120 Years at Roswell Park 930in716 April 25, 2018

Wednesday, April 25th

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Her news 930. In 716. With doctor Roswell park with a name like that and you must get a good good seat in a restaurant around here coma I would never do. That where we use my name to try to get any kind of a special benefit. Really it's Roswell park doctor Roswell park the fourth. He's great grandfather is the namesake for Roswell park comprehensive cancer center all right so this is one torn here going to be here for 240. I plants I'm Tim linger on the podcast powered by the Brothers of mercy a five star rated skilled nursing residents offering affordable living in a country setting. Seriously it was a pleasure and an honor to be with Roswell park the fourth as he participated in an upbeat celebration of 120. Years at Roswell park. 120 years as one of the nation's first comprehensive cancer centers. They filled sealed with high tech gas a time capsule then buried in on the grounds of Roswell park to be opened. In another 100 years. After the event and I talked with Roswell park about living with the legacy of his name in the pride he carries with him each and every day. Even when you order a pizza I lied about my name and say that I'm Ross Ross or something like you really I do. I think I can understand that night we appreciate. You know the humble that's that's that's him that's within that. But really your name carries so much weight in this community in which are great grandfather that I started this institution. And I really was my great grandfather. Though originators of of institution here but I'm. He came from an interesting family his father was a West Point graduate. And who bomb. Went on to also become a Chaplin and he ended up becoming college president out in Nam. Racine Wisconsin and doctor Russell park was recruited to come here as chief of surgery at buffalo general. He came from Chicago so it was a family that. Was. Puritan stock. Went all the way to you Wisconsin and came back sort of beast again. Now leader in your life in a Russell park became very important to you for very personal reasons and we'll get into that. But in your early years Tommy about the place Roswell park played him in your life. In my early years. I was aware of the hospital I was. Proud to be associated with at least by name but it never really. Hit home until. I was diagnosed with cancer and that hit home. Edited to tell me about that. I you come head to head up. Next for awhile I thought maybe they just need physical therapy or something like that and I think seemed to work so finally I got I'm. Cat scan and an MRI and it was at that point that I'm they were ever diagnosed multiple myeloma I think they'll multiple myeloma was at that point but I'm. I have a feeling it wasn't good so while. The hostel was very kind I was able to get into off the seat within a day had already had up bone marrow biopsy and assess the high point of your day. And I was in treatment virtually immediately. You're obviously doing very well now I am I'm very grateful. Even my great grandfather but it. Even more so to go fights after the hospital at every single level. Cleaners nurses shafts. Everybody. Makes cancer as palatable as a complete so all the noise we hear in the background is the folks from Praxair there's sealing the time capsule. You put something in the time capsule and knew it was very meaningful Tommy about. I wanted to put something in the time capsule the represented the city cancer care today. Not a 120 years ago. I put in my patient card I have several of them because they keep losing them and you need to have a patient care when you hear so bomb. I put the patient parent that probably goes victimized before my first stem cell transplant 2002. And even had a little smiley face on it because south. There was a patient the blood Aladdin was going around giving everybody a little smiley face to cheer people up when I could see from the looks of him. He wasn't feeling all that well himself I was very impressed. You know we all that you arousal part is synonymous with with the community that we live and I'm a lifelong resident here buffalo and Western New York. You know you should you drive up then Elmo card or you see Roswell park when you drive up there there must be a sense of pride. There is a sense of pride but I wanna see the big sign out there and a lady that's might he may end up. And that I realize that you know here's my great grandfather in some way reaching out to me in twenty years later so up. Between their name on the building were. Actually just the pride in the good worked at the hospital does is I think addressed the most tell me what you know about your great grandfather obviously most of us don't know a lot you know from from our physical memories but obviously he has a very rich history. And I involvement in this community in this institution. Theory that. Doctor Russell park was recruited to come to buffalo as chief of surgery at buffalo general probably in the 1870s. I can't remember exactly. He gum he was younger users thirties. And tech early pictures of them show with a big mustache. That apparently was his attempt to make himself look a little older and a little bit more on gusts. He was. An esteemed surgeon in buffalo it was he who bump who eventually got to work on doctor Iran's president McKinley when I'm. When and ultimately was assassinated in 1901 and there was too little they could be done at that point but I'm. He was probably the the leading search at buffalo at the time what is emerging passions was cancers people were beginning to live longer. They were living long enough to be able to become afflicted with cancer so he wanted to make sure that everybody could be cured from cancer just that people of means. So. He brought a comprehensive addition to buffalo if you buffalo off a leading. Well. Voice or rather practice at progressive Madison. At the very turn of the century and cooled an idea is that this is all happening behind us with the ceiling of the time yes but we get here in the background is. Jonathan Praxair sealing the time capsule with our god. Which I guess we'll keep it for another 120 years it's them it's pretty neat. All right so this is 120 you'd be here for 240. I plants. Roswell park the fourth so pleasure and a pleasure to have Roswell park comprehensive cancer center in our own community. Researching and treating and caring for us Saul. Here's to another 120. Seat complete photos and video from the event at WP EN dot com. Back tomorrow. That's 930 and 716. We're back tomorrow with a never radiation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo.