1/13 Buffalo Means Business w/ Venture Forth

Buffalo Means Business
Saturday, January 13th

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This is buffalo means business on news radio 930 WB ER and I'm Andy bush over the show is designed to shine a spotlight on local business has a driving force in our lives and if there's a local business or service you'd like to see featured on the program. Send me an email at Randy on bush over @entercom.com. Pleased to have with us Mary Walz director outreach for venture forth for the segment and Mary first things first venture forth is what exactly. Well hi Randi thanks for having us and venture forth is a licensed home care service agency. We provide personal care rates in people's homes for the purpose of helping them to remain independent. Helping them to maintain quality of life. And their ability to be in their home that they have chronic illness or conditions that may make it difficult for them to be on the ground and. Suggest to make sure that I understand this correctly and you you probably do have an office per save you're offices just used to send people out to other places. We have several offices so we ventured forth has actually been in the community for twenty years our corporate office. On our founding offices in Niagara Falls 3900 Packard wrote. That's where we began but since that time we office we also have an office in Rochester now Jamestown. Cuba and bath new York and we have several training sites across the Western New York region so we cover all of the Western New York region. And that growth I imagine over the twenty years so it kind of points out. How big a deal this is the of their home health care realm right. Well this isn't very big deal historically. These services are driven by Medicaid and historically. Medicaid. Really only provided. Financial assistance for individuals to going to nursing homes in 2000 NA a waiver was created under Medicaid. That allow people the opportunity to age in place so community based long term Medicaid. Establish the nursing home transition and diversion waiver. Which allowed individuals that needed assistance to receive the same type of oversight and supervision. They would receive in a nursing home. In their community home hands allowing them the opportunity to stay home and age there. And there are other services that venture forth naturally provides to. That's a fourth. Provides a wide range of services sell for individuals in the community theater experience seeing some sort of need that directly affects their ability to be independent. Board their quality of life. Or their ability to remain in the community as opposed to being institutionalized. We have several programs that allow people to do those so we we on our services are funded under Medicaid. We oversee and write the nursing home transition and diversion waver in our founding mission was the traumatic brain injury waiver. But with managed long term care we also provide personal care rates for people that simply need assistance to remain in their homes so that may be. Personal care or bathing I'm shopping environmental care housekeeping their laundry. Serve task based care and any achingly even those people might be fine and there are around. For people with dementia isn't alzheimer's we can provide up to 24 hour care. Seven days a week and these are that this population of people really needing oversight and supervision. For many people now there's a new program. That allows for a family members to care for loved one this is called the consumer directed personal aide program. And this is a very very important program and an opportunity for the community. Debt is really opening doors for people that potentially may not have been able to receive home care services. This could potentially be because culturally there was a language barrier. And agencies like venture forth may not have had bilingual aides in the appropriate language. Conceivably this is rural areas areas that may be very difficult for an agency like venture forth to staff so there may not be a lot of eats. In the consumer directed program allows for an individual's. Family member. A loved one. Could be a friend at a church member and an astronomical niece or nephew any individual that that date the person requiring care is interested in having helped them. Or may already be helping them which is often in the case. Very able to be compensated now and that is all happening through Medicaid. I was gonna ask of them that and it sounds like this is going to be part of the answer to it. There's so much competition as we mentioned and is such a growing industry how is it that venture forth as separate are different from some of these other agencies that you could go to. While venture forth so forth Asia 716 agency weekend and this region for twenty years it's our you know are thought our home. On our owners are from Lewiston new York and as I said they founded venture forth on the traumatic brain injury. Waiver so we're we're local agency where are the ones that are here we're the ones that have been in your community for twenty years. Where it wants at a party been helping your parents and your loved ones. Consume interactive is a program that just opened up and about the last two years under Medicaid because there was a large population of people. That it was difficult to service. Because of language or location. Some people are just more comfortable having somebody they know. Take care of them but we're local so we can come out we will sit down in your home this difficult process. To get started and will come worked with you. Through the eligibility process and then through getting your personal assistant. Up and running so we're able to come down sit with few. When you call somebody your calling somebody in Western New York we've been servicing these communities for a long time. One of the and ate the original agencies that it began servicing the consumer directed. Servicing individuals with the consumer directed program a large opportunity for us started in the on Hispanic community and the west side of buffalo. There were actively working to bring this program into the rural areas of Western New York as well to begin to help these folk. That are having trouble getting assistance good time to remember remind people rather that this is Mary Walz we're talking to director of outreach for venture forth on buffalo means business here on news radio 930 WP yen. And now for those interested in this consumer directed personal care program how can they go about getting in touch it you getting involved in that program because it certainly sounds like something. A lot of people would be willing to consider. You imagine that there is competition out there but I think before anybody decides what agency they're going to choose. To oversee their consumer directed services they need to call venture forth they need to talk to us. Let us come in sit down with you had a conversation. To really open up the opportunity for you to see that we are local. On our offices are here all of our staff are here. And any of the difficult. Procedures that you might find as a way of getting into this program we can help you. One on one overseas so you would call you could call myself climate. 171628588070. And my extension is 111. Or when you call in 27162858070. It will be several prompts there when you would select the prompt for referrals. That will come directly to myself into the staff and the referrals office with venture forth. And when the important next questions would be Medicaid insurance so what kind of things you accept. Well so Medicaid is the Payer for this program with home care services there are other options so. Because of personal carried services health insurance doesn't cover these services because they're not medically based in anyway. Does not skill level care this is average daily living needs. In order that somebody can remain independent. In their home so Medicaid is the Payer of these services we would come out we would help you to determine do you need to get into a Medicaid managed care plan. Maybe you have a higher level of need and you need to be in a managed long term care plan we would help you determine those things. Do all of the proper paperwork to become. For you to become eligible and then we would come out and take care of the and the paperwork in order for your PA. To begin to start sell Medicaid is the driver if you don't have Medicaid and you're interested in these services. We can come out and help direct you to those agencies. Within the Western New York region we work very closely with them and they can come out and help you. To determine are you eligible for Medicaid and then help you with Medicaid L. Ability and usually this is something that I ask first but I waited for this does to this very spot to task you. How is that you came about getting interested in doing this as a line of four reserves are like a personal interest. For you I've always been I've always worked and in Medicaid and long term care services. I've always been very focused. On the eight senior population and their needs and very much concerned with issues they may face in terms of what might. Be perceived as like social justice. So all when I first began I was in the nursing homes used to work a deal deaconess center. And they were no other options if they needed that type of care their loved ones couldn't afford to pay for privately. There was nobody to watch them and stay at home to keep them independent they would Medicaid would pay for them to go into nursing home and then people would sit there for a number of years. In 2008 with the nursing home transition into version wavered. That completely changed community based long term Medicaid is providing the opportunity for people that families have waited for forever. It's an opportunity to get the oversight and supervision that you need for a loved one in their home. Which is where people do better. They remain healthier. There happier and they have more longevity. And so our goal adventure for. To all of the services we provide is to ensure that those people in the community that need this level of care that we going and we provide quality service. And our goal is to make sure that they can remain independent with the greatest quality of life that they're capable of achieving under the circumstances. And then and then they can they're able to stay in their community hall. Through any of these services if an individual is vigilant and keeps their Medicaid active and in good standing these services can go on for years. And I wanna be right yet and one of the things that I wanna die also point out as you just kind of mentioned them from your previous experience at deaconess. That staffing is a concern and you know you've you've got only so many people to deal with so many patients but had ventured forth. You have almost the opposite almost seems like a one on one. While that this X one and one that's fourth dissolve its own training so we train all of our own aides in house and we have several training sites across the Western New York. Region but that doesn't always mean that in some very outlying communities. That any agency in the area is capable of staff. Which is what makes the consumer directed program. So incredibly important in our communities. So let's say in the buffalo and Rochester region where experiencing an influx of large numbers of refugees while these folks need somehow. There's elderly refugees coming into this community their loved ones are going out needing to work. This program provides an opportunity. For us to hire an individual with the same cultural background with the same opportunity to communicate in the same language. And at the same time although. Venture forth doesn't hire these people because we're the fiscal intermediary so the individual the consumer. Is self directed. Or their loved one is self directed and there are overseeing the program but the PA that they choose now has found an economic opportunity. Often times culturally it's very very important for individuals to take care of their own loved ones or a neighbor or somebody in need and they want to do that personally as so this provides an economic opportunity for those people. Better either choosing that potentially that main acts completely speak English and so there's an opportunity for them to. On deep pay. Why ill taking care of somebody potentially many of the refugees in this community while they're learning English so this isn't opportunity. For individuals. To take care beloved on that they're going to take care of anyway to have an opportunity for an economic benefit. And for the consumer that's receiving the care is often takes away a lot of the concerns that they have about having individuals potentially come into their homes that they now. So they have a daughter or niece or a neighbor who's already caring for them than this individual now is capable of being compensated. And the consumers is that season and happy with the choice sounds like a very worthwhile venture this venture forth and I appreciate you stopping by to talk about it. Well I would say if anybody in the community is interest in the consumer directed personal aide program. Before you make a decision on the agency that you wanna choose give venture forth call 7162858070. You can go into options sex or you can go directly to my extension 111. And talk to us give us an opportunity to mount sit down with you and show you just how much we can help facilitate this process. Mary it's been a pleasure thank you thank you Randy it's my pleasure Mary wall stricter about reach for venture forth this is buffalo means business on his radio 930. WBF.