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Wednesday, May 23rd
Mother of victim of Opioid Epidemic

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Voices in twelve hours this is a special community discussion and hope feel like prevention on news radio 930 WPP and. Good afternoon to all voices in twelve hours continues on WBE and I am mom like Batman reporter here. PP yen and as I mentioned our program continues we're joined by another new gas this one is dead Smith from Erie county and dead you have. What's an amazing story so no hole may be amazing is not the right lower but don't the story is as powerful one at that. In that you lost your son Nathaniel to an overdose you are parent of in OP only. Overdose victim. Before we get into a a lot of the sudden we have a lot of stuff that we want to cover here but tell us a little bit about Nathaniel who was he. Nathaniel was born on in April 2014. He was waited for wheat. We welcomed him into the world on our feet and we embraced him very much beloved child. And he hit a gentle song beautiful spirit I'm very kind hurt he was known for his gentleness his kindness and compassion. This in your was raised in private schools and he. Greatly from Saint Francis high school. He got a scholarship and was attending Tunisia is college in agreement pro green and and he developed I'm kidney stones which I believe her genetic heat hit them quite often and scream from their household income. In 2011 and 2012 thinking of him here and being here where he had his gallbladder removed. He had kidney stones he was. Burn over bank her intentionally. While he was riding his bicycle. If you're one of those Sunday night. Bicycle right through buffalo that they have. And he tourists meniscus and tore his rotator cuff and then incident. And I'm. He and his wisdom teeth out he developed a dry socket so he spent almost the entire year 2011. And 2012 and opium and medication. In gosh he developed a decent that disease of substance. Substance. Disorder now was that that was it prescriptions that were given to him through the doctor and two assists to treat everything from the car. Accent they got that he got hit by car and that various surgeries that he had he had a lot of stuff going against him it seemed like. Hey Daryn it was it was unfortunate he did it here I am for is such a beautiful gentle soul what was it that was difficult to marched. His physical health deteriorate through the different armed. Circumstances that he had been in his life and it didn't come vehicle accident recently was found pivotal. In this to banks. Tell us a little bit about who Nathaniel was I guess personality wise because you know people when they think about and OP Lloyd addict they think oh. It could be a junkie but it's not that. It's so much more than that tell us who Nathaniel was just as a person his personality what he was like with the other people. Everyone who knows Nathaniel is is not is in agreement that if you know there's a very gentle Saul. He has a kind personalities here argumentative because now an event and abrasive. Personality very very brilliant if so we brilliant mind how creative he had this deep hearty laugh is to start someplace. I'm in his family and just kind of bump on his balcony and it would ring throughout the room and such a warm. Way every time I looked at him I felt so comfortable on time my insides felt as if he just released it was. I just love it can't and he was the same way. We hear this or. Her family has this aura of love any Time Warner were to gather and calm. In each other's company we're very comfortable with the counter. You know before you and I started out coming on the air here at WB and we were just talking just about how he had the typical. Upbringing it was nothing out of the ordinary. You mentioned that he was involved a lot with a lot of things in school such as sports right. He wants he played soccer he played baseball on he played does as he was young and he was growing up you mustn't come our sports. And busiest is weren't computers and when he her to calm when he captured on Saint Francis high school he and in tenacious challenge he was in the computer club there. But he did he play attacker he played baseball he was a Boy Scouts we were members of the zoo where members of the museum. We volunteered at different activities we lived out I. I did beach so we used to go to the different sporting event and then we would go. Overtook her dark skin and then we go to the beach to marks the sound shatter her plane in the water was in very. Normal typical child hard for him to be raised you know within. Taught him the same where that other families. Did retirement CBC's. With much can grow with time how to count. He used to take stones from the beach in shape and that should dinosaurs com. These two column dinosaur bones because it was during the terrific Kirk era. Just east the pressure he he is the child every parent checking out. Com just because raising him was so real. Now as everything started happening from his various surgeries to that time that you mentioned he got hit by a car. At what point did you notice that. The amount of all the way steady and he start to become addicted to at what point did you start to notice us. The point that I started to notice that was when I took him to the dentist and he comes in the dry sack and I sent to the dentist. Arm brilliant and very nice man. Here no better feelings to assist me. I sent him there as you're concerned from my son because you've been an opiate medication for considerable amount of turning and I was worried that he was developing an addiction. Now my son. Presented very well the factor is can just a couple questions. I'm he received sensible course reasonable answers and then he wrote to pursue another prescription from excellent. I was a bit disappointed because I thought that it was. A lot of pills. For this. Problem. If good hitter he expressed concern. But I'm now I look at Canada and I think. He probably kept my son live longer because it was during the intern. Right around it tended. Nice town was put into place. And I stop in itself being a well intended to block. However was implemented poorly in my opinion. Simply because people who had already developed the disease of substance use disorder hit no place to go. There was no plan B make certain people who were struggling. It the same time the drug cartels. Flooded our streets to predatory drug dealers from foreign countries fluttered her streets with lethal substances. And they are and is born field Buick Open them. Now I wanna talk more about the I stop blog that you were just bringing up and how the timing of everything. Came about oats but we do need to take a break this is twelve voices in twelve hours on WBE and Deb Smith. Is joining us heat she lost her son Nathaniel to he drug overdose in two when he fifteen. Dad has a very compelling story we will be accepting your calls later in this show. Get in the Q now 8030930. Star 930. 10616. WBE and and you can also Texas at 3930. We have more from Deb Smith coming up in just moment this is twelve voices in twelve hours on WBE. This is twelve voices in 12 hours I am Mike Ackerman and I'm very pleased to be joined alongside Deb Smith who is. A wonderful person. She has this incredible story. But a tragic one at that her son Nathaniel. I'm dying by drug overdose in September of 2015. Depth of Portland to our last break you were discussing with us. The IE stop law but people have not heard about I never heard about before you just mentioned it now. What exactly was it and at the same time there were a lot of other factors that contributed to. What. Cause I stopped to not really work so well could you elaborate a little bit. I can't like thank you I am the ice cap law was implemented I believe between 142015. Someplace along. Can't come spectrum of time what it was intended to do was to stop people from doing something called doctor shopping so. There was this awareness and get people had developed substance use disorder in don't be like addiction. With the plan to. Reduce. The number of all viewers that we're being prescribed. People would director sharp so they would go from darker to darker pick a different prescriptions in order to listen to supply. Themselves with medication. The hour star program. Made it so that people who got a prescription from a doctor would. Be registered. So if they went to another factor in order to try and get another prescription it would show that they parity received a prescription for that time frame. And they wouldn't be allowed T he have. Two went green for prescriptions. They can only get the one for can't timeframe. And at the same time you were discussing before he went to the break how at the same time the cartels were starting to get their footprint. And a lot of the rural communities in the United States. What exactly based on your knowledge was going on. It seems as if it. Fentanyl was coming from China to South America and coming up the Appalachian trail because vehicle that installation and trail from. States like Tennessee Kentucky. The Virginia's have been hit very hurt by this epidemic console Ohio. Has been hit her in over here in Erie county. Nathaniel. Essentially had to rely on the Opie oh it's because he had a lot of a medical problems one Yvonne we were discussing at length during the break is the kidney stones say he. Constantly had been anybody who's ever had a kidney stone knows that. They're not pleasant can you give us a timeline as to win he had a going for his first surgery because of the kidney stones. How many old Buick he had give us a little that a timeline from when things started. Two win. 2015 happened. I believe it's in the first time he was diagnosed with kidney stone was seventeen years. And I think they were genetic screen for ways to them and we worried that he was in and put them and so he. And and when he was seventeen I was around 2006 he said to it's okay it's just too doesn't exist schools and its first prescription. It throughout the years at different times in 2010. So. In another compound with two with a kidney stones and then in 2011. He did end up with them more kidney stones in 2014. Mortar one of the kidney stones. Developed they were keeping an other than lefties is kidney became embedded in this year so here to do surgery was 2014. In down after the surgery shortly after the surgery he can do well. But he pulled himself to others difficult. With no. Resources assistants. Little. Assistance to meet them. We can't. And then he left the area he went to Ohio. In town in and around. Was in the hospital again for kidney stones. He was and twice. And on beginning September. And then. It. Can you describe what he was going through you said he wasn't doing that well what were you noticing. I was noticing some of the signs and symptoms and I think that are really important for parents to attempt to pay attention to Bernanke didn't know what they were then. Now we have a much better understanding of what our. There a sense of detachment. There are a lick of pleasure in calm and activities that were previously considered to be enjoyable a lick of involvement with family. A preoccupation. A change in friends. Here this week changed he hid. He was developing some unusual activities. That I. Could never quite pin down but I realized later were related to arm substance use disorder. And it was totally. Different from who he was when you knew him met 1516. Years old and what what its particular was different that you noticed. You know as far as his personality where he was always a very respectful. Very respectful person that anything that instant to do very kind parent. If he and I hit 7 PM hour something out there when you analyze. But your feelings out there who are living absolutely tortured existence is because is the disease progresses. The brain gets hijacked. Ian down the right I do know that her and the other speakers earlier this morning describing their contents. Of the gray being budget so that thought processes and clear. And I think the people take a step out of themselves is this disease progresses he become. I'm unrecognizable. To their families. September of 2015 you said that you had brought Nathaniel home. Tell us what happened those next few days. What day had to have been when it obviously reached its. That of the most troubling part of course but in the days leading up to it what was going on. The days leading up to where I'm I was clear that they knew was home he was hit it to be home. We didn't hear any difficulty. In the end time I went away to New York City overnight from Saturday to Sunday. And it was a Sunday night and he went to our co heating Cambridge currently allows them insulin pumps them. I came bit more today everything was fine on Monday. Monday when I came home from work I noticed that things were just a little bit different for him. And I said I'm really worried about it took his friends came over. And then anyone out with his friends and then I didn't see him again until it to Tenet was in bed and and he came and he said good night to me he went to bed and John. Then I woke up in the morning he was on the phone with his girlfriend and he says that he had been up all night. She was here or sent him. In time the list has meant a summons and he was he said he was tired he was. He was going event. And sent packing home and my son's gone. You came home from work. Then you found him you were you the one who found him passed away. Well yes the tip my friend like comfort in the and I take comfort in minutes there when he was born. It should be the one who. Who wanna sound. Things were kind of thing where they were supposed. The days following. That incident I had it in that moment I can't imagine any other word than devastation from. You your family you just lost your son. What we're the next day's what what was that day like for you. And what were the following days like and has you know here re our it's been almost three years. Where were you stand right now in terms of just your ability to cope when everything. Well I'm two started them. The first question then there's days that followed were. The best way to lose describe it is is desolate and empty. There's a vacuum that occurs and it is a problem like for suck now. When my son. Was taken. He took me with him. Income. And I hear the end echoed all over and over and over can from many of the feelings but it's important to know that we are the new normal. So many people have been taken from this epidemic but it's not unusual to know someone. Who cares now who has lost a loved one every one disaffected. Where we are grieving community. Fine. We are blessed community in so many ways because in November of 20155. Weeks after my son against. A group of us work together to Erie county legislature. And he asked for help. We realize that we were struggling within our community. Do to this so beard epidemic and we were you absolutely. Graced with alone with giving. Our own parents as the county executive are very very shifty. Group. Signed an executive order to start. The the kiss force his moved mountains. In order to try to get help for people here. Who are now struggling with home with this difficulty in their own homes. Deb Smith is joining us she is a mother of a overdose victim Nathaniel Smith who overdosed in September of 2015. We do have to take a break Tom pocket just standing by in the newsroom he'll give you your headlines in just a moment Deb Smith again is joining us shall be discussing in our next segment. What's going on now. What her current fight is against the OP Lloyd epidemic. Even though she had the toughest moment her life almost three years ago. The fight continues for her we'll have more on that we'll take your calls at 8030930. Start 9310616. WBE and he news is next this is twelve voices in twelve hours on WB yen. Twelve voices in twelve hours this is a special community discussion and hope you like prevention on news radio 930 WDD and. Total system twelve hours continues on WB and I'm back in your portrait here at WB yeah and I'm very pleased to be joined along side dead Smith who is. The mother of an old VOA. Overdose victim Nathaniel Smith who overdosed in September of 2015. Now that we've had a lot of guests on today. You weren't listening earlier this thing to a lot of our guests. Last hour we had a recovering addict named Andrew and for those of you who had missed any of our interviews they've all been. Excellent throughout the day he can hear him on the net and WV EN dot com. You had a chance to hear a lot of fun and this must be just. Guess and empowering things to hear because of how much you can relate to. I think it's beautiful to see on the good hearts and good well man come together in order to problems solved. In the goal oriented. In addressing this dreadful public health crisis. I think then the radio station is doing a beautiful job of bringing information to people who did not previously have it. To show that this isn't about brain disease. That the same time that the task force. Hairs are. Has proven to be licensing. Issue heard from from doctor bursting earlier. In income. Did the skills that we're learning things that we're learning to do hear her being utilized across the nation to help other communities. Our purpose is the theme makes action is to raise awareness and reduce the stigma we put the face an infection we tell people what we hate. This doctor Christine mentioned earlier. We take her childhood to a character in order to get a prescription medication for pain and we really think. That there's no it's hard facts or no difficulties from there. But I think the commander is to tell people to hear that genetic predisposition. We don't know who there and there there. There was very little information as our screening went in order to trying to determine who could possibly be affected and I know doctor Erskine did mention. Giving out a genetic predisposition. By way of a relative. Who may have developed difficulty so we're learning and as we're learning we're providing information. There just to our community in order to try to make our streets safer. In our homes safer but all across the nation. And that's a lot of the purpose of what we're doing here this entire program to all voices in twelve hours not just about having. A conversation it's about education. Knowledge I know we have listeners out there who are in a similar situation as you they had a child who had overdosed or maybe they have. Eight a son or daughter. A friend or relative anyone that they know who is currently battling addiction. But you hit on something that was really key is that the education of this op OP it epidemic heat illness. That's played a huge factor in what is just looked at here in Erie county as a turnaround. It education wise. Can you quantify exactly how much we've learned. From say ten years ago to here we are now. We're light years away from where we were ten years ago we're light years away from where we work tools years ago. I will tell you this I think doctor burstein has really taken. The bull by the horns when it came to addressing the medical community in the part that they played in this. Just by the illusion that was given to them from the pharmaceutical companies that this this on medication that they were prescribing. I hidden hidden no consequence you know difficulty. And it I'm sure that it it's unfortunate there's no one who intended. To. Created to seize at the same time they were trying to two or Foster disease at the same time returned home somebody to feel comfortable. From a painful situation. There's no question in my mind it was never. There was never thought in anyone's mentioned that they were surprised. The pharmaceutical companies however and the other. I think. They were very destructive and I think that they really. The letter community. On young healthy. Males who have been affected these for her future doctors or future employers or future policeman fine men husbands fathers. Sons and and done. We've really done. Pillage and plunder here. Education has been such an important thing like you mentioned we were light years ahead of where we are not just ten years ago but two years ago. But based on the knowledge that you have today whether itself but the pharmaceutical companies have done whether it's what doctors have been prescribing. Ten years ago you can go back to your time with Nathaniel what would you tell him. Now with the knowledge that you have now out the old the epidemic what would you tell. Well I think the first thing that I would that I would talk to him about would be the signs and symptoms of the illness we would talk about. Whether earned her this was a mode whether this was assigned a factor he was starting to feel a little different. Is on as was mentioned several people earlier this is a brain disease that affects our decision making impulse control. In survival. I think I would try to explore with him a bit more. What he was thinking. I know that I was concerned but I really can't believe that this was I'm. More of a move more to face more something that was gonna end. Going to pay us has. As sick as he got. The year. 8030930. Is our number if you have any questions for Doug Smith she is a mother. Of an old Buick overdose victim Nathaniel Smith who died in September of 20158030930. Start I'm 310616. WB yeah and you can also Texas at 3930. Again a number 8030930. If you want us pet if he had any kind of questions for debt this year or even if you just. Relate to what dad has gone through we would love to hear your stories. Dead you've been on the front lines of now battling this will be right epidemic. Tell us some of the things that you've been doing just to help fight it have you been talking to current addicts. What's been going on. Well one of the things that is and has come out of the column the task force is the 24 hour addiction hotline which is 831700. Sap and Anchorage every one to write this number down if they know somebody. Who appears to be struggling please do give them the number 831700. Sentence. It's important to know. As part of the Erie county OP academic task force. 8317007. Is that number there's also resources online. Hope really affected families dot com you've been such an advocate for. These people who are addicts helping them recover. Last hour for example as you're driving into our radio station you were telling us that you heard a little bit of injuries interview with Tom pocket. If injures listening I'm sure he is what are some of the things that you would recommend for an. Injures I was so inspired by interest during I truly wants them to think they had arm that he has works from her. And come so for our god love them and and how he mentioned the connections that he had with his family with his father and his brother. And and I could tell that it was and as a source of of enjoyment for him. So I'm I'd be really hip to compliment him and his tenacity and his son. Transparency to come here to speak to the to everyone about where his deceased took him and how he how he. Came in from me. How he is living his life now. And and Tom I loved what he said about the twelve step program it really is it a program of maturity. And and down. It helps people didn't get twelve step program. Even people who don't get. Disease or disorder probably shouldn't read through at least those tossed out which were. I asked on the source of genius in my opinion. In conversations that I've had with the people in various stories that I've heard from others as well one of the common things that I hear is that. The one of the big turnaround that addicts have is when they want to get better. But so much of the prom about opiate addiction is stages crypts and they feel they need that they have to get. You know whatever drugs inside their system how do you get to that point where they want to get better. Moments of clarity Kerr are what happens and I do believe in any time someone asked for help they should get a. One of the things that seems as if the topic a lot of thematically this posted treatment. OP choice now he and many of them who have been trained armed can. Prescribed you've been working there's also methadone clinics that are available this is not replacing one drunk with another this is disease management. And I think any family who was encountering this particular difficulty of OP RE. Addiction or substance use disorder in their own home needs to learn deceased management. As far is some of the the it equator principles such as tough love. I'm. I don't know how. Using tough mom is going to somehow prepare the opiate receptors in someone's brain. Any more than it could make a pancreas. Secretive insolent to a person who has diabetes. I think they're hitting him medically assisted treatment the change in lifestyle hitting connections to people around you. Enjoyment. There. The items whatever they are that you enjoy your life whether any activity whether the movie whether the computer game. Are all important in order to try to maintain some type responsibility in the lifestyle that a charity and time. I have a question that I wanna ask you about. Helping addicts recover in two arms of that tough love but we do need to take another break in this will be our last segment of the show after the commercial break we are taking your calls Deb Smith is joining us. 8030930. Start I'm 310616. WB yeah and if you also have any questions you have time to cause some is taxed 3930. As the number. Deb Smith won more segment coming up next this is twelve voices in twelve hours on WB yen. To all voices in twelve hours continues on WBE and this is like Bagram in order here at W beat Ian I'm very pleased to be joined. Alongside dead Smith who is the mother of an old Buick overdose victim named. Nathaniel Smith he died in September of 2015. Deb on other questions that I wanted to ask you regarding. The depth the fight against OP aides and within the home. I know there's a lot of people were listening to us that they are undergoing a similar situation as you and in our last segment you discuss tough love and how. Doesn't really work. But there is a multi facet argument to. Fighting the OP it epidemic but can tough love in any way you work for anybody who is getting really frustrated with this entire situation could network. Well I'll tell you this kind of site for grieving families and I can't tell you the number of families that was their lips to list words to their loved ones were kinder. At their homes were open and it hurts were accepting of this disease. It needs medical treatment and that team approach it's not to say that image can't hit boundaries but many of the people that you heard today. That we're speaking many examples you heard we're not caught in the early stages. They became apparent when crime were commander of the disease. Hit much more control over the person. And than anybody would have won it. You run attended what we need him this early identification. We need to be getting as much information out to the public. It's passable. Is failings with the prepare our loved ones for the potential of the disease. The same way it was apparent problems for germs or school or or given a baby or physicians appointment or for a medical emergency. Anyone who asked for help should be able to get it when they won't ask did you get moment declared in this disease. I think that we need stabilization sinners in order to afford the opportunity for a bit clear the thought Cleary ET. In dot com I think it would increase the parts of outcomes. One out there. Beautiful thing we hit here in this community. Here's our law enforcement community who developed the program REIT which is risk evaluation. Appropriate product placement. In order to assist people with the disease. There are thirteen. I'm police agencies who are kicking corporation where somebody walks and between the hours of seven until seven. AM to 2 PM and says that they need help in math he'll rest and they will be directed. To arm trying to get into. The help that they need. Every person has sought help from the Greek program he has received. And then speaks largely of armed commitment that we have of our police department to hit that level of community and law enforcement. They see the sensibility. You are attempting to restore human dignity to this disease. That's part of the greater education over the last ten years right just the fact that law enforcement long gone are the days where they say hey there's somebody who appears to be. On a lot of drugs what's arrest them it's hey let's take them. Let's help them that's part of the education that you're talking about earlier write these eggs in education was. Well if you're a situation you before we started our interview today you were telling me that you are still very active in helping people also. On the Internet whether or its FaceBook support groups. For people listing here in Erie county and maybe even a neighboring counties who want to get more information now. Hit ways that they can get help whether it's through you directly what are some of the best ways that they can I'd give that impression. The best way to get the information on with the quickest count is the 8317007. Egyptians had a fine. Com there is also a website that the police have put together in order to try to get as much apprehension. Information as possible so that people can look at this in the privacy of their own home. He and in their own time frames there are all peeling off acted within days. Families spectrum on one word of the lord affected him he's. The hearing and in Erie county. He and what we did was we come we put as much information as we possibly could including. Signs and symptoms. Resources that are available in our community sober support for people who are. Becoming re involved. In the community harm reduction. Harm reduction is very important on someone's my neighbor kitty tell me is it was on my way to work that he found in needle and he said he put in power at all. I'm so that nobody could get stuck with that are going on where having a problem with him right now. What do you think we are in the. Fight against him I know we have a long way to go and I'm sure you would say that but where do you see the fight going. A year from now six months from now what EC. They're completely depends upon the acceptance. Of the community members if community members are willing to accept an embraced this. This public health crisis and recognize it as being the disease that it is I believe who get much fire power much quicker if we continue to hear come. Negative stigma people will be ashamed to be afraid to try to go for help don't be afraid to talk to someone he and and they won't address their needs. Part of it im sure is about education of the proper language about dealing with this instance for example. You know you can't just say oh so and so is a junkie like that's that's not the best way to go about doing it. In terms of vocabulary what are some things that you wish people would start to stray away from and go more towards. Well I wish it would wouldn't come away from the word in it we don't call people who get cancer cancer. We don't call people who are on their difficulties and the name of the disease. We each day it's a person went. Substance use disorder so the language of it absolutely does here to change. And in the concept with the mental framing. He needs to change I know it in 2014. The World Health Organization. Did ask our communities and our community members to become involved are learning European. Argues that anarchy and administration. It's a lifesaving skill. It's no needles excuse through. A spray. Ian Tom it's available with an insurance card and there is a cult payment that is waived through on green through the state. So calm and we had that the World Health Organization also. The importance of hitting community networking sites available in case someone came harm a person. Who overdosed and public restroom inner fire. Or on the streets. So there was a place that people could just go to pick partner can in order to regard them. Is it difficult to get in our camp training. It is an act that are key in training is available. Through Erie county it's part Erie county's web site. Cheryl more on does training the woman is absolutely. Phenomenal. In her training her training is is informative. It's arm. She keeps all the data are so for them from the first responders. Did submit. The forms for either the revivals or. In some cases not necessarily to retire also were able to collect a great deal of data here in order to provide it to. Other communities so that we can get funding we can get grants we and we do you are opportunities in order to help her earn less fortunate population. Couple important things I wanna let people know about again Erie county's 24 hour addiction hotline is 8317007. There's also a resource website. Hope really affected families dot com that's all one word affected within 80 the only affected families dot com. That we only have about two and a half minutes left in this program Knightley got Georgia the hour goes by quick what are some of the things that you want to really get out there that people should know. Okay the first thing and I'd like to get out there is that OP or table placed in Madison. What were you asking for is responsible prescribing and the screening tools. Two with SARS for substance use disorder when pain medication is used as a medical treatment they act could Madison. We don't want people living in an unreasonable lifestyle. Our goal is to save lives in keeping them least ten. Also it's community we need to start vilifying people with this disease and offered him to intervention to stop the downward spiral. It's what communities do for their last fortunate. There is no dignity and community. She's women. Debbie are an inspiration to a lot of those people the people in this region of course nobody should have to go through this situation that you had to go for the through. But for those people who want to try to reach out to you DA is there an email address that people can reach you that. Guys that are anyway that people if they want extra questions for you what's the best way to do so. And it's a really good question I am I armed. I don't give an email address and an and I am not but we do we have monthly meetings. He has the arm Erie county fire training academy. It 3359. Broadway avenue in Cheektowaga the next one is coming up the first Tuesday of the month. It 530 it is open. And if anyone does he have arm problem or situation we encourage them please we also have a FaceBook site called albeit a com epidemic families action we encourage you to take a look at the information that's provided on this site you can reach me through their site. And will help. Facilitate all that stuff as well we'll put down the WB and FaceBook page we'll put you on our Twitter page help promote that as well that is dead Smith's dad we only have about thirty seconds any last minute remarks that you want to. The race please be gentle with each other we only have one shot at this in order to try to do the best that we turn it in we need to work together as a community in order to help. Pump those people who are suffering he can't. That is dead Smith she lost her son Nathaniel Smith who in OP or overdose in September of 2015. If you missed any of our conversation we talked about a lot. You can hear at all on demand. At WB EN dot com twelve voices in twelve hours continues Barley envelop via up next and they got some great Cassel lined upper. From 3 o'clock all the way to 6 o'clock and now we've got the city of Taiwan now old Buick for a network hearing freight here. And WB yeah it's 3 o'clock in buffalo on Mike Bagram this is twelve voices in twelve hours on WB yeah.