12 Voices in 12 Hours Avi Israel

Sandy Beach
Wednesday, May 23rd
Avi Israel from Save the Michaels of the World, Inc.

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Well voices in twelve hours this is a special community discussion and hope feel like prevention on news radio 930 WP eat at. And this is sandy beach and we're glad to be back in studio want to thank a doctor Brady from Roswell park because our doctor Brady. On Monday and she took terrible problem of basal cell carcinoma forming. A Tony do I look as glamorous as I usually go. Smile to your mug shots and yeah I had a bandage on your this is a small on by so it does the size of Cleveland. And yesterday I don't know Bernie showed you a picture or not. I had won and covered half my face what Jim my hate him in my (%expletive) that's probably applause. I was they have on the cover my whole face bump well but felt. But thanks again now to doctor Brady from Roswell park. They do a great job. I didn't plan to beat at Roswell park for radiation and this back to back but hey that's where it goes along regional peace and that's right twelve voices in twelve hours very very important were. And where we're gonna charge and next because. And he has suffered through at all. To the degree of which we can only imagine his name is of Israel. And not only is that the have to deal with though with the addiction had to deal with his son taking his own life in in June of let's won eleven. I've been welcomed him to show we're glad to have you here thank you thank you for having me here's what I don't wanna do love me I don't want your son Michael. To be a statistic. I want him to be a real person. Because as as as a statistic people. I hear things radio TV or see things improving on that's too bad and that may move on. I wanna know what now what he was like as a person so that people can you can see what paths these two oracle or what pass that drugs talk. And maybe learn from that maybe help people on a whole different level tell me about Michael what kind of what kind of a someone's. Well Michael was wonderful Michael and I. Bonded right from the beginning no on. He was who's a great kid he was it had the kid that had a very dry sense of humor. Very funny. He would clone and a good natured kind of way very very bright Smart kid. He suffered from crohn's who suffer from Crohn's Disease when all was diagnosed when he was twelve. You're as old. And known he did very good enough for awhile. He would he just about who was in remission. And then he. He got into you'd be. He was gonna study architecture. But the chrome came back and on. Hill and gave him a hard time but otherwise Michael was the type of guy. I've been to every father would be proud to have a kid like him didn't get into an ER a serious problem on. Once in awhile he would do columnist things just like every girl barely hear you had just attendant care at all. Went to saint Joes. Four all high school where his head went to you the you long. Proud to have Michael. I I give you so much credit because if you talk to anybody that's that's around save Roswell or certainly any kind of a drug situation. A big caregiver is this tough on the caregiver. And as it is on the on the person themselves your caregiver not only for your son for his illness about from the fact he took his life both. Vote both major major burdens that you perhaps never get over city you're you're carrying your caring quite a bit away when. Probably will for a long time well I look a look at it this way sandy. You know we all have a book. And life that we write a book of life. Michael didn't get to finish his book. I cold. Had a bad chapter. And close this book so I'm really writing Michael's book and finish in and out for them. The same thing that you are writing your book of life with the same thing that everybody else's writing a book of life. I wanna finish Michael's book by Michael would be if you if Michael was alive today. Our community would be probably glad to have them. He would be somebody deck could contribute to our community. And so is a lot of kids shouldn't and it no good ended up dying. On this epidemic. Those are Smart kids those are good kids. Something happened along the way. I don't know what none of us know what it's addiction. It's a subject or we don't discuss very much. But I think you've all of this thousands of people that could lift today. Our society would benefit out of him I wasn't so long. Journey into and through the addiction I understand OP oriented addiction are wasn't fairly assured. It was fairly short compared to what you see today. From my cold. Home got addicted at the age of eighteen. Michael was actually prescribed into addiction. This is a new term took fifth. That. We find today. Our medical community. Has to treat pain. And on Michael was prescribed opiates for. Two surgeries. And non. Factors continue to described him to describe to them. One he fell into trouble. He knew it was in trouble so he notified to show us his parents. And now is in December of Tony a lot of and a Tony time I'm sorry. In December of Tony Tehran and from the point of saying the dead. I'm in trouble I'm addicted to. Two to put a shot that shot gun went off was six months. Wallace incredible I will be back to live Aviv Israel who have Telus the story of Michael. And the served his Foundation's save the Michaels of the world incorporated because Alley decided to do something about it. When when a lot of people would wanna get as far away from the memory and the thought as possible. He jumped and even further to try and help others I think that's amazing review will be back with more without Israel I'm newsreader and I'm third. WB you're listening to have a twelve voices in twelve hours the open VOA that situation though we have not only in Washington are all over the country. And obvious real was what does he lost is a son Michael. Two suicide. That the age of twenty. And now you know. It's amazing ave because in most cases the sons Kerry on the father's work. In this case you're carrying on the name of your son and his work. Yes and most people when they go through trauma like that. Just wanna get away from it you're going into it you're like a firefighter going into the fire you know running away from it I give a lot of credit for that. Thank you thank you. You know it's very hired. To watch your son take his last breath. For me it would is. From. When we're done I was holding Michael. This last moment and and and is play on this earth. And I'm think in Michael didn't have to died why why is he dined and you know we notified the doctors been notified everybody. That Michael was addicted insurance company denied Michael treatment. You can always the same insurance companies that subsidize his addiction. So I'm wanted to get out there and and let the world know that we have a problem. And we need to take care of it at the time. We have. No such system in place where doctor can see what other doctors were prescribing. Not one pharmacy can see what the other pharmacy chain was describing all filling up prescriptions. So there was a lot of opiates running around the streets and everybody had them there was a lot of doctor shopping soul. Michael was get them. Deadly prescriptions. From doctors who never ever talked to one another to see what was going not. So we needed to put a stop to that immediately. If Michael know he was who is being ignored him by a big drugs was he aware of what I think Michael in the beginning. They've helped him with his pain deal with his pain is the same is everybody else event opiates that takeover. And it. To understand what is going on in our country right now. Opiate addiction. Is not typical of regular addiction that happens. Opiate addiction happens within 345. Days especially to a young person and it's like fallen off a cliff. You just fall off a cliff. And and then you're starting to think that OK you can handle it you can control your typical appears to have anybody that's addicted. But you can't because opiate affect your brains that changed the chemical makeup of your brain. That changed the circuitry in your brain and you start growing more opiate receptors we all have OP interceptors and a brain. And so the desire for drugs become greater than you need more because you have more receptive so you need to fill those risks doctors. And so you start fallen and who this rabbit hole. And in you can get out and and that's what happened to Michael is here reach out to try to get into any. General program mark. How about his own Doctor Who was doing the U prescribing did you talk to him about it. So yes he did yes he did so we we when he informed he did he had a problem. We've reached out to our family doctor. And he didn't know what to do. We reached out to. The surgeon that was describing. Do opiates. And he didn't know what to do not don't forget sending that was seven years ago before the awareness or actually a little a little more seven and a half years ago. That was before. What there was those weighed before would go was going on right now which is a little more awareness which is surely more education. And the public so. We reached out to our insurance company. Butch at the time. I was working and as electrician. Four local 41 I was making very good money. I was I had excellent health insurance and at the time I was eight years goal I was paying eight over 800 dollars a month. For for Michael to make sure that Michael was covered for everything. So we went into a detox facilities to try to get help it took us over two weeks just to get in there and I was out. A disaster. Of a place it was not set up for opiate addiction. It was set up for alcohol addicted to dry out. This kid who waved at the time Harmon seven pounds. Wouldn't Helios two new Dag. Sat on the bench for three days before the insurance company said no we're not paying for his treatment. Well and he was sent home demolitions Easter. Of all twenty a lot of he spent his last Easter on earth and detox facility. On May seventeenth. 2011. Microsemi attacks. That said dead you don't deserve a son like me I love you. I knew what he was trying to do. So Michael was trying to take his life. We went to our colony hospital. Is tuned to C pep unit. From 2 o'clock in the afternoon 2 o'clock in the morning Michael was sent home. And what I got from the hospital was he was just he's a he's a liar he's an addict he's just trying to get attention. And there was a wrong thing to do with the time. And three weeks later Michael again called. His counselor and asked for help. And that person knowing ward and his medical condition known what he was going through. In five minutes said there was no bad. So Michael had an off he went into the back bedroom and took his life Roman. And and this is what's going on and instead until today was still having a problem get people. In two treatment. And Mo we're not talking about in our society in our community and everywhere in this country. Is what causes people to get in to this to this rabbit hole that they can get out. And that is addiction. Most people think benediction is a long lasting. Road to follow. If you could of the travel veered to give me a timeline from the time he started taking goes over yards in overtime drizzling. Alexei crabby you are that's it yet we hear them on a year. He's stuck with taken opiates and in his first surgery and then it was stopped he did okay. And and he had a second surgery and that. Put the time he had a second surgery he was already addicted. And home notifying the doctors who have that he has an addiction and Michael. And the hospital was being was given some high potency. Pain medication. And now you can see in the hospital of them might coal on the only question that Michael asked that the timeless. What am I get my paint though when might get my pain medication that's that's that much of a need to get there yet. And and and and again we notified his surgeon and it can all you Michael is really addicted you can see it. Well I would go on the story. They Israel did not decide to go quietly and then stand in the corner he decided to get out on the public stage and tell the story. So we could make things better is he's a remarkable man and I'm sure his son was remarkable. Some as well will be back where more. I news radio I'm thirty WB here. Twelve voices in twelve hours this is a special community discussion and hope feel like prevention on news radio 930 WBBM. And earlier backed aware of of Israel who lost his son in 2011 here is a twenty year old son Michael. To a suicide and was addicted to open yards. Want to bring up one aspect we all think we know watts now what addiction is. Era Iberia little accrual and in advertising would billboard advertising. The first time you drive by that you look at and see what he says kind of process that but after that is it okay are parties in this boards I don't have the process and I think right now are seen that went through. We've seen we we see an addiction portrayed him in television shows and movies and things and we think we know it potent hopefully. Very few of us have suffered through it. And I've seen an up close you have you embryo what do you think most people miss most people don't comprehend or give a city these very definitive look at. An addiction from your point of view so addiction to me. Because I'm very destructive disease. It takes a good person. Like Michael to take anybody you like my guy does this. We have families at saint Michael's of world war volunteers. People like Daniel play sick who was a navy veteran who on himself and to VA hospital. Michael who shot himself and I can go on and I'm and so many different names who takes good people. And that turns them into something that's society looks sent. As his though. If they wanna cast aside. As fiction. It's a subject or we don't talk about in our community. And that is to drive towards. Did drug that is I mean drugs will change tomorrow they'll be some new drugs. Who that is that attracts people. Well we want to talk about his addiction we want of boom and we can be prevented in many cases we can prevent a disease who come in on in many cases. Addiction can strike anybody. It doesn't stop at the city limits. And it's it's what I say it's an every zip code. In this country. Head rich people poor people educated people. Fat people skinny people. Tall people or short people it doesn't make any difference it can attack anybody. Addiction. As the new form. Of a modern day slavery. It takes a person hijack a brain. Animation do things that you would never normally do. You would steal from your parents. So what women will sell their bodies in order to satisfy the craving. You wouldn't. Cheat lie steal do anything to satisfy that craving. And us in the society looks that we look at addiction as. Off terrico flaw. As a moral failure. You did it to yourself you pull yourself out I don't want anything to do would you. And that's the wrong thing to do. Addiction kills. Faster than cancer. As quick as a massive heart attack. And yet does not get the attention that every disease gets. An emergency room or any kind of treatment. A prediction today has become a huge moneymaker. And our medical field. It get people addicted and keeping them addictive. As something of that in the workforce cost this country. 56 to sit two to 57 billion dollars a year. That's that's that's alarming that serious money. You know why and some of our heroes who perhaps shouldn't be heroes were revered actors or athletes or whatever. Who get addicted it's almost a badge of honor it's almost like oh okay your favorite player. I was going in for a rehab all we are you almost expected and that it away trivializes. It's not the it's not I mean look at a guy like breath fire. Right here has been into treatment several times got addicted through painkillers. Right and and and was able hide it kennel and continue play. Addiction today is not what you would normally see as the guy that sits. And though all live under a bridge some are under the young men or or. So Morales the fiction today is to be at your house by house is definitely was in my house. They can be your neighbor to be the guy that's were connects to you and an assembly line it can be a clerk at a store you cannot tell. Would opiate addiction. Is Izzy is that it is a spotlight on the right price. He hearing and sockets front of these were prescribed pills and you get into a I have a menu need more and more whatever. It seems like a lot of the focus is on the drug dealers. Those of people viewing a mystery that's a different solve every ball and are we focusing enough on the addiction to. I think when he. To focus. As as a community as society is government is not focusing and off on prevention. And not focusing enough on awareness. So. When you and I raced our kids we talked to our cares about. Don't drink and drive. Gone to pot you're safe sex. Whatever it is we don't talk about addiction. We'll talk about you know what. I should've told I should have figured out for myself at the time when Michael was going through it about what the kind of tools and he's gotten. Addiction today according to deceive you see 89 point 9% of people who move out to heroin. Start with painkillers. And because there's such a broad base anybody who's had and operations certainly. And any kind of serious operation they give you something to relieve the pain and yet we have to have balance that between something that is necessary. But controllable as opposed to something you just take as much of life. You know way we have to treat pain. Not I'm not I'm not anti. Opiates at all what I think you what I think is we shouldn't we should have. Our medical community. Be aware of what the medication their prescribing what the consequences could be two to certain people. Also what we need to do. Is family members or as. As any person who when you take the medication find out what the side effects can be. Does anybody even read them. I don't know if you're a new medication. And it comes with that little unfolding piece of paper there's a certain road map when you're about as anybody can read them. I don't read them. You know when people go to a pharmacy and it and they sign. Their name and it'll tablet they think that there are signing because they receive the medication. What they're signing away as their right for consultation. With the pharmacists. Which a lot of us don't know but. There's a law in New York State which. Which was started actually a good friend of mine's Dennis could lose no problem. The independent pharmacies. Right here wants New York. Where you were supposed to have consultation with the pharmacist. So when you sign dead little. Pad down there you're actually column them farms I don't need any. Consultation. That this loss today on the books that require pharmacy. Or pharmacist. To talk to you about the danger. Of addiction when it comes to new medication. You should not sign if you get the new medication find out what the consequences far. Top if you don't want to read that long piece of me I got a bit of course. Talk about. To the press release that menu beside you need your eyes exit onto right and it's a who's got that time to sit there and posting no I mean look at the commercials that we see on TV are now decide affects our morals and what the benefit is the world tests a watch it watch one of those medical for some drug and and then listen to it. The things they say I'm not what the pictures there showing their showing pictures of people out of Patrick Kim and playing with a dog ala and meanwhile we're very vigorous efforts including death. And and we don't listen that's because we're seeing this wonderful people would jump in an amateur and yet and and every every. Every medication today has side effects some are worse than others. And and and doctors today prescribed staying big in all and half the time if not most of the time they're really don't know what their prescribing because you know they'd go on line and Nate look at something on. And computer just like you look at a computer what's coming up next and they say OK you have to symptom to symptom and that's symptom I'm gonna give you dense. And try for two weeks and if it don't work come back and talk to me. I've Israel is our guest Stan in the next however talked about save the Michaels of the world incorporated obviously formed. In honor in memory of his son Michael took his own is on life in 2011. Because he was addicted. We'll be back and talk about how you can help. Either maybe with a contribution and our volunteer or just information. Obvious Rio is next after this remarkable man. The Israel. Who lost his son way way too early the agent twentieth for all VOA. Addiction took his own life in June 2011. One answer one question before we talk about say that Michael's. Because when I ask all three of my guests the same question today. Amid applause zeal and New York City is proposing a place where addicts it's not an exactly. Tracking story of what you told us about where addicts could go in gated nearest safe injection mainly heroin that there will be medical personnel there. And I have no. No history with drugs it's hard for me to say what that does not sound like a great idea to me. I give me your thoughts at Sonoma so. I think that's part. To me that looks to me as my personal opinion as yes we need a safe injection site and I'll tell you why. Children are great. We have people are dying from over those today by themselves. And and dark corners. And would no chance of get the help many times. Connecticut does not change his way that quickly. OK it's not like going to hospital did suffer a heart attack where you get immediate return of steroids should get turned away from treatment so many times. So what are fight kept you alive. The same rail would keep you alive as diabetic economic diabetic also buy get the pillows the medication or whatever it is. And tool something comes along that you find. That it works for you. And that's the idea. Behind safe injection site. Along the lines of doing that it should be intensive counseling and neck in that whatever you wanna call it a clinic right. It should be actions to medication to to get you off. To heroin or whatever drug you're using. It should be access to treatment. If you need inpatient treatment so just when you just say safe injection site or whatever it is people get the wrong idea just like. You've got the right idea that's all we don't let addict going there and shoot and you know all gonna sing comb by so you're saying it gets you to the next point and by the next point there might be something that'll remember when well and that's exactly what we want to do we want to get you to the next step so where. There's treatment. There's does medication and there's something else and that's what we're not doing right now would Latin people would addiction. Die and by themselves in dark. Corner and we don't give a damn about what's happening to them. Now it's David Michaels of the world incorporated you decided to do something. Where most people are trying get away from the thoughts in the process there are to try and heal somewhat you're getting and they're trying to do something. If you would like to participate. With save the Michael's. The number 7169848375. Ari what happens when people call. So here's what happens when you call saved Michael's we don't want an all by your insurance. We don't care about who you know or anything else what we won and all orders are you ready to go to treatment. Are you ready to change the lifestyle. So. And 99%. At a time. You will go into treatment within 24 hours. Which is this is something that's not assess successful to only one out of ten people in New York State. Well we do is we cut the red tape. Bureaucracy. In this country gets in the way of people get them good health care. We all know and it sure so when you cross into Michael's. We find out if you ready to go. We make phone calls to treatment facilities around. On the state would find a bad for you we transports you. Into treatment we hook you up words. Appear advocate while Ewing treatment. We also educate your family which is one of the things that we don't we don't do what's foot and a rule something that I didn't get. As a parent. Is education about addiction. Well Michael suffer from crohn's. Julia and I knew everything there was to know about crohn's we changed our lifestyles. We change our food we change everything to fit Michael. To make sure that. We all ate right. You have to do the same thing with a diction. Families have sometimes have to change their lifestyles families have to to get educated on what to expect so not only are you helping the person who is addictive but you're helping the caregivers. So you put the whole team and a better foot. Everybody needs to know addiction affects the family as a whole and effects. The parents and affects the way for it affects the husband that affects siblings. We all need to to get educated and now we all need to. To read get re acquainted with the person who was addictive who got the treatment. Is so if you would like to participate 7169848375. Is the number for save the Michaels of the world I assume it's the same numbers would like to volunteer. Absolutely we have. Six people who are employed by us right now we're gonna go up to time. We have somewhere around thirty volunteers who help families. And. We're helping we actually last week we put somewhere around sixty. Eight people into treatment while that's great that there is something that you know I'm gonna see and we don't get paid for this. It's a liberal latte it's it's something that we do we you rely on public funding. To do this and everybody that help solve it save the Michaels has been affected and wants to give back to the community. Well I think you're remarkable man I wish Michael were here for a lot of reasons but I especially as society what kind of a fun area I assure you know it. But this reinforce it there is an ogre Greg thank you thank you so much of affected home use the listen as a child. I'll give you that I still don't Stiller the duke of. I very much we'll be back with a district attorney. Out why is Tony running out of room registered here there's no warrants during a forum Asia we'll be back we marched. Meanwhile our art our cash code word is tenth tee and chief. And just and that is 72881. That you might win a thousand dollars cash.