1/20 Buffalo Means Business w/ Buffalo Executive Association

Buffalo Means Business
Saturday, January 20th

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This is buffalo means business on news radio 930 WB and I'm Randy bush over. The show is designed to shine a spotlight on local business as a driving force in our lives and if there's a local business or service that you like to see featured on the program. You can send me an email at Randy dot bush over @entercom.com. With me. Jim Burke and doctor Reid Stephens Jim as the GM for the Hampton inn and suites buffalo airport and doctor Stephens is owner of a look at small animal hospital. But you're here on a collective mission you're here to talk about the DEA or buffalo executive association so ran off the top when he wanna take a swing at what exactly. That is thanks race great to be here Jim and I are very pleased to be here in the buffalo executives association. Is a group of businesses that they have been together since 1935. Many of them. As an organization started and it's a program where. We are. Recommending. And developing business referrals. Among largely locally operated or locally owned businesses. And where we have 82 members. And there's only one members say there's only one veterinarian there's only one hotel there's only one. Lawyer and we are build relationships among those and feel very comfortable and confident recommending those services. To. Our clients or our employees or our friends. And I guess this is kind. Differ culled from eating grass so I'm just wanna try this out here how does this differ from like Better Business Bureau or from like eight. Buffalo Niagara partnership for any other group of organizations. Were weird we do our business is our only business were not tips club. You're dealing with the owners of the enterprises or decision makers. We refer to each other. In order to join BA you have to be selected. And then fill out an application fit the criteria. 50% of your business has to be for the category you're looking for so it's. It's very exclusive in that time only one member is doctor Stephen said for each particular business or business type. And I we meet every week and were really committed to you know referrals to each other inside and outside the organization. And the really powerful thing is are always dealing with the owners. These people have been vetted. And certainly meet the criteria for great organizations that do great things for their customers. Sure and it talks a little bit about the focus and mission but is there anything you can add to that. The real heart of it is that we get together every Monday for lunch and and and over that lunchtime conversation. We are focused on what we're doing in our organization and also learning about what's going on at special. In our other member organizations so we sit around the lunch table where we're presenting an talking about. What we're doing is different the real heart of it is that we are. What it really provides for our folks is a firm members and for customers is executive Hans years' service. Mostly it is. For sure. It is that executive leadership that is in the room you're having conversations with it. In a making business connections and you'd be surprised that you know things we're referring inside the group and outside the group just based on those conversations that you get to know everybody personally. You're you're you're dealing with that owner of that business. And you city that says something over eighty members now how does one. Become a member how does one get invited to join because as you said nearly taking. One representative of a particular niche business so how do you find new members. We're always on the lookout for new members there are planning a categories that we haven't filled even though we've only eighty there's more many more categories. We'd like to fill we'd love to be an organization of about 9200. Much more than that gets a little big so there is space and there's lots of lots organizations that that that would fit that bill so we're always looking. In terms of how you get involved moron. And were on the web that buffalo executives. Association dot com. And and you can you can make an inquiry there. Lots of referrals come from within the organization that we recognize or people we do business with. That would fit the mold of what we're doing. And so you know the membership is responsible for you know bringing in new members. And finding those are these businesses that really fulfill our mission angle which is their business is our only business. Well Jim globalstar with you since you just ended that talk about your personal history of the BA and how that has benefited you. On some I represent the Hampton inn and suites buffalo airport this is the separate second hotel operation that I've had the opportunity to be affiliated with. Four B day. You know it's it's knowing that when I need services that the property or an electrician or. You know as a veterinary services with doctor Stephens. That I I can go down that list and norm and have the right contact to get things done right to be have to concierge services well stated. Forests and you know I've convinced ownership it's a big investment for folks as far as time and and out money to be involved but at the return on investment is huge in the services that you get we offered discounts member to member. As part of the profile. But time it's been both professionally and personally very rewarding. His nice enough to be. Elected to the position of secretary. For the board and I've been a director on the board for a few years to. And doctor Stephens serves on the board as well so it's both professionally growth and development. And and and personally for business and making connections. Sure doctor Stephens a year experience. Actually I stared out the DEA's gonna household name in my home growing up my father are represented the lawyers. Represented dilemma Edward. Yet meeting and Stephens since passed away but he brought me into the organization. And they were always looking for veterinarian first and only better and I think it's been involved. And proud to be that proud to provide care for. Pats in in the DA in and employees of the organization's. MG bank as one of our bigger firms 100 Lucy real let's say is one of our member firms. And so there's a lot of was aging members there is. Probably. Thousands of of an potential employees that you were company member companies can be reaching out to two for two mote their business and provide that. Cost years really. Great thing about the organization like doctor Stephens had been around since 1935. He talks about two generations now being a part of it MET bank has been a member since 1943. Truby Collins. And companies since also in 1943. Wendell architects and engineers since 1957. So people would get involved really see the true benefit. Of the long term relationship and building their businesses in buffalo. This is buffalo means business on news radio 930 WB and in studio this segment with doctor Reid's Stephens owner of delicate small animal hospital and Jim Burke was GM of the Hampton inn and suites. Buffalo airport talking about buffalo executive association. And it doesn't get any simpler than this in terms of a slogan business is our only business. And that has. Some importance in some meaning to you guys. There are so it's it's we're we're not we don't talk about. While many of us involved with community works and great works in charitable organizations we don't talk about that in these meetings were focused on. Think about this if you have more than eighty people in Rome. They're talking about your business they go out every and you give them a message about what's happening in Europe as nation. They you have all of sudden eighty. Raving fans that are gonna tell the world until the community about. What you're doing com and and that makes a difference and and there's a lot of a business leads when I have. A guest coming to stay. To consult with me in my animal hospital from anywhere in the country I recommend a stay at the Hampton inn suites because I know. That Jim is gonna take good care of them and I and I give Jim Acosta hey this person's coming in. I want you take great care of them and and he's never disappointed. So it's our our message today Ayers really twofold one is to. Companies that are vote could go about achieving companies are interested in becoming members. Who gets faced that also if you've got somebody needs help if you need a plumber if you need I'm. If you need as an electrician we it's. You know rather than say and g.'s list or five plus greeting on Google or or Yelp. You know that this is a company. That you can have trusted because. There's a high level of ethics that that happened a high level of ethical standards that happened around this they know that when there's a referral comes in through the DEA that you need to take top priority without. So that we have to the general public who wee weed I know that these are companies that are our tie operated and in the community. And. Doctor Stephens just talked about there's this energy when working with you I gym as an Hampton in this recent being able to recommend people businesses your way. Similarly I'm curious over the years that you've been associate with the DEA the buffalo executive association. Have you ever had. Cause to send someone directly to doctor Stephens like somebody at the hotel bringing in a pat and then having a problem with the pat. I'm more importantly it's somebody that I would doctor Stevens referred to his family. And not nicely customers of the property because greed we don't have pats on property but for guests had mentioned something certainly that would happen. But I personally rec recommended family members to take their pets and animals there. Both my son my daughter's fiance and my daughter all bring their pets there. So if you know you know for sure if I'm recognizing. Recommending personally. Family members and friends to doctor Stephens the reputation goes well beyond what words could even say. You know and and then the people who are part of our teams are each of our properties or or organizations that are part of it. They're all considered members as well. So I've staff members who bring pets to them and then you know my branches you know 45 employees. MT bank is that thousands of employees. And in really you know snowballs into itself. And Ed I know that again we've talked him talked about the inner connectedness and how you each of you work. Win the rest of the people in the group the buffalo executive association. But. As a group. Get together and have like I don't know that that opinions on matters but do you kind of facilitate certain things. Collectively. We have. We're not political group again business is their only business we don't try to we're not trying to change the world. We're trying to improve level service. And provide. Just really exceptional service for for our for our customers that come to us through the VA. We do have guest lectures every once a while at that in terms of furthering local business really becoming experts in in what's happening in the community. And trying to grow. Trying to grow our our our our level of service and their businesses. And is part I'm sorry and. That professional members that are in the group you know I think about Teresa. From. First Slashdot com she. Is that deals with webs and web designing and you know getting people involved in increasing their business in traffic flow and those kinds of things redesign your whole web page for your business. If she'll get up in and help us because we're all experts in our area there and talk about what we can do for the web well how we can get our message out we've had. You know people coming to talk about I'm an advertising and things like that from like the Buffalo News or. From Entercom radio who is coming in and given us talks on how we can really grow our businesses and their professional expertise bringing to the table for us as well. And you said you're always looking for remembers what specifically are you looking for in these new members. Right now we are looking for lawyers. My my father's firm has has has bowed out. The organization and we are looking for lawyers in different segments that's a good example. Com. Another one I can think of is now we're looking for auto. Repair place somebody might feel a small place that does specific repairs. You know no matter how big or small your organization is take a look at the list. On our website and if you feel you have a category that really is a good niche for us. Reach out to our executive director Cheryl. And shall be able to you know channel you're figure out what what this is fit for us as an organization plus all of our members are out there. Speed you know spread the word and and recruiting folks as well. Well gentlemen it's been a pleasure and again for more information buffalo. EA dot com. But speaking with diet doctor Reid Stephens owner of Alec a small animal hospital and Jim Burke. The GM for Hampton inn and suites buffalo airport this is buffalo means business on news radio 930. WB ES.