11/22 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 3: Girls Scouts Hugging Scandal and JFK Assassination 54 Years Later.

Bauerle and Bellavia
Wednesday, November 22nd

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News radio 930 WB ENAG. Gets the hard part everybody can that's right you might have the best idea I don't regret that Tom and our doctor I'd run out while I might put a minute shall call by the and now it's got it's written it art what you're really. It's. It's Tom Bauerle. Okay is the high. Unlikely chance that something goes down what are we prepared to do. Indeed the ability. In order remark I'm changing my name is David Bell of quiet today just to honor his pronunciation of his last name used for the country is developed by. It's the hourly and they'll be. Did that run the hide quite thing go through your mind in peak usage per what I'm fighting. I do a lot of drag but my and listen here to show there was a lot of talk this past week about and I kept myself while listening here shows that. I am back I am a fighter bird. A news radio 930 WB. Basically what he's saying is that the buy hourly ability to show we were the heroes in the Dollar General story that's what I can and and it is hours. Are we develop via a news radio 930 WBE. Welcome to so glad you are with us. And I don't know it out of Russia is like right now is that pretty sure rush hour was about 4 o'clock this afternoon at three to do able was only able to get one. I basically whether Derosa to vacuum LA just throw my vacuum that Tom it's a yacht idly while a look at this here. I've dash out purity for the show that's how long it took them navigate to Africa. And I've noticed something new in driving. Because every day I told us if you're just joining the show welcome. One of our recurring themes on the show I swear every single day driving. Gets worse a little bit because people don't know what they are doing. They're not learning from their parents anymore because their parents are generation distracted they're not explaining to their kids the rules of the road and every base of the worst in the new trend I've noticed is this. People waiting until the last second before they get into the off ramp lane. For example you're on the tonight B you're going west. Miller sport you get off sol you can get off. Increasingly. I've noticed people at the very last second like already be you're going to divide it into the light and win it begins turned my signal indicating okay I'm getting off it was Fort Worth. And the past week every single day at the last. Somebody immediately go to your right front. Like when you saw the same site I saw or maybe you didn't because you're on yourself fault but I saw that. That's why you always give people a cushion always give yourself without always give people a Christian but. I would challenge anybody to argue with the thesis driving skills are worse now. Than they've ever been before you'd go driving skills are bad. Where they actually have to sell cars that will parallel park for you. If you can't parallel park you should not be drive. It and if you can't do a three point hurt you should not be driving I'll I'll put a little asterisk some situations when there but. Seriously. Parallel park ranger remember when you went through driver education when your parents taught you how to drive. There's a skill to parallel parking there are universal rules of physics time and space that. Will apply every single time you parallel park but. If you were weak on parallel parking just if they were practicing chances are you don't rarely can use it. But when it's good for is it gives you a better feel of the car and I think it's kind of silly that were selling cars now the parallel park for. And pit end and yours what do thickens here on this. It's not so much the residential parallel parking. Were either that could be an issue. It's the parallel parking in front of the Irish. We're you've got a hit or some such place where you've got traffic behind you. Ager total parallel park it. Now I'm sure that they are built in safety features with the automatic parallel parking feature of some vehicles but. When you parallel parked at a busy street. Nobody knows which you're about to do and there's no as far as I can determine there's no good way to tell people are going to parallel park. Basically what you see in front of you you somebody slows down. And then they put the reverse lights and if you've been following too closely. You that your or what they want critical I got somebody back him there's no way that it lets you would April park. And I suppose that the cameras make the break a lot automatically exposed it's networks. But yet try to parallel park in a busy street good luck with that is that is no fun at ball. And doctor how good short parallel parking nothing is worth giving rear ended. Because that's kind of accident the early miss at your back for life got the seat belt and get to compression fractures you're looking at a lifetime of neat and an exit you use to teach. Our it is up fourteen minutes after five a majority of my thirty WB EN absurd because -- you are where the people with chronic pain issues are nothing more than drug seeking junkies or we're right. That's the new Montrae as well. Along with the men can't be men and women are really women. And don't force your kids to hog it. Not because fourteen you can die hard is is the wrong thing to do but because it's the wrong thing to do because later on in life they're gonna feel compelled to sleep with every guy who takes and that are if that's kind of trite is coming up from the Girl Scouts I don't want anything do with the Girl Scouts and frankly a lot of girls got parents based on our show a few weeks ago don't want anything to do with the Girl Scouts either because all they are -- cookie sales people. And the programs are not that exciting. The Boy Scouts who look if you are just joining us. I know we did show a few weeks ago at the Boy Scouts. Opened up business for girls as well. I was originally against that that was the show will be listening audience by the strength. Of cascading. Buildings and powerful arguments. Convinced me that I was wrong. Because. If it's all about the kids. Girls deserve adventurous programs as well that was the biggest complaints were heard from Paris was the coral scouts boy. Boring programs you. Girls wanna do fun stuff just like boys do. And a lot of the girls got parents were happy that they could not take their girls to boys but VR Girl Scouts and again I have no explanation for others. Elegant yet do you have to bifurcated there are two issues. One the issue of forcing your kid to hawk. For any parent out there who forces but let's let's just take that assumption. It implication just joining us as you probably is read the article before I go any further into this gives you probably got in two years old network and got busy we. Stop and some things but it passed you by. The girl scouts of the US has issued a warning to parents for the upcoming holiday squashing them to not force their daughters to give relatives hugs or kisses into offer instead of the alternative of less personal kinds of coaching. While a directive to withhold affection from one's family. May sound like an overreach the Girl Scouts explained in a public service announcement on the web site that. Telling her child that she old someone hog either just because she hasn't seen this person in awhile or because they gave her gift. Can set the stage for her questioning whether she always another person any type of physical affection. Where they bought her dinner or done something else seemingly nice for later in life. This is baseless. Lack of evidence Psycho babble. It truly this is a shining example of this first of all let's just start with the assumption. I would love to know. What you work here. And keep buying things are different now openly worried that. When you're kid did your parents force you to hug relatives. Or force you or kissed grandma. And I know the old joke is. Team that talked about a callers. And I think it's it's twist but anyway long story short. Did anybody force shoot to hug your relatives. I was not forced to hug any we were not as I said hugging him. I don't know any. Who has adamantly forced eight child whether that child be a boy or a girl to hug a relative says that's one issue. As a parent now yourself in your life. Have you ever forced your kid to plug anybody. I can't think of any interaction I've seen what people know where a parent has forced a kid to hug anybody with some kids a certain age you can't force them to do anything. Because there's a standard cry. And then runs behind you so Katyusha. Some character bashful. Some very outgoing gregarious kid with some individuals for whatever reason. Baseball academy kids like kittens in a way that the other third nice and there are great wonderful what can be very affectionate but sometimes. For reasons we don't understand. They see something in somewhere that for whatever reason they don't like. Now my air date. Great. It was a great great lady she really she was a class act all the way kind of amazing. But she was that she was she was the doctor's daughter appeared the civil war veterans group that was that was epic. And she was so nice so Welch bush is so intelligent if it was frightening. Very very powerful very very vibrant that's the word I was looking for vibrant woman and let us for whatever reason when I was a little boy. The first daughter she's a she she was such powerful personality that she intimidated me as a little boy. I grew up in a family a very powerful person so. It was that. Now keep in mind later on in life every Christmas I would bring eight point seven over an update and we have a wonderful conversation that I cherish those moments like you wouldn't believe. And I actually would like to take the opportunity to tell you if you are a college student listening. Here's your parents are driving home from Syracuse and their stock your stock listened to mr. they had phones and your iPod broken he just can't get a good music and your phone these days. So you look. If you still have grandparents was a live work great uncles live great on slippery. It wouldn't be the worst thing in the world for. Twos and a half hour with them over the holidays because they're not gonna be around forever. And I was in my twenties when I was bringing my points at a plant over and base. And the rest of my life I'll be able to say hey. I kind of do my great on my great grandfather sister. And that's kind of a special feel out of the gut. And don't wait to do your family tree. Because a lot of the question you're gonna have about two year old family tree chart when you decide to do if you decide to. You can have those questions answered now just take plenty good notes. This fourteen years old McGrath told me where his father was born without that information. I would have been absolutely. Clueless entries in the buy hourly line. But I was able to Trace it. To a long line of legitimacy. Mr. let's go. In my back of a cheap sell the we've got the girl scout story that there is in the news about. And again. If forcing a child to hog a relative. I don't know if you're ever in that situation. I don't know of any parent that would put your child in that situation of forcing them to hug a relative. Because I think it's really hard to force somebody. What you gotta do it worked. But there's there's the bigger issues. Which is this irrational. Lack of evidence suggestion. Mean this is from the gross outs. That the girl who is forced to a relative over the holders. Me. Later on in life and these are about the Girl Scouts words but I will summarize what the Girl Scouts are implies an. Which different words. If you force your daughter to hug relatives. When their children. Where they are adult women they will become hump crazy zombies that's what the Girl Scouts in beset. Which I think it's a total insult to women look. I don't know what it's like to be 25 years old in 2017. But I'd be really really surprised. If we have 25 year old women listening to the show were thirty year old women listening to this show who actually believe. That if a guy takes you on a date you are obligated. To engage in physical intimacy with that guy. I mean if you believe. That it but I take you to dinner. Our guys take you out for drinks. Or meet you at a bowling Alley. If you believe. That the necessary. Result and culmination of that evening is physical intimacy which you do not want. You really need to start talking to some girlfriends about this because that's not the way the world works is not the way the world is supposed to work is not the way the world should work. And that's not really much of what world. I don't think they're thinking about this a penalty of ever given Vissicchio patient record that is even been an issue. Yellow. I got a quarter pounder with cheese. And the shamrock shake. And you're going to do this. It's never been an issue. No not with the shell rock chick. Bottom line news just think about how ludicrous it is and how insulting to web editors. Because the little girls become women. Women are a lot smarter than you think for that matter sort carrots and I wanna get those of other things here in the time we have left but. Bottom line is I just want off for you in the strongest possible terms the following suggestions. Now. I know a lot of women. I know a disproportionate. Number of women who were the victims of sexual abuse and molestation. When they were little girls. It was never a stranger. Saying they'll tell your kids about stranger danger but we'll serie if you wanna talk about probabilities. In all life is based on probabilities. As your insurance. But the risk is far greater of a relative. A friend of the family being. The victim wiser than a stranger. And the way to differentiate. Between a good hug and a hug you have to tell mom and dad about. It's really kind of simple because kids are a lot smarter age appropriate course that we think they are. And he just tell your kid I mean I told Mike here's what. This is a hog. This is his most hogs there's nothing wrong with this this is affectionate. But. If anybody touches you and I would point they're they're there or there. And they say it's our little secret. Or if you tell anybody I will hurt you all heard the cat you need to tell daddy right away. In in my mind I'm thinking so daddy can kill him. I didn't go quite paper with tickets until thirteen at least but kids are smarter than you think they are. At one way to avoid those situations from scarring your kid for life and it will. Abusers start victims for like period. If your kid and you're sexually abused and that's that's a hell load character appears a female or male nobody should have to live here but a lot of people do. But just as a parent have that discussion. Kids can differentiate. Watcher explained the difference between a normal healthy human being mugged and George were more. It is not by 27. Up tunnels dug a hole but complaints adultery on I thirty start at 3180616. WBB and get a get a nasty email about Roy before he reached Roy Moore the accuser. It doesn't matter a cure the accuser says Roy Moore himself said he. First noticed his wife when she was fifteen and and and he was in his early thirties. That's. Debate whether or not his accuser tell the truth. You tell me is 32 all the notice of fifteen girls and that's creep Alabama Alaska New York it's creepy. It is hourly. I thank for up to 28 Twitter followers I could be that might be a little high. It is our ability of David is off today's that is very deal. Obviously your thoughts and prayers are with that David preparatory you're hearing me on the show. Anyway well that and like the co host and if that's kind of it but I'm I'm the guest. I guess I'm the host today but David you know what that is what is in spirit that's important thing he's always a part of it he's kind of like Jesus he's always with the anyway he's. Anyway it's 537 news radio in my thirty WB the end so. Out. The things we get through here in the time that we have left. 54 years ago. Skirt chasing serial sexual predator president John F. Kennedy and they should really change the name of John F. Kennedy High School. They have to because. Again you know look what's happening in the south with southern heritage. Which as I explained to me by people in the south was not racist. John F. Kennedy. In 27 team ladies and gentlemen. Would have to be considered a serial. Predator. Judge Roy Moore. Creek. John F. Kennedy. Creepy. John F. Kennedy. For a long time. Was on the radar even of the FBI. Because during World War II he was photographed with some top was German chick who they thought was some gish quote agent. They showed the picture. And he said that I shot I'd like one too which I went because briefly response to attempts at some to try to blackmail you but. Long story short. By today's standards ladies and gentlemen. The man who was murdered 54 years ago. That murder probably would be celebrated. By people on the left today. Because he is. The John F Kennedy's legacy. In 27 T shirts. Is that of a serial. Sexual predator John F. Kennedy is. Roy Moore. Really Harvey why stay and really. John F between John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert F Kennedy and all the celebrities pay pal around whip. They had like. They had troops of women they would share and passed between them. They treated females as nothing more than meet. So I just wonder when the left is going to live up which own standards with the southern history. And call for a renaming of every school in the United States that was named after guys simply because he got murdered John F. Kennedy. And he was good looking and it was young idiot kids. And not change the name of John F. Kennedy High School too I'm thinking bella jobs that high school. I'm thinking. Germaine Greer high school. Well one. We are utter at every John F. Kennedy High School in America is honoring a serial sexual predators it would be exactly like having judge Roy Moore high school. I just want consistency folks it's all of asking for so. We gotta give us a little bit earlier but. I was gonna ask you the question. You know it's kind of funny because I started in this business at a time when people in there them. I guess they would have been in their late twenties in some cases maybe the thirties would call in and say hey here's what I was doing what I found out that John F. Kennedy had been murdered. But I'm curious. To see out of 54. And I have no memories whatsoever. Of those days in November of 1963. Which were extraordinary. 54 years ago Kennedy got shot when he was going through Dallas. A city whose mayor by the way was the brother. I'll be big shot at CIA who which has been wet along with Allen Dulles as head of CIA. The mayor of Dallas was a game Earl couple. And his brother was the guy who got whacked the CIA the mayor of Dallas. Regardless of his name effort it would he was earlier this year regular but the mayor of Dallas we find out was a CIA asset. A lot of soul if you have done. An about face. On the most. I think controversy. Who'd done it in American history. The Kennedy assassination. And you know you have to understand folks I don't look at this see it used to be. Falsely. Labeled as a right wing the left wing thing. Even now. There are certain radio talk show host were conservative. Who continue to repeat. Like brain dead idiots the month true that Lee Harvey Oswald was a Communist. And he killed JFK. For communism because Lee Harvey Oswald was a crazy Communist. And I listen to these people many who were making millions of dollars a year. And I laugh at how lazy like little laugh I that a pathetic how lazy they are. Mika is. I have no love for the Kennedys. Okay at all I think the Kennedys are one of the most load some families ever to excrete on the surface of America. I truly do. I put them somewhere in the category near the clippers. Clinton level but pretty close to. Got the love for the Kennedys. The song sweet Caroline does not make me cry about the young Caroline Kennedy peeking over recruit top of her daddy JFK. I'm not deluded thinking that those were some magical days of Camelot. It was just 1963. You know what I mean that was it. Nothing magical just another year on the calendar. JFK just another president. A president who was a serial sexual predator. But. I look at the Kennedy assassination. As a crime. Simply put a crime. You don't have to like the victim of a crime. To be critical about analyzing the facts of the case. He was a murder victim. As a murder victim he deserves sympathy and I think you deserve justice and I think the American people. Deserve the truth to be told about what happened that. And the evidence. A government cover up of the fact that people within their own CIA. And Intel communities. Never forgave John F. Kennedy for not giving them air cover when they were trying to overthrow Castro a pair of picks. All right. You are owed the truth. And the fact that even with the latest document release. Which by the way for me there were some interesting tidbits there. But. If you're hiding a conspiracy. And you run the government that you have access to the highest levels of power. The highest level Intel where the president it might not even know what's going on which is kind of freaky if you think about it like who really runs the country. Tom. It's pretty easy to destroy an inconvenient document that is pretty easy to kill people to tell the truth. Am. I wonder how many of you started out believing that maybe a bit perverse. As I did maybe you. Started out believe that it was a conspiracy to kill Kennedy. And now. You. Believe it was awful as the lone nut Communist. So I started out the opposite way. I started up a leaving the govern. The leaving the Warren report. I believe it or not folks this case he has mailed social studies teacher ray hole. This case has fascinated me since I was little. And through my teenager's. Answer my teenagers and into my early twenties I believed it was Oswald. Acting alone as a Communist. That I started reading. And I started looking at the various. Proofs. That there was something larger going on and that Oswald was not the person we were holed he once. And if it became very apparent to. That. I don't believe in bigfoot. That's got elected to. It's worth it that big sports. But there is enough. In terms of evidence. Of a conspiracy to kill JFK. Whom I have no use for as a person or as a president please understand any political. But there's enough there. Bet we should be pretty outraged. Over how we were lied to in 1963. And I know that some of nursing that was 1963. Dude how was it even mildly relevant today. If they lied to in 1963. Youths and their level and with the and 2017. What do you think the politicians. And people in positions of power and light to it now it will lie to in the future. We just think about that for just a moment. It really gets to the credibility. Of a government. And were 54 years since the murder. And we've had two major federal investigations. Of the Kennedy killing one of the Kennedy killing and two of Kennedy. And a one including all the assassinations it happened during that era in which are probably related to their two story for a different day. The people who say I believe the Warren report our government said it was Oswald acting alone they forget that in 1978 the house select committee. Established there was a probable conspiracy. To kill not only president Kennedy but Doctor King as well. Now that's pretty serious folks in a country where you're supposed to be First Amendment right. In a country where you were supposed to have due process in a country that prides itself on its liberty and it's freedom. And the government being run by the people of the people by the people for the people. When the government lies with impunity to all the people. About the crimes and is committed in the past. A reasonable person says. What's gonna happen in the future. And I I wish that I could go to this in greater depth on the radio that I that I can. But. When you analyze possible. And what he did in the summer of 63 when you analyze all of the information. About. Even when he was in Russia. Most people don't know the CIA ran a false defector program. We didn't always have an Internet in the world the iron curtain was both a metaphor work and a similarly. It was both an expression Andy reality. And our government wanted to put people on the ground in Russia to see what the hell was going. A false defector program and I'm sure the Soviets at the same thing in fact I know the Soviets at the same thing you know why. Because when the Soviet intelligence guy defected the United States you know our government then we held incommunicado for about three years. Pretty much in solitary confinement to make sure he was a genuine defectors. Takes one to know one. Maybe that means we were running a false defector program to if we fought the Soviets were doing that. I don't and I just wish you get into the Bolton Ford incident. Lot of eight to seven interesting to keep him. Why was. Jagr who re used to run the FB. Why why I was concerned when Oswald was in Russia supposedly as a defector. That somebody was using his identity in other places. Why would it even matter to. Just think about that for one minute in their art hockey there real real federal occupants folks who are worried. About somebody faking the identity of a guy who had supposedly defected to the Soviet Union and got back into the United States at the height of the Cold War. With the State Department loan. A break that you do you know what honestly. This is not tin foil hat stuff in this is this reality. And I need to break the news radio and a thirty WB. And somebody actually does it mean it L Martin to protect. You know all by 2017 standards ladies and gentlemen. Martin Luther King was a lot like John F. Kennedy in fact. The aforementioned. FBI. He will file on Doctor King. And rumor is that he used to send Martin Luther King's wife photographs and tape recordings Martin Luther King engaging in some extracurricular activities to try to you. Destabilize his marriage. To break it up to render Doctor King. Kind of a unit when a cut when it came to civil rights issues. Eight cross dressing FBI director concerned about civil rights because even one black people have a fair shake interest. Anyway codes and injured over some other point but. Look at this to the wanted to short of folks and you'll hear more about this coming up after 6 o'clock. There is a very. Realistic. And Cogent argument to be mate. That. We relied too in 1963. And that yes your own government played a role. In murdering and then covering up the murder. John F. Kennedy. Because he can't we will tell the American people in 1963. Guess what guys we just heading south American coup d'etat in Dallas. Which is what happened. In my humble opinion and I think the evidence backs it up. And you know it gets down to folks is. You can't you you are entitled to changer opinions on things you are entitled. We have new information change your view. And as somebody who used to believe that this Communist named Lee Harvey Oswald killed president Kennedy. For reasons we have no idea why he did it and even his own brother could not figure out why the Warren commission called him to say why did he do it. The more plausible explanation is Oswald was a hero. Not because he killed Kennedy. Not because he killed Tippett has I don't think he killed either person. But because Oswald from the time he was young. Until his death at the age of 24 was a very intelligent. Patriotic young man. Who basically got manipulated. By the intelligence apparatus of this country. And put into the position of being exactly what he said he was a patsy. In the assassination. Of president Kennedy. And the real murderers. Were people who would go on to public careers. People who go on even further notoriety. And every time an investigation popped up. People who could've told the truth ended up dead in clusters. For beginners. I'll recommend this book again. On the trail of the assassins by Jim Garrison who is owed a giant apology by a lot of people who call them crazy back in the very. Jim Garrison former DA of New Orleans on the trail of the assassins that what you get your feet wet. If you still fight it Bernard fence to walled coincidence or conspiracy. And after awhile ladies and gentlemen it is my considered belief that duke enough coincidences popping up. He goes beyond coincidence and does point to criminality and specifically in this case conspiracy. But that was 54 years ago. The relevance. Moving forward. When somebody does something before do you think they're capable of doing it again. It it is hourly.