1/19 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 2: The Possiblity of A Government Shutdown and A Four-Page Memo Circulating in Congress Which Details Abuse and Misuse of Government Authority .

Bauerle and Bellavia
Friday, January 19th

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News radio 930 WB yen. At its core. What this. What would this isn't the main issue is about. Is. Did the intelligence community. Extract. And exploit. Classified information on American citizen. It's Tom Bauer lazy day day pass along to outside government people. We know clear we've no authorization. Who then repackage that intelligence as if they found. And then reconstituted. As being relevant. To a person who's running for president of the United States and David Bellamy if those. Fraudulent things these criminal things happen. There will be head Natalie rolling. You're going to see this go back. To the people in the Obama administration if not. Barack Obama himself its hourly and Olivia because if your telling me that this man and. Nothing of what was going not you can't say ignorance. You can't pretend that you didn't know that your national security advisor. Or your chief of staff was holding meetings with people. That we're holding five awards. Ticket information. And members of the column on off your going to. Eavesdrop. On that trump campaign and not tell the president ridiculous. Nobody would it's ridiculous you should go to jail just for that idea. On news radio 930 WB. We'll have active hourly enveloping an 8030930. Star and I'm 31800. A 616 WB and I need to save that this scenes. You know a bombshell. Is. Again haven't we really don't even know what's inside of it. But. Hit tin. Ear for what we're being told. Is truer. It's it's to me it's one of those things where. The you don't take any joy and there's no way I told us tell this is great now that means that really bad people had power. And never any time we should bad people have power. And you could say whatever you want to you about how Donald Trump tweets. Or the type of person you think he has. But how he handles the power. Is how you at least in history have previously judge president. Bigamy horrible people when they're in office and they hold that power are they humbled. Do they do they do the best that they can aura they corrupt. I don't think anyone will tell you that president Jimmy Carter was corrupt. I think they'll tell you that Jimmy Carter may have been incompetent army of then necessarily not seen the threat on the on the horizon. That was fair. All over the world. But few people will tell you that president Jimmy Carter was a corrupt man. Very few people will tell you that Richard Nixon. Handle his presidency. Appropriately. That he did not become intoxicated like Lord of the Rings when he became the president's state. The same can be said about other presidents I mean you'd say this and that about bill clay. But all bomb the legacy has always been they brag about scandal for never had a scandal. Faster imperious was not. None of these things are real none of these scandals actually. Could could stick we are Teflon Don and. But again. It's it's not that this happened. Which is a criminal and people should go to prison for. Itself and it happened. Each hit it was the impetus to then try. To impeach the president of the United States think about this the plan is to get Intel. I'm folks that are running against your office now I got to break this down Barney stuff. We we we know what happened you talk about five or 72 while another step but just led to the essence what happened. Let's say where a small town. You've got I sheriff's race OK. 50000 people. I sheriff's race. Share of eight is the sheriff of our little make believe 50000 pound share dean is running against shared today. November comes along the contentious race. We don't know who's gonna win. We want to find out the campaign headquarters of sheer being is in his own home and we wanna find out what's going on and so we think. Then have we could find a way illegally. Eavesdrop on what's happening inside the sheriff b.'s home. Will find out more information about how we can defeat share SP. So we go out and find a private investigator. Not a member of the sheriff's department. Bloody private investigator and the sheriff's department goes and it employees. Eight private investigator. Not the sheriff. The sheriff department. The department sheriff runs goes and hires a private investigator. Then they go and have. The private investigator. Think give the private investigator. What they think is enough for the private investigator to go on his own and find some information. Well the private investigator comes back with a ridiculous story. And so the FBI and ouch the sheriff's department doesn't take that story. Is private investigator. A state police until August or you just heard. The staple is just hard. And the state police here and thinks share of B is running on meth lab in his basement. We ought to investigate the issue can't run on meth lab at your pace this information looked pretty legitimate. The private investigator says yeah I got from the FBI. And the FBI agent or I should say the sheriff's department. And fish department says Newt. State police what he would investigating. How this play and share via web in his basement well wait a second here we gotta take this and we've got to put listening devices in that basement to determine if there is indeed a meth lab and share of being used alcohol. And you know full well that share has run his campaign out of his house. Which you're listening. For the meth lab. I'm Bridget is easy as possible again this is what happened. At the end of the day. You don't hold an investigation. When share of the wings the stink in a race and becomes the new share. And all the members of the sheriff's department that we're working we share of they start leaking to the local newspaper. That they share ran a meth lab in his basement. And they are like why. Show me the evidence. And they find. Who oh who brings the evidence to the sheriff's department. This state police the private investigator. The private investigator runs a route and start giving all these documents that you hear about this meth lab. In the chair he wondered why he's got an evidence based that you need to look at this. So what do they do. That information trickles right back to the old school sheriffs in the sheriff's department would even though they weren't per share. They still work for the sheriff right. New share comes in town. They open up an investigation. To determine. If meth lab money helped share BE. Becomes sheriff of our town of fifty out. Didn't met the money to your benefit in and becoming. A matte black owned meth lab. But we continued to investigate even after the election they continued to investigate they share why. Why. All of these links come from inside the sheriff's department. Now they're coming from outside the state police. And you add those private investigator. Running around telling everyone I attribute this good problem that I found the net flat. It worked with the FBI. Or with all these folks. Would be something if one of the shares were married to a person who worked at the private investigator. It would be crazy if one should arrest was married to someone at the state needs. Pinch hitting. If all of the papers that needed to be signed came from everyone's house that was connected to this case among. How does the sheriff not go to jail how to share a not go to jail after all of that. Whose idea was it who allowed this to happen. How cute they are not be any worse accountability. That's that's his about is is black and white as I can make it. Not mentioned 702 FBI. Throwing your rod Department of Justice throw the president of the United States I don't know how anyone can say. That if you went to any sitting president said. I have evidence that Barack Obama. Was training with Hezbollah guerrillas when. Now at at this weekend he was training with Hezbollah girls George W. Bush takes that 702 any shreds. There is no way on earth any outgoing president. It's gonna hand the keys over to someone that he is investigating. With the FBI. What kind of exquisite individual. Can literally shake hands with the incoming president. While setting up land mines across the government. Did keeping investigation opened that you know to be falls. Because whether or not Barack Obama in oh. About. If I was telling the truth or not every drivers and he lied. I mean if if if if if Valerie Jarrett was involved in this if Susan Rice was involved in this than Barack Obama as you have the worst president with nothing no idea what's going on. Or he's a liar. Right so let's take him for it is best let's say that he's totally count. Here's the one thing he's not incompetent about. Here's the one thing he has to know whether he ordered it. Or he didn't order. He has to know that there is an ongoing investigation. When James called me makes his statement. When James called me in rubs the race to tell everyone that Hillary Clinton. Is we will reopen the examination indoor hard drive. Why doesn't he mention what's going I would trumpet that moment. Will be chives a five reports. Hold and why you're doing this they got stuck. At that moment. And so they had to get a back door they used an outdoor. Agency a third party group a private group of citizens. Some of them pull even know that they are citizens script or steal them as a Brit. Who knows the Russians. And he has an account the FBI he's a credible guy. He they're he's paid by the FBI it's not gonna look weird to see Christopher Steele who covers Russia. To have a little bit of information. And by the way it's the same source you guys use he's got to be credible right. So he catches his name he's paid. An all the people are connected through marriage and relationships. There's an affair going and they're talking about listen after the election is over. What is the motivation of why this investigation is going on other day and to remove president trump as president of the United States will be the possibility. You actually know there's no collusion you forged the document to pick. There's no that central brain trust at the DOJ that knew that this was legitimate information. Because if it was legitimate you would have heard James Toney talk about it be legitimate. By the way he mentioned the Hillary emails on whom happenings computer why. Because they were there. Any couldn't ignore. Well if there was a rush. Any link whatsoever. Why did James call me choose to ignore because it was legitimate we are back talking to your 8030930. Start and I 310616. WB and are you not absolutely infuriated. And the other side of me is is depression. It's very (%expletive) I don't want this. What has to happen. We talk about draining the swamp all the time. What you are we care that you have people that are not only going out there which looked dirty cops all the time you're gonna find someone dirty fire department. The police department the NFL there's always going to be someone that's going to. Blur the restaurant and makes an extra money those folks are every facet of life they're someone stealing from a criminal enterprise right now. There's people stealing from good people and there's people stealing from bad people every. You're gonna find him out there that people exist we get it we we understand the world. When you're talking about trying to eliminate the president of the united state think about this. In 1963. It was an assassination. But when you talk about in Twitter. With FaceBook the social media with information. There's no way to assassinate people today with a bullet. You can assassinate people's character you can assassinate people's credibility. And when you go out there and take a swing. To put out a story. To elude to the fact that Paul metaphor. Again. Metaphor to Susan shields up to the campaign he rings every bell the dams and the FBI needed. He's a guy that they've always hated man report shows up to conventions and he wins conventions. Ronald Reagan had his ducks in a row against Gerald Ford. Ronald Reagan could very well have been the nominee in 1976. He wasn't because of a guy named Paul manna for. And Paul metaphor by the way joint team Reagan in 1980. Anyone that convention. And guess who jumped on every winner of every Republican ever since he is a convention master that's who we face. And you know like I knew like everyone knew. That when you look at the candidates running against Hillary Clinton they never said but they pulled and they knew there was one person. Scared the hell out of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and that was Donald. He wasn't Hispanic he wasn't can die hard conservative he was up populist. And he was drawn 60000. People. He was drawn 20000 people in towns that had 30000 people. He was an absolute rock star nobody wanted to see. Donald Trump against Hillary Clinton on the democratic side nobody wanted that match. And what are we have. What ends up unfolding. You have. Across the board Paul metaphor jumps in and all of a sudden. Just what's going on that convention no shenanigans no rule changes metaphors right in the convention. This thing's gonna go the proper way and it's gonna go Donald Trump's way. And all of a sudden out of the convention you grew never trump. Conservatives who hated trop liberals who hated trump he's the candidate dope or jugular right now take them out. And they got the actual Access Hollywood tape. And the Access Hollywood tape would have killed any other political. Anyone. It doesn't met Bill Clinton would have died. On that. Access Hollywood tape that is as close as you're gonna get to a political character assassination. It's his own words he seems something disgusting and now everyone can X trap and what he meant that he does it. He meant that he likes to do it. He meant that he tries to do it. He got that he's done in the past. He said it after all right. Donald Trump comes back. There's no way to destroy Donald Trump but here's what you do now. You know Mann a port past you know metaphor works in Russia. You know the metaphor works for whoever hires and so you go after that compaction and the guy has connections to Russia. What else can we do what else can we find out. And that's where it all started. Ended know that this was. Literally. Big mistake they did it anyway. And now they were children by Robert knew where to find out. What they're all going to be falls. There is a second level of criminality here and it's Robert Mueller's. You assembled a team that knowingly knows that they broke the law. And your job is to determine whether or not someone else broke the law based on information you know to be. False and you're not upset about this you think that this is great it's just another hiccup it's another scan it this far worse than anything we've ever see. We're back to hourly and Libya. We're looking at a government shut out it appears. We heard earlier from. Who wanted it was. Mick mold me. About the potential shut down here's a quick. They're calling it the Schumer shut down OP is preparing for what we're calling it you were shut down. And they are saying that it's all the Democrats fault while Karen Travers blames both sides. President John is meeting with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer at the White House this just a few hours after administration officials blasted the democratic leader. For taking the country toward what they called the Schumer shot down. So to say the president initiated the meeting whether this is a sign that a deal can be worked out to avoid a government shut down. Nobody is saying but Republican senator Lindsey Graham tweeted he was glad to see the president and Schumer were talking and writing. Let's CF two New Yorkers can agree on a deal good for USA. Karen Travers ABC news the White House. And I'm Nancy Pelosi had some more jokes she said she's glad that Chuck Schumer was represented Democrats went thing I have to say is I'm so glad chuck humorous ones over there. I don't even know why that's funny but I think what it looked like Chuck Schumer got he shook. He didn't know he went out there like like something horrible happened. You know he was burned he review ran out and I've gotten is a suburban and they went over to the confines of the senate. I gave Bob a press conference where he's told her one essentially hey. This is. This isn't me this is all what actually Tom cotton had this peace in the will go to your girls. I'm surprised that Democrats would shut down the government and the pride of citizens. Of services to include. Sickened more kids have health insurance. Because they're not getting amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants thus Tom Condon republic. From Arkansas is also commented that but. About that you wanna shut the government and all these programs Democrats greens are so important that's what we don't wanna shut down the government. They're all going to stopper. Poor kid's. Sick kids all the things that motivate you know this is why we have these programs to help people in need right. And this is why you wouldn't what you're responsible for Russia and it got but what is your causes. Your cause is an illegal immigrant. I mean how you. How do you flip that over to your constituents. I mean would you would you draw a line of comparison between. The record low amount of people crossing our border and the lowest level black unemployment in the history of the United States. Do you think that's something to do with the amount of illegals coming over. What would that play at all into. What's happening in our economy. We can I know we're told that nobody wants to work jobs that went lazy in the we all want welfare. But how do we actually know that that is the case. If you are taking a job market and economy you're saying that the truck economy is so strong he can support an additional twelve million people. Well that's incredible. If that is the truth if the Democrats want to say. That we could support twelve million illegal immigrants and make them citizens you are saying this truck sodomy is so robust. There it could withstand. Another twelve million people looking for jobs and black unemployment won't go anywhere. American Hispanic unemployment won't go anywhere. We'll see all that all that will reflect that the didn't elect Donald Trump a second term life and run again. If it's that healthy. It's just not so anyway we're talking about the shut down but. The big news happened yesterday during the program a four page memo. That the House Intelligence Committee has to vote on for the American public to see an order to read this mammal any member of congress had to go into a skit. That is a sterile room no cell phone bill and I think you walk in. And you look at material. And he'll walk out. You can't talk about it you can't write it down you can't photograph and you can't have anything on a scale it. Which by the way. Is that some of the same information that Hillary Clinton had mixed with subways sub shop. Yeah it it's funny because you're not seeing this story anywhere but but in four locations. Nobody wants to touch with a ten foot pole yet we've heard everyone screaming at the top of their lunch how outrageous this is right. It's outrageous but Melanie nobody wants to to talk about is to find your buffalo go ahead you're on to BBN. Eight. That I'll include an up lame intro. Why because. He cubic kept his parliament while he got him all he shouldn't there aren't gonna show nutrient therapy on board. Hillary Clinton. A respite is due to look blue or purple. If anybody with the associated with her to try and manipulate the election. That they're going to go to jail well probably lay out every. Revelation that she can't. It's the will not rest now if he can't borrow Matt. That whole how the democratic heart political laps because they would have been running. Like how want to put the light from wrong. Yeah your height your art your right I can't argue with that as brilliantly put out. And eliminates every problem that we're having right now what you just said and by the way that was a campaign promise. The locker stuff that it was a spot that was what trumps. So all they do is follow through of that now this would have been issued by the way were re investigating Robert Menendez. The Obama Justice Department said hung jury will give it up. The drug administration said no we're gonna go after senator Menendez and put them on trial again and sell. Just because a former administration says were not investigating does that mean you can't pick it up again. I don't want to be attorney general because I don't want to open investigate that because I believe there are sleep all right that was committed. There's a ruptured well perp walk her at how hurt anybody coming here you have. Them but let you lead out right and certainly the election to give proper standards and all of this leading question. You know there should step fund should be an investigation into that side as well. Not really. Because that's criminal activity to. But political regarding reflect on. Well you what you make of public. And I think that you were actually corrected that would have been followed up on none of that happens. It would have been a mean. We get the Wall Street the perp walk Wall Street all of the corporations. Have been thinking lay out the charge. On me like you've been and York district attorney would get one after the pomp and everything but we can't give Hillary. Yes it is it's soft if it weren't worse off we are Stephon actual call thank you I want to disagree with them. But. He's right I mean he's got to write the Bernie suspenders treachery. And by the way what you Google they did a coin flip like the Iowa caucus there too. Two caucuses that they had to do appointment but the the chances of Hillary winning like every coin flip did. I mean it's the probability is pretty crazy but here's my point. If you want to tell me. That Robert Mueller again I don't even they're sort things here I am furious about. But I really believe one of the things that he's going to cap and this is about the Obama legacy. This about the the justice department of Loretta lynch. And Sally Yates. And Jim coat. Were around wagging his finger between like what are you hide behind. You're casually take out your car keys you see the change so I'll start you casually walk to the dark. You're just gonna put that key and you've got all together genes combing your taunting people on Twitter. About the packed up. She told me is the perfect type of sacrificial lamb in Washington. Can ever put Obama in jail. Not ever gonna walk these people off in handcuffs the bond write a short but they while. But the Jim Cummings of the world those are the ones that fall. Those guys are sick tortillas. They're not giant trees in the wilderness those guys can be followed and they do they always get rolled up. It'll be the director of it won't be attorney general. It's going to be tell me it's going to be an by the way. You have to do this alone this all along dictates that you need another special counsel. And if another special counsel is appointed. By by Robert Mueller but here's the thing. Robert Mueller needs to be investigated this. How can bring people in the investigation. About this could imagine if OJ jury had Al Cowlings and. OJ jury have cowlings. The jury pool. All with OJ what do you think gently dead. The jury he's he could've been a couple of Kelly is there like yeah I'll I'll be impartial absolutely. You brought in people who are married. Two individuals who all this intelligence which they know knew would be bogus. Which is the very element the foundational. Evidence that you used to eavesdrop on people. But just start this tire collusion argument began. You'll have you brought those two because they're experts the experts because they're married to the people did it. Experts. Do you understand that he the FBI is either the most incompetent organization in the world. Ordered the greatest crime fighting force in the world and these people aren't allowed to do their jobs because for eight years politics was more important than the law. Which one do you choose to to believe. Do you believe the FBI's about a bumbling fools that can't do anything. What are you try to rob a bank and see how bad the FBI. The reality is you have people wanna do your job and protect us and make it safe and have a country. Kids can walk around without being shot in the face. And they can't do their job because they're being hijacked for politics. And that is it criminal offense. It's a criminal offense or don't you stand by our butts. 030930. Would get some you've been very patient and get Q 030930. Start out 3180616. WB and people are livid and you should be Levy you should be standing matter right now. I've never I've never gotten in front and plugged in and done a radio program where I could not believe. There's no joy in mud. This is a horrible day for America. I don't care what you think about Barack Obama. I don't care what you feel about Donald Trump. That president represents every American. That president sends men and women to die. Every group every class every sexuality. To know that there is corruption at the highest levels. That to me. Is just it's it's it's mind them a text message saying that desolate spot and a sheriff's helicopter flying around west Seneca. Near the old mall. Well you know that could be hope ever when safe and they find whatever they're looking for. Bye bye best wishes to everyone involved. These are skipped a court in Detroit a skit is where Bradley Manning worked in the east all the sensitive data leakage. A year ago Chuck Schumer puts illegal before my child could be could this be me. Unbelievable stuff unbelievable. How many people have stayed away. From this story because we don't know anything about the man. But I'm saying that I'm going by these if you would ever heard. A member of congress. And I won back to you know it's been twenty years since. You know Monica Lewinsky. And the Monica Lewinsky scandal was a whole lot of craziness that was going on in the Monica Lewinsky scandal that wasn't truly. You know outrageous stuff there was the the titillation of the blue dress and all this other you know all this other sex intrigue. But we got to the testimony of Ken Starr that was about a five hours. Outside of Monica Lewinsky's. You didn't she people screaming fired up talking about a an emergency session of congress listened to what leaves open. Represented from downstate said about. What needs to happen. I yesterday I went to the capitol basement where ready classified document. That angered me. Was frustrating. Is disappointing. There's also greatly lightning. The American people deserve. They mosques. They want to know what's in this document. Release the memo. Release the memo and all all of the related materials sourced in the memo. Released the file. There's no concern there should not be for compromising any good sources and methods. By releasing the memo. And releasing the file. What it would reveal. Is the Fed's reliance on beds sources and methods. The American public deserves the truth. We should not hide the truth from them they waited too wrong. Do not pull wool over their eyes showed them the facts. They deserve nothing less. I yield back. The jealous now I think about that. Is that is that normal mark meadows congressman is this normal. As many of you know we have had I. Ask yourself if you've heard this before on the floor of congress if you congressman say we need to have I don't care you're gonna shut the government down. It's a lot of crazy thing. This isn't a slow news day at a Friday. It's got a slow Newsday. The government is about to shut out at midnight tonight. And we have people running around talking about what. They're talking about having a session of congress where we can vote to release. This memo to the American people. Because as these congressmen are sane what they saw shocked them to their core. That this was on Americans. That this was odd affront to democracy. That's got to be a little bit more than someone stealing silverware. You would hope. There's also a report that Roy Halladay the former blue jays and what he Phillies pitcher. He Seacrest that will play and we talked about that as pretty sad he he did a morphine in his system at the time of the crash. Which you know not sure that that was supposed to be there. Then that probably should have been just FY.