavesdropping president trump and you don't let any of that go to up. Public before congress is gonna vote to extend the fines or court. It's unbelievably. Completely un American. You could say yes we wanna give him the FBI the CIA this incredible power. And by the way we have no evidence that it's ever been taken advantage of. And now we find out a week after you voted. To continue David. I've been taking advantage I think we should start taking power away from CIA it's crazy crazy. There is this from up for John Leo Pajamas Media people PGA media. They're serious talk favorite on Capitol Hill about appointing a second special council because there are bombshell revelations swirling around the truck Russia probe and allegations of shocking. And the substantial. Government surveillance. Abuses. Under President Obama. And the FBI has lost five months of key. Text messages. Between anti trump and pro Clinton FBI people David this is banana republic stuff. If the FBI I was coming after your best and you said you know I just happen to have lost five months of those tax between our limited. You have the would be in the perimeter. If you look at from the moment debt president for that that candidate truck becomes president elect trump. That's where all of the emails and text start to disappear which is really convenient because it's shaping up with Hillary Clinton. As soon as we start to look in we find a window. That she was born all the sudden the the servers get wiped. Everything starts happening all internal data is gone it's it's gone forever this is happen with the FBI did here's the problem. The problem is that Robert Mueller created an all star team to go after Donald Trump. On the allegation that Russia was involved in his election and he shows people who not only knowingly lied. To get this investigation started. But were part of an ongoing conspiracy. To undermine the president United States. Robert Mueller is a part of his special Emmy. It's it's not even good drama. You just say David that there is in fact a deep state operation IE EE people with in the government specifically the intelligence of federal law enforcement apparatus. With a vested interest in toppling Donald Trump no matter what the means no matter what the methods. Mean that that really is happening it's a shock shock jock it's shot 803 on I thirty is the phone number starlet thirty and cell phone 180616. WBM. It is hourly and Sylvia we are true. So I. I haven't a couple of years ago as. Keep banks that are it was a first Niagara then I don't know as the crossroads is unveiled by -- way back when. Yeah that was the last time legacy and Obama is not a maturing anymore tragically. Neil Diamond has developed by parkinson's he's unable to to work he still. Regrettably going to be your writing and recording his own music. I would have been much better off with here in the you know I'm not a big deal and the guy but I just wanna see the concerts I wanna see him with the big sideburns. I want you know I wanna hear the classics like the idea that Neil Diamond is going to record music. That's really not something I want to do well here. You don't bring me flowers David. And you don't sing me love songs it's really true 337. That news radio I'm thirty WBM hourly and albeit David you are president try up. Let's just pretend here from all when you're president trouble we're gonna put this question out to the audience separate as part of a program you have found out. And it is crazy talk anymore any tin foil conspiracies stuff anymore you find out that yeah I guess what they're really is a deep state element in your own government that is trying to topple your government and they work at FBI they were at DOJ and yet they really had meetings after the election to try to figure out how to destroy you how to destroy your presidency because they all thought Hillary Clinton was gonna win. Aren't you find this out. You're Donald Trump. What do you at this point do in this whole arrives nation. I think one of the things president progressed to do David is is bypassed the media. Gary is from most media he's not gonna get anything like an honest or fair or journalistic shake. You bypass the media you name names and you tell the American people exactly. Why what these people in the deep state. Are doing what they're doing. Who these people are and you encourage the American people. To mobilize against the deep state that is trying to topple your presidency that well the people elected you. And the will of the people as being. Perverted if it's a real big problem for him because understand you don't ever want to be in a spot where you've become the new. President United States and the old administration has led away in handcuffs I mean you can't. It's always going to catch up Q so what's gonna try to find a way to humiliate your party. It's it's not a good look for the United States to constantly had issues where. A leader is loved by his own party and then it turns out he's a criminal would leave we the media never leaked any of this stuff going on Barack Obama. You would give ask a member of the media right now. And whether it's even local news stations that will save it was a scandal free administration. And this scandal is not we're not talking Watergate. We're talking a guy break it into a place looking for notes were talking about someone eavesdropping. On not only eight. The opponent running against your party for president in the United States but now you're talking about homes surveillance. Illegals there bill. You for political reasons and and the names attached to this James clapper James told me. Every one you can him Barack Obama we saw yesterday where they were using. The term again James Tommy said under oath this is the easiest felony. Outlined to congress that you could slam dunk. Do you know that Hillary Clinton was not going to be charged before did anyone else have that conversation with you did you know. That that you're gonna let her go before you make your decision finally at that day no I did not. No one spoke to me now this was all me I didn't even know what my decision was going to be until inner pewter. They had a man call and a decision. With the Loretta lynch Barack Obama James called me James clapper John Brown in all done. A month and a half before they even interviewed here Cerro. Let's give back as your president trump yeah and you can now prove. That via I think any reasonable doubt that you have people. In your own government work career bureaucrats work career DOJ people career in to help people. And they are more concerned with being political hacks and partisans and making sure that your side is illegally spied upon by the very highest this government as. Do you what's wrong with going after the people responsible because it is my opinion that if you don't go after the people responsible you simply contribute to the banana republic status of the United States you've got to draw a line in the sense that I don't care what the people in Colombia Panama Ecuador or Germany have to say about anybody from the former administration being led away in chains and Mary's Iraq woods I don't care it's time that we got back to the constitution in this country and the people even if they were high officials or mid level bureaucrats in government and Intel it's time they were held accountable for repeating all over the constitution of this country I agree. I don't think it's going to be CIA director John Brennan now and I don't think it'll be President Obama and I don't know who will be Hillary Clinton. I think that you're gonna find some fault people you're gonna find some people that are just so clumsy and so arrogant that they are screaming to be arrested. That's our little affair with the FBI. These are soldiers that have screwed up and they should be held to account the biggest names Kobe's gonna be the guy. Com is going to be the one that everyone there cannot because he's such. An absolute. Do each and and east in your face wagging his finger talking about justice and integrity bro you're such an exquisite piece of garbage. JJ it would James Komi has literally done will go down in history. As the absolute most of plastic and at the podium as the FBI director. And to make it assumed that he outsmarted trump think about this. Everyone thinks trumps a big buffoon trump knew when Mike Rogers is NSA director came and instead by the way they spied on him. He knew the entire time he wrote that tweet about the wiretaps could be had the thing is. Didn't know all of that that was in ban it and that. Was in Trump's hand they knew about this from the beginning. They knew Obama is trying to screw moreover he knew Hillary Clinton was a part of it and he's been biding his time and I got to tell you. Call we've got to go they headed that's gonna roll is going to be called me probably gave clapper to because clapper may have. Falsified documents. Which I think is beyond you know we're talking thirty years in prison when we're not talking like cat. He would tackle Ron Paul in the backyard of you know blog is putting brush up. We're talking about for falsifying. Evidence to get the ability to look into someone's private life the way. You're charged Michael Flynn. You charged Michael Flynn for essentially. Lying. To the FBI when you knew full well that the information you got from Michael Flynn was illegally obtain unbelievable. Sure you are president drop what do you do about this will park episode for a little bit sleepy guys at any interest in this at all your president drop. What would you do your president drop. I'm imagining there first thing I do thank you well let's give forma results so other people with far intelligent things to say can comment in 03 all right thirty. That's 803 Oda thirty starlet thirty and cellphone at 180616. WB Ian first thing you do from president truckers are realized lore. I can't be trusted with my own Twitter accounts from the Akron tweeting thing. But what I am gonna do is after consulting the very best PR and legal minds I have available to me I'm going to bypass the media. I'm going to explain to the American people exactly what laws were broken exactly why we have the constitutional protections we do in the United States. How those constitutional protections were violated who is definitely behind the violations of those constitutional protections and who likely so aboard the violations of those constitutional protections and I charged as many people as possible. I don't care for turns into the night of the long knives and we've got 200 people who were led away with handcuffs it stops now your constitution is back alive now I'm president Donald Trump and I authorized this message. I'll tell you what it said definitely when we you make a stand like that you're did that Adrian swamped by the way that's like Adrian swap its a bad luck for democracy. But it's not our fault it's a bad luck sometimes. I'm bad guys do stupid things at a party. If not the fault of the guy who hosted the parties it he would show up addressed the it's a far worse look for democracy David where this country poses as though it's some great free republic and you've got this secret shadow government illegally surveilling the Americans but it's it's humiliating that it got to this point and it's even more ridiculous again every single. A member of congress Republican Democrat how dare you even. Your job is to oversight. If this happens it's because people don't care Adam Schiff. I'm sorry but the Democrat on the intelligence committee I think he should be up on criminal charges do. Some of the the garbage that he's been putting out there the distractions. That he's been doing at the Intel level they should've been in the public's hand. Over a year ago. Wrote to Darcy in Youngstown WB and your president trump what he'd do but there's. I think it. It's it's hard to say it but I think not. Not rectitude like the big guy you know Obama and Hillary. Because I think it'll look like sour grapes. Politically. I just I I it's like Hillary already knew now what I just cannot picture her in or. But to me that's like saying okay we're gonna go after the soldiers of the Gambino family but John Gotti you still get to where you're suits and prance around New York. I totally agree I I don't have a I. Am not at all. But you know we have a time. Constitution and we're supposed to be a nation of laws and if you can make a case. That is going to pass the beyond a reasonable doubt standard that the people who took an oath to support the constitution actually were trying their best to undermine the constitution. Why shouldn't those people be held accountable I don't care if it looks like Colombia this country in its history has done things that. Quite frankly. Who look a lot worse then anything that can happen from arresting a arresting people who violated the constitution. Those who don't know what I'm talking about might look at the American occupation of the Philippines after the Spanish American war we're. Tens of thousands of innocent people. We basically we have like the S asked for the people of the Philippines. You know what's really interesting is to kind of look at how some of these senior level Obama people. Already solve a handwritten in the wall back in May of 2017. When you look at CAA director John Brennan. In May have 2017 he's talking to congress he intentionally contradicts genes Coleman's testimony. To create an exit plan so that they can end up saying hey wait a minute you differ from what James Cummings said when this investigation started. And that is Jane and John Brennan's exit strategy those are the Smart guys that leave the other guys hold in the bag. I've ever want to turn and James Coleman dead at river there's a reason lady justice has the blindfold outside every court house in this country it so she doesn't have to look at Hillary's been cancers but it's also because justice is supposed to be blind again we're a nation of laws not men not women. And if the evidence if the if the cases exist to prosecute those at the very highest level of government. For basically what amounts to acts of treason and constitutional. Violations against the American people than they should be held accountable otherwise the whole fourth of July let's do or that the Independence Day holiday and let's just quit pretending we're some free country that actually has. Re DO ideals of a republic and let's just call the American government what it is a budget hypocrites who say one thing and practice another former government altogether. It's it's going to be tough to unpack this because there have been you know you heard from our first call is going to be a lot of people that are gonna think it's our great understand. This is also going to hit during a mid term election is going to hit during a reelection. Right now. That the trial that would be if you went after Paul manna for. That trial starts the day before the mid term election you're talking about a presidential elections tough. Here's Jane in buffalo WB and Jeanne. You don't look good you were again the best ever lives. All right David. I like geez what was your callers. Hey on the album on the you know what you got sane in what what I do about president trump. Your suggestion that Parker I would go ahead give every name of every person in ball. And make sure that is out there in the public to everybody understand explain to the public exactly what happened. In everybody who was involved in it to be out there and what I would do is contact Craig out. After that you would like to be that you attorney general trade got to say yes certainly the Al inter god would automatically be dominated yet like it within 24. I don't even I don't know how Jeff Sessions is still holding on to a job and and and the thing is that. Yeah this is really at some point I know it's easy just to blame a personal than trump and people think that we just defend trump. Tell you some right now Jeff Sessions could've dealt with this. Five months ago there's no reason. He and then Avery you know when he said I don't wanna be involved in the Russia thing because I had the ambassador in my office. Turned out to be not the case. Huge open and shut down Mueller I mean he had the power to do it legit if you would like to add to your insightful comments please wait until after the news at 4 o'clock because we'd love to talk Q we've got hold much other stuff coming up. Including. That there's no easy way to say this people you know min. I realized. Throughout something that probably. Could've allowed me to generate so much money that I could've actually paid the ambulance bill so don't go anywhere will be aircrack Andy's ready at 930 W via.