1/19 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 1: The Possibility of A Government Shutdown.

Bauerle and Bellavia
Friday, January 19th

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News radio 930 WBA. And it's. We are going to take our brother our sister. The city of Niagara Falls. And we are going to shoot it down and say what the hell is wrong with you. It's combo hourly. We have got to fix Niagara Falls this is too much and David Bellamy I can't take it anymore. This is a huge pride of our our our community. Wonderful people living Niagara Falls you have a wonder of the world its hourly and Olivia so the pool. Can't beat blushed. But on the other SATA town we larger shoe that stuff in the water we can't stop ourselves. We have it there it's it's tough enough. On news radio 930 WB ENN. You buy hourly. And Olivia and I got to tell you today is a day. You give you pretty much circled this day. I don't know. Of anything that we've ever that I personally have been in. A story horror. Something that you were. Knows sometimes breaks. Whether it's mass shooting. And bought some updates on Las Vegas a lot of people forgotten about that that horrible. Terrorism. Act that happened at a concert in Las Vegas. And now we got an update from our old friend shared Joseph Lombardo today will give you some updates on that also Chuck Schumer just left the White House. Rush made comment which was a very good observation of the week Chuck Schumer left the White House was very. He didn't and out. I mean normally Chuck Schumer doesn't stop you know doesn't. Ever keep going when he passes a camera or microphone. It was weird the way he he ran the way he kind of skid battled out of the White House now it's in the shored up. Back at work Nike Pia of course he pressed Robert therefore part right now leagues here are everywhere. And everyone is prepared for a shot. There's something that the president just refuses to give him. And Chuck Schumer. You know who's gonna blink first but right now the scuttlebutt is that that they are prepared for shut down this week. So that's that's what we now. The other big story yesterday we were going lives doing our thing and so called in to show on Murphy and Phil can. And they've put out there Sean Hannity had some breaking news. And remember that Sean Hannity is not alive when he comes after this program so it's recorded so he's actually you know. At any rate as in real time Sean Hannity broke the story. About a memo a four page memo that was. That evidently every member of the House of Representatives had has had the opportunity to look. And the responses that we're getting from members of congress that looked at this memo. What. Nobody knows what nobody team can see it because the House Intelligence Committee would have to release. And of course there's a beef hash tag released the man. The memo. You can understand from the subtext. Is that this is so damn. That were talking about not only the end of the Mueller investigation. But the actual criminal prosecution. Of senior members of the Obama administration. The Department of Justice. In the column be a Pia. Nothing about this. And here's the first sign you know it's absolutely damning to the Democrats. Nobody has leaked. If this was the opposite way around if you add like the Pentagon papers and showed evidence and a four page memo that. Dick Cheney. Knowingly misled the American people to bring us to war in Iraq. That would be at the Washington Post within a two hours. After the story broke. The copy would be at the Washington so the idea that it hasn't gone anywhere is a huge tell that this is really bad for Democrats. But also understand something. Debt nobody has really had. Or I should say to what has the authority to say what everyone has hinted that. The subtext of what happened yesterday during this program that really exploded after we got off the air and we start to do a little research. Were talking about Barack Obama. And we're talking about the legacy of Barack Obama and a lot of people see. President Obama as sort of a figure who you know when you look at Donald Trump you think of Donald Trump's in the mud. He throws it he slings it. A lot comes with that a lot of attention. But also. You you tend to be you know eat you tend to look at the previous guy. As well remember when Obama was so presidential and you know a lot of people see him as nobility. The Obama family post presidency is treated as American nobility. You're going to see. A very narcissistic. Angry. President Barack Obama hear and understand this has nothing to do with him. That's why the nurses his image so great when Richard Nixon got involved in Watergate. They want a called third rate burglary what the attempt was was to find out information. On an opponent. That he was up double digits. Richard Nixon was sailing to victory when he broke into Watergate. Or don't need for. But you want to be a megalomaniac you want to have all the power he wanted to be able to control his legacy and his guest. What you're seeing in this case. If the department of justice and the FBI. And the Obama administration. Were orchestrating a way to get inside. Of the trump campaign. That may be the darkest day in American politics. If a sitting president. Can use the FB and by the way every one. Every one should be ashamed of themselves. For voting to pass the 702. Flies. Did not even three days ago I think it just went through the senate finally yesterday. How anyone could think that this is a program that does not need investigation. After this memo that were eventually going to see a memo that essentially says. Again what you know I'm not gonna I don't know what it says I'm not gonna pretend to know what it says I almost in the audio of people cool. Read the memo who saw the memo and we'll take their word for awhile why should I put stuff out there that I don't now. Let. Again understand. If we are connected if all of the conspiracy that we've been bleeding out for twelve months is true. And you have a situation where nepotism. Connections to the Democratic Party connections to the FB I connections to the Department of Justice. The Obama administration. And then you take that intelligence. And you longer. You essentially launder intelligent as you would money. You makes up incredible by putting the stamp of every department on. And then feeding it to an investigator. Feeding it to the media. When the story doesn't take hold because apparatus doesn't work you manipulate the apparatus by leaking unmasked people. Leaking testimony and now we know. You leaked. Intelligence. From American citizens. To a private. To a third party a private group and organization. For the sole purpose of laundering that intelligence. I mean this is absolutely. Unbelievable this is Donald Trump as president of the United States. Going up against Oprah Winfrey. And fear that Oprah Winfrey could defeat Donald Trump. He sets out a group of people. To find information about Oprah Winfrey everyone does that. But when that information comes from Hillary Clinton. And they Hillary Clinton Campaign put money in two. A representative to go up there and look at a story. The FBI can't had anything to do without story. You can't get opposition research from the FB. That's one problem right. The idea that campaign is going to the federal government to get information on the pole. Is ups. That's criminal onto itself. But if the FBI he manufactured. That information on a political opponent. And and laundered it and Walsh did through other sources to make it credible. Are you stinking kidding me. This is this is. This is also the level. Where a former president of the United States. Could be facing criminal charges. And again we're out extrapolating. I can see and hear the hyperbole I I and this is hyperbole. I'm seeing right now we have no idea no new blue dress was gonna start from investigation. You know oh and deal. But I tell you right now Robert Mueller. And this investigation. I mean we are talking about. Tremendous. Let me play you first the audio. What these guys this is what came out. Yesterday. And actually they had this news coverage it was all throughout the night it's a huge story. But here is some. I'm mad guests on now Fox Business. She is just informed us and and he informed Fox News as well. That she and other members of congress have just been given a four page memo that is extremely disturbing involving. The foreign intelligence surveillance program he joins me now representative Matt gates of Florida. But this is new you've just got this document what does it say and why are you more concerned about this and the continuing resolution vote tonight. Well Liz this allegations contained in this important intelligence document. Go to the very foundations of our democracy and they require an immediate release of Republican my opinion. Unfortunately I cannot talk about the specific facts contained within this memo I can only share my observation. That if the American people knew what was happening if they saw the contents of this memo. But a lot would become clearer about the information that I've been talking about on television for the last several months and so. I am calling on our leadership to immediately hold a vote on the floor of the house to make public the key contents of this intelligence memo we're. Nothing about that right now your your here in a member of congress say I don't care about a government shut down. I don't hear anything what you're talking about Korea I don't care about Iran. I wanna talk about this right now I want an emergency session I want an automatic vote. This goes to the fabric of our democracy what is in the what's in the box. What is the blocks I mean. What is going on here. This has to be I mean that's listen everyone has credibility. Every one Derek. There are very few people. That will put their name on a product. And every gig a lot there and and and knowingly. Just make up whatever they do you know the weekly world journal whatever it is. You're talking about a member of congress listen to this. Parting the FBI. The department of justice and president trump what you would you recommend it in calling for this vote that it just supersede the vote on the continuing resolution tonight be part of it how would that work. We could do them simultaneously at any time the leadership could put on the floor a measure that would allow us to release to the public these. Critical allegations I cannot stress how important they are. But in this memo and they could put that on the floor anytime they could do it simultaneous. With the continuing resolution or immediately before after I know you cannot discuss the top secret contents but can I ask you a general question. Does sit I guess articulate some type of horrific privacy abuses on American citizens. Well I cannot discuss the specifics that are contained in the memo but. Folks have been paying attention and watching what congressman Jordan and congressman Desantis and others have been talking about on television and in the Judiciary Committee. Oh would likely find the contents of this memo very interesting very revealing. And and just essential to the way our government. In Iraq's with the duly elected president of the United States this is no small measure it is just as important as keeping the government open through the weekend but we need to have a vote on it immediately. I tell you what the worst time for the Democrats would be to have a government shut down in everybody's talking about this man. I mean that this literally you'll get a deal based on this memo. If this memo is as act as as explosive as they claim. A lot of people are going to have some explaining to do in the Obama administration. Including. Barack Obama himself. Who may find himself and by the way Robert Mueller. Robert real word got news for that that. Yes I have access to music. But Robert Mueller is done. They did that investigation and they're there apps they're cannot beat you need a special prosecutor now that supersedes the Robert Mueller per investigation. But Robert Mueller you're looking at. At pollution. And Russian interference in the election. And you you went after a guy's tax records and Donna from money laundering and for tattoo Bayesian. It's happened two years before the election which you just happened to miss that the very people in your investigation. Part of an intelligence laundering scam. They did they allow a court to give access. To campaign individual's. Personal phone calls personal emails. I mean are you kidding me. Before. During and after the election. Are you kidding me here's leans Elden from New York are represented. I yesterday I went to the capitol basement where ready classified document. That angered me. Was frustrating. This disappointing. There's also greatly lightning. The American people deserve. They mosques. They want to know what's in this document. Released the memo. Release the memo and all all of the related materials sourced in the memo. Released the file. There's no concern or should not be. For compromising any good sources and methods. By releasing the memo. And releasing the file. What it would repeal. Is the Fed's reliance on beds sources and methods. The American public deserves the truth. We should not hide the truth from them they've waited too wrong. Do not pull wool over their eyes showed them the facts. They deserve nothing less. There's mark meadows congressmen again this is this age on the floor talking about the memo released the memos to the American people can see. And again how many people right now are running to the store and buying depends. As many of you know we have had and Russian narrative that is being going on because of an infamous. Dossier. And while. There's been much reported on it I can tell you that the Intel committee. He's been fast at war in chairman and it is has been doing outstanding work to get to the truth to the American people. Today I had the opportunity to go into a confidential. Setting. To make sure that what we can do is understand better what actually took place. And I'm I'm here to tell. All of America tonight that I am shocked. To read. It exactly what is taken place I would think that it would never happen. In a country that loves freedom. And democracy. Like this country. It is time that we become transparent and all of this and I am calling on our leadership. To make this available so that all Americans can judge for themselves. And I yield back. Seriously though how is this ticket were finally gonna get to the troops and aid you're not fired up over this and I don't even know your your obsolete in the wrong program. You're on the wrong program at this doesn't fire you up that did that this is possible that shot like this could happen in our. All everything. It's all true every last ounce of it that they there was collusion there was interference. And it was an administration using our intelligence apparatus to give information on a candidate to give to his opponent. On an edgy still lost. I got a lot of people on the hole little right to the phone 8030930. Start I thirty. 10616. WB yeah I'm telling you right now I can. Would we started hearing all of these stories just trickle out and again I urge you to go to places like conservative three house. There's an article today and zero hedge that actually six hours old but zero hedges are really good article right up on that. You're starting to see all of the pieces kind of connect. And the idea. That. You have again think about this. The corruption isn't that it happened to begin with it's absolutely without any forget Watergate this is this is the you can't be used Watergate. This is beyond Watergate. We're not talk I mean we we've seen the Irish used. In Cincinnati nothing was done lawless Lerner that thing went away what did that do well it's just you know stymied some people we disagree with no I don't know. No it didn't do that. It took possibly. A 120 million dollars out of the 2012 race. That would that the that the IRS. You eliminated. People to start 501 C four is that good of raised money for Mitt Romney. And you eliminated their opportunity to raise money and get out there and start grassroots movement to get. President Obama out of office. The political apparatus that wasn't just an accidental mistake and we don't like the other side. They talked about things that make us uncomfortable there social issues make us feel weird. They're always holier than how we don't like them well this is about an election. We did nothing about the iris. Now it's about intelligence. Eulogy. At the very vehicle that keeps us safe at night. Which is supposed to keep a four person who wants to do us harm who speaking to another foreign person whether be in the United States or elsewhere. And those people their contacts in the United States we wanna know those projects are because they might be an enabler of terrorism despite saved the lives of American. Men and and and now you're using that want. Because you don't like us because trump uses foul language because trump is. His orange hue you don't like it you don't like your stance on on immigration. Nadal. You're doing that. Too to offset a political election. Your letter I mean this it would you're gonna tell me that Hillary does have a track record of doing what was dot Brazil doing. Donna Brazile do would see that she giving Hillary inside information during the debate. These questions that you're going to be passed. By the way here's what birdies campus say. It's unbelievable. All the way to the top Steven Toronto. Stephen Trotta you're on WB and go ahead. They gave it to wisdom and knowledge of forming public the truth and and your military service. You're doing an amazing job it. Well thank you Stephen very kind. Other drugs from other spots as well. Like outback and all I called up and anti. They're that the Obama should be up or treason charges and you talked kind of shock we down or connect these spot. Why don't Obama will be sold out of me about doing their reunion appeal to the point note. He. And I bought deal they don't cut that's an issue but even more cool Valerie Jarrett. And where she rom and where her family when I hit it left Abbott B and. See here's the thing. We knew we could take one victory against Barack Obama. And like let's just take that side of the that they because if we going to intent. That's whenever we start to look at us like wait a minute you're extrapolated into why they're doing this and in case you wondered Valerie Jarrett. He's a rainy and her father is Iranian she. Is very eye doctor is telling the audience. That that is you know that's the background right. But what if. What if he's just ate a person who who used intelligence to two defeat Donald Trump that's a felony unto itself. I mean do we have to extrapolate and all the different problems with a obamacare just focus on. This one thing that may be the worst thing elected official has ever done the United States. What you don't make Obama about a block upset pop. I did I dog didn't deny it. How responsible. One vote at number one obligation is to keep the American people safe. I don't he'd just like woody beat the military. The point where they're more military guys buying in training exercises and therein on the war are on the battlefield. Pumps and allowing eleven million albeit. All believed to be pumped into our community of 50000 people. How many people died because he looked the other way. I'm not gonna disagree I'm not I'm not Obama guy. I'm would you Steve god bless you I appreciate it I gotta get to the college but I would an Obama guy on the same but don't get distracted. I love you Steve look when you're coming from I hear how we. But we start chasing. The dragon in and going over well he's Muslim and he hates America need to know now that's what the left is that the mobile left cast. The weeds state what to bear this is a vindictive narcissistic individual whose views the IRS to get. It is at this Chicago politics. He was the I asked to give it his his fringe and into 2012. And then to get Hillary in there. You're not opening at this is. There is no comparison to anything that ever happened Mike in Hamburg you're on WB yet. David thank you for talking about this. I try to listen another. Things that occurred here and we're talking about this sulfate but on the union plumber I'm a lifelong Decker a Democrat. In my engineer who wanted to vote to record breaker vote for trump. Are there or that Hillary clippers future. This just a partner at an article by our topic we are all these people are brought up on criminal charges now with this is ridiculous it's not the sort of the mark. You can't you listen I mean again there have been multiple again did Obama's legacy is the scandal free administration. And whenever someone tells you you know what whenever someone talks about theirs there how little scandal they have. It's like and how little sin they have in their heart you have the quest to win the second you know well maybe I need to look at you more. And it's obvious here that that is not what it appeared like thank you sampled the peg your call appreciate that let's go to Michael. Michael you're on WB and go ahead. Okay yeah I eat I discussed at all. I'm not happy about what's going on because I don't think there's gonna be any prosecution I just think EP Clark went to. Is that more and I think what we're watching is an attempt to literally over stroll the government United States shouldn't. Yeah you know Michael. I gotta tell you evidences on your side. That we won't do anything because we really haven't done and the lows were added they the the what they did to that hard drive was very similar to what has happened to other hard drives that we've you know spoken about in the last 24 months. And there was still no criminal prosecution. In fact the the deputy commissioner of the IRS stated that post until the drug administration. Nothing happening he lied because nobody nobody cared. So I don't I don't see that congress is good but again. If you're talking about Obama if they officials. You're you've just passed you know a bill that basically said let's keep that 702 thing college work and for national security. I don't know I mean this to me is it also makes me look back at Trump's tweet when he said. About having his wife is. You know what did he know and why did he tweet that. You know I L polity there's a little bit of of speeding up any any reputable. History. Andy you'll see. You know all examples of what looked went out America are in the history of the world and and it just so happened that you know what I think we're Communists a lot magical land that I believe. That in on every level our government under Communist in control so you know all you certainly won't see New York. Are impatient caring about and yet yes they're and I. We're gonna try to shoot it down as it it's not dumb under attorney entry so. Michael thank you for the call on vacation or you think it Michaels and saying you know Van Jones. Who you see and CNN all the time he was in the Obama administration and he's on apologetic Tom minutes. Jones is a guy means little literally count me. I didn't think that was possible I understand socialist. I mean listen there's a bit about of hip swivel pivot from the socialism danced to the Communist dance. But it's there other and doubling in the same ball or. But there is a hip swivel maybe a high kick. Maybe goose step before you get into the actual Communist dance from the socialist dance. But when you start sprinkler in the leninism and all this other nonsense and quote Karl Marx. You hear your Bure and your mortgage you in the county thing but. That's happened let's go to Jim in about it or Jim as the junior on WBS I don't Jim. I think my off you know. That there but. Everybody and so a lot on the Republican and the Democrat or so law. Hearing I get to root out the true. Is it not take on this side I think what well known. We need. We are. I'd kick some avid gym doctor GM and make sure he's a good ago and I certainly attract pitcher Jason. That wasn't cool at all but. This memo what what is it in the 4 o'clock hour an hour to. Walk you through this entire thing is if you were forty years old and at. No wait to insult anyone's intelligence but I get a ton of text messages and emails like can you explain this. By the numbers step by step. So we are gonna go step by step. And explain exactly what went down. What is being alleged went down and what we believe. According to me they are a lot Jim Jordan and I mean if you listen to what Jim Jordan has seven national TV for the last eight months. Everything he's alleging. If you're telling me that it's more alike along the lines what Jim Jordan has been talking about John George and it talked about one thing. If you have. Eight member. The if you have a group and outside third party group that does think tank work research work. And if they are doing opposition research on candidate. They cannot receive back door access. To classified privacy information. From the national security administration the CIA the F nobody. And you certainly. Can't have the very person. Who's running that operation for fusion GPS being married. To the organized crime and racketeering section criminal division chief of the of the Federal Bureau of Investigation bruised sore. It looks really bad and then when Mueller puts his team together. He brings an all the people that are part of his players. You bring in the very people. Who are responsible for manufacturing. False information. To investigate. How it impacted our election and argue kidding eight. Out of there I mean Robert new to me. Or is it an explanation. How the hell did you bring these people and if they had any connection listen to me you can't get a government contract. If you have any your wife is connected to balling you are trying to get a contract from what you think it's gonna happen. That's like. Level one background check so did it right to text her threes and threes are you calling. And ask any question you want 8030930. Start at 3180616. WB and we're keeping our eye. What's going on a Washington Schumer met with a present very briefly didn't say anything when he left the White House held a brief press conference and they were not really close. There's some things were close there's other things were far apart whatever. The reality is most people. That are talking to CNN and MSNBC and Fox News are preparing for government shutdown and again were at midnight 1201 that's when it would start. How long. What's gonna happen through the weekend I don't know a lot has to do. There's a lot of leverage that are being you know there's a lot of things the Democrats have to worry about tonight. Other then the government shut down which is abide by the way the drug administration has called that the Schumer shut. So that that's what does trump has done and his messaging. But here here's where here's where we're. I want it I got a text message David tell me they truly believe the people want a Communist America what the damsel all lie cheat and deny that the real mission. I don't believe that the Democratic Party. At its base I think that they struggle with the same things that the Republican Party struggles. You have far leftists in the Democratic Party you have moderates in the Democratic Party. And there's always a Tug of war and sometimes people get more power. And a new world a new regime comes. If you look at the amount of people that are at the national Republican Party today they are eight or Lee different breed of people that were there when George W. Bush was in power. And so you have the bush people brought in more intellectuals more neo cons more people that fought. I'm a white board instead of actually have done things on the road on the street know the way the world works. The Obama administration brought in an entirely new. Crop of governments are greens and these are young people idealistic people people who see the world and again. They don't have the practical real world experience so I don't think it's fair to say. That because honestly the future of the Democratic Party may very well be Lindsey Graham and John McCain. The future of the Democratic Party can be the wishy washy Republicans you see today. Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins and all those other folks. At its core. What this. What would this from main issue is about. Is. Did the intelligence community. Extract. And exploit. Classified information on American citizen. Did date passed along to outside government people. With no clearance with no authorization. Who then repackage that intelligence as if they founded. And then reconstituted. It. As being relevant. To a person who's running for president of the United States. If those fraudulent things these criminal things happen. There will be heads not only rolling. Your going to see this go back. Through the people in the Obama administration if not. Barack Obama himself. Because if you're telling me that this man knew nothing of what was going not you can't feign ignorance on this. You can't pretend that you didn't know that your national security advisor. Or your chief of staff. Was holding meetings with people. Debt were holding five awards. To get information. On members. And column on off your going to. Eavesdrop. On the trump campaign and not tell the president. It's ridiculous. Nobody would get it's ridiculous issue go to jail just for that idea.