1/20 Buffalo Means Business w/ Michele Zimmer

Buffalo Means Business
Saturday, January 20th

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On news radio 930 WB EM this is buffalo means business where local businesses and services tell their stories. I'm Randy bush over if you got one of those stories to share you can sending an email Randy dot bushel for @entercom.com. With Michelle Zimmer who is owner of the wood house spot I should point out that it is a franchise based business but there is a location here in Williamson now it's the only one in town that literally right yes that is. But tell us a little bit more about. What it is I think people have somewhat of an idea but I've I've seen the brochure and some of the services and they're quite extensively as we could do a half an hour maybe 45 minutes on that. Yes so it would just days is a full service resort style spot. That we brought here for taxes it's a smaller franchise that started in early two thousands in taxes by. A woman who had a lot of passion for help them honest and women in Texas. Do believe it's part of really just staying healthy everybody needs a break. Buffalo I think is getting to realize that our busy lives we all need to. I do have a partner she's a silent partner mark last and we pride here because we thought the fossil was ready. But there's but there are a lot of spot in buffalo on there and there's nothing against a sponsor wonderful but this is a little different. It's more of a destination in your backyard and that's kind of one of the ten so we. Describe that would house it's over 6500 square feet. We have a really oversize choir room and if you're familiar with spas we and he goes past. I don't think but at that doesn't mean that I won't need help after we talk I not yet. He would house has a huge quiet room and government to resort styles. Unification. He. Him or use it as soon as you walked. To the door besides being greeted by you know smiley faces in and the com. On atmosphere we have been infused sent that really is coming into the sunset so when you walk in your arm he relaxed the pampering starts when you walked in the door. Not in the treatment room. Then you put on your robe and slippers and we guided to a quiet room we could have been nice. On specialty tea or fruit infused water we have snacks and there and you sit Daniel robe and slippers and there's. Fire plays in big oversize comfy chairs need to relax from there we ex pastor com. Like twenty minutes before your service he can take advantage of their room it's really like you know your living room. You sit there and you wait for your ego massage therapists say yes petition and they coming gag you and they bring you cheer treatment around and then you have a whole another experience that is. It's unique to what house we can talk about some of those if you like. We'll show you just mentioned the asked petition so what is what is the function of that person and that what that what is their job okay so I'm we have massage their system that's obvious they do on a multitude of different sizes the institution. Is. A special license skin care so they are the ones who do your facial on they also do body treatments we have a bunch of bodies scribes in. And wraps they had on the are also. Have the expertise and. Ellen one of the things that I do have a problem went with the eyebrows I always have these these these little pieces are a little. Ten girls a kind of stick out they tend to analysts I'm I would imagine that that's probably one of the lesser of the things that you can do it. Yes yeah we don't we have flexing if you wanna come in here pick up your eyebrows were actually do waxing. But we do have a lot of difference in treatments one of the we actually have pieces of seaweed that are handpicked out of the ocean and this company in Ireland aid. Ship it over they dried chip it over we rehydrated and we use it and a multitude of services want is a mean CD which is our signature facial. That is to die for and if you come in and having your face will be very. Tom Dewey and I'm shiny and it really be hydrated it's an especially for the buffalo winters it really does help. On its own natural it's just the minerals from the ocean and others you know different it's almost like ill in your face it's really it's amazing you should. Common mother Randi you have to. I don't. Well look that's that's what I intrigues me is. First of all who thought of using seaweed but what is it about the seaweed what is there something in the seaweed that some property that it has that. That helps without of these things it's just they. The Simi picks up all of the Eaton the nutrients and you know how. You know why people aren't assaults what is very good good mineral for years your skids so pissed about the nutrients in the ocean and basically transfers that frontier scared. It doesn't natural way so it's very non abrasive. And people who have realization or psoriasis it really helps calm down and needles and let's just because it's natural. And it just seeps in to scan and it's it's it's really friendly skin tight. And I'd I know that Lotta people have again in their head. Version of an idea of what a spot does but it's more than. Manicurist at a viewers that sort of thing is we've talked about the massage to write to really he would lead the whole package I guess we have to trying to. Hammer home to people because you say. The army that's when you walking is. Is already kind of a quiet serene setting right and that's on purpose to get people kind of in that mood kind of relax and then. From that what is the more common. App procedure or our technique or whenever that people get when they would come. You know we have yet that the standard the deep tissues in the Swedish but since. What house armed offers more than just the standards we have been seen people. Actually dive into and taken advantage of some of the unique. Treatments that we have I'll mention a few. One is assured our act which. If he'd never bands who go into a spot. I only a few places I think about what do it it is eighth the size that incorporates and any hot oil drip on your third eye in your forehead. And it really relieves allgemeine clatter I a was a little skeptical myself until I had a Danica what house and it was amazing because I have a lot of minds are going on on street due to it's like we all do because we are him multiple things to do any day. It relaxed me soul much with an and it had a a wonderful style and size after that I really I was like jello and just really wanted to just go back to my day really just refreshed. On we also have a VC shower in the V she shower is the rain Behar that has multiple shower heads and there's a few treatments that we used to be she showering and windy you're looking at me like what I. It looks kind of trees it's it's Romans is giant shower room there's always that restitution arm massage therapists with Hugh. And to pain and the treatment there is either body rapper by the score which incorporates in the size and then this. Green bar actually there's somebody who is directing hot and cold water on different shock for points and you back in place. It is literally like a work out for your body without you movie you can just relax and it really is and we talked about being refreshed it really is amazing and so again and that's one of the you need treatments we have and what house. Talking and Michelle's Hemmer she's owner of the what house sponsored son in Williams the last 15933. Main street next to the new Lloyds taco if you need to Kramer reference you're listening to buffalo means business on news radio 930. WB yen oh by the way. What got you interested in this line of work what was it was there something in your background there where you've always had an interest. You know. I you was in the corporate world for over 25 years and like most of us was working you know 1214 hours today. Wanted to do something different mind to do something that was. More rewarding I mean who loved loved my jobs in the past. But I really wanted to do something that I felt passionate about and I would always go to spot so my background items such that this institution tomorrow in the business world. But I always wanted to. Bring some of the buffalo that I enjoyed it and I would go despised just to relax to get. My head back out history in just you know take a break from my crazy world. And I just didn't feel like the hands full service spies in town that I was looking for. So and a partner and I actually went to what house Naples Florida were blown away by. To beautify ambiance and the amount of treatments in the way they they pampered their gas and it was really on par with the Ritz Carlton there in Naples Florida. And and they actually do better than at the Ritz Carlton in Naples Florida. And we we knew why I actually have a treatment there we knew that this is something really unique in what we found out it was franchise if it really blew us away. And so we contacted this is two years ago took us two years to bring to buffalo we contacted the owners and their very particular who they gave a franchise to. And they interviewed asked community that we talked to other franchise owners that are at that time there are only 25 in the country. Now their sixties but there how oversized. More than 5000 square feet the take a huge undertaking on financially to bring them and to open them up so you're not concede thousands in the sit in the country. You probably won't see another when in buffalo but. We knew that this is something that buffalo was ready for consists by industry is growing. Which is talking to somebody in user. Studio about coolers are to our terror it is our demographic. Across the country it's. Women. Like 45 to 55 but in buffalo its not its women 25 to 55. I eight. Noticed just from you know observing whose common in the two hour we are having a lot of the Alderman Daniels come in the door because they know I think they've learned that. You need a break you know whether you're busy or working. We've been working woman and I hate to say most of our clients do happen to be. Women but we do see more men and coming to the door and feeling very comfortable because we way we do have a lot of gentlemen on specific treatments. But they note that you really need a break to get back to life and do a better job in two to be about a mom or to do better you work it really does help. Women in Texas knew that along time ago I think we're in buffalo are just getting to realize that this is really necessity and not a luxury. And that's I was gonna ask is that it seems like from for whatever reason and I'm not trying to downgrade buffalo but they're just seems to linearity technically. A resistance at things like this like it's almost too good for him or something I don't know. You're actually right 'cause. I think I'm that person I gave felt really guilty when I would go and I didn't go off and and I felt really guilty doing it taking half a day off or even a couple of hours off in pampering myself but I always knew. While I really needed and I felt batter is so I do think this younger generation is realizing man and a consent I see more it's like to have him for now but more the younger. Age group are coming to the door in and the repeat customers which is wonderful economy guess threw for a guest for the right. And and in keeping with the whole ambiance thing exactly and sent them expects that makes cents. You talked about how it was like it to your journey from who's getting the franchise and getting a location. You also moved into a section of town Williams notes is very particular about the looks of their main streets of did you have any difficulties there any resistance from the people when he told them what you wanted to do and where he wanted to do it. Anything that if the actual time was really wonderful working with. Because I think with house that are you know then the low that are ambience is really beautiful in keeping with the main street lot. Really the time that it took to bring it was fine in every location. Because we wanna make sure that you're not stress so main street is a little stressful driving down Meester hit it in the middle of the day. And find a parking spots 01 that the parameters that the franchise putt and asses like you have to be. In an area where Yasser similar type Freetown we have to parking. And that is limited so that's one of the reasons it took awhile to find the right spot they would offer parking and this building did which weighs you know that's for us. And you're not that far from either transit road another busy quarter or the 290 off means so. It's relatively easy to get too it's not hard to find what's it whatsoever yep and yes Reid to say we're violates the fact that ethnic. We love toys the end there are partnered on this news on the home so via the event if any good landmark for us is you already noted. Sure anything else about what house that we want to throw out there before we close. No we yeah we definitely are gonna have specials. For Valentine's Day I'm gift cards gift cards are a big part of our. Business and getting into. It is Hanssen knew guess that wanna come in trying the White House so we'll be doing some specials. I'm leading up to Valentine's Day and then. I would just say people to come in and adjustment for tour because from the outside it looks like we're released but as I mentioned were over. 6500 square feet. We do laugh a lot of amenities that you won't really see anywhere else in buffalo so I do welcome people command. If you intimidated just command I'm their looks six days a week I would give you tour and we are open seven days we by the way. A which is another uniqueness of the White House we know a lot of on people are busy during the week and they don't wanna take off time from work so you come in on Sunday especially beat and went and watched. The now that the filter and but he kept up to much but buy you can come in on a Sunday and we have. You know Oliver full staff is there so we welcome people come in. At least for tour and I think they'll be converted. Sounds good Michelle thank you very much for not buying could have via I think you Randy Michelle's and her owner of the wood house but it's on. Main street in Williams bill 5933 as we mentioned right next to the new Lloyds taco mrs. buffalo means business on news radio 930. WB yen.