1/19 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 4:Four-Page Memo Circulating in Congress Which Details Abuse and Misuse of Government Authority.

Bauerle and Bellavia
Friday, January 19th

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News radio 930 WB yen. At its core. What this. What would this isn't the main issue is about. Is. Did the intelligence community. Extract. An exploit. Classified information on American citizen. It's combo hourly thing day pass along to outside government people. With no clear would no authorization. Who then repackage that intelligence as if they found. And then reconstituted. As being relevant. To a person who's running for president of the United States and David Bell media if those. Fraudulent things least criminal things happen. There will be head not only rolling. You're going to see this go back. To the people in the Obama administration if not. Barack Obama himself it's the hourly and they'll be because if you're telling me that this man. Nothing of what was going not you can't being ignorant some. You can't pretend that you didn't know that your national security advisor or your chief of staff. What's holding meetings with people that were holding five awards. To get information. And members and the column on off your going to. Eavesdrop. On that trump campaign and not tell the president ridiculous. Nobody would it's ridiculous you should go to jail just. That idea on news radio 930 WD. A factor Bauerle envelop via. Michael report was kind enough to call a back of the program. But here's the thing how much I set the table. And get Michael's opinion on this because after all he's good enough for CNN he's good enough for buffalo. Right Michael lot listen here's the deal. How is it. That what we learned is a four page memo is an intelligence committee memo it has to be voted on by the intelligence committee which is majority Republican. To put that onto the streets of that you and I could see. But the entire house of the entire congress is able to go in the basement to skip its secure area know. You can't write anything down you can't phone in you have to be completely sterile when you go and look at the information you can't even touch it actually. And then you leaf. Now. How is it possible. That this information does not end up with the American people. You know it's interesting day because. Com not knowing what Bennett and ended gardening you know prime reason to believe from what these are Kirk thing about it. As I've got to believe that it that there's some. Of their something year bought. It's important to note but it if they do to release it it'll be redacted. Will be blacked out. And we won't get that underlying stock. And the underlying document the document that you know of the port though. They were from what they drop their inquiries. Are where the rub lie. So we as Americans. Citizens. Will. Just irritate the tip of the iceberg if anything. But that the congressman. Going into the dip in the middle of the listeners. May not go to get there is respect the area. Are highly secured area and they United States capitol. I had at that meant yet. In a bit like going in broke a reader a walk in freedom the doors about 600 pound. And in the air. It that the document. He go ahead and there's are there are watching you and actually turn the page you're warrior and it hit it that you'd. You know you can't take your phone and it electronic. Oh wait won't go through the wall. It's quite Sandy Berger had a show of the documents down his pants. All right and but it would make no in that room bay yet I believe they have access. To come up not all of the underlying document. So the members of congress have a clear that and the act that right now. I gotta I gotta caller wants to talk to you about. What's going on in the world play in Ontario play here on Barley bill dealer Michael Caputo. Well good afternoon gentlemen elected to people proms gone I got a question how would you respond it's after the election to. The dark sea you know the things McCain voted in response to there was no intent. After a good question clay. Appreciate that. I played Michael what you know that isn't what it comes down to what is the intent what if this was a colossal mistake. Full of incompetent people maybe people that really thought. That there wasn't smoking gun here that maybe. Donald Trump was in cahoots with the Russia. Maybe it wasn't this Machiavellian sort of a bloodless coup d'etat. Bartlett did. Their relative Rivera baton world government. And. Ed thank you play for the call good. And it but I upright is that. At some point. It is equipment. REIT week week we heard about it and with Hillary email. And you know we've found topic here would it regard of of the security of their information that was contained within the email. What all the necessary of their it could be any. However of course Hillary Clinton would not prosecuted. It and it was an unusual look after our break it glove and an unusual exception medic there could be in the past. This time around it if there were no intent. They think one way out of control bay if they are mapped right you know exposing the government through. On different people like I know them well I've been told. That I've been unmasked and and god knows. I don't know how long it over there is there ever brag about their understand that. Member of the National Security Agency basically captors everything local column every single email goes out over the electronic. You know all over the Telecom system. Rick after everything in the door and about a year and they go back and hurt the telephone numbers. The buying what you said a year and a half court you know sometime ago god knows how long ago all we gotta do it. I don't know that you are user number insert the entire database and they know every phone call on every email you government. They would like. You know you're in the matrix really mean to investigate a crime. They are backwards like that. What this is why this is why it was so reckless to automatically. Review this power. Because you don't know how many times it's been exploited the reason why Mike Rogers met with the Donald Trump during that. The campaign are actually I should say after the campaign. Was put to British police say that there were a lot of times with this power was exploited for the wrong reasons. Well our air and up and it it did her thing all that David is that they don't database statement you know be here I've met somebody you'd actually. You know you're it is prevail on American but these. Are different surgeons and and the governor Susan such. And you have to get a warrant Biden warned that it would regular public art I understand now that at bat the rhythm of the American except in the back. And that. A bit of the person doing the unmasking. Is involved in national security and the then national security division. At the department got there. At the FBI. At the end of day in every single one of those. You know our national security organization appear national security all. And every one of those bureaucracy. There are people and they can do that with absolute impunity. They can go win right now and and and find out what your grandmother has been talking about. We don't report you have to wait to two years ago. There's nothing these people can't do with physical. Michael I wanna ask you the news that we heard and the wrote the response. The congressmen on the floor asking for a vote asking to have this released. Is it too soon to have this replaced for our ringtone. Is that is that little a preemptive. Yeah a little bit I mean I'll tell you every bit like out there have been documented but never does that people be respected. Our we will not have access to him and nobody outside that yet or problem we have actor you. Very few people out whether people have access to the underlying document. So I I think the document the dark about the four page in the circuit relief might be too weak to put people in jail. But it certainly could pick up everything done in the. Why doesn't it also to me it raises a question of how can you put in Mueller's dream team. Of the best people available. It it it it out in opens up a a couple of a doors that I think are uncomfortable for the Obama administration answer. Because first ball they went to their most trusted people. Right if you're the best in the field they're the most trusted people that they have father Malloy ill. To an administration not to the FBI in not to the rule of law so that's disturbing on its own level. But then you have folks that are still in this FBI apparatus. And they're loyal to another regime. And they're used for a independent investigators. While they while they look at it whether or not Russian collusion was involved in the election of Jack Donald Trump and the very people on their staff. Were involved in the fraud that got us to this level. I mean Robert Mueller is he's either the dumbest man on the face of the earth or he's just committing felonies in broad daylight. What would you know I mean to bring it right down to earth they're you know this whole thing. The entire charade. The bogus investigation in the political want congress. Especially for me but. But also. The Mahler investigation for a lot of people might go because carping millions and millions of dollars of people pay being. And if market or an arcade. You know we're gonna end up after everything over a week and end up with legal bills that are more behind me in a year. And that. Batted. On them mentally crippling. Or family not to Britney or New York but it Falls Church, Virginia where another friend of mine while lives who. Battle would be legal Barrett and battered Richmond Virginia where another friend of mine at the two million dollar legal bill right. All predicated. On surveillance. An end and blind. Political. Parents and ethical. Allegations. Of Russian collusion being the reason. Hillary Clinton. Planes didn't go to Wisconsin Michigan. Or Pennsylvania. The irate and to me to understand that my family has. I've spent six figures on legal bill. And I was on the map and god knows probably in my conversations. Were were afterward of your caller. I'll probably transcript throughout their poverty and I had on my phone or email that I sent. Got those who look admiral Mike I had. Absolutely zero private. That's why stop talking view months ago. Pero no seriously it's that it that this is the real deal flow we will go to Jack in Allentown near on win Michael Caputo. Jack. Hey. Let's go wanna. We got. We got nothing well will get done two photo back on the line and we'll get Jack back and let's go to could put on how you doing Cavuto. All right can we get lion one on. Side let's do jacket Allentown one more time Jack you're on WB and go ahead. Are they think that bothers me the most is the realization and it's not very no point I'm making but the realization that all this took place. And the police say Hillary Clinton was gonna win each. If you had one. There is a disaster because there'd be. JTV. Aids cancer heart of our partner who'd gone forward with that having taken place. You know I'd know it approved this Jack but knowing the clintons I would think that they would still have investigated trump for collusion with the Russia even if Hillary won. I I don't I disagree. Really think it's stay away from. In my wallet and paper. That is true. That is your jacket Allentown thank you for the call appreciate Michael anything about that. Well Daria I'm not. I've I've been on a bit so flabbergasted by Albert between the come down on your. In in ways you know I mean it and now I understand the pain coming out on the web site that appeared. You know I admit the bit mainstream media are refusing to corporate our. I've into the metal anthem that it was produced by the a majority. Of video out. That memorandum he beat her. The ball room. You know. But scale hit it in market in mind. It is a bit this. We've got a breaking news report that according to Reuters the White House will not seek a temporary funding deal to keep the government open for just four or five days. That Andy kind of backs up the tweet the president just had a when he said for weeks not 45 days it seems to be where the the issue is let's go to while lied to with Michael Capuano. Go ahead bill Eden. Yeah arm I was thinking David isn't it amazing when you think our founding fathers and the foresight and a brilliant that they had. In the constitution that they wrote in the separation of powers. Retaking of the flipped presidency and the president did everything he could to try to. Fundamentally change America and we're just so lucky that I'm our constitution and such was written such that it could happen. And I'm thinking that's other thought that I wrote down here. I wanna see the rule of law and wanted to see equal justice under the law I don't wanna see a two tiered justice system. I'm with this Schumer shut down Chuck Schumer is like a bully threatening us with the body and mind. And the kind of back with something that brilliantly was said by Tyrone Barley who will be returning money as I understand. And you've heard this before to arm and Jake you've heard this is like one of the talking points so a lot of the Democrats lately in the last couple days. They'll tell you well in all of the Republicans controlled the White House and they controlled House of Representatives and they controlled the senate so. If there's any shut down its there fault because they control everything. But arms. If that's what I'm so that was brilliant once the Democrats are controlling the narrative. And I can't be like you mentioned the Ford David to how can how can Chuck Schumer and Democrats. You know threaten to try to hold this. Got this thing over Iceland they're trying to go for something that. Illegal in the first place I mean break break it down to your own house like on top of smaller scale imagine that someone had broken into your house and they booed when you comment. Bill billion thank you for your call what do you think about them Michael. Well I I don't know I've been up area. We have bit the problem that we have I think it from the fundamental level where you thought is that the Republican. Control. But their majorities are and there out records and the white. Of course we know that argues that he vote recorder at and in the red resolution. Continued funding government. So even the Republican. You have the majority in the senate they don't have enough boat to compare it without them. Now that alone. We're in a bill in front of people at a party caucus in the gate the Democrat anthem error Republicans who long ago. May have by the end of right. Have voted to shut down government are right now having said that that doesn't mean any. Because Republicans. Port I think the last. Hand of the big mean our government shut down in the last decade. Have lost the message war so badly. And now and you know if you remember during the Obama administration. Government stepped down or the Republican problem. During the Republican sports administration. A government shut down ballot Republicans well. That way it goes down because the the Democrat wins America's war every time he wanted to know why. We gotta go get Mike let's hold it right there we'll find out why after this quick break Michael Capuano joined us what did your calls it a 30930 start I thirty. 180616. WB and 3093 zero's and of an attack. What do back to our embattled and we have much of the Prudhoe joining us on the hotline talking about all the things that have transpired today. Yesterday. And this looming government shut down on the White House is gone into Schumer shut down. And how each grade the job of Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Michael Capuano. I laid off yeah I don't know at all I've I've actually just matter. You recently at Walton aren't welcome. She was a surrogate during the campaign remember. We were outside the. She does she represented her father's campaign. And you know I never really saw her ability in that role but now on this platform. This is one of the most talented press secretaries at the lever machines. You know what she's like it like walking somebody or other sort of a pen and match. I received really quite and our I think. Got got a lot of backbone of a lot of knowledge. And my understanding from friends of mine who work repair. Her learning curve is like from now vertical leap. You power company want to get it. So I mean prevent exactly the kind of person you want Matt role in our you have there. Ability to actually you know. You're probably most people of that division you might be hurt all the way to the end of the in the very never go. Is much better than Sean Spicer who had the look on his face like he found out third person that he soil themselves. Unbelievable. That autism friend of mine from the line respect a lot. No I I I did I did hit a worker from often wrong in my career Craig keep away from the White House. He's bigger guy I don't guys more commitment at a pop shop that. They would imagine that the Press Secretary to the prime the United States you know about Donald Trump pat would be the hardest job in the world. And I I deceived people doing him much better than he did. No offense to him. Was out. I think I don't believe that it you know go the way to the White House operate the way it is there wrecked secretary interact with the wrecked the bath apt. The way to the tenor of of the relationships in the White House and the way that the president interact with those people that is all changed significantly to get settled down. I give Sean Spicer the credit because he's the first one that re organize the that. Whole apparatus and he brought in a lot of people I've never been invited into a briefing room that was his idea. I give a lot of courage for the way he wet at the media at the beginning but this problem once upon. I mean just did not have the ability to fight back we credibility. And listen they've tried to make share Huckabee or cartoon character they've gone after her appearance they've hitter below the belt she's she's tough as nails. Probably would have put it another I agree with it like to be in particular great job or Peter all are correct but look at another race. For air and right here in the road your name right ago and now. And our armed Google there ever been. And I mean these are these market will probably be open. And people. They are in the game for a long time friend of mine it was a quick review. For a lot of years. And I bet apple really upbeat. You know you sit at Neiman guy that wrote the first high. Every on despite their men and jump on a bull that nobody would jump all crap on those wars and held on. And bat bat podium at a lot better place to be now from the date you walk out there. I promise you. Now I. Into into you know he had he called for. I'm I'm not a public company and he will implement are a little bit. Guy knowledge. So here's what we've lard up one topic jobless as white baby Russians by end. Sarah Huckabee needs help. Now let's go to the her little brother bodes David north buffalo your honor without Michael Caputo what's going on. Eight date report again can you promise not to cut me off I finished law doesn't exist. Yeah okay. You got me out. Means that you go opted to tell me that you know the catalogs and it's obviously Duca. You. Guys are. All. If I'm kidding I'd. I called the epic brutal Monday morning talk about these little these we're. And what do them one at a panel said on Negroponte to. Seventh floor is no more at PI and the site to the State Department. Now I I didn't even at its search and I search. And yeah I haven't Florida came up the really interesting article from CNBC. It it's that title of the article is FBI. Release. Three BI release include you've dealt apple for the first couple shared a government and the it. There's this little part that says. Another quote here it says there was a powerful group of very high ranking state officials. They had Schlumberger are two sevenths support group or a shadow government. It. No let's let what I wanted to hear Islam. Not a member which he called him. Remember that in no way. And asked me about this stuff and keep on. There are. Okay let me let me finish the last point if you want to know eruption collusion it is. It was Hillary Clinton paid a burdens by people in hell from the Russians who. The current. The sound a sound like that to me Dave thank you for your call I appreciate it okay David north buffalo hey. Guys Penske. For the fish you know. Of stuff like that. I mean look I don't know the and I know there's a lot of people look for every leaker here's what I will tell you George W. Bush if there was a document. Dick Cheney had orchestrated a lie to get some of the Iraq War. This vote in the house Intel committee this thing would already be in the Washington Post Rubino. Or. There ardea leaked. That's you know it's legitimate by the way because no one has leaked it and the other thing is had you heard by the Democrat of Intel committee what's his name. I guess Adam ship he's in a row say listen guys you're really exaggerating this there's this is not as bad as it seems is. You know this is out of context you've got to read it in context that means it's horrible. Right absolutely that that is absolutely right meets hip is an expert that we have a game the real problem during the rock and they're patient and and Europe is not nobody really airports are out of our readers here are all. But he's being national problem now and he's got who think he's worried about your number one. It doesn't wanna be the truck investigating go away could be like B dot com. Impeached and number two in the market at record investigating Norway could feel like that TV camera. He's got a. Who banister there. And you what do you want me to keep don't want our Adam Schiff was Millen knew that. Yeah I met him a couple of times actually 100 particular at the end rut right after I testified before his submit. He actually attended that bet that might as well. And he actually you know all the people are pretty decent spoke when mayhem and it certainly in the same thing out. What is it like no hard feelings. Now it is it looked at me satellite called bait and and I said I bit. Are our representative there might be in my book pretty is arguably the in my predict the European Michael Eric fit. Are there are represented here if you don't mind. I don't take that the wrong way but I hope I never EU yeah. And not everybody in the room with crack him up who's gonna like an ice breaker you laugh and everything aren't wanna do that I think you know. But I can understand him mark Hammett thirty you know 1000 dollars an hour and on the pole. Opportunity caught occurred he wanted to get himself on TV for as long as possible. If so would set up a golf on me would you accept it. You know there but I probably would do what we've got to the point where it's being looked pretty bad but you know my my. I don't think there ought to be most prepared for you today I would viewer I ever talked amongst ourselves. You know I would I think around with a friend in my regard known for many years the Wall Street Journal our bureau C. Or forty years if in Moscow are good or Obama. I've ever heartbreak weathermen remind the reader and it says Cabrera are really admire you which you want unity. For properties that he's not a prop guy by the way but he spent part of what that is that you know all the other people out there. They're playing in the open apparent that we're probably all worked for the party your congress for a net where are accurate arm and they've got. You don't work Randy Bartley is not your work about it that nobody got your back. And I thought it it brought me so hard. Because if he's got it suited some crazy person about me an outrageous accusation. From the purse and pat. Were up there might that mean they all have acted upon. And have the ability to raise money. That have to defend themselves. But frankly in the right investigation a lot of people are you know there are people trying to raise money and they're not it's not. That not work. People aren't given. Are I'm not an and I think in the end just like in a walk in the water friend got a fire ball. At the end of these investigations if you want to build a better at all. We actually we actually just received a call from pop but jobless his wife would like the name of your turn. I don't know if that's connected. No I was hit it I know it's it's it's weird but here's the reality. Spamming them we are Michael you see in my TV. And it comes on the radio and stuff but but the reality is that this is. It's very difficult to defend yourself in an investigation like this and by the way. I've you know I don't know this I can assume that the senate is gonna do an on court performance and probably Mueller will eventually. You know call on Michael group photo at some point so I think it's gonna get worse before it's better fortune. Yeah I think like government reportedly. For me it only it probably art. Our tactic voter model would vote on not a target I'm a win. And perhaps have some level of it but I'm not a target. You know and then there there was no not subtle differences or that bright point differences. In federal investigations. But it on the matter whether you'll be partners dirt they're trying to iron yours Burt you look at a paper and her. Right well and and not I'm very wet they had been Morocco you know I mean this train thing that your Bopp who will Wear black. The world clap attorneys. Across the board in all different specialties. In a bit special you know government white collar criminal. Attorney Dennis Spock it was one of the bat on. That's true that your. Lowest thought about that had OJ actually murdered his wife in buffalo. What the dream team would have looked like. It would have been bako in the Rico you're dead. You know all came Andrea ago and runner it would have been political hay out Michael thank you for rock solid appreciate it. A appreciate about the milk I did not say. That I wish that OJ's wife was murdered in buffalo but I did not say that. Do not put those words in my mouth. Hello what they know is it really interesting. I'll press coverage today you remember our friend Joseph Lombardo in Vegas. Member enemy was the guy that did hapless. Share running around while we found out a lot of information today. And die basically a member of congress was on Fox News yesterday say that he had evidence. That the shooter was connected prices. Which was critical because he wouldn't tell us what the supplies. And you don't. The attorneys for the families were authors say could you please tell what is evident balanced as is any evidence well Vegas held a press coverage probably respond to that. And this is pretty much what we we're left with. After over three months of investigating Las Vegas sheriff Joseph Lombardo says detectives still don't know why Stephen static carried out his attack they found he had lived as seemingly normal life before he started stockpiling weapons and ballistic gear used in his Rampage. You know it's always great to talk about a seemingly normal life before you start stockpiling weapons and magazines. Here's Joseph Lombardo. There was no suicide note. Nor are in manifesto left behind. No ideology or radicalization. Us discover the sheriff says he would still believed panic acted alone they sheriff saying there is a federal investigation and as somebody possibly connected to they should think Alex down on ABC news. You know the one thing hasn't changed Lombardo still have a teleprompter. To you how crazy this investigation has now. Understand this happen rate in the wake of Michael Bennett accusing the Las Vegas police of being racist so a lot of people were like supporting the Las Vegas police department because they were on right on. That was the basis for Michael Bennet to make that play. And the shooting happens and now we have Joseph Lombardo and we're getting reports like this you know. It's been out this October the shooting was an October and total. We have determined there is 851. Individuals. Injured. Correctly related to 1 October through. It's been that many months just to find out how many people were directly injured but we have not heard this guy how well. You know and here's an update on the leads to date investigators have gone or nearly 2000 leads. And looked at 21560. Hours of video. Okay all right here's an update of something that nobody really I mean this has nothing to do with that. I don't think it's a motive but it just kind of shows you a little bit about to shoot looters mentality was seeing the report panics disturbing search history. From his computers to include extensive search history of ballistics. And swat tactics. Hold on that's not the only thing that they found on his search history as to the missing hard drive that was mentioned in previous. They found child porn on is a search history that's actually true he had child pornography and is and is by the way. Up that that. It's gonna turn the tide everyone knows in this horrible human beings a monster that shot all these people. But the idea that. He was also when a child Warner had that on his computer search history. You know just kind of shows you the mentality of of the individual we're talking about. Press conferences. We have yet to determine when the hard drive was removed it could have been in close proximity to 1 October or it could've been years prior. We are able to org you know five months. Years or. What this guy's an absolute fool of cyber Joseph Lombardo men. I don't have any confidence I wouldn't trust Joseph Lombardo. Should you give a press conference on a car accident. I really what this guy just fell to a bumbling idiot. He's all on iron shows up at the podium and they woke a mop share. This past. You know in the order overslept again which. At least politics. By the FBI total press is where any of the federal government. We're here 121564. Hours of video. We know why he did it. What happened how many shooters and can you give us something we gotta talk and saying that he believes this guy is connected basis. This congressman's claim that he has evidence. I don't know maybe interview him someone. He's back on Monday and the universe will be restored. No. Oh. True. Or I don't and wardrobe schools aren't broad.