1/13 Buffalo Means Business w/ Jamestown Mattress

Buffalo Means Business
Saturday, January 13th

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You're listening to buffalo means business on news radio 930 WB Ian and this is where we hear from the businesses and services available in the buffalo area. If you like to be on the program you can send me an email at Randy down bush over @entercom.com. Here with Ted seraph who is a big tent with Jamestown mattress and you have first of all not just along east history with mattresses but you have a long history period in the business of selling furniture and things. That's very rainy I have been involved in the furniture. Mattress delivery removal. Business since I was twelve so that 43 years invested. And a to it to wind up at a family run business. It's a big fan and business I am proud to say. And working at Jamestown mattress for how long now as as at and around it and human associated with that as long as it's been since 1886 yes and yeah at that sometimes it seems that way. Busy days but. To some mattresses and in the locked work market and the north towns here buffalo on. My second Hamburg you know that since 2012. But. 1886 is the year that they were founded it's then that along long track record of only two families running it. So. We named its day. Well does it make it easier or harder because you know like you go from selling furniture general while a lot of specific items to one specific basically. I think. It it did because right. Grant today was selling mattresses eat up to wireless. And stored so it's 45. But the reality is I really knows doing it just sold by locked. I've learned more about mattresses and my first six months at Jamestown actress than I did in. 35 years of doing it elsewhere. Well I'd bet that begs the question what kind of things should we know about selling mattresses that you learn. I would say that maybe the first thing is mattresses are more alike than there are different. There's a major manufacturers that produces 80% of the springs mic when every bed in America. So whether it's one of the big ask companies. Or it's a local producer like ourselves we all by product from the sing manufacture. And there's some West Coast folks that gathered from. Overseas but. It's dominated by 11 player and and we go buy it from. And having said that at the same time on mattresses aren't necessarily exactly the same there are still some vital differences equality and there are we like to think so anyway. Mass produced beds that are. Everywhere hand produced or bench built mattresses. Are what we take pride and then we can make a product that. We feel is. More weren't feasible means that's technically word but it it. It gives you the idea that if you do less warranty work because you built a better product. Then it's gonna last longer. And our Internet marketers are selling for low dollar high profit mattresses that account and and what you guys do. Well not at this point because. Well we'll talk about subs. If there's one kind of a sub. And they made it different sizes like all the Internet produces are doing. Stated just make him subs will everybody gets himself be just get different size and because there is. Quite a bit of profit in the mattress. Internet marketing scheme. They can make one product and if you don't like it there hippie warranty and just take it back if you're not be a hundred days or whatever might be. The just take it back because it didn't cost me and produces. Because there's just now a lot of money and how your thing. And no when we get so christmastime one of the big sellers is always a TV's new mattresses is there a season for mattresses is this kind of a year round thing. It it is probably more of a year round thing although I joke with folks that mattress season is probably march and two ago. November and the reason for that is people go on vacation often times at that time of year and weapons' Tammy home. They've been on couple different mattresses and different hotel somewhere. And they've rested well probably because they've been out and exercising and doing things that they haven't done. But they get home and realize my mattress is that it's time for something new. So. The company and is there any particular size that seems to be the best seller all of them it's I would think that for us. Mostly queens and kings. Don't. I. We are not the low and shove it up the door bells and whistles for you know flashy things for low price. That you know that's a disposable mattress moments. Like Blu-ray dvd player for 29 dollars. You just another one if it fails and you don't care because you spent anything but if you wanna a bad which it is or should be a durable goods. I would say that spent a couple of bucks more and get something of quality. Not that a couple hundred bucks Mori's. Average ticket it's just that we give you more for less because we're making them instead of buying them and selling them. So it's cut out the middleman. Talking mattresses with Jamestown mattresses Ted seraph and this is buffalo means business on news radio 930 WB and and you talked about them being durable how long. Should they last how long should you get out of a mattress and one of my competitors locally says that your average mattress lasts between five and seven years and scream at the TV somewhat better mattress. You want something that's gonna last that's you know by by quality mattress don't don't be swayed by prices and 399. And adjustable bases you know that that's something that's disposal at the justice. So. Adam. A good quality mattress. For a better price and we can discover a website and see all of our specs. Because that gives. You something to compare to as opposed to. Just to sign and any. Mattress and a competitor it's got a dollar mountains got size but it doesn't tell you what's in the average sales. Wiesel and the average sales weasel somewhere else is probably doesn't know anything about the mattress there to selling your price point. And that web addresses as a it's not as easy as Jamestown mattress dot com it's dead easy now aren't as long as you can spell. Duties to asses mattress last night's yes yeah and get a story. Was it now you say you have by custom site as available here so there's something more than king queen double and twenty. Lots of beds prior to the twenties word you know there's a lot of iron beds and breast beds. And no standard position for sizes solo. What do you do when you've got a beautiful bed and you can't get a mattress to fit it on caught in some actress than a couple weeks. We can make you pay a custom size that for. Them. 4050 bucks more for peace than a traditional size. And that's key to point out because you just said a couple times now here and I don't think we've given that only you actually make. The past they make myself yet found since ETA's sex in Jamestown, New York. We error. One of the leading producers of mattresses in the whole East Coast. That is not owned by one company sewn Rea. Family owned and operated their three generations of the pool and family in Jamestown mattress. It's five to six days a week so it's it's a pretty big and we business. Lot of people talk about comfort and ease and all that though these days that's kind of a big thing you want to restful sleep. So how drew latex mattresses that intolerance and it seems knew what the latest fatter is it to more than just a fat. Will latex has been in mattresses. Since 1931. Produced by Dunlop tire companies are trying to find a better way to make a mattress current tire rather than. And experiment with the sip from a rubber tree the common. Thing that we almost maple served from maple trees pine cleanser is gone from pine trees well. Latex is the sip from a rubber tree. So it's mixed with a water and it comes in multiple densities but has been used in the mattress industry since 1931. The new kid on the block is memory foam. And because memory foam. Retain CNET they can spend millions of dollars tell you that it's a cooling gel. It to truly doesn't cool anything. Retains heat just that's better than the last generation memory foam. And that's why late taxes just you know such a hot word in the mattress and street again. But it's it's an old thing just as people are realizing how well it performs. Or about changes for mattresses in the future what kind of improvements can you possibly make on these things. Other than fabrics that tend to. Help with the way. Heat and moisture. That there really isn't much to common mattresses. It it has to support you as to be comfortable. And a must. Somebody tries to do something vastly different and they find some way to cover you on air. Like when they don't. Carpet carpet binding machine it just lifts it up until they can do that and make us all comfortable in every position. I don't I don't know if there's going to be any changes. And. When we talk about mattress specific are you you also Celek holes sets for the for the bad right right we dream and everything we do we we so. I had boards and play from beds and adjustable beds from fashion bed group. They're you'll see the products in many of the stores all over the country. They're the leading producer of bed parts will say and we just we have less overhead because. Wouldn't have to buy it from a middleman we we just. So direct to the people yeah I've heard it goes without saying that you would sell a complete set and not just a mattress but you never know I mean we canned good to pointed out. This many people think PF two by mattresses and sets well if you've got a platform that the likelihood that you need a box spring is. Nil so we just need a mattress but everybody wants to Solomon sets we don't penalize you for for buying just a mattress. And mattress and bed spread all add. Isn't good unless you have a good functioning pillow and I think that is a pretty important thing that we should point out before we close here yep the pillows are changing how people sleep. We self for a national company called bed gear. And everybody and go to big box stores he put a pillow next to yours your head. And say oh this feels wonderful and then you get home and while you haven't traded on the mattress potentially your mattress to the edited home. So metro story is probably the best placed to buy Inco because every twelve dollar pillow is. To us that at its disposal. To twelve though and dad delivered charges that figured into the price of the mattress and we. I I haven't. But boss doesn't catch one to this island charged anybody for delivery out of buffalo area. Regardless of dollars. In it since I opened. It's like to get that to people's houses like to get in there as quick as we can. Take field that away and but mostly. Ted seraph Jamestown mattress and now one more time with a phone number and our web site with several hours the best way to get a hold Carl big hadn't. Eric go to of course 7162103198. They haven't had seraph Jamestown mattress this is buffalo means business on news radio 930 WBS.