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The following is paid programming security suffered repeat brokerage LLC member Finneran SIPC investment advisory services offered through independent solutions wealth management the financial guys an independent solutions are not an affiliate depict brokerage services LLC the political views and should not reflect the views of peak brokerage issue was not intended to provide specific vehicle tax investment or other professional advice please consult a professional for your specific situation this radio shows for informational purposes only and is not intended to solicit or recommend any particular security information discusses obtained from sources believed to be reliable but its accuracy and completeness or not guaranteed. They captured and handed reliever 3040 foot and a ship that that in this he's an optical mortal is almost. Lady Betty iPod and it ships so you can parking coupons and I've recently led to the of that district let's from a guess and then led electric moto. So you're saying you make it up on the gas rise so you're not paying you yes Fries but eventually abided better. The idea of going to let go automotive automobile that drought is. Did you got blown that's fate and the other emissions into the atmosphere. Here's David let or not against an electric car right if you can find me an electric car that has a battery. They don't have to plug in every six miles that's not seventeen times more expensive than a regular car. I'm interested in looking at the electric car. And then yes but I mean you know bombers blew improved food distribution. But it also bombarded we already knew that best and that might. Well I ask you this David which electric car you drive. Oh man I gotta order. OK. Okay. The it's time to talk money. In the financial guys played in the program with the local investment professionals who. Registered representatives with the corporate services LLC yeah. C. Yeah. Not ready to welcome back news radio 930 W the end my diploma is the legal financial guys my cape like in studio with us today yes sir certified Social Security cleaning strategy. Yeah do that so smoothly now right now. I've got to brag about it through. Is that Mike Stoddard Mattie always makes enemies Sallyann is my I had one of the only four in the whole CAD ILA actually teases you. Those he has he has the it's not hop aboard here 8030930. Start at 30. For those of you now from the other show we've been on for ever almost two decades now and this is a place for money meets politics with a lot of fun with the show. Monday through Friday we do manage money. In double answer straight into questions but always an open Mike session here were only here at 3 o'clock mister Julius attacks and takes over so. HE hop on board early again 8030930. Start and I'm 30 open Mike session. To detect past 39303930. Text us. Ian and we're starting as we should start missing Sunni Triangle home that's not why does the office Xia yes. I don't know she's tuned in to WB and right now she's probably got a rock music element that. He's a work a eighties hair bands but we think particular Elian was that here you like Susan the only who can like turn off the lights make him listen to our shows soon and it into the just go home discounting we lover and she's but he keeps the fabric of that place together and but she needs to Nazis and rhetorical she works are are are actually ran into or a shoulder to tell until death. On real real seed they're smarter than us these women Pena and they take over an hour earlier they were apparent tactic they've what do we have learned that. Not I they're good looks okay I'll ask logo and yet they are on the radio host they're great looks verdict we're just incredibly deadly path that affect apparently got other stuff I guess. Oh while wal marts and it's giving raises this week. Now really. That they walk how could they possibly do that it's Armageddon Armageddon the it's better at at at a flood at a Wal-Mart says it's giving employees a raise. And that's not a good thing for that's. According to Nancy Pelosi I would think that's going to be damaging to their. Plum out to her boat is an atlas one of our company American airline. Antony I would see him at Anniston only a list of forty of the top like sixty down companies on Wall Street they're giving raises and bonuses based on the so far Richard tax cuts other Mackie and all of the profits are they and keep an olive that the tax beyond this it's just not gonna and the Obama people are gonna have their own money back about Obama that's and the ball so. Get to what they gonna do with all of that money might they won't know how to spend total price is right next to New York Stater tenants of the US treasury I would think at least the liberal left employees right they beat the ones that right. They don't vote voted for Clinton they're gonna give up their money and yet they're not gonna keep those three right now I don't think that wouldn't be right I don't think they what I think that it impasse on I would say. There's a little box at the end here of your and your tax return says would you like to send more to the treasury of the didn't click that are definitely click now this is ultimately not right it's not fair redistributed so. That's something that any time you hear hear any news about trump and anything he's doing you don't hear any of those stations talk about the economic growth the the returns in the stock market and here I am now not a not I'll Pete now bowed out he did though went under Obama and Hillary's in the market went up under Obama's because we have such damage as he was walking in the office for a great cause of the financial crisis. That basically that Clinton's cause with their sub prime mortgage market. You know how awful recovery in the worst recovery out of a recession. Ever you can are he almost did things to try to not let it grow the only death if he did it was such a wet blanket and the academy's it's the first time we ever went through and eat your block without a 31 year exceeding a 3% growth rate. All it impossible to do I was almost impossible. Absolutely impossible to do in America. Obama you did you really ditty titles such a wet blanket with a marriage application and to hit it directly elected now friend that you have the best copy in the world and their relations you did. A that's a great and we stand always my daughter actually abide by little and LEC bots that she's. And most of them and seven inside the mountain like I felt like I was offered him Christmas. I mean I have a vornado 30 my if my other. Massacre at. It you hit it please state under 3% GDP growth for more than eight years and give it. If frank behind the glass here. Doing his job doing his thing we're gonna keep them busy today we do Monty clip expect there Pollyanna. Let's summer hit the fault lines are 80309 real star ninety who's not start my freezer on a cell phone. And that's what Texas 3930. And 8030930. Let's just welcome Jeanette from Amherst how aria live with the financial guys that would help. I. I eight recently inherited an investment. And I was able to find out online that. Because me that this seat was over at the minimum age I want it to pay that 10%. Penalty for withdrawing from the investment. And that really sure and he has and what does the choices mean. I understand long time since the compound they prepayment top ten. They list income payments. Minimum distribution base an owner's life expectancy and minimum distributions over your life expectancy. Okay sounds like an annuity elegance and a in engine that they've ever seen need to do is commend and it is summer and probably do some homework to try to figure out what your goals and objectives are what the money. The second you're gonna wanna find out if there's any tax consequences will be no 10% penalty you're talking about an IRS don't they get the money out. You'll have to worry about that but there may be tax consequences that you've got to worry about. NC need to check that and then third. It's probably going to be in your best interest to take a lump sum if you have the ability to do that because then you'll be able to control the proceeds of those assets so. You know you you probably nodding your best interest to. Do it it sounds like they want to do is maybe a newly ties which means you're gonna let that company keep the money and they're gonna give you income payments for a certain amount at times so. You know if you wanna use our office would be happy to you know if you pop and it's a free consultation and then you know we can sort of give real guidance as to which direction to go with that okay it's 6331515. But my guess is he now knowing in navigating having water hallmark that lump sum is probably going to be your best interest. Yeah we can also called act company with huge in that we can do a conference call and on your behalf to stun and ask some other than the appropriate questions about that tool. But I think as Mike's idea you definitely have to know. What will leave the I guess the objective of this inherited wealth beef for you not so much what was it you know wasn't in place for. From the person who has passed and we're sorry about that by the way. Don't think you thought my grand and it's really close to our. Miles like this mess that she did lead to some than what a nice smile you know what a nice gesture to to do that I'm sure he would. He's you took good care of her. You judge uses as a resource OK of 6331515. We can help tell that. And distributions above the minimum distribution only applies if it's if there was an IRA account you know that was and I area count. And there. Is calling it and carry. OK so it is an IRA so and you're Graham was over the age of seven and a half. OK so she was taking distributions and you'll have to change that to what's called an inherited IRA. Probably not in your best interest of being an annuity might be but probably not based on yours sounds like they're young they're new and younger. You have to give me your exact age but 20s30s. Authorities obtained. But so you'd meet me you're gonna wanna open up an inherited IRA and that money's gonna go from your grandmother's irate to your inherited IRA. And you are going to have to take money out of that every year. Well based on your life expectancy. That is which is in the latter is is I don't the only choice some of that now is an option did you grandmother passed away this last year. It was Christmas scene announced on seventeen. OK so next year. By next year you're gonna have to start taking distributions and torn you have this year actually to me and so he'll have to start taking distributions out of that based on your life expectancy you don't need to do it right now. But by the end of the year you're gonna have to do that. And there's a calculations based on your age of unum here grandma's age him in the balance and that and that account via. We help people every day with these things tonight and justice you know just feel free to Collison there's no charge free to come in and have us take a look at it and give you some guidance but keep in mind the IRA itself is is that it's like a tool that's it's a tool box. And your grandmother had an annuity inside that diary accounts of the annuity was he investment parliament. And so there's two different stop to this one is you open an inherited IRA to is. You gotta get that you know you get that those proceeds from the annuity into your inherit a direct. All right so call us we'll walk you through it you know and and it's a free consultations are you pop in anytime okay you'll sort of negates him. Thanks for the call 6331515. We come back let's talk about Donald Trump periods in out comments this week and of course CNN and liberal left is already caller. He said some things about a country of course there are trying to. As they do very well there you know of course that they're trying to make about the racist about who lives there it's not out the place itself death the place that people were fleeing because of the -- up early right and because of the squalor that I they came to America that's correct that's right but they they forgot all about sensible talk whether we come back from the break Bob I'm worried 030930. Start my entries are on a cell phone 106169236. Michael almost illegal financial guys. Like safely with a sand will be back here in new Israeli and I'm thirty WB yeah. Already welcome back the Israeli and I'm thirty WBBM Mike Lomas Glenn illegal financial guys. Here to answer your financial questions this is a place from when he meets politics my K flick in studio like you literally had just do a show together you view and just boron usually fill it's been a while he's so. I need to mix it up a little bit here young and have a little of the funds on hop onboard 80309 real star nine freezer on a cellphone. 106169236. It. But the tax could DC and go to to all right so I have 500 shares of both stock in my 401K plan with a five year retirement time horizon with the tax cut. DC and new growth opportunity that would compel me to hold for another year who Bethany stroller could clash on that's a great question tax it and let me get out the crystal ball and hold on I think that. You know I guess we wish here's what we always threat and I usually recommend and into you know Wanda. The common mistakes I think people make is in announcing that you know mode is not a good company regular I don't I don't follow the stock that's not my role in the office John there. David marry out there area anchored in Neiman you know between Glenn is a little but part of that committee but. He got to carefully worked for a company in and you have all your retirement eggs in that basket you know something happen they'll probably lose your job and you lose your 401K plan if I would encourage you to diversify. In hand you know there's enough options within that 401K plan Rican really put together a very solid investment plan lot of diversification. And I would say that you know typically if that stock is doing well your company's stock is doing well there's a very high probability that other stocks are doing while moved mountains though. I would look at putting together a full service plan we actually have a total in our office. And that will actually send you an email every month if you wanted to based on your wrist talks to do my homework. But it'll send you any amount in the match up your goals and objectives and your options than your 401K plan and with the there at the right options written at every multiple update and with. The options that you have available tila for employers are in your employer's plan LeMieux we have that act accessed everything right being independent we can. We can really scour the markets for every stock mutual fund ETF everything out there and in employer plans the often are limited but we can help you in on guy do you every month. Not only with the existing metals spoke with new money going into your plan. And it's it's it's a great way to manage your account with some guidance on you still have to make those changes we can't but I'm. Yeah that's a great way to do it so. Thanks for the tax just. Yeah preaches about and if you need us for only 6331515. Follow us on FaceBook. Or like us on FaceBook follow us on Twitter at Finn guys in our website V financial guys tack around don't forget to THE in number of different departments to mean you know when it comes to full service but we have departments that can help in the ever in an and a number of different ways when it comes to financial planning. Equal heart laugh now with. Mom my health care Soviet have a fear of small medium sized business are you an individual and you need help what you're in children's health insurance. You can reach out to April right eye and Janet Medicare often meet people in our office clients or prospective clients that say. Geez I'd really like to retire I'm only 6061. And know that health care. Is going to be an issue health insurance costs. Well now we have an expert who can help navigate through all of that and that the last called for the break by the way sue Ryan had texted me she said first of all turn your ringer off the peace. And and she said CI am listening and she said that. Will not be irritated that that option will not be on the paperwork. She needs to get their name offers and it was urgent that and I tighter still I texted sue back in our office and said please can you just come and do the show. And then maybe she can or on the opposite of the El Paso and a perfect Monday through Saturday off the moment. They can still. So you went up a tornado 30930 star and entries are organized go to Joseph in Williams told a second here. Do we want a president that speaks the truth or one that is politically correct. I love the fact that Donald Trump. Tells it like it is yes I really appreciate that I'm not my acre that I am so sick and tired of the lying in politics and you know I need to be politically correct him. And I am perfect and I don't want hurt anyone's feeling I think it's and it's amazing to me a lot some of these liberal networks. And you know they act like the left is so perfect Pollyanna mean never lie to we never lie. You know I have never told one not not want a franks that frank sleeping. You up frank. This he's got a few things we can share here today there's there's never alive by the laugh they don't ever alive right that's. That that's but that's what I love about Donald Trump I love the fact that Everest he needs to stop tweeting why. Why so lots of CNN can lie and he can't defend himself thinks that's right I want information I want my leader to tell me what he's here she thinks that what what direction they're going at. The more information the batter. I don't want somebody who's going to be politically correct I don't want somebody who's gonna set up a lie to me no lie detector test impairment that was well. We need that we need some of the other clips offering we EDT about it. If I sell let's let's let I get on employer sponsored me. You know did you think the comments by the president for small though the comments by Donald Trump. Or not. To any one individual person dinner you know that they don't I'm so sick of the Democrats with their race garbage everything turns in the race straight race race race race race. Why you know what why is that by the way that Obama was able call Libya a you know one hole Pollyanna and that was just fine right that's not racist it's us as science concept to do it. Who should we allow into our country should we be allowed to make choices as to who comes into the country. Should only be from these countries where people are fleeing because of the corrupt leaders and because of you know that there's just the mass that those countries are in the abuse that they they they provide to people there. It's about citizens deciding how many people from different countries should we be able happier and it's not it's not about calling people names or an. You know what I think is the US as a as a Florida the right to be able to cherry pick the best people right. I mean that is not what we want right we want countries by the way to get their own acts together right eight. You know I've we've said the strong and the senate seat zones and some of these places but. You know we can't bring everybody over here is enough we're not gonna fit them here right so they need to get their own financial houses in order in their own lives in order. And you know and and you know but we can afford to picture you pick the best people why not absolutely and it and it's been amazing to me when you if you talk about the wall overbilled and that's the that's gonna be the next fired. Trump talking about it and we are gonna build the wall he's getting quotes and -- were gonna push forward with it. And of course the laughs as well we want diversity here we land I don't know first you want diversity Syria you're getting people from Mexico that's like getting that tired and thirty I think 3035%. Of the immigrants are coming from Max that's a diversification red and not legally dial right about it. Let's go seek a jog and hop on boarding 030930. Start countries are also welcome Joseph Williams Holler ago. I'm great wouldn't it. It is that this is. Ramirez. I want it. Small business she has errors. One person gesture. Into our mail update from you know state. Mandated paid them these premium really. Could not believe. Yeah that's gonna fate is in over the next four years and they're gonna have twelve weeks off. And delegates 67% of your pay and and because your life I'm sure is they are multi millionaire. Would she seek reaching cuts there. Yeah so I'm she's obviously rich she owns her own business so won't be a big deal for defect. Unbelievable that 6000 there. Yet via magic to get a widget company in North Carolina nice and so on the move out. I think if you know all you inhabit a New York's Pena was evident they're state that's right those WellPoint is. In L we've got in drew Cuomo wasting our tax dollars saying. A New York is open for business in your open for business all right but nobody wants to come here Joseph I get to got our Brinkley appreciate the call. And don't be strangers the shell out my Oklahoma skeletal financial guys like you put in studio hop aboard 8030930. Started to zero. Okay. It's. Yeah. I already welcome back to Israeli united thirty WV and Mike Lomas Mikey flick in studio financial guys that little taking off today. And they'll be back next week she 8030930. Start 930 on a cell phone 1806169236. A retired about but we need disrupt the week's extreme tree 1515 like us on FaceBook. And a follow us on Twitter. At Finn guys of course are what's at the financial guys that account. A number of Deborah professionals in the office of a certified divorce financial analyst from Einstein. Certified financial planner and heavy wind. A forum certified financial. Analyst. Charter financial channel stations a job for her. Sort of fights host reclaiming strategies as strategists at next to Mikey likes a number of different professionals around Moscow retirement planning. Of course Tom can novel state plan we have an estate planning attorney but we need I healthcare proxy wills. I would encourage you to go to an estate planning attorney that actually is financial license because of understandable sides understand you know the importance of the will the health care proxy but they also get. The importance of understanding taxes and you know the ramifications of moving stuff from a trust or into a trust. In any need to know all that stuff so use Tom as the resource and against people heart laughter if you're looking for an insurance against 6331515. Use us as a resource Medicare Brian Janet. Budget independent team of professionals on 6331515. A view on how Bob Orr here 8030 and it's real stock and entries are on a cell phone and 106169236. A question do we want a president that speaks the truth. As I think Donald Trump at this particular we've been for so politically active while I was looking for a so many lies. I mean I love the fact that Donald Trump tells a holiday as he tells that was coming from our puzzle of the like it did on. I think you wanna hear from a month literally hundreds what he's thinking right. Yeah a good enough to doubt I digress there have that than any and that's politically correct stuff that we've had over the many many years about some of the old politically correct stuff right now did not. Have sexual relations with a woman. Yeah look at a third party etc. nothing was right and a but he blood of it was he polished well again loyalists he files can fencing all nice Minneapolis is so would you rather have that someone who's really really can convincing and persuasive but lie and rye or someone who decides that you know eight. A lot number ally is now. I'm never lie. They don't do at school. I did not send or receive. Any emails marked classified at the time. Provided that it has determined that was. I thought if she'd have done a lie detector tests are an I don't know if she did that the I don't think the FBI metered it and hang it and that I that was just a slip up though he had that was it had been a mistake she Hillary doesn't she wouldn't lie more than not ones would you. I remember landing under sniper fire of all posts to be some kind of greeting ceremony at the airport but instead we just ran with our heads down did he added that the vehicle with. To get to our base that it has determined enough. Lie. While the line how disgraceful and rightly get our friend Ellen via boot. I mean you've just finished says book house to house at by the way and you have not purchased it in the house the house up. It might you be in line for seven dollars the only problem is get ready to an opulent turned down I would I would it's a than double put it I'm sorry it's like 3:30 in the morning I'm reading the fifth after calling Iran Hainan airport airplanes ready. You're sort of confined you have to do something like it was a great and does it bunnies have because I was I flew from buffalo to Palm Beach in an office in Palm Beach and I landed at about midnight by the time I got my stuff and car and got through and you know the house and IE it was maybe 1130 in the morning. And I couldn't stop reading math and he's 3330 so and it's a disgrace for someone like Hillary Clinton or anyone incident to sort of make light of that and make make it alive yeah you're actually under sniper fire guys like David Olympia and so many active members of our services and and veterans that actually work yet and and it actually injure or kill old yet yet on doing the lead that tightness goes well we are supposed to be greeted you war. Yeah appeals are pretty easily beating. And it was this just breathe easy it's sniper fire I'll take Donald Trump any day yet twittering and tweeting and telling me the truth. Over that kind of garbage no doubt lap aborting an 8030930. Start at 30 on a cell phone 1806169236. 3930. If you'd like to send us the tax in the 8930 by the way out probably a three day weekend for a lot of people with Martin Luther King Jr. holiday coming up this Monday. And we're gonna share some of his this quotes from some some of the famous speeches he did. On and you could almost say Micah. You know as it's gonna be Martin Luther King Jr. or maybe it's even Donald Trump saying some of these things illegally and he Saddam and at that time. There are such strife civil rights strife. But I am a lot of it is just to help speaking the truth right in being allowed to speak so. After enjoying a the first day of your three day week and hope you're having some fun out there looks sunny it's it's sunny and ten yeah. Right let's see here is going through some attacks will the new tax plan passed by Donald Trump be for 2017 for 22 minutes 28 team when he eighteenth so the same rules for Tony seventeen that's rate can you guys touch base on the family leave act specifics. Actually I wonder if I can reach out to April April our office insurance expert and she actually was off two or three weeks ago that going through some of the specifics of the family axle C we can reach out her and maybe. Iran on here Crittenton argument. So let's hop onboard 8030930 start countries are also welcome Christine in buffalo howry Christine. Yeah. I Christen. I Laura I have two questions if you would like to address that. The first ended the conflict of interest ruling which went into effect on January 1 what I eat in. And annuities. Chair how well the Catholic and engineers are willing affects. He. Ended by advisors well what the. Conflict of interest so are you talking about the Department of Labor rules. Okay. That my understanding is most of those have gone away so if you are working with a financial planner. And and geared that planners hoping it would annuity he said. He added their roles had been that planner should be able to work with the ability just the way they always step. I'm no difference. See yet Department of Labor was trying to change a lot of the rules to. To so to take over some of that and and you know that the tough part was is that all though. Eight it it from the 50000 could go view it looked like they've they've had everybody's best interest at heart. Tom and I and although most of us did agree with those rules really problem was it really did hurt some of the small people. And it was gonna limit some of the investment tools that people had so. That is been shelved for now all see if they come back around if you had a relationship for the planet in their opening within new issue be able to do that and the continued at the way they always have. I see and why how how hard is it to get out of it and nobody. While the times there's a lot of different knew these there's a lot of different surrender charges. The others. Fixed annuities and variable insurance and equity indexed annuities and and there's annuities that are illiquid so you know there's annuities or you could put money into and pull out the next day and there's some abilities that have longer surrender periods but you know whether it's seven years or ten years or five years. So really depends its contract driven so whichever you know you should have a contract with your annuity if you don't you can reach out to that insurance company. And that'll give you the breakdown right over the phone. Even if I don't have they yup contract. Yep absolutely yet this community you know name call the insurance company direct them to give yelled up. The the product. Now do they. Yeah. I call you sir. We didn't we get a phone call and if you'd have to be on the phone with us Christine but we can then ask all the pertinent questions to find out. What kind of charges are you are you pain. What is your investment actually involved and you know what are the investment senate. What is liquidity and what are surrender charges and fees that your your pain and yet he does an annuity analyzer at our office so if you wanna call we you know he connects even pop in. And we've got some a tool also we've her show you know who popped me in these tools would Morningstar or we can plug in your specific annuity. And an election compared to other movies out there. Our primary day 6331515. If you need us against extra treat. 1515. Let's welcome. Joseph I'm not sure where you from Joseph but your live on Israeli and I'm thirty WB on how Aureus or. I'd need just. Yet turner and her. I was it died yesterday. Ian and all the law every minute of every hour it's. That made it never acted out. At one in the right right. They work in one. Day. Well in read that it would be good question. And we all these people. Right line of course and the Jolie they'd they'd turn the fabric around to be racist right. He didn't make comments that and Nate you know at at that at the fact that this place is are you not want all their garbage right I mean they're falling apart there's a lot of problems lot of issues. It automatically he was directing those comments toward the. Call it you. You know they're they know that they don't know what these. So I am trying to enable them. The opening up the parent and whose private party capitalized and yet. No there there really did the CNN and some of these other liberal media outlets really get at cherry picking to a certain facts they don't they put an anti contacts because that would really and what they're initiative that's what they're trying to do is make him look awful they don't report on stock market growth they don't report on jobs are bonuses being given. They don't report on the context of his comments as you said Joseph. What they wanna do is have more and more of these people come in to our country they're gonna seem like the compassionate party. And then they're gonna get the votes from those people that's all they months that's all they want. What what I'd like to know is I have one of these Democrat actually answer the question. Why do you want all of these people from. Here because we all well yes. The votes. That if it. That vote what they'll say they want to bring him and they wanna put right immediately on welfare and then to have them be dependent on our government so I'll vote for and they won't say that what they do though that what they'll do is say. Listen where country of immigrants were a country of compassion. We've these don't 260. Years of us doing these things for people that's what they going today going to this whole long. As say of what we were built upon will we are actually built upon a constitution we are built a con laws. And a lot of people who came to this country did it legally. They forget to tell people that they don't care though because they need the votes. Terry I'm first generation Italian my parents were born and you know so they came here the right way and he passed it years ago when he was here he couldn't believe the kind of up we're going around and you know and it's just it's just gotten so that every now that came in watched. Do anymore to get information. And to make my decisions on on how things are gone because I don't believe any of the things that are column anymore and and I'm trying to find all of facts and information tonight I get from other sources than you are actually. Correct when mr. trump we the the stuff out and we did you know other point you up and go against what I'm hearing constantly pounding on out all the all day all night. And it just gives you to a point where where are we are we've been silent majority here or are there more people out there there really believing all the crap that were. Well I think the facts are the facts the facts are these more people will be working there'll be fewer people needing food stamps. There will be more people getting more paid. Because they are working. There'll be more taxes you pay because people are working in pain tat that there is a going to be the fact that people will remember and I hope that's what they remember. When their voting they're gonna remember that tees I'm now working. Now I actually have a better chance at a successful. You know kind of Gooding com may be making it into bigger homes may be buying a car now all those things that people just want the basics stuff. That's what they're gonna actually start being able to deal so hopefully that's how they vote. Oh and by the way I don't think they're gonna be giving back bonuses that they are now receiving from these big you know hungry corrupt corporations in America right now mean they're not gonna give the money back. Capped by a thread page ought to be strangers to show what a good call. Take care and that's a big leap by the way that somebody texting it's a big leap. That's a big leader taking that trump has always truthful I don't remember saying that but okay no one picks the country there are born into that's true. We ought to be glad we were born here no doubt in sympathize instead for the most part in the last desirable places. Be wary of reincarnation. I really. Where are not sympathetic to those people yet it isn't clear if I favor I didn't know left to capture this guy has donated all kinds time in my in resellers of them as well on. To help those folks are but you know the fact of the matter is. And it's. That's a tough job is I think I think it was and that happens men and that's let you get that second number you know we cannot bring all these people here the that was the EP the matter for what has. So there's a jar them and alms and in his only one of them in Paris plays and some just let Molly and and Angola Guinea Ghana as a lead and you don't get the one that's always a passer and right but the fact is we cannot bring all these people here. I am I and I need to know I am I happy it was discovered some of them have we have in this country. I do I am do I sympathize to those seem absolutely I do the fact is. We can't bring them all here they have to make their plays that are they have to make their own place but Brooklyn I'd like someone to Colin and just give us a sense of how many Izzy Duff how many people are our should be allowed. Let's just open the borders and how many people should we allow and Chile just let it never and should it be 102050. Million people let's let them flow right and should there be a point where you say enough is enough and how about all the people who are in mind legally to get them. Are we supposed to just say you know let. That just just come on end don't don't worry about the process that you've been part of for three and a half here aside and we do want the good stuff and that right 8030930. Star 930. The need their help throughout the week folks this is a place for money meets politics extreme 31515. I would like to talk about some inspiring quotes from mr. Martin Luther King. Slightly on Monday and that. Some really amazing you look back at some of the quotes. Lou I again I can't help but think this guy would about a conservative that I. Look back at some of the growth please tell you and I think he was a problem solver you know he is out there had a big game you know ahead of everybody just trying to be a leader out. And that you don't leave me young Hampshire nobody agrees on everything mr. Trump's announcement. He certainly it has a problem solver just like. And the LK junior was yet do we want a president that speaks the truth or one that is politically correct data with real ninth real stock and I trees or on assault on. 1806169236. Of course when it's your financial questions that in a few. Calls about Joseph you and your money today so I uses as a resource here again 8030930. Stock nine freezer on a cellphone and wanted hundred. 6169236. Michael almost a little like cape like in studio with us and we are these financial guys news radio 930 WB yeah. Already welcome back he's ready at 930 W media and Mike Loma skeletal financial guys my K flick in studio financial guys team I am gonna come up with something in his. I shall guys sounds like two of us and there's like eighteen of us now so. A user team as a resource folks extreme 31515. If you think like us. We say to each and every day we get to work with people Monday through Friday that are awesome I mean that we are clients are family. We love them dearly and other friends that and they think like us right so that's cool and a by the way how I hats off to chick filet I think they have this week or so they are the most profitable. Food fast food retail chain and a country running out. They can stick to their own values and still make money right in shut down on Sunday asked a profitable so yeah it's not that we've actually Matty and have been out of town before and we we love chick filet and I I offer Sundays were Sana let's go. It does sound tennis and god at that. Some good some really cool tax covenant that we should all go on unemployment because Nancy Pelosi said that for every dollar unemployment pay it out generates a dollar fifty in economic activity. Chris you're a genius that's a clinic yeah and and I actually think that's what the goal is in the near state rate to have Miley get companies left here in the you know just the government is this at a rally for your paycheck. Ask people how many refugees are living next door to them another great test attacks Kress yes exactly where we're gonna put them in Republican neighborhoods very conservative neighborhoods none of the Democrat and they're not living next to Andrew Cuomo put him next to Nancy Pelosi has isn't she in a neighborhood where refugees would be welcome it's I mean he not fifth and why gated why can't other countries take some of these people another great tax that's exactly right why can't other countries fix amusement or twenty trillion dollars and that mean we're we're not exactly wealthy. With that Powell is rampant immigration or just be allowed to people in Europe European countries done Phnom Halas networked via next time we will run out of money taking care of all these needy people at ad spot. We are twenty. Trillion dollars in debt remember on mr. Obama's that it was unpatriotic to be an eight through a trillion. Are six trillion or whatever was at that point. Twenty trillion dollars in debt we are rock. Ranked not to mention all pioli crisis I mean this is not this is almost like a national it is a national crisis and people come from different countries they're not bowl. They're not Ollie needed just. I don't food and and jobs and education some of them are election actually trying to do bad things and their due and it add things to our young people itself. Now this is the yeah we only want rich immigrants you are disgusting yet that's exactly right that's the only downside people I'll just like that's what Donald Trump said he he's only. He's only taking on the brown skinned people of our of our world as he's bigoted and he's a racist no he he didn't say. If not I want good people went on a pair of the rich right I like qualified people that's what we wanna break. I don't want people who are gonna put my life from my family's life in danger I want the best of the best that's what we want here. What has Frontline tell me when he went and what lies it's a good point. It's funny that was the caller before it for the text before it's. You know lines Donald Trump those lines and I don't I don't I don't see that but. You know he might not agree with everything he says but at least he's Tony when he thinks let's go back to the phones here at 803 on at 30 start and I entries are real it's welcome Robert first. From buffalo howry Robert. Yeah I'll thank you for technical yeah. Yeah. Down in Haiti. A year ago and had one other or is I would aboard aircraft here maybe it would blow up their helicopters. And the food and there is down medical supplies. For people. Which are often want to sound any. They appear to later another round number oh miles. And we see things things we withdraw law even the remarks and workers failed. On the black market and who was so it was low time gangsters or the arm Rio. Video premiere. I. Without too today unreal. It never forget that CNET and even. Achieved so. Orders down the chain and grab on to ground because so. Accurate and offer another box of candidates are so she's unreal. I was seventeen years will never forget. That just say put me. Orders for over a country's. They're run by a peace people. All their population in line. Most of their army is not for defense sister defense. For themselves these premier. It's just like Libya. And we spent a lot of money helping these people out for four weeks. And we continue to help these people out of work compassionate country via but they also want to get out of those countries because they're not the next place the stolen and the threat. That's right and the comments he made were not directed towards of people themselves they were directed towards the country's and they are bad places. Right just be honest with a call what and this. They thinks you're saying is yeah thanks Robert. Those people. They don't even have running water. The aids epic carried out on. And street and one clearly that's gonna watch out of the ocean you know terrible low running water or toilets. It and I blame the government for this girl off themselves and their bodies. Yeah big government places. But thanks take care night. 803093 host and answers are over on cell phone 1806169236. And Nazi added in new fame with sneak that in. At Dallara that is that right. Aaron on it on the call screen and says he ED dvd. There could look at it the whooping them. At. You're live as other ugly helped. What I'd like to know is why. These last year. Don't realize. What it's like in the rest of the world we live in the country and this ball mark. On this planet. And they're thrown out the side. They don't know what it's like to not hear running water or electric. Tragedy. Or salt all or even old landline yeah that's right. When are they gonna wake up. And really do research. And you know what now you can Cold War. How and go on through the like Somalia. Or I ran. And look at the streets in the air for structure that they. All people who run extension cord for hundreds of pretty. They're trying to earn not a light or whatever and their apartments are all. These people realize. There are present and well there is doing it's what we've of people miracle on him to do I don't want your sugar coated. And I don't want life to be old to me like like it's been in the year and what don't go on what our president. Well on Donald. Over around the world. Trash popped it. Obama never right now he didn't. He numbers he network I'll never lied. A system where we're gonna work what they're forced to lower your premiums but when it 500 dollars per family per year. Again it's scientists. And and I guess it was erroneously deadlocked. Yet and as Smart people America I'm not yet. Americans hours. And a Democrat. On dot I mean you hit the ball. Democratic line via I'm a Democrat I Bernard Democrats. In 1970. Right that's right and and I mean I've worked all all my life. Yeah great great play at. Awesome all we will let you go there were up against the breaker let me leave you with a quote from Dr. Martin Luther King. The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience but where he stands at times of challenge. And controversy. And that to me he says they look at don't sit around and wait for handouts and wealth there. Make your situation batter they may have you batter and make everything around you better. We got to take a quick break here on news radio 930 WB and John Cabin John Nelson I promise threat hammer the falls and we get back here. 8030930. Stock and I'm pretty zero. The following is paid programming. Securities offered to pick brokerage LLC where a funeral SIPC investment advisory services offered through independent solutions wealth management the financial guys an independent solutions are not an affiliate to pick brokerage services LLC the political views and they should not reflect the views of peak brokerage the show was not intended to provide specific legal tax investment or other professional advice please consult a professional for your specific situation this radio shows for informational purposes only and is not intended to solicit or recommend any particular security information discusses obtained from sources believed to be reliable but its accuracy and completeness or not guaranteed. I never mind up. Thank you very much for coming out. And lurking. Hiking area can you hear on. You me your tired. Of war. Your home masses yearning to be really great. So. This executive order. This would mean spirited. You can assure. Business mode no room. Location it's. So move mile lose. Between. One sure you're there. Is that correct and I don't have the exact dimensions picked up your point sir I think Guam is us. N everything this land is your land again until they get this sound that your house. And. Yeah. The. He's. It's time to. The financial guys waiting. The local investment professionals in my. Registered representatives with corporate services LLC. Yeah. I already welcome back mis read united thirty W the end Michael almost a little financial guys like a click in studio with me today. Certified Social Security claiming strategist formally for in the entire state. So if you need them Mike's help throughout the week also everybody in the office really his retirement planning expert but. We all have different specialties and if you wanna use us as a resource extreme 315156331515. Well you know I'm. It just essentially pull the couple clients that it's becoming the norm for people come in into our office and actually see more than one person to attract a mean I say more about half of the people come to our office now they say Eric Mike now that we're done we're gonna go see. Brains and anchor Allen just in a we're gonna go see Tom can now though we need to update our will and sometimes people come into our office and it's it's funny because calcium and I'll say. Oh my gosh my seniors to mpeg LA I guess you. Don't know we're here to see hairy now we're here to see April so. That's great that's like attacks coming in by the way keep them going 3930. That intro is priceless. Feeling that yeah I do like an introvert that you saw me time is still makes me laughs that's who mr. fan. Circus music is look at me why don't we need to spend millions helping the homeless. Obama had the greatest economy in history Chris is on fire a lot of that's right that's why they cared that I know he cured the sea levels he certain featured global warming. Because it's freezing all over the country this week including snow and it's that it's Snowdon Paula this is true yes no good people come from those countries and that's the only laughter it's immigrants into the break that it's not he said definitely mean a following text actually it's funny the following text actually answers that question. And he says you know what it's in the interest of national security. Which is the president's number one priorities side absolutely spot dot payments so we talk about. You know do we want to have all rich people come on don't be adding we want. That's what I want to like good people they want the American dream they don't work for like like a lot of people that yet and they've they went work work work for or work forty million people in a lot of food stamps. Able bodied people bring that could. Look the track could drive a truck could weld. Could be an electrician or plumber instead they sit home and do nothing and I have so many clients so many people come in and and we talked about the style. Some people legitimately. Could probably take off and made eagle on Social Security disability some people. Really really do need help us to deference renders and different and they don't mean nails out or don't they don't work that's right AD to battle through it they say now I gotta do this I can do this fight through it yet and then there's others who just they never even know working and admitted that the life was like able bodied people that just did choose to sit at home and abuse and so on speaking of some of our leadership in our department's we're gonna go the full line threw to second and wanted to sneak in. April heart love April he must agree ears ringing. I April are your ears ringing we were talking about it before us from the called in about the paid family leave and and saw them. I'm assuming that's all clear calling in help Soledad. I expected back around and I was less than yours. Armed. That's hot topic yeah really what it would mean. How are cracking and that person called and that's true if you're covered under the part of the year disability he expects or disability he be out. The writer and that plan. Here covered under media you automatically apps do. And that starts to when he 182018. January want some aspects are getting now. I don't barriers are adding that writer Aaron to their you know policies so most groups are now have gotten about and it's a line item you'll see it there. Yeah that's a dynamic based on salary it's white ones who experts plan in the employee salary. Remarks about six. And the benefits by understanding is they're going to be phased in over the next four years and at some point you'll be able to take off twelve weeks with 67% here today. And everybody could afford that that's that's what my that's what I love you love about your state in the liberals like Andrew Cuomo they just assume that you deal with businesses every day all day really I mean that's your you know. You're helping small medium and large has companies with their health insurance plan. And some of these folks are doing really well Colin can afford to absorb costs like hey you wanna take off twelve weeks no problem but a lot of them can't bring you see these somebody's cup if Europe. I'm very small margins and you're trying to help them the best you've got to do their health insurance just so they can make ends meet at the end of the day. Right and then in I think our governor are looking saying it's not it's not a huge cost when you look at the clock but they're out looking at behind the scenes you've got. Imply it would they're gonna do for eight week. Via train somebody right you've gotta absorb all cost now both hot written you off the picture that you're a group that your vote informed. The employees and a and. Yeah and the best part is after that it knew that that person's come speculate about the other one Lucas even at and pay for the unemployment insurance and it's not etched it's not a big constant and to call now. Now since he does is is private helicopter will be just fine. Yet. Are any companies that are out there that are confused something they do need to educate employees and that's an actual ticket in the post terror. This was not an air quality but they simply can't block. I think we do at the financial IDB without him the start with the basics okay weirder. What information and make sure that they are in place to be I can't you that you think about it most business owner of the market here on operators. They're out in the field and they're going turkeys on the war. And they need somebody cook I'll ask that stopped and that's what I do. Yeah you know it's funny Al neighborly UNL this week and Brian we're educating me I'm not HR 360. Languages. A tool that you give two years to our clients when they sign up for health insurance. And it really helps a human resource director keep up on some of the stuff I. It is a great resource if it ever stayed there and it's on our compliance forms. The plate more bark. With the tax rate change hanging there with just under our age that you get Olympics. And become my client you'd get so that's something that financial ties it to our I have. Because here. I never. Yeah absolutely appear interest and by the way and you need April's pulpit for small medium or large size company you don't feel like you're getting the service from your insurance person. I assure you April over sort of achieve its cheapest and I'm not on the phone helping and but that's what people love it. The number 6331515. April appreciate your help us out. And I know you'll be live in studio with a sort of the next few weeks and they end on the TV show on WG RZ. Awesome thanks April haven't illegal CM and C Tuesday when it markets global yeah right see Tuesday and take terrible thanks. 63315156331515. We've got to take a break promised John Cabin John Nelson stick with me here stick with the us. We'll get to the full lines we come back 8030930. Start 930 I due in the talk for into the show. Trump picks a delicious cherry about the economy. From an other that otherwise not terrific pulled muscles on oh Washington Post. Basically ticketing and not have trump he was saying hey. In the new quinnipiac poll bowl on quinnipiac poll sorry it's 66% of people feel the economy it's excellent or good. That is the highest number ever Kirk recorded by this poll 66% so of course the Washington Post takes a shot at them. Saying well let's see he's he's he's he's just he's just cherry picking while that's why that's a pretty damn good cherry. And and and good economy that that solves a lot of problems steadily winning right here wining team right all the little bickering and all the other little problems they address aren't that important any now or read a good economy means people are working people more money to spend on people are generally a little more happy than death. And message sink 6% of people feel the economy is excellent or good right now. That's the highest number ever. Recorded pretty pretty of course the Washington Post can't find anything good about that do us a quick break up but when up memorial 30930 stock and its regional. We do manage money for a living 6331515. If you need us throughout the week. He just heard from one of our experts there if for higher pay April Karloff. You're looking for insurance or over Medicare by the way if you're turning 65. And you're in within like that six three month window and call Brian call Alan in our office call Kerry 6331515. As the number and of course retirement planning that's really the heart and soul of the of the financial guys that's the foundation. But it's funny. Well you know people think retirement planning a lot of times their investments they think just stocks and on left part of it. And it's a big part of that but you gotta look at the overall pitcher enough so we do is not everything you know you ask yet we can we can just watch you through those really important transitional moments of boy even if you just got a job in your match or how to accumulate your wealth what plans they Oxford look at what he would do how do you use these tax deferred plans. BD is tax free Roth kind of yeah options and we can go through all of that accumulation phase in these are the to the harvesting Fijian harvesting come here. You've got to we've got to maximize Social Security redden and of course is Jay Blanchard says a lot yeah that's all important but then you got to take out of the right pockets that retired and he got to figure out as this you know you and it's to Astor goal is is point it's not what you make its importance which he -- you keep it doesn't acts optimization and now of course now we have new tax reform laws were all going to be trying to figure out what does this mean to us outs and down nets will be open are going by the way I'm Charles asked her early 6327886. Write her health. And we'll have actually when her professionals and our office you'd call history 31515. We have a number of different. Tax advisors that can help the financial guys office if your interest in Africa. Real quick break here and Israeli united thirty double B and we're gonna pump through the fault lines we come back Mike Lomas illegal financial guys like you applicants to be. I guarantee. If you have insurance they like then. You will be able with lieutenant. You got a doctor that you want you will be able to your doctor. Lot of that it has determined that was. Not quite. 108030930. Star magic zero Michael almost illegal financial guys. My kick the can studio with us if your listen. On line like a man can safely Manny is Max or listen into the show and they're entertained by the circus music and and the is this Mike Honda I actually had and is this Mike Dunn moment that night is that what I didn't have my nine earlier in the dead of a Nancy Pelosi moment you did so after you. I'll never hear that a lever to the under Julie just saying please saying silly thing in this atlas Atlanta's lead Orlando man you think frank let's deleted frank and many hastily. You are laugh. And of those slander OK okay other Mike's. Back then if those awful violence only Powell that. He does it could be afraid to look at we love you but your American Idol days are far that has. Far from Ferraro bill bill quit your age out right. For listening ally we appreciated yes from me. Many it's a nice job rent to weekends out of tonight's it's an old age in many hits like your father is a certified Social Security claiming strategist by the way one of only. Four in the entire state. That's right that's right yet give any questions about those security claiming. I'm sometimes it's as easy as saying yes he turned sixty to go ahead and get the benefit other times maybe it's not so simple because you have a pension. You wanna keep working might have us policy might be widowed you might be divorced you might actually have dependence that. Could benefit from Social Security benefits so there's all sorts of on cases that I and I can help people left and and really get down to all the details that passed. Not fit for you and so that we can make the best decision and not someday look back and say darn it I wish I'd have known GAAP. 6331550. Like us on FaceBook follow us on Twitter at Finn guys in a website these financial guys that com don't forget the THE the financial mess that we just clean of some attacks here love this when I was thinking of moving to Canada had to demonstrate that. I had worked skills they need it. Do you think the Republican congressman ever change laws to focus on work skills instead of focusing and thinking immigrants from four countries thanks Paul you nailed it on up slowly Lama I just know that text about. That text about only wanting rich people was from angry John from buffalo. At RB. The they Chris it's not a big cost just like when the sales tax went up it's just it's just a tiny bit that. Our company has ten employees if we had to cover of them all with the insurance we would close down or how can that Pia play every. Small business owner was wealthy it's not that be right. Of those two of those this is that those opposed to the border wall debate likewise always leave their cars and homes unlocked and of course of course I know those are the folks with the tallest fences and allied veterans anchor at the grade what a great example of true. Thank you for having April on about family leave you got it yeah that was a great job. And they don't want and don't worry about the illegals voting democratic they won't vote you'll work. That there's just security either phone mine epithet at. At the Accuray boy and Jeff says that reducing better than those little. Our best collective phones beatles' 0930 started freezer on the south John John and and 3930. If your IP by the text of civil sort of top job in ten more years great thanks for patiently waiting to. I'm doing a lot of guys I played all right but it plundered pocket out. Out the other democratic strategy of art and has been. The clear air or what is going on right now especially in New York California. And I want to talk. Well it's working in the thirteenth hitting California right o'clock Piven strategy bankrupt the country album certainly in the bankrupt the states right. Yeah save us save us that was all strategy behind Obama care right. It was never meant to work it was just it was meant to Fallon animals say. Nobody can afford insurance we have to go with single player right there by by the late 50000. Surgeries canceled. Last week and in Britain. Not a money. Ski snout or can to sorry John. Why exactly how understated and also that if you look now aren't California are going after he got it workers are a quick update for the national books and immigrants. Yup yup they're gonna be they're gonna do they're gonna have to figure out more more than a broad and here I say I go over paid family leave all these little things that they're gonna continue to try to. You know it's not say their taxes but you know get into our pockets right here there's a new law being built right on the New York Pennsylvania border Andrew Cuomo's got to build a while keeping it simple keep people in I was otherwise I Wear out say John we worked with a lot of folks right and I I have never heard so many folks tell us they're going to be moving over the next ten years. As I have. In the last night a year I've had so stay in that so many clients who sadly now how does that that living out of the state for 51%. Of the time work on this network where I won't have to pay the taxes any mark as we can now we're just we're fed up here. Well that might as it relates to my next question is is that you know. The Democrats complain about corporate tax rate you know there was one recent market is that he's not the tickets or or does and yours you know. Because I mean if you think about it falcons are companies compete and AI you know. But how much and I market that started to be in control but tax exempt multinational corporation. Well the biggest problem and what doses of either when it comes to tax rates. We have the highest tax rates in the free world corporate tax rates are now but just to do much more reasonable level. The Republicans did a really really crummy job on the personal income tax rates mean it didn't touch the capital gains tax rates. But I do believe that lower rates are the key right I mean. You know giving people back more of their own money is in the vast stimulus you can give to an economy there's no filter to a there's no government agency stealing net. Oh we needed to be way more aggressive on the personal side some very disappointed with the with the Republicans on that side. Agree with the corporate side the low pressure. The fact is 40% tax rates these companies are telling you we have to leave this money overseas you know if we don't we're gonna get sued. We have to do a senator shareholders' best interest Wiig if with that money is over they're getting taxed at 20% we can't bring it back here in Texas for him. Tell photograph and are foreigners are remittances and not United States and the vast bulk of our money echoes out of our country. I threw it on the French and immigrants. I've thanks for it off thanks John. Yeah happy and I I think it's it's. It's it's like we all have to weigh how power the tax reform the new rules in effect us well. Maybe they're not going to be perfect for all of us but boy and we certainly not to be perfect for New York California though right now and we're gonna get world. A lot of us are gonna pay higher tax rates right rhetoric and that's that's not because of the federal tax rules. It is because we're not I can be able elect or state tag team that's because their state is dysfunctional right California. They are leaving just like they are in New York meets Florida Idaho we're looking to fill these people in Florida. Could that they're not going to be able to Annika and and they're gonna drift over to Texas in Tennessee and a wild airline as an you know. An NN and I guess you don't like we said the are all look the liberal minded people out there when they see their for a one k.s going up by ten and fifteen and 20% over the next several years. And again give all that money back. No no they're gonna be pretty happy about it man puncher. It gets a quick break would continue to pound through the phone calls or stick with us Kathy now Kathy Kathy Nelson's I'm Kevin Gary. Will be inaccurate news radio 930 WB and Mike Loomis Mikey put in studio with us financial guys. Good afternoon. Oh who is here musicals that some Bob Seger biopsy area thank you can't supplement my couldn't figure it can't both left for him with them from the bully. That Tom who's them. I think risky business Allison risky business WA was at the signing saying I can't remember his in his underwear. I don't remember I think you're right yeah I might be I think. Access let. If we don't ninth feel that. Important stuff here and they don't write thirty WB at that. 8030930. Start and I entries are on self when it is roughly folks 6331515. If you think like us you want interview our team of professionals. Again 6331515. I think you print this out forming New York City sues oil companies over climate change gives us another innovative way by New York to raise revenue. It's sue the big oil companies spent the climate change in fact and they fight they called global warming this week it was a crisis in the office I as I saw people coming in. I was saying hurry hurry get in in my office it's global warming at sixty degrees out. An element yesterday of course they said hurry hurry get and it's it's the icing agents it's gonna happen that's going to be Alcatel later eight. It in a lineup that's New York yet in our New York City is taking on the oil industry on two fronts yes announcing a lawsuit Wednesday. Ed blames the top five oil companies for contributing to global warming him now meanwhile New York City is frozen this week the coldest it's ever that right ever man. And saying the city will sell off billions in fossil fuel investments from the city's pension fund yeah Democrat mayor build the laws you received immediate. Blowback from some of the companies while winning praise from environmentalists and others. At least they did if they did admit the lied here in global warming it's the coldest. The coldest it's ever been in the united states of our current gas the other not moving investments not because maybe tack is the better investment these days. They did it they're getting back at the fossil fuel are you sound earlier bringing the fight against climate change straight to the fossil fuels companies that says this is a greater this guy and analysis Scott stringer comptroller he says safe scattered in their retirement our city's police officers teachers and firefighters is our top priority. And we believe that their financial future is linked to the sustainability of the planet I think it's on the left on earth does let me and pensions are gonna go way if an zero. Then then the the entire that's gonna blow up because a global warming we need to carry into the galaxy right now if that we need and that's the case that. Did not I didn't care about the money what the heck are they how they make that leap. The sustained inability of the planet is linked to the future of those pensions and Bosnia like throughout the liberals can't say the truth I think again that's the truth and erratic catch. Truth is out of cash the big the big global warming lies they've got to. Then the values that and hide behind that and just you know try to turn try to extort some money out of the Chevron and ConocoPhillips and ExxonMobil here's here's their here's their reaction from Linda Kelly she senior vice president General Counsel of the National Association of Manufacturers a trade group and and she called the lawsuit a stunt she says. Erratically this attack on energy manufacturers comes at a time that New Yorkers. Have depended on natural gas and heating oil to carry them through the recent extreme cold and the mayor's announcement may raise his profile but it will do nothing to address climate change and will ultimately fail. Good for you and a victory. I heard again and top of the bar bottom of the hour there's 200 million dollars coming from your state to fight almost us. On tonight's what percentage of that 200 million accident is gonna it's an almost. Plus and why that's when he grant a gripped by a lesson on what he present for sure yet. Heavily under an eighty million I don't know we set up a website for honor and I am solar a we set up a web sites of the homeless people to go to look ligament and have computers from me if I'm not yet let's start over. At the pilots that do a study led to let's again hit the phone lines here let's welcome Nelson has been patiently waiting Nelson how artists that are. And pass Mike in my can regulate also. Our whole offices like half of our office is Mike in complete all the women are married to Gary's Garrett Brett and joke is that if you if you got away if you worked for the financial guys he probably should change your named Mike if you wanna marry one of the financial gals and Ian have anemic here. Mr. I'm looking for that in the what it accuses. People under and set him up. At the I'm an old order but let's say. The other thing going and credit is my calls and slash buckle. That you're going to shoot our country and I can assure you you guys are looking into all over country and because people don't know where only. East or do you is an hour. Right yeah. I. The point that they don't want to talk about the we vote on CNN and C. Brokers so well what are the flow. And I'm. Lemon guys news. The black justice on call. He predicated on what that conversation in this comment that try and redeem. With these terms of black and brown. That can. And and I'm asking myself. It is true racists. And two leaders are concerned you need people like him. And some of those people get a races in their own right. Although the biggest racists out there right. But that's what makes a money reds fan the race slams that's what makes some cash right. Al Sharpton makes millions of dollars by the way not paying any to the IRS I have no idea how he's not in jail you and I Nelson will be in jail. Might you be in jail but somehow oil sharpens out mountain knows Sierra six million dollars yet. A guy that we should begin to change the conversation and does it seem charm against. I'm curious. Because we are being well I think the gracious thing is I'm up on that not only plan. He becomes stronger and stronger and we he's got charm also come back yes. You know what it is though it Nelson it's only easy way to try to argue with someone it's just it's it's an and I think as soon as they say they say you're racist your big did. They basically have ended the argument there's no way to argue with someone like that you'd you'd just on you don't have as a fighting chance there. You might have the best argument in the world he might have all the facts in the world. And as soon as they say you're racist they've basically slammed the door in your face. And they don't want to hear and anymore crap and by the way Donald. Comes track record is anything but racist he's hired actually more. Black people that Obama did but of course he has Zach Johnson back in a pick that story up the good news is nobody really watches CNN there's more people listening to this radio show now. In Western New York than watching CNN across the country so yeah. And C yeah I do it's a little bit to dislike a current record just turn and I can't turn it off for second nights. My my daughters as wire he's wearing on TV you know legal moves on so. In Alison thanks for the call but he'll be strained to show. Okay thanks thanks Nelson let's pump to the phone lines here let's well come. Teach Kathy in Somerset howry Kathy. I'm good how are you were great he can't be. I wanted to mention I do what it outweigh united trump but I do want to mention New York City not simply the oil companies and I wonder. The bleeding heart on environmentalists. Fire and and according to all those birds being chopped up. I the Windmills. Hunt hundreds of thousands by the way we have the number lastly unless it was something like 800000 birds got their heads cut off Lester animals. That's exactly right it never reported on CNN. I want it to or birds. I wanted to Laden's stated. As far as I'm concerned I would like to have a Smart president instead of up politically correct line and I'm offer. Trump is not Ali is this. You know telling the truth and I'm wondering about the 200 million for homeless is that true legal homeless or legal homeless. Well I'm sure there's no documents or anything Hampshire there's no accountability and that so. You know that the sad thing about being homeless and it's not a joke there's homeless people there that need help. And and these people are mentally ill most of them are mentally ill ray. It deeds unum from there it's it's a live from illegal yet but to live there's there's places that they can go get help and there's jobs out there. That that people need to hire may mean you know so but you look at those folks and to build on the house that's not gonna work they're gonna walk out of the house and I can pay their bills right they need. Mental help. Exactly. And in one more thing. I'd like to mention is that Como shouldn't say that trump doesn't. Understand the country calm mode doesn't understand his own state got more than the ones it's going to be on my way to tendencies so I hope you guys opened up. Yeah yeah. Yeah we we will be there actually all we actually do have a lot of clients in Tennessee you'll have to listen to us online if I I would know how good. That's that's funny we have a very big presence online now and WB and that common that it's just people that you know have left Western New York it's a lot of reconnect back with her hometown and still get that sense of though hometown feeling instantly they listen online to slow her. Kathy I think were also willing to tell Donald Trump Pulitzer for it out of his mouth once in awhile you know all that's that's OK here's here's the other thing though it's funny because people there's the the talk about you know Donald Trump being honest right. It doesn't mean you have to agree with Donald Trump and you know he's just he's coming from a size telling you what he thinks. As opposed to some polished politics you know who did the professional politicians like. Well we just went through for eight years who you know you know was was you know prim and proper and beautiful and right now and in. Hillary Clinton who is out there she's gonna help the poor people meanwhile she's got a suit on that's 6000 dollars right. And as she's a she's gonna tell you exactly. What what rely she possibly can you know just like Obama or you gonna keep your doctor. There's of the premiums will be lower right and and we on the that was a much regard sometimes I was under sniper fire you were not understood from now got an idea of you waving in right sometimes it's those those most polished people yet to be most suspicious of let's just like it sees it sounds too good to be true half to analyze it was he figured actors get them announcing plan now. Exactly eight thanks for the call and they came. Things can't. We'll see how about the new long Kentucky no worker training program no free money. That's right me lava. Plummet how about the one and now Florida two years ago they sent. He while welfare for the drug test you 35% of the people grow up a while for a first week there aren't a lot of other okay. We're probably just a coincidence then that probably not actually on drugs just a coincidence yet and of course let's stick with the phone lines here let's slums gonna go in order Kevin Hamilton our athletic. Hey chip into it. Written treating. Her here and Marian do yeah it is that it. They cannot be pretty Africa actually do think that it can update it. That currency question into mediation should Robert did encourage people we do that. Four alert gentleman's sport under. You quoted Martin Luther King familiar are my mom. Our sport other people Martin Luther King wanted to conservative while he had no doubt about it optimistic. And still is he didn't change. Our republic. But. It would network side that this is what they are. They actually you let me tell you one of his other cool quotes are cut and if we are not careful our colleges will produce a group of close minded on scientific. Illogical. Propagandist consumed with immoral acts be careful rather than. Be careful teachers who sounds a lot like the university of Berkeley doesn't it could ever happen. That's amazing hello if if we could only have him here right now identity be shoulder to shoulder with Donald Trump saying I will be their for the battle to go battle the inner city problems in the gangs yet. Boy we need him right now I'm. Yeah and rightly so holes that they'll trump spoke a boat it is nothing but sure it's what you want. In Jamaica in the US no you know what some major concern of you meet prince right now. It limited US yeah I move rates yeah first or 80s60. Thirteen people killed in Germany where he Trinidad are. That's what literature that there are you get more work is it's up to like forty now with the first we. Yeah via an end to that point right when you win these peoples have value only want people give them a that the disease the president's number one job is security and safety. And we need to bring people in that we can weaken that and make sure they're gonna be a good part of our society not a bet. I say all those people are bad but we had number one priority is to keep us safe. I well can leave your final thoughts Eric. Diego well let's say they are here so that private property be armed people and to bring it from ET IC. To look what we expect if it if Kevin thanks that would culminate talent at. Happy new year and that and so stick with a Pulitzer John Rochester are down. They like him like I'm doing well you don't battered and good note writer corporate joke or two are sick man you are so sick man. But I think that it's unbelievable. Good for you and you live in the right place and you live in the right yeah that's what I know who would you let it last week it was less nearly before it was like. Negatives and now elected I didn't feel my fingers from the lock from the higher end and I was a good reference points that at all this with a sick man. But outside the trump comments so it's unbelievable the media is out of control. A product controlled Dick Durbin. Well I think it was in their meeting. And it was sort of a big smile at accused trump would make in the camera yup Robert Dick Durbin his famous comic calling air American soldiers and Ira Nazi. Yeah yeah well what a what ever happened to the decency of a closed meeting right. Like look at you now. We're gonna swing it out and here we're gonna work things out we're not gonna agree with everything but will we leave the room our conversations our conversations what ever happened to have a decency act. Well Durbin and he Dick Durbin truly of this column. Back. If you go to used to be probably the end YouTube when he made 6 am calling our. Girls and I ran back yet we went to shame on them media chain my net it's smaller yeah but but you know. What you brought a good point. What we need for the refugee crisis are saying they'll say yeah that's right won't help financial. But. It did at the tightness that we have done our fair share by by fire and tie this stuff. Is the immigration. Crisis that we have especially illegal immigrants well. In the federal prison right now. Our federal prisons that are inundated. With man's citizen's. Criminals in the federal president. In fact I think I've seen as I used to like a let's play. Certain groups so illegal immigrants that are in this country. Being. Comprised instead of their part let's say comprise 3% of the population. In a federal prisons they're only three or 4500%. Right all. Right away India the beauty of that is an agenda beauty of that is that we have no rooms and prisons just send them back to their country. Right let's open up some room don't exactly get the job that play. It's a total joke. As you know a needle in these liberals right of them Corsican attacking you don't know how are OK let's bring them all land let's bring every single one of them over but we can't do that why not well some of them are bad. Okay well guess what we don't have a very good process of letting these people that we don't right we can't even look at their FaceBook page the joke. And it's it's unbelievable it you've got these that citizens of illegal immigrants in the media make. The state at all time well. Illegal immigrants were very cold one docket immigrants they are less. Commit crimes than the typical American would just follow what you look at just the federal prison population it's unbelievable yeah. Cesar Chavez who would he's one of my girls back in the sixty. These Russia or the united farm worker. And he's tonight so I kinda and they Hispanic. In history in America but again I it would implicate a against illegal immigrants he would actually form these. More quicken the vintage on what the federal government the borders. In California and I think to some other states. To deter illegal immigration because he's been number one. More illegal immigrants more. Even legal immigration that there all old people don't play the what do you feel of American. Yep absolutely well enough forty million MP3 people on food stamps I think we can. We we don't need more right we need people the we need to get those people jobs. That's right yes right in hey John thanks for the clear cut your join us in studio next week's. And equal pressure I take it when it goes shuttle. The F Coachella that allowed John you can read up from Rochester to buffalo you help me. That they think that I think we lost islet cell lets them blow off this break it's clearly ideal miss the time anyways. While if you need a throughout the week folks who don't a lot of followed the show 63151560. Tree. 1515. In. Use this as a resource whether it's a retirement planning estate planning doing you wanna do wills healthcare proxies we have an in house attorney. A health care we talked a heart off before. If you have a small medium size company large company and you're not getting serviced when your health insurance use April as a resource. They have a 401K plan just fine expert in the 401K planning field. You know if you have a phone cable and by the way a lot of times we work we're independent we work and every program out there that I can think of you know a lot of times is not a matter of changing your old plan as just a matter of us putting our name on one or document or at a but we can help service that plan really give your employees the education that they need. Comes to health insurance April's talked about before we have a system called HR 360 it will alert you every single month and updates and changes and and it will really be a huge extension to your home carrier human resource departments up certified Social Security claiming strategists and that's sitting right next to me. I use him as a resource if you're turning 65 Brian Janet Medicare. If you're turning 65 few months before called off Bryant Allen Carrey. Use or Medicare team as a resource 6331515. And we'll have some tax folks in our office Dana from EG taxes and our office to do so if you wanna pop in that a lot of times people like to protect your turn in the financial planning office. Because there's time you know I may be they need to fund and Feyerick countermeasures are taxes were way. Are some tax reporting you know we we can sometimes look that right up for people yeah I'm. 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Like us on FaceBook follow us on Twitter at fending guys and a website the financial guys that come don't need to THE I coach. We better let's say let's go back to the phones we've talked about. So make sure we got all these article I you're cities out of money solar suing you know companies over global warming by the often yeah I guess finally and I played on frozen my day Martin Luther King Jr. being celebrated during some good quotes by Martin Luther King Jr. yep. That's stuff I favorable on the ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience. But where he stands at times of challenge and controversy Lola. And that nowhere in that statement doesn't say a man is better by having government handouts the man is better by getting upping challenging themselves being somebody. That's right and I think that's the real difference when you liberals try to attack us and say we have no heart. I actually think it's the opposite I believe in people I think we are great. I think people do need to have a purpose in life. I think they can do things that the government tells in the camp that the liberal left Cecil you can't do that you can it's not your fault it is your fault get off the couch and be somebody do something with your life a press help wanted signs all over figure now absolutely oppression is is not creating an environment for people to be successful and that's what they often do little. They'll say now it will take care you know yet you don't need to take care you get that job you're gonna make less than you did sitting at all Lorraine that's the problem right that's the refuge from. I let's let go and order here and continue the phone lines let's welcome bill and Eden howry bill. It had a bunch of rapid fire point and the things with but this is back to what president sent elsewhere if both countries were effective describe them one bit in those countries we try to get to the last and we don't know that's not happening well wait a minute. And the method and that the president was saying remember having my Christian pilgrims you can play which was saying those words yeah. And there are some of the liberals these questions like where would you rather vacationer where which this. He'd be here in Norway. Right governor Poland. How about that the real reason it doesn't have anything to do with race to try to call. The president racist it's corruption poverty and crime as with the reason that's and here's some numbers Haiti has 219. Murders per 100000 residents per year. Norwegian Euro point 56 murders per 100000. Haiti's GDP per capita it's a whopping 739. Dollars and sixty cents with Norway's GDP per capita. 70812. Dollars and 48 cents. The last couple points the Democrat party needs a permanent underclass in order to survive long term. And if you've heard of the rock some road crossing that goes to Canada from New York State. What a bunch of illegals that are crossing. From the United States into Canada Iraq the road crossing now. Well lately I champs in new York and their crimes. Recently there like a lot of people going from Haiti beer Ciampi was saying because. We have a temporary protected status in the US in his earthquake but it. Swearing in the months ago so they had different people that are going to there it looked at a RO act atrium wrote. We are all great call bill think Asia will be strangers show. Continuing the phone lines or is gonna come out and order let's slow from Gary Williams already Gary. They get it's a little less than here that this admiring people like Vincente fox and Jon Baird Aristide from Haiti Cuba and Castro model they're getting rid of all the people that people want. And are you consult is they don't want built illegally and that's back. Right that's right it's. Then. So the people United States have a IQ rules are relaxed. That means they do I have the cognitive ability to do fast food work we don't meet people from countries. Who ever reach Eric I can who is nine your last in this country. Gap in right we can afford to pick the best of the best I say we do that Gary gray caller. All right welcome and in Sanborn and. Al Ahram. Mario good. Okay and caution. Somebody does leave my ex husband really arm he passed away recently and expect to. You know what out of retirement age but worked at his job for 33 years and it retirements. People insist Foster system okay we were married for eighteen years. We got divorced. I didn't Ribery for ten years I've always been very fighters now. And the better off or do I can't which. When it comes time to retire. Who's sort of security oracle. So you did remarry you send. Okay. Maybe I'm eagle on I gonna sit dollar deal to wanna find out what the benefits were so. You have every right to find out what your acts deceased husband's numbers were so if you go to. Go to social security administration and and and let them know Leon I was married to this gentleman I was divorced he's passed away we need to find out what his numbers are. And I'm gonna have to look at your birth dates and what they called their primary insurance amount which is the monthly amount. Bet you in your access and possibly years here you are you are remarried he said. So we have to look at all of this kind of an. No not a real special way it's not that easy to Tim no but yes he might be entitled to something we have to just look at dates and ages and those so those monthly amounts of camp. So Colin said yes 6331515. And just ask for Mike. And I hate fleck and down and let's get together and let's let's hashing out. Think policy call Hannity thanks Larry let's sneak in any real quick and Lancaster India or answer. Could write how Wyatt died in Kuala Andy thank utility. Crockett like this. I got a question I'm really worried about all in. I've got to property. And I'm concerned. That because of the new tax things that went down. With mr. Trump. And arm and an I it's a great thing for this country that that happened yet I'm worried that we're gonna get pitched in New York your real bad we are. And it in this coming I'm worried about them do you think they're gonna compact with their shortcomings. Do you think they're gonna come back and the landowners. Yeah oh absolutely that's right that's I mean Cuomo is these are gonna fix any thing capsule looked hopefully at some point though the taxpayers a wake up. And say enough is enough and start to force them to make the right decision to halt its long term. And he stay tuned for Astor Xia coming up I'm Diana I'm sorry buddy I'd like to go I wish I had more time call me next week on future rate on first thing. All right sorry about that up against the break here mr. Lewis at tax lady it's tax time 6327886. A mathematical skull will see you next week.