1/20 Buffalo Means Business w/ Fox Run Orchard Park

Buffalo Means Business
Saturday, January 20th

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You're listening to buffalo means business on news radio 930 WB yen in this is where we hear from the businesses and services available in the buffalo area. If you'd like to be on the program send me an email at Randy dot bush over @entercom.com. Here would bill will Garza who is the CEO for fox run Orchard Park also Mary Lou Latino land who is the director of marketing and sales and this is easy enough I know since this has Orchard Park in the name fox run well whereabouts and Orchard Park you guys. Where we're located just just outside the village were on the corner of our big tree road which is route 28 in California wrote. So we're close enough to the village and were within shouting distance of via the stadium. And how many buildings we talked about as far as the facilities that you know it's not just one. Big building as it is it is exceed it's a 54 acre campus and then we have almost like a palace like setting where it's not connected buildings. Sections so we have our our our review apartments but then it's. All within one group we ever commons area and and we have helped senator on the same campus I probably should know that it's one big building because you haven't been around just one or two years I was detected as we just celebrated this past November 10 year anniversary. And Mary Lou we gotta get you invoked in involved in this at some point talk a little bit about what you guys have at the facilities. That your we have a 180 independent living apartment patio homes they range in square footage from 550 square feet to over 4500. I'm also on our campus should you ever needed in our health center is assisted living memory care and nursing home. As well as rehabilitation clinic so basically all your needs only marry here on the campus. And are you looking for Ehrlich a certain age of person to be there or is this a kind of a community open to anybody. It is open to anyone over sixty twos so we have to be at least 62 at age. And other vacancies this way you guys are pretty full up. We're pretty well it's it's pretty exciting years we have along waiting list and we are taking on new applicants for a waiting list if you wanted to give the marketing department call. At 6625001. We can tell you all the information need to get on a waiting list or give you a tour partially around campus. And a little bit more about some of the the other things that you guys have available down there as far as amenities at the foxman Orchard Park we have that beautiful indoor swimming Poland's. We have stated the arrow woodworking shop that a lot of the residents not to enjoy. We have an hour Calgary. We have. As did the airy and senator we have speakers come man in all sorts of presentations. We have a culinary center to where a lot of our residents watch on demonstrations in cooking class it is I think they mostly enjoyed a food not actually learning how to cook and bank. That works well for them. And then we do lots of things off to campus as well. Since you're only at ten minutes from downtown buffalo. We go visit the BP O canal side the buffalo history museum and all sorts of things here. And that's I was gonna say that you and you mentioned off fair that you guys don't just a great on the campus there that you actually physically get these people out there and you going do things which is. Maybe not the norm for these kinds of settings. Yeah and Austria I think this year we did a double Decker bus tour and the residents really enjoy that. We went and visited electing museum. For extra penny it's I came to keep track of all things that they can't go and canal side. Yeah and if people want to know more than the easiest way to do that stuff phone number and or web address. Yes so are on call fox run the marketing department at 6625001. Are you can visit us online and fox front or to cart dot com. Easy enough 6625001. And again fox run Orchard Park dot com. Easy enough it's in the name of the people that we're talking to again CEO bill are sick and Mary Lou Latino land the director of marketing and sales. And Abd. This is kind of something that has been growing and continues to grow in this area these kinds of communities. You got all you can handle right now bill would this one are you thinking of maybe expanding. Acquiring other properties plainly he should always looked. On the road and so we'd love to expands our our independent units from perhaps in five or ten years. Richie currently undergoing a an expansion for health center. We're heading 141000 square feet seven and a half million dollar project that started this past fall. And we hoped completes by the end of December 2018. Any specific reason for that are just that the change in the old. As it was so as as you said before we're ten years olds and we need to keep. Updating we needed to always have that new field so part of that was in addition to our health center. And it's really gonna change how we do business. That you we we looked at some and it's creating our whole neighborhood concepts and which is it it's. In appealing in this area it's kind of the wave where were. Health care's going. And so on each independent of parents are each apartment will have its own. Kitchen surgeries and a seating area fireplace. Really to give it a home field rather than on the eat you wanna feel like you're an ulcer you wanna feel like your column and that's that's our goal. As dizzy you really can't get the best of doubles worlds the kind of three worlds there because you've got. Kind of a rural setting in a in Orchard Park but you're not that far from Orchard Park proper and again as in Mary Lou pointed out not too long ago. Not that far from buffalo and a lot of major attractions one that's actually too it's really a nice clean settings in the the location at one time was a farm fields ten years ago and and now here we're still close enough that. You had one direction you're seeing a farm in another direction in the village torture park and you can trial amenities there. And as Mary Mary Lou mentions. We're actually closer to downtown in the north sounds folks think boy in the south towns here. Your far away that's for all the snow as. And it's really natural accident it's a short drive and we like to. Like to have as many events and that and programming and in the city as well. Yeah it did just to mindful of winter in the kind of winter that we've had especially dominant in the southern part of Western New York. Any special winter activities that you guys do those snowball throwing contest snowman making contest anything like that. We're actually having a big event called I am break out of the winner blues and it's a huge marry drag that. And we have come returning and our program which is our formal dining room into the Bergen street grill we have beads and live music. The George Scott big band is coming. Com's residents are really really looking forward to that end and now also on tap I understand you have a luncheon coming up in February. We do we do monthly luncheons for all when you. Prospects to common deal with a C fox try and learn a little bit about us. I'm an app sun on Thursday February 15. Starts at 1130 and seating is limited so deathly make your reservation and I would love to have anyone who wants a conjugal ground. And is it it's one of those things it's a little delicate to ask but I think I'm kind of compelled to ask about the cost. Am so fox China's delays care community team also known as a continuing care retirement community and so when you comment if fox stranded there is an entrance fees or one time fee. On that you would pay and then you're guaranteed all the levels of care as you progress down on our progress to the at a level so you start out an independent living. And then as you need assisted living memory care or nursing home your guaranteed all those levels. In that your monthly service he won't go up when that happens. So would your planning for the future your conserving your ascent. And you and your family's very very happy to have that peace of mind because we have all the levels on one campus. And now what about the the way that the the members of that this community and kind of come together because you're literally talking about individuals maybe. You know from different families and all that out how does everybody everybody kind of plays nice together is at the way to say that you know he. That's a great way to say you know the the one thing that makes oxman special is our sense of community. And we hear it from visitors from other communities that that walk and our doors and there truly is something special. And I I think the residents create pats today culture where they look out for one another there neighbor helping neighbor. And and then of course they bring the staff and that that camera and the spears well. But truly they they they care for one another and ending they all get involves. As I. As I think about some of our events and and so things we like to do throughout the day. 70% of our community members participate in the fitness or Wallace program. And with that it's it's just picture going to the gym with your your friends they're doing that and on the same campus. And then they love to participate with the staff as well we just had a volleyball game yesterday in our. Seeded Dalai apologists. You'd be surprised highly competitive. And and it's a great way for all of us staff and community members alike to two in Iraq so really day. They if it's as though they're in their neighborhood that they they grew up then but now there on one cent. Right and about that setting how really should expand on this because I believe you mentioned this already that their patio homes and apartments and so starting with the apartments went what are we talking about size wise there and what kind of things are included in each apartment so we have comet 23 different styles and apartments. Ranging from 550 square feet to about 17100 so hopefully we have something for every line. That's a wide range they come with ousting the steel appliances some comet Hartley floors crown molding. All the appliances including a washer and dryers they don't have to worry about any of those break we take care all that for them. Comment on the patio homes can range because some of them do have lots. So they range anywhere from about 17100 square feet to a little over 2500 square fees for the little bit larger. But again same hardwood floors come holding you know we'll we'll customize it to whatever you want. And at this point I think the only thing left for me to ask is what else have and I ask that you guys wanna make sure that you get out there about fox on Orchard Park. Because I'm VI I I feel like I've covered most of everything and yet. I feel like him I may be forgetting something because they're just so many things listed here as far as. What you have for on campus convenience and or wellness amenities and it is a very broad wide ranging up opportunities yet out here. You know it is and I guess if if I if I were to leave you with one message is is that were very active and fit community. And and we truly believe in that sense of of neighbor helping neighbor and and being gay community. On the there's always something going nine and and an even in events where where there's a snowstorm marketed it's just another reason for our community get together and and have a good time. Ending it just iceberg we're close enough to do Citibank you can also lock your door and both are walking trails and seabirds endeared and turkeys I think it's nice to have that OPEC countries adding but also be close to. The village for department around them off and after ten years we did finally seek to fox running at fox Ryan and one of our patio much community members plan now. But two weeks ago some nice now again for people who are interested in getting more information they can call and or check on the website where. 6625001. Or fox front Orchard Park dot com right well thank you both for coming in it's been a pleasure and that continued success down there. Thank you hear that his bill would die our six CEO and Mary Lou Latino land director of marketing and sales for fox on Orchard Park this is buffalo means business on news radio 930. WB yen.