1/13 Buffalo Means Business w/ Straight Talk 2018

Buffalo Means Business
Saturday, January 13th

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This is buffalo means business on news radio 930 WB ia and I'm Randy bush over the show designed to shine a spotlight on local businesses a driving force in their lives and if there's a local business or service that you like to see featured on the program. He can send me an email at Randy. Dot bush over @entercom.com. Willis to talk about straight talk 2018. Small Business Administration district director frank short Tino. And from score buffalo Niagara is chapter John Vitale gentlemen welcome and I think the easiest place to start is going to be for those odd that might be unfamiliar with straight talked when he team but they shouldn't be it's been around for 22 years what is it. Well it's it's a it's a event that we always have these Saturday after Martin Luther King's birthday because. I've Trier prior to 22 years ago we were having difficulty into the various community ID Afghan American. Veterans women. And so lights sighted come up with this program called straight talk and idea. The first sure we had fifty people and last year we put over 15100 people through the the event and because we have continuing series after. But it's not a serious is an awful come back to senator. Assassinate them orient post till 1 o'clock in the afternoon. We put announced seven concurrent. Subjects I'm on my business you know small business. Kind of Jewish for a basic. Planned this does is playing you have to have two of you know Heidi that the money shall we felony I become credit worthy. You know and what social media all of very sings it changing you know and business. And what what it is is so I call the billing the foundation. Of a business and the beauty of it is the fact that we have all of these resources are under one roof raining. And making calm and in and in those five hours should meet and greet with all the banks and there all the and social development agencies are there. Various lenders and Erie Canal to Malaysia there are resource partners initially counted as people are there. And then our other two resource partners which we have was one call that was what was business center. And you also have these small those developments finish alone the various colleges and universities. And there there these circle we coloration of farm so. In any lawn half day there's no where you can goal and you be able that caller I ball by ball all these people. And that that's what we do. On that Saturday and then two weeks later we do we called a continuing series which we have an admin guy college every Tuesday for eight weeks. And John as the score buffalo Niagara chapter head what is it how is it that you guys fit into what day is done here at this. Straight top twenty team presentation or Randy we are a business partners for access. Of the small business administration. And we consistent Harley volunteers. There are 65 volunteers and local chapter which serves these counties in Western New York. And so our role really is to prop provide staffing for the event itself. So we help guide people through the events it's a major event that takes place. In addition to that. We provide mentoring and we priced speakers for some of the presentations that are being conducted during the sessions. And these sessions they aren't exactly free but they aren't exactly expensive either. Talk about the cost loan to twenty dollars and then by the way when he when you come only if your breakfast. OK listen I got a breakfast reported hours. And now let me give you have feed you for eight weeks and I hate to tell everybody to run. And I can assure for a tour formally and you get to a saying which formally that your hand Saint Louis and has basically choosing pieces Jenna. The channel we spent all that money you know. Understood now if somebody's interest in Doerr of girl groups are adjusted where would they go to register. Well we have a site has code. To it's called WW. Question in New York straight talk or or G or. They couldn't call my office with the journal numbers settle in 65514301. And we actually have human beings and answer the fall. And you can register there or you can register online. You or you could come at the door but the doors fortify ourselves safe biology pre register. Because is coming up it's on the twentieth of June of this month into. The Parisian to register and we don't they have become does an excellent. Normally we go between for 405 on PP usually come to the event on Saturday. Sure Randi let me give you that that address again because it's important. It's so it's www. WNY. Straight to our. Board. Easy enough now that would do you generally see. Physically like the large groups representing businesses are viewed literally saw like one or two PP. There one or two people effect one of the seminars we have this call we do you tend to. It was after the first ten years. We knew people would still be coming and weeks anyway well we've learned so much and we we went into business Weller you've successfully us we are successful. What would you like to tell other people about that makes it absolutely. So what's great about we did you think true because. If you come you're sitting in the audience and the woman for example that we won't those are very successful she makes us so made out of goat. Milk and she's been very successful shoes to score a client and Lehman all true to our lending program. And that's a good example so pierce said during his hear her talking suing him that they could be me. I mean she was sitting here ten years ago and now she's ambitions sheiks were so successful. You know independent journalism. Fellow we started to have once Fella came in years and years ago. Any hand one tractor. I had a wheel barrel has long lore. And we put on the other one of the banks and start doing their. Third there for a cut in the grass it's on them. It was ten years ago I was going to be landscaping in the tolling and and appalling business. So that's how those resources were the national Emmys a license here and you do have quite a bit of local resources and lenders available at straight talk on all the major banks are there OK and then if you look at the people that are on our committee. If you pretty good idea Butler county public library. Before Reyes national association villas with color group off currently. Every week we'd rotate the banks this year it's five star all the banks over the last 22 years and then represented there. The alleviation of harassment is leadership Perry county community college camp district nine medical center. EEO kind of period appreciate development here county commission stated woman you're. Kinda shall dwell on Asian Hispanic affairs council vote vote. He actually department taxation resource planning score buffalo actually smokers to well central spoke about pretzel and a prize which is what we call Michael under. And these people are there and every month. That we that is part of our our committee and also our current conference present owners. We provide you with that when you walk ins so that you know who's there who speaking highlight intentionally because I telling me come bring a friend. So you little ones have learned a goal the other seminar. And then you combine your information and then you locked osu to Africa to AS the guy from from the Internal Revenue Service. But this question all who periods I was really in touch of so we make it's so easy for. And that's what the beauty of the programs. Speaking with the French Martino who is the Small Business Administration district director also. John the tally with the score buffalo Niagara chapter talking about straight talked when he eighteen which is coming very soon here to the buffalo area once again 22 annual for the. Are going to second hang on and worthy there are 68 offices in the small this administration in the country were one of the 68. And we're the only office in the country that goes straight to because I originated written into. So and I think finally we were being recognized because we were informed. Week ago that the new administrator. Linda McMahon is coming to buffalo. To attend strait talks were really excited about the administrator. And to be the keynote speaker said. John just wanted to bring you back in a little bit more. I mean aside from obviously must. Enjoy what you do but what else do you get out of it or what is score buffalo Niagara chapter get out of it working with a straight talk. Series well this is probably that this is the biggest event in western new York and you basis it's. It's huge event for us it's a huge event for small business. It's the one place that's. That a client can comment and talk to bankers network among themselves if there's other people literature student. And take our kinds of education programs so it's consistent with our. Overall mission of thy helping to build a vibrant business community in Western New York through mentoring and education. And those are the two things that are really. Especially strong cat he straight talked twenty team. And I see that among the other things talk about them but the basics of business of course of business ethics which is. I growing concern of sand and add some brilliant and leave we have we have a seminar that. It's very important if you're going to be in business you have to via you know in business it's it's not a game after it. Have certain here you know there's certain. Regulations are certain taxes you have to have you have to know that's what true butcher obligations our body of four to this. And socialize us and we have you know the business. Business basics with a plan then it. While the other things who ranged in his pew going on banking and scrawled an issue first two questions what your business plan and expression is what you cornered the credit score. So it's very very important we have senator that are you make yourself credit you know. And then. The realization that you only the money that's obvious how do you go about communal honey get the financial assistance from the Irish agencies that are out of there out there you might take advantage of in this conversion opportunities that. Then of course today you know socially national board shall we they want social media marketing. And then we also weigh in on navigating your business through taxes and permits a lot of business you need a permit you. You need to to have a the list the different agencies that are put that there. There you have to know which ones they are which we've you have to be. Two couldn't have to have been. And of course that. Hopefully you're ready got to pay taxes she had a though what what what are your obligations and socialists fiduciary trust you must know that. And then. But he we and we alone are home based businesses because if you go back and you look at businesses. There's a tremendous amount of businesses are started rod or in basement. Corruption in an empty room and host and so you see gotta know what that's involved and how to do and that's what straight cup as well. And would you happen to have numbers like how many people you've helped or how much business has been driven by one World Series you know I know I would think over the bearish I don't know maybe 3040000. I can build on it to. Any what we're probably about two maggert chapters scores probably one of the top chapters in the country certainly among the top ten. And now one of the reasons we are is because of the affiliation that we have with the Small Business Administration. The help they give us and the fact that straight talk is an important event for all of us. I can tell you that last year. We mentored or provided instruction to over 4000 people. In Western New York. And that we do serving through price Waterhouse Coopers and accounting firm every year and and the question is asked of people who have come through and an injured. And what have you done it you've been able to improve your business and he started a business and almost 300 last year. Individual clients that they started a business with our help so so those are some numbers that are pretty impressive. And again not to as we close here in January 30 is the of the first in the series are adamant die college try and as far as registering where they need to go. So the I'll give you the the media address it's WWW. At WNY. Straight talk dot pork. Gentlemen it's been great speaking with you and thank you forever hope you have a continued success I'm looking forward to chat with the about the 23 next year ever gonna keep doing it are right. Frank Sharon Tino district director of the Small Business Administration. And John Vitale with the score buffalo Niagara chapter this is buffalo means business on news radio 930 WB EM.