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Wednesday, May 23rd
Recovering addict Andrew

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Twelve voices in twelve hours this is a special community discussion and hope feel like prevention on news radio 930 WP. Good afternoon top pocket with the way it's 108 here on double BB EO we continue twelve voices in twelve hours. That someone. Who knows a lot maybe a little more they wanted to about. All your addiction he is recovering addict his name is Andrew any joins us here live in studio under good afternoon. And I'm I'm doing well Andrew. The best way to start. This conversation. How old Adobe here. How did the you're your your addiction began how to start. Well. I would say definitely started with just general curiosity you know as everyone as they are growing up. To start to dabble in certain things and I think the danger comes when. You know certain people are more pre disposed to it and I had to sort of figure out the hard way that. I probably. Shouldn't have shouldn't have gotten in any of those things shouldn't get back into any of those things. So when I was really young probably like eleven years old at some older Brothers. Started you know dabbling in in just you know as the usually. Alcohol marijuana things like that I wanna say around thirteen fourteen years old I wanna say it was. A Christmas Eve I was at my grandmother's house and when you're bathroom found about a something. And those kind of all downhill from there. What was it about. Experiment with the alcohol and the marijuana it's such a young age why would you want to pursue some like that. Didn't. When I think it. Part of it was I had a lot of free time on my hands I was really young my mother passed then and my dad worked a lot and it was kind of just me me and my older brother. Sort of figuring things out as as we were I don't know nine years old in eleven years old whenever. And and he started getting into that nice sort of idolize him and I guess I just wanted to see you at all it was all about those you know kind of looking forward. For something to fine. Fulfillment and some and feel good about. And I was also at when I was really young I wasn't really good at making friends. IE after awhile I started to see using drugs is more vessel towards the social situations. I did ended up you know making a lot of friends doing it I had a lot of people that night you could say I hate identified with. Simply because that was our our common ground. How difficult. Was it to. Get away from it once it started once you have these friends and the year middle school high school years. Hours it was very difficult. At a certain point it became the only thing that I really ever loved the only thing that I ever found enjoyment and the only thing that effort made me happy. And it is the only common ground that I had with all of my friends so. People when they talk about drug addiction like to talk about rock bottom. And that's very true for that reason. It's hard to give up that thing that holds such a big piece of your life in sales it's the thing causing your instruction. At what point did you realize. That what is your rock bottom what was rocked by point. As much as I would love to say that it was. The arrests or jail lower all the all the different repercussions it was really the the demoralization. Of the dollar I mean I had RD I'd gotten really used to. The silver bracelets. That the cops put on you and really used to my family being disappointed in me. Really used all that night I gave no never mind to it after a certain point but. I think there came a time when as at all piled on I realize that. I was just driving my life into the ground and that there is. There there was really going to be two outcomes of this and that was either I was going to die. Or. How's he going to spend the rest of IE my days as just John do you feel like there. How many times rearrested. On I think five or six. There's times and what. What were the arrests for. Couple. Double driving while impaired. One for word Britain colors. Them. Stealing you know petty larceny larceny credit cards and how much of vets. In group. The drug addiction led you to the app. But life of crime if you will the stealing in the breaking in the cars. How took fourth at CU get the money to get them next time if you. It really became the only thing that occupied my thoughts on a daily basis. When I woke up and and as I went through my days that was sort of the only thing that I could focus on the only thing that I really cared about. Was making sure that I can keep that knowing all day up until the next day and restart. We're talking more than ever he is recovering addict as we continue twelve voices in twelve hours here on WB and Andrew. The time that you spent behind bars are for the arrest humane to have. What was that experience like did that kind of knocks incensed me is saying hey we've got to get out of its. As weird as it might sound it wasn't the it wasn't a bad addict that. As I say hey it's funny saying that it wasn't a bad experience but really it wasn't it was deferred as certain point I felt comfortable there felt like I was. At home plate with the people people who knew what I was. When I was about in and understood me. And were in similar situations. And I know I no longer had to worry about all the outside things in the world. And everything sort of seemed paused. And as I think that was really scary about it when I when I was in there and I realized how comfortable I actually felt there. And net what more worst sign boards the indication that you were ready to. Take that step toward recovery. Well and. Like I said previously it was. The demoralization. I mean I woke up one day and I I just knew that something had to something had to change. I wasn't willing to keep living the way that I was living. And I guess there is some sliver of hope. Left in me that that I could I could make something of myself I could you know live a normal life and and continued to flourish. And Carl. Topless at the start that recovery process that they say I need help. And to begin taking that step. It was extremely difficult. Regardless in my situation I think a lot of false pride and I've I've always said that it feels like my life started when ID stopped using when I mean but. At the same time. The years of the years of using drugs are cannonball Butler like a match of the events that is melting into each other. Bought my first 34 or five months. Of sobriety. Are equally as much cooler. I mean I was just lost hers died is Micah. Lost puppy. We're talking with the hander he's a recovering addict and we're going to talk more. About the road to recovery as we continue twelve voices and twelve hours following this on news radio 930 WBE yet this is twelve voices in twelve hours here on WB and I'm Tom pocket volume with amber who is recovering addict. An amber is told me he is willing to take questions from you you can dial 8030930. Or star and I'm 32. Bring in your questions here. On WBE and we'll also take your questions by text you can text your questions 230930. Message and data rate has always. Do you apply. Now. Andruw before it went to the break you were talking about you or time. Are in jail and starting the recovery process you said that the first few months of your sobriety was a boy were. The first few months what was that process of starting sobriety what was that like. Well I really think come on I just become so accustomed to. Living my life day today under the influence of something at least that. If you wanna talk about a mile states as my body didn't know what that was there was no equilibrium and and when. All of the sudden you take that out of the equation. And they throw you back into. Regular society. Everything is new it's like re learning. It. I bring you did years of priority did you do like a twelve step program like we've seen on TV or did you. Turn a private recovery program how to network. And still active and and it's also. That -- and honor. Our our courts I was a proper narcotics anonymous you're. Okay I'm. That that twelve step prof is that something that you think you're going to be going through for the rest of your life. I do. Why is that. It's. It's something that I'm extremely grateful for as well as something that. I don't think I've reached my limits inside of yet. An and I also. Just wanna be able to continue giving back to other people who might find themselves in the same position that I did. Where in Europe with family when you're with friends and you see. Alcohol. Some people maybe it's a marijuana. Are there smoking. How much temptation is there for a relapse. At a certain point. Particularly in the beginning there it was it was a little a little difficult. But. Part of this whole process is really just becoming comfortable with with this sort of new way of life. And now I mean you know family our our public demands and it doesn't even really cross my mind it's just. This is who I am and that's over there in there other people. Other people aren't really like me. And I've accepted that completely in and as a result of that I don't really get. Temptations or or I don't you know anxious when I'm amber around those things. My guest is ever he has a recovering addict this is twelve boards in twelve hours here on WB and we talked about so earlier Andrew Bauer when you were arrest you spent time in jail that you have been used to the disappointment from your family. How tough was this on your relationship with your family especially your brother your dad. I'm beaten I Inca. At a certain point. In terms of relationships. There's almost nonexistent. And I think it was really difficult for them to watch me go through all this I think it was equally as difficult on for them to. For them to recover from it as well as as well as myself because I mean. Mental taxation in the trauma that I'm sure they experiences are up as a result of my own actions. Was definitely significant. How is the relationship now with your fair remembers how much of that has improved since you have. And her recovery oh it's great probably better advertisement. That I started using an Israel early on before you can really even. Start to develop. More intimate relationships with even family members. So a lot more mark block close your now there are always in contact with the beavers need to get a hold them definitely. Aren't we are going to take your calls here 8030930. Many viewed do you have questions. Regarding. What. What an addiction program is like where recovery program is like. And and grow. Give the ball rolling here on that part. Bettering our twelve step recovery program on narcotics anonymous. What is it what is step for step like what they were the meetings like. Didn't. A lot of meetings are different. I'm trying my best not to. Promoted in any sort of way and saying what what has worked for me on and it was just. It was full of people who thought had been in the same position that I had been and and and found a way out. And that happened to be their way out and IE. Just. Took the guidance. At what kind of advice to the give you an. Have you how anybody who's in the program but at what general advice and guidance did you get through these meetings. That's. That's a hook a really big bag of warrants. I'm not really sure I could paraphrase it Joker. But. Like I said everyone in their head. Had found a solution. And. I it took it by I took the advice they gave me and it worked so. What other a recovery. Programs have you entered in the past that either worked or failed. None. So just what you're going through right now yet yet I. And never been to rehab facility ID detox and jail so. I I can't really speak on. Re adds order these outsiders or anything like that you really went cold Turkey. First say yes. I'm. I know talk people talk about going through detox and they have these. Violent body reactions. Did you experience any of that as you were detox him behind bars. We. Lose it was awful. Mean graphic things. And I I understand. And we will discuss little more about what you've gone through also how this addiction affected you. And after your coverage as it does the continue rigor covered for you. How this is affecting. Your life post addiction. Pars work in and getting jobs and rebuilding your life and we'll do that after we have earned this break you're worth Mike Ackerman. Andrew is our guest is recovering out of this is twelve hours twelve voices in twelve hours here. On news radio 930 WB and ever is willing to accept questions from you you may. Call during the news breaking 8030930. Or star in 930 will lining up during the break. You can also. Text us by eight. Texting your question Q3 0930. Remember message and data rates do apply. And size 6 o'clock from Toronto on a high school we will have a live conversation. On the OP Lloyd have a dammit. This is Tom pocket POW EN newsroom twelve voices in twelve hours continues following a news update with Mike betterment here on news radio 930 WB and double BBN news time. 13012. Voices in twelve hours this is especially community discussion and hope you like prevention on news radio 930 WP and. Tom pocket with the little 135 my guest this amber you as a recovering Alex. And we are discussing legal Bjork crisis here and twelve boards and twelve hours. And someone I had a question during his break couldn't hang on but I think these are. Two or three very valid questions. If you have a pain now. What happens when you seek treatment for pain. Well yeah. I have been through a couple. Surgeries while in recovery. And it's surprisingly. Easy to deal lifts. With out narcotic pain medication. That summing a lot of people worried about. I'm and I'm not a doctor you know consult them first obviously. But from what it from what I understand and from what it's been told to me. Things like Ibuprofen and acetaminophen. Are digested through separate organs so there actually safe to take the other. And certain doses of those in combination with the each other have. The the pain quote killing equivalent of a decent dose of morphine. Without the narcotic effect so I've gotten through all the surgeries with just Ibuprofen acetaminophen. Now when you're going through such pain and being treated. How do you know the difference between just. Giving her treatment dose and when your hooked. If in terms of prescription right Medicaid older medication along those Lawrence. Seat. That's that's a little bit of a difficult one because at least for me personally. I didn't I didn't get hooked through. Any sort of pre doctor's prescription or anything like that but. I'm from what I understand. Most people who who take it as needed. Don't have nearly as difficult of a time getting off however sometimes. Take even taking it as needed doesn't have the the medicinal effect that people her partner should be getting from it things like that and the problems really start to come when. They're taken off of it and a lot of people who. Have been been yanked off payments from very very quickly. With no tapering off and no. No process. And they're just take the prescription has taken from them. And there sent into these you know pretty painful withdrawals. Andrew is our guest series recovering addict and or question that's come up here that I think is and excellent question in general but like you your. Insight on this. What steps should parents take two prevents their children. From falling into addiction. Now beaten. There. I think a big group of what I ate ended up doing in you know mighty my path in drug addiction came from. A lack of a lack of fulfillment. I didn't have much going on nothing that I could really feel. Satisfied about. And that sort of left this hole inside of me this mostly avoid. But I also do believe that something that I was just pre disposed do and it's it's a lot more difficult to talk about prevention. As opposed to. Precautionary measures. Late. You could say that you could sheltered a kid all throughout middle school and high school. Thanks in and via helicopter parent and keep a watchful eye over him but if he goes away to college. He's gonna start the base you know he's going to be exposed those things. So prevention is a difficult topic. And the the best that I can do for that is really say. Just your make sure that they have something that they can you know pursue legal. Goals that they can have been and things that they can pursue in things that they. Can have no life to feel. Fulfilled in and good relationships and you know. Just unconditional love and and a respect and things like that. But I mean parents schedule their kids and things like Boy Scouts may be. A sports maybe. A club that a child has an interest in. Yet I I know a lot of people who have who have avoided. Getting involved with those certain clips of people. Through. You know different various activities. But like I was saying who's to say that. If I had taken that route that if when I go to college or when I was to go to way I would do whatever that. I wouldn't be exposed to it than in this process would have just been started later on and do you think people may be hard wired to be addicted. I think a lot of people are. I think. I think there's different certain there's. That I think there's two types of people that is the kinds that. That get exposed to it through. The normal means. You know somebody who is who gets a car accident and its prescribed pain pain medication. And then I think there are also other people. Who. From the moment that they start even you know maybe days they have their first their first alcoholic beverage. Something clicks in their brain and they're just often after the races. All right. After we have a phone call here on out lying net to Amanda. In Lancaster you're on WBE NN your question is about early stages of recovery. Pure act. Italy I'm dealing with that the only members and friends at the addict. Does from my experience there is that many places further friends they're the only the attic to go towards. Are any questions. But that they have a about the poll hot back. Amber you're responsible. I do know. And you know there couple groups problem called I believe Al anon and our non that are forward. Family members and friends of people in recovery or. Addicts or alcoholics and general. Now we can't hear relationships. Started to progress that I only can you become closer. With. You know your friends and family and media lake where acted during your active addiction. Yes yes there're there're a lot of friends that I have that them. Boycotted me for like a better word and I've been every candle. Those relationships. With with those friends and then my family. I believe I spoke about it previously on the air. That at a certain point it seems like it seemed like our relationship was almost nonexistent. And now it's better than it ever has been and that's just a result of of time and and patience and and effort. Grade because but I am finding work late they're CME members of my name's. Didn't think found out early that at what an addict. Debt they just don't. Understand anything about it that late. A round they're around they're not going nowhere because the break. I can keep howling and I honestly try to clean things that blood is just like their mind that just won't. And it got open to anything like trying to understand the BP's that's what and actually going there. You know com. I've I've been in the same in a similar position and the best thing that I I discovered two to deal with that is just to stop trying to get people understand. Any changes that. That you go through will be seen. It's the you know and and anyone who doesn't. Anyone who isn't willing to be open minded to it and try to understand from an alternative perspective. There just isn't gonna understand it to begin with I used you know beyond FaceBook and see things about that in. And try to put my two cents and then it's just. I no longer really. Feel they need to concern myself with how other people. Perceive something like that you know Heidi I understand it. And that's what really matters and that's what allowed that's. Lately that's that's so alone and it. And but it articulate and calculate the finding myself with the ballclub in a way holding me back in my recovery because. And always the brining myself in that focusing on what they should be. Right great I think people. People coming to people start their own process of recovery usually with a really shattered sense of self identity. And piecing that team back together is its. A really strenuous process. But getting so lost and in the The Who what when where and how is. Really. It keeps you from. From living life and just by. By going through life and and starting to just you know live as a normal human being in and get in back integrated back into society. That's the thing that really come. Helps you find out who you are as a person and it's more or intrinsic it's not. You know there's no books that you can reader anything it's just you you live. And there and you start to realize who you are as a person and it's it's a beautiful thing when you stop and take the time to look at it. In amana by me ask. You're you're are you in the early stages of recovery yourself. Hey am I get started out recovery program. How long have you been us. Starring does occur in this recovery program. I get tired the past yeah Yuriko only a few months and I've been. An addict and start of the pilot that he'd and I just turned 31 so it's been many years. How tough do you think has it been for you to try and you get off or what you've been addicted to. The conditions very difficult and it was also very difficult for me. I mean I we did a very lime highlight a wait list even get into that program. It just seeing that every cry and I would call phone numbers to get how they're without a reader actually needed somewhere out there and be clean and a leading glad. So I just started in January and it's been about thirty years of me trying to get and you know a place. And actually get that practice started. Well Amanda we thank you for your call it was a very interesting conversation. We heard and listened to between. You and Andrew and we wish you all the best in your recovery efforts. It they Q Amanda. That opens up a lot of these 030930. Or star 930. And we'll have more where they Andrew asked while voices in twelve hours continues right here. On double BB this is twelve voices in twelve hours Tom Parker with the one WEM. Coming up at 3 o'clock hour Bauerle and audio will be speaking with the US attorney JP cannery. And my guest right now is ever he is a recovering addicts. And before the break we had a caller. Talk about that try to understand. Try to get people understand what she went through with a addiction. When. You come out or were or were gives to someone that you are recovering addict how much of a stigma is there are. As far as you trying to either reconnect with friends or make. New friends. Really it depends on how self righteous the first in the hunt that I'm talking to is. A lot of people. Am. They they just take it as is now like that's you know well good for you fear for doing something about it and and you know finding. Way to get out of it. And then there are there are other people who I guess wanna put themselves on some sort of high horse. Because. You know they had a different experience or or today. Never did XY and Z where they don't understand it and I don't know what it is about why people. People feel the need to be so hateful. But it's it's something that I'm just really stopped concerning myself let. You know at a certain point. I was trying to figure out you know. Who I was and just try to you know learn how to live life normally and I've run around me had all these questions and and people still when I meet new people and and they find out. That I am in recovery they always have a bunch of questions. And I just try to be is as simple as possible because it's something that that nobody else needs to understand at least not as acutely. As I've had as I do. And you know it's. That's just how it is I am. I don't know how much tougher is it to find a job when prospective employers. Go through your background. Of the arrests you have the fact you're going through recovery. How how much of the squalor are hasn't been for jobs you wanted to get. I actually was fortunate enough all of this happen when I was very young and I did quite a lot of things. Jumps through a lot of hoops and hoops in the court system and everything is injuries on her editors sealed so. I I can actually pass a background check which is very helpful. However. And you know a lot of people who cannot and who are very good friends mine and they've always said that the thing. The thing that the asset that they have. That allows them to get past that is just that a lot of these people are incredibly intelligent incredibly hard working. And they just have. Certain positive personality traits that are blown way out of proportion. And if if they can. Conveyed that and and and show. To a prospective employer that. That that's how it is that's that that is how they are. A lot of people will. Believe it or not end up looking O overlooking it especially if enough tough times as fast. And going for recovery programs as you do right now. How flexible. The Hoosier where where there. He my employer actually does not know or haven't I haven't really big about. Not letting this. Not letting this circumstance in this situation I'm hinder my ability to progress professionally. So. I don't feel it necessary to. Let any of my employers now. It's not something that. They need to be involved in and it's not something that I want to be concern and there had. And even in terms of personal relationships. Usually IE I meet people and I won't. Let them know in Seoul later on in the relationship simply because I don't want to meet somebody and have their first impression of me. Be diluted by that fact. As we wrap up here of the recovery process. Is this something you anticipates. Will be light law. Yes. So you don't anticipate that. Gets appointed going to be saying OK am cure. No. People talk about addiction. Being a disease. In hand. Is this a disease. That you fight with every day or every week. The disease thing is a really. Controversial topic obviously. Didn't and I hear a lot of people say that oh it's a cop out. So that people can continue doing what they've been doing and I never met anyone who's used it as a cop out. And I also believe that the American medical solution association might actually be on to something in terms of calling it that but opinion personal opinions aside. It's something that I understand is always there. There are certain man your mannerisms and habits that. I are so deeply ingrained in my head that a lot of times when I go through day to day life I find myself sort of obsessing over different things and and understanding that. That's what it's from and I also can sort of play that tape through and understand that that same obsession would instantly be translated. And to drugs and alcohol drugs or alcohol if I was to decide to pick up one the other. End. You feel this is this you said this is going to be lifelong. Four fellow addicts who are thinking about. Starting in the recovery of these hit rock bottom what is the best advice you have for someone who knows they have a problem we have an addiction. They're hitting rock bottom. And the need help we heard Amanda earlier call and say she had to be on a wait list for years. To get help. Barring bouts. What advice do you have for someone who knows that they're addicted and they know they have to get help. Just ask. That's something that a lot of people struggle with is. Having the it's almost I guess embarrassing for people to swallow their pride. And until someone close to them more medical professional. Or even to walk into. EC and CNN and commit themselves of the detox wing. It's humbling very humbling and around him. That's really one of the hardest things about it is just. Getting to that point where you're ready to ask for help. And almost always there's there's so many. People. People nowadays I've I've noticed are so ready and willing. To get people a shot and and try to to help somebody out who actually wants to change. That I've never met somebody who's asked for help them receive. All right. Andrew thank you very much for joining us continued best wishes as you recover thank. That my guest has been Andrew he is a recovering addict. Our twelve voices in twelve hours a series will continue following the news with Tim Wenger here on WB and Mike Ackerman will be in the studio coming up a little later on JP caddie the US attorney here for the Western New York buffalo region will be with borrowing and albeit at 3 o'clock hour coming up out the 4 o'clock hour possible back or of the dance institute. On top pocket twelve boys and twelve hours continues right here on WBM following the news with Tim Wenger double BBE and it was time 2 o'clock.