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Buffalo Means Business
Saturday, January 13th

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On news radio 930 WB and this is buffalo means business where local businesses and services tell their stories on Randy bush over and if you have one of those to share you can send me an email at Randy dot bush over. And entercom.com. Back for a return trip from DPR dentistry is doctor Eugene on Riyadh. And since last we spoke out things are continuing to progress at the at two clinics that jab right. Yes we do is quick to seize two and it's good to be back. And that the two places just to refresh people's memory or uptrend on Niagara county. We. I mean location is done at 58 having eight sites Knight or type in my plate. And I satellite Mathis is it ten to 61 young's streak in las and you. And did send general dentistry but much more than that right that is very true that's very two we can provide a light range of services. That patients. And I know that we want to talk a little bit more about those services but do you have any specialized equipment or equipment that special to. The individual sites or do you have pretty much duplicate. Things in both locked or in Wilson. We do I lack put out as being I mean and location it is iron larger facility in that still. You know we have everything in both offices. But the united not put out this is physically and open that sixties a week and we currently peace in rent them are kind of services there. And best way to make appointments is to call I would guess right to and I place patient can visit our website at DP identity there is willing to make appointments to the bachelor of course that preferably to color I offices. I mean number is 24 is you know six went zero. And will be led to make a plea in single location for them. And as far as insurance you take pretty much everything right I imagine I am actually iron. Only I'm not a volume run practice and this is like China to think she says found. Most practices in the area. We still pride ourself in being here pipe that he human practice or we do when I quit mostly assurances. We do accept some insurance says we make it easy for that patient to submit their claims higher professional staff will help them do that. How other we I'm not a volume and practice here in the unit and on the time when patients sometimes come from different offices where. They felt they were just the number and they're seeing. A different provider every single time. We we tend to be similar prize it and now on leaky to attack patients and as we knew it makes this especially in the community. Yes and and because of that day you you basically have more of a one on one win that each individual patient to see you really get to know these people as friends. That is very to we've been in the community. Truthfully. I'm now for over fifty years have that kind of speaks for itself. You know we see generations of patience fits again let's as sets us up a little bit from the rest of their practices in the area. And also lands a wide range of services we provide greedy company accounts least he and found as young as probably three adults. See as old as as they can still come in and have their teeth worked on. So and it really gives us then it's privilege to treat different generations of the scene family. And leading devalued it. And among those services offered I know you highlighted a couple of things that you wanted to talk about. Let's start in the Arthur down next round with the in it is a line braces. That's a pretty big deal yes it is you know we've been complaining and there's a lined for fifteen years to our patients in the past and we see around five years. Patience have I got themselves more even educated about it so there's more demand for it. And now we've been really privileged to be a premier provider. Friends is a line in the air in the community. And down you know again retreats and he went from young teenagers to. Again as old as specious when I have their teeth taking care of that night to eighty patients in their seventies who wanted to have that teach the smile they've wanted all their life. And now they can do it without anybody knowing they're doing it. Silly it is really rewarding to see that debt transformation and lock the patient through that journey from the beginning to the end and then. Just haven't flash that beautiful smile at the end to ante up. Right and one of the other things that you have is not just in there's a line and and of course you mentioned the advantage of it it's in the name that it's not readily something that you can really see. But you do have other versions of braces too for corporate patients potentially. Correct me you know there's different appliances that we can do to help. You know patients could racked. Any type of problem that there aware of OE you know we still do well equipped as specialist in the community at this fire is a traditional brackets and wires. I know there's has been quite a shift in acting talent he will more and more patience. If they want races they're really going for the clear away. And it's easier it's faster. If there's a lot of advantages in design vs packets and quiet and people are getting educated about that Andy winer go ahead with it. You know it's short tick treatments. A lot of privileges which they can take you know the appliances out and no one can count that they're doing it says they have a wedding they have an event that you wanna go to. No one Eckstein gotten bulky metal brackets and wires when they're smiling so there's a lot of privileges there's a lot of and flexibility into treatment when it comes into the line vs brackets and lines and what about night guards what what what is the function for them and it. Very along similar lines I am. Well and I had two great questions. You know we do have patients that suffer from bullet you know an island alignment of their teeth. Misalignment of their teeth as well as. Some habits of grain being claimed she was he had a lot with people something from TNG problems. To sleep at me practice in the morning to really enticing together. So we don't provide all the services we do and certainly custom make. Appliances for grinding most guides. And we do have medically approved as he at the end devices such as some command or silent night. That helps station was snoring and sleep apnea so they don't have to weigh about. Again dragging that bulky seat that machines in the man scholar. Different versions of that I eakins to really get to know that and just have a small and come appliance that you can match a swing and it and it's resolve your problem. Well I'm not familiar I do have to see pap but I'm not familiar with the added to some amend or silent night so what exactly are those percentages devices. I'm right there at oil price it's almost like if I can help our listeners at it today it was. Parents are most patients are familiar with sports cards. Because they're familiar with them or their children. And these are smaller customized version of that at 1250 pop her. Cha and on the way job upper teeth and the loyalty and they usually connected together with their hands on both sides. That is customized to each and every case that allows and you know that's where we come and play. You know managing that and you know eventually in case by case so that it allows each and every patient when they're sleeping allows their job. An assistant position that opens the Airways. And it's really what's been proving to koskie at teams knowing he's the fairways collapsing when patients sleeping and it doesn't go land. With those devices and appliances allowed them to open those Airways. And resolves the problem here is flowing and now you know without having less restful nights of sleep. And then they're not snowing their spouses and not compare you know complaining about debt. Document doctor Jehane Riyadh rom DPR dentistry they have offices in Laporte and we'll send the main one. Is in Laporte this is buffalo means business on news radio 930 WB and and would talk a little bit about the wide range and a in the practice and you do everything from. They'd the younger and younger to the very old Clinton and did did that. Types of procedures that they have differ with the age I mean for the most part. Are you talking about. Like cleaning in preventative men and guidance for the younger. May be issued a little bit older adolescents you're talking maybe sports related injuries could be part of a factor plus the braces and and as you get older maybe the sleep apnea. Becomes more of our director that's excellent approach yes you know with the younger generation. We we tell them all the time they're really privileged to have allowed of the preventive care. And what we mean they can't just like you mentioned during these. You know they're coming in and parents you know meeting appearance for that because they're pushing Floyd they're more educated now about it. So they're bringing their young children from as young as skate as he mentioned two year old. So they come in for cleaning. You know fluoride treatment if taken at their age where it they start to are able to receive that. Ceilings on their adult rulers as well if they're of age to do that. So we need it's great to with the younger ones we're doing nearly prevented but preventive kiddies on it all ages you know the regular cleaning regular checkups. And of course as you get to. You know teenagers and I younger adults again as we talked about I think she and braces enters a line and of course we carry on with a preventive. But again depending situation. And case by case and there's injuries we do certainly do crowns pages implants. And of course with adults depending on need but we do all of a keynote from crowns pages dentures root canals. You know of course we do the late feelings now and then wait mean. We do treat and any type of periodontal conditions so really I light. Means. We provide light range of best services for our patients don't you just mention. The other cosmetic part that's where I wanted to go next because there are again. More than just a handful of different ways methods you can use to lighten and brighten the gives longer lasting life to the teeth right. Time and it is correct and mean and a you know let a patient coming in Nat they're interested in waking there's T. And we believe our 1000009. I mean I get an IT TV Leo exposing IT to a lot of abrasive and harmful. I diet in general it's pretty aggressive and when it comes and relation to IT. So we do we delayed yet offering you know waiting for him zoom. To DT Colin says stem we do educate a patient under type of steam there's teeth. I have so we do have to nears. Again crowns to lead others away dreams of service to think he can offered to patients to provide what they're looking for with the best. And you know longer term and should be resolved that the tennis he with the treatment they choose. And is there anything else in the I know we've kind of just kind of broad brushed. Now what could literally go on for another fifteen minutes here the services but is there any other specialized area that you want to talk about that you guys perform. And as much as specialized but one area I would like to catch on is is actually implants. Because it is people are hearing about it more and more we used at some point holed that seminars that are open to the public about that. But really now we see that patients who. Even have been wearing dentures and partial three years and really complain about how that he they're fitting. They just put up with them to treat affects the quality of life of patients. We now you know it's into have alleyway acquittal or assertion we work especially swear. They placed the implant and we actually need to keep ventures and a partial central fit over these implants. Total transformation totally different to add quality of life. I'll leave those windows faking rapidly you can eat anything you want to with them. Vs the benches he used to flop and movement and rock and most patient reported on the night stand. And the only way to Wendy black in the public. Very good well. It's wonderful to have you back again great information and good to hear from you again and the number again at the main locked port office there's also we Wilson office two but the main Laporte office for 340610. In the 716 area code. Doctors Jean Connor Riyadh with DPR dentistry this is buffalo means business on news radio 930 WPE yen.