11/22 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 2: Girls Scouts Hugging Scandal.

Bauerle and Bellavia
Wednesday, November 22nd

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News radio 930 WBA. And it's. Video games melt. Or grain. It's Tom Bauerle you know what been there done that and it's weird you're. But now you know be I'm sorry I'm a grown up and David Bellamy let's shoot anyone agrees with the today. I would doubt that David it's the hourly and they'll be I think I'm living in real bill I think I'm living in reality land it on news radio 930 W. Our lives elevated David is off today. David's dad dad is is not doing real well and did they will be back when David's back. I've got this. And that David did indeed would do the same thing for me. Anyway welcome we have a lot of things as to get into today one of the things that I'd like your some action on is that the Girl Scouts. This is to me so insulting. And it's insulting the women. It's okay applicants are the terror okay David's more of a conservative on the conservative Terry all right. What's the difference. A concerted terror and tends to be very open minded about the way people live their lives. A conservative or I don't care what you do in the privacy of your own home I think drugs ought to be legal I think it's a crime that they're not legal. And lives are destroyed by drugs but I have a lot of force and agencies that have been doing this phony war against drugs for years but worked it worked on probation or work with drugs now. You wanna put the cartels out of business legalize drugs. That's this that's that that what you really want the drug cartels that people come up ads you're really one of the go down legalize. Problem solved. Hopefully you know for the cartels they diversify their portfolio like the mob did in Chicago and elsewhere but. That's another story somebody's got to sell parsley in an end it rings table clause but that's an industrial together. But if I artists today. August 08 a conservative Terry and gays and liberal with social beliefs but a real stickler when it comes to. Respect for what the country should be. Respect for the constitution and stuff like that. And respect for your money as well. As I don't think there's any reason. That the government. You you should not be paying any more than 10% of your total income in taxes. To government entities. The fact that here in this state. When you add up our property taxes or sales taxes income taxes various fees got it out of the fact that your pin over half. I've your income. To the government is criminal in this state it's absolutely criminal. And and you tolerate is even more criminal but the if you're listening to they showed your probably. You've probably call yourself the resistance. The author resistance to trump. But the resistance to what New York State has become. So anyway as they can sir Terry guys if I have come out on a talk show and say you know. I think that women. Feel obligated. To have sex when somebody takes them out to dinner. Comes from being forced to hog rapist and when they were little girl's. That is a patently absurd statement. And I know what I would hear. I would hear women saying. I cannot believe you have insulted women in such a way. I really before this this girl's scouts statement to me. It absolutely. Undermines free wheel of whether it undermines the intelligence of women. It is so. What will the rightward it is insulting. Is the best thing come up with it's insulting to women. If you are of the jewel of legal age. Ladies. And I take you out to dinner. Would you expect. That I would want. It fact that I would believe. That you are going to have sex with because I took Q. To the park land it basically as a restaurant right there. I mean if I take it a Swiss chalet. By take it to the ground around the do you really I have never in my entire lifetime. Ever. Been with a woman. Who. Expected. That she was going to have to quote put out. If I took her to dinner and the more I spent the more she was gonna have to do I've I would wanna be with a woman. Maybe they're still out there by. Just like we don't give our kids enough credit I think some people don't give women enough credit. Like I'm so early. Women are a lot smarter than a lot stronger. Then the Girl Scouts seem to think they are these that these people under twenty anger. Our future women in America. Maybe in your lifetime you know some women in your life. That if frank takes about the debt they feel they've got to sleep with frank. But I'm 54 those days were long gone but I started dating if they ever really existed. Thirteen minutes after the hour news radio on I thirty WB the end. Up let's go to west or call sure they are for some women on this because. If you're a woman and you feel forced to sleep with somebody when they take you out to dinner. I'm gonna guess that hitting the 'cause you were forced to hug relative when you were kicked out in my if we were not a hugging family. All right. We know we were not hugging family. We just we didn't do that we didn't hug we didn't kiss I see some of my friends greet their relatives with lip kisses stuff that was weird. But. Every family's different in terms of its physical approach. Some of you apparently were you know the typical readings a punch to the two. Let's go too well Mike in Lancaster WB Ian Mike what do you make of all this. Well. Yeah. Yes okay I'll open them you want orders are that ticket proportionately as far as property or their also dying you're not alone probably in progress. Well for viewers. Know the most rock star property. And. You cannot dobbs are you may no longer use the word thrust. The word thrust actually has been outlawed because thrust indicates a male dominated society and the very use of that word may actually cause girls listening to their show in twenty years subconsciously. To feel that they must surrender to the mail impulse. For now I'm being silly but it what's really freaky in ten years is probably going to be a real friend. While Auburn then maybe refusal planet fact that. Again you're using a fertility analogies are I don't think that that's right. Because you're basically reduce women to the role of simply appropriating and continuing to species without any free will of their own. So planting seeds and thruster gonna have to give a better word sir. I'm thinking fifteen years ahead folks because this is just a sample of what you can expect. Okay if the point of view that was started to you know million Bo recognized in the country because they'll laugh. The Democrats and the left the follow up all of us take it over and I didn't that via moderate Democrats while the far left. Arcandor viewpoint and it and it's probably a little respect for their part respect to being taught the schools. Says C. By the teachers cult with a six Yugoslav news. It's professors and teachers and then fell out of the attitude district. Our satellite try to argue crisis so this vehicle sticker. Arnold. I don't even know homogenized is the right word anymore it's almost like they are trying to. I make the abnormal normal and the normal abnormal it's like a total. Looking through the looking glass Alice in Wonderland situation. Yeah much white as black with black is white what's Ian is out without as a nothing makes cents. Okay do you agree much with the statement that if you're gonna maintain that being forced to Hogg uncle Fred as a little girl. Means that as a woman. That woman is more likely to feel obligated to have sex with somebody who takes her to dinner. That that really is an insult to women's ability to think if I absolutely believe. Well it's all the same rule far. A girl woman should have voted for Hillary. Policy censored. Collateral communicable thriller which longer cute. Well you know then there's the other condolences to Mike I don't know if you caught this but especially in terms have been discussing. I human sexual orientation. Often the words at birth. Are used well I believe these sexual orientation of an individual is determined at birth. I'm thinking to myself wait him. What's wrong with this picture if you believe that it is inherent in the human being the human being was formed at the moment of conception that was the beginning. I'm a human being obviously the fertilized group in to the person we call Mike. But I would argue that your sexuality was likely determined at the moment you were. Conceived the moment to report put the ball were conceit but they can't save them because then they would have to say. You know what human life does begin at conception and abortion on demand is it's kind of anti child. We recruit our our bit when I'm sorry that you for for people who were all about the children. They seem to conveniently forget one of the basic facts of life. And as I've said before I don't wanna turn this into abortion show but as I've said before if life. Does not begin at the moment of conception please inform me at what point during the nine month gestation period would you argue life begins the only logical conclusion is that does begin at the moment of conception. And or they try to enjoy it wired it with the attitude to ensure and he girls and sort of boy the boy scout way and they should be fixing the problems with the calls out. And political gossip as being possessed. You know what I actually came up when David and I did the show about the Boy Scouts welcoming girls and that was a sharp said this earlier for those who didn't hear it. People actually changed my mind on that one because I came into that show. Absolutely upset that the Boy Scouts were becoming open to girls alright but what happened is. We received emails and text and phone calls from parents of people in Girl Scouts who believe their kids were nothing more than cookie sales girls and the programs were boring and they were happy the Boy Scouts were opening up two girls so their daughters could actually got some great adventures and really learn some stuff. Whoa why are particularly in coolest political scouts. Ask the Girl Scouts. That is beyond my pay grade as a famous American once certainly. That's beyond my pay grade is famous American once. May I look I don't run the Girl Scouts and if I had a daughter of age to be in the Girl Scouts. And she wanted to do the adventure stuff I would. Have no issue putting her in the Boy Scouts and institutions like Girl Scouts are slow to change by the time they actually do change their programs. That your daughter's gonna have kids of Earl. Really I've got good call thank you 803 on it early start at 3180616. WB. The add up all the story before but. When I was growing up house league hockey in tunnel and we had the first girl hockey players. She played and our boys team and actually. It was like there was a curiosity factor at first everybody want to open cup what do you do for a cup. But that was about it after that she was just another play her and she was as good as the rest of us were abused as the rest of us were that age. But it wasn't a big deal having a girl and a boys' hockey team now there are great girls hockey les. My daughter took partner for years had a blast. I wish I played girls hockey. I can gotten drafted by electric women's Olympic team. And frank you'll leagues signed this document during the next break it to the extent that in no way shape performed did you feel threatened co worst were overpowered it to making a declaration as to the modality of your weight loss nor did you feel as though I was intimidating you for purposes of a prurient nature I'll need you to sign this and dotted line. And that John and Ken and motorized and maybe witnessed it okay. Sounds great thank you frank appreciate that thank you see that it and that's what the workplace has become. Dude I cannot in all seriousness. You asked me. If I lost with war hey Tom are you working out. Frank I can address. Will not. Mean that it. I. It all right frank says OK we might get an engineer to control room are believed frank just got ginger ale all over the board through his knows I'm glad you found it humorous rank. But since thank you I'm sure the guys and HR one of the west route that they are right through the engineers through with no. It would stuff you thought he noted that on. OK here is Mike in the Westfield beautiful great country under three mile thirty WB Ian. Good afternoon by adults read at Westfield. Yeah like they're out here. All the other they're great people that they just enforce speed laws very carefully and you know they showed that what's argument. Absolutely. Good girl good girl scout continent. I caught on Yahoo! and later on about eight. I'll bet the good about it a little while back wasn't here trump is thinking of the feminist side of where. Leonard who merely and the need to be Poland now. It seems to me that you just described the last forty years of American popular culture. You know why do you think cigar Dave show is so popular because there are men. Who respect women. And who love powerful women I would be one of those guys OK there are men who enjoyed being men and to make no apology. She's for being men. Oh absolutely and I think what's happening is you're you're backing from what is seven not see. Vote China's old now apparent from being a man and if the seven nods if you're trying to talk about a woman from being a woman. Seven that would lead to a whole population. Tran gender as. Well they'll be able lives in eliminated oh man and a woman. And now we're here and then. Well this you're getting into real interesting area of what makes a man a man what makes a woman a woman passed the obvious. Hold up because you opened up a whole can of worms and eventually you realize that belt buckle anywhere. 803 all right thirty started 3180616. WB and a couple of other things go one on that I will take your comments on number one. Is president truck doing the right thing. By telling the father of the shoplifting basketball player what swat and calling him an in great. Now before you rush to judgment about president truck like people like you can put on Fox News have done. Would you prefer. That president trot do we George W. Bush. Who dignified him away. I think the fight his way right into some of the lowest polling numbers ever on the American presidency who almost destroyed. The Republican brand that the Tibet thing. George W. Bush was the up hit me up dignity in the White House and he let his enemies to find him and he did not fight. Maybe that's why they're going after trial for fighting back about the shoplifting basketball players in great fodder. President trop is do exactly what President Bush should have done. Just I am. Terry is that un presidential. Well yeah you know what if you wanna look at George Bush as a president. Yah it is could George Bush was pick a fight. He didn't fight back the presidency was above. Getting it to petty disputes. George W. Bush was stupid because it for the first rule of politics it's blood sport. And if somebody comes into the gladiators or you'd get what would have a she'll disappear. Or try that like gladiator. I a lot of time watching gladiator movies it's hourly. And Bolivia David is off and his dad is not very well and as prayers for David's family this Thanksgiving. Just wanted to let you know Dave I talked with David about this before the show and you know he just he gave me his blessing to tell you guys what's going on because. In there as you listen you've got no idea whether. You know David and I are having a fighter whether David it is like a permanent vacation and there whether David decided to go to Tahiti without me and basically its it's a daily situation and that frankly. Having bit of that situation myself. His energy and his. Life has devoted his family right now. It's the only place he needs to be right now and worry about business stuff later on so thought tempers were all of the bill abuse. It is a 437 news radio 930 double. UBC. And let soak up things on I'd be our Girl Scouts. CIA if you force your kids to hug a relative over the holidays you turn them in to braid numb to harp zombies as women who believe that that's what they have to do when a dude takes him out the better work these days got to be politically correct. When he transgender lesbian takes about the dinner or a three legged lesbian Dunn takes about the dinner okay that's. We have to include you have the all inclusive. Oh by the way felt more. Who is obviously he's got he's got the issue with charter schools. He he he says that they need to be more diverse. Update in congress charter schools administration is too white according to feel remorse. Phil hit her like you did I want you to live your principles real well I know you're the head of the BT yet but I think you it's you know what you can set a beautiful. Racially harmonizing example Phil were more. Unique to resign as head of the buffalo teachers federation and that nice salary and those nice benefits. You need to resign from that. With the contingency that you be replaced by a transgendered. Black lesbian. Phil. Live your principles. If if you're going to talk about diversity and by the way where is the evidence. That a black administration. In a black school district leads to higher black achievement. Because last I checked. Buffalo schools aren't exactly leading the pack. I mean you you can bring in as many people who look like you as. As you possibly can but only if you've got teachers parents and kids working together for common goal. They never gonna happen elevate the teacher's fault. You can take pictures from Williams on the court where the east put it in the city. And they're probably not gonna do any better you can't teachers from the city implement what is released they'll probably go become the best teachers ever in terms of student performance. He got a hip Erick involved get a picture of the kid gets to school yet teachers and with the bill and you're gonna have kids who either. To supposedly. Or with that he supposedly. Learn. That's what about little pet peeves. Percent come over. Is 803 on I thirty starlet 3180616. WB Ian we'll probably to over work ahead of the beat the effort is longer actors I can remember. I think what a great example he could set. Ifill or more. I'm leaving my cushy job I'm a white man. I feel guilty that I'm white and probably only got right got because I'm white I would give up my job like that urging the charter people's school. To do know he doesn't want people giving up jobs on Tuesday he just wants them replaced when they do go. With minorities and I'm sorry I get back to what Dr. Martin Luther King said. About judging somebody by the content of their character and not the color of their skin. And I'm sorry to tokenism doesn't work it does not work you don't always works. Real examples. In order always works discipline. You know what always works nothing there is nothing that 100% always works but this superficial stuff. I don't deal with a in my friendships don't deal with in my off their life is separate superficial it is not worth the paper it's printed. Right back to what Mike in the west field on WBE. And you know we live at the society of appearances and what looks right. And unfortunately you gotta play that game sometimes but. Ultimately it gets down to at least in this situation can somebody do the job and are they willing to work for what they can make in buffalo. And you know if if I'm a minority in education and I look at the income taxes in New York State a look at the no income taxes and Texas and Florida. The. Intelligent person is gonna go to Florida or Texas or New Hampshire where they don't have the players they didn't count. I mean you can there there are only so many qualified people on race for a given position. And if you're trying to hire a New York State good luck Peter competing with some states that are a lot friendlier to that taxpayers in New York. All right Mike you're back with a set WB Ian. Talk about the Girl Scouts and basically the Girl Scouts saying if parents force kids to. Hugged relatives. That day will become brain numbed it slots as they get older that's basically what the girls got 2%. That women will simply put out if a guy takes about the dinner. Mike have you seriously I don't know what planet the Girl Scouts are living have you ever been an out of Dayton. Oh yeah I'll get have you ever taken a lady a girl a woman to dinner. Are yeah. And did you ever expect as a consequence of your pay for their dinner to have any physical attention directed at. You whatsoever. Thank you you have just spoken for every man I know I don't know a single guy who expects. To. Be released shall we say just for take a woman at the dinner if you believe that. Erin are not listen in addition. Go ahead ansari totally ignorant. Completion of comforts. Or illegal schedule it appears the first day here's the second raiders prepared. What if it doesn't do what you can't force it and let me just offer his advice Mike and how old you. OK I've got ten years and you and I'm presuming your single and offer little advice as a man. Here's something sexy about being hard to get. Because women expect men to be a little more shall we say forthcoming in the world of physical interaction. And yes it is a man's world. But if if you can get away and so frustrated and wanting that she ravenous wing attacks you your goal. Dope easy Mike that's what I'm telling you can pay off in the end. There are there as well as in and and that theory has been not proven in my life. And are now that is very true below are began and. All I absolutely. There are some women that you really really really we think are totally bought right. But if you if you gotta pretend like you're not that interest. Don't the longer that goes and the more likely you are to have the experience of a lifetime. And folks you're gonna have to believe me on some things. All right so might your getting back to what it's Psycho babble is as evident as ever call and you opened up a big can of worms before the new. Yeah I'd just I'd been with the same woman for seventeen years and I'm very fortunate. Very fortunate to have and this thing is though is I want her to be a woman because there's something that our outlook and. There are required to be affectionate should be erring can be nurturing to be. It's been behind they're there and do push their their mayor who achieve goals and. And and mine says if I ever touch her nice knives again and she's going to use one of her nice knives to turn me into one. Well all I'm totally yeah I'm totally blank quit the I mean yes I am. And and it could prove a point I think no matter how much of a man who are you level that you care about you are now. Well you you have to be I mean I did you know beat the idea of compromise with the relationship. Is important. And you know maybe I'm being a little too personal here but I happened to. Enjoy women who. Our self confident women who have nice positions those kids there. Where women who know who they are and who are afraid to stand up for themselves and I need a woman who will not tolerate might be yes. And that's what I've got that's like that's why it works to shall call me up. They didn't and so now what you do resistance since. The woman other female. You're making it. One person we're goal. Being narrow. Or no no woman attributes and I am looking L. Structure. But don't you also believe Mike in let's get back first of all obviously something's gonna shock people other feminist. I am a feminist it's and here's what I mean by a feminist I believe that women and men should be treated equally under the law I believe the women and men should be paid equally for the same jobs and the same seniority level. In that sets the feminist. OK I don't mean. I don't mean to have anybody have a heart attack listened to show but you know I'm amber for women. But this idea that. There are certain expectations. Emotionally. Of the genders has come in for some criticism over the years Mike. Cigar Dave example which talks about that all the time. The alpha male and they're also alpha females that when it comes down to what they up Mike. In in your work in your world. I'm guessing that if you really analyze yourself even though you are a a man and you're happy to be a man. And you have manly attributes you probably if you think about it have some your mother's personality traits or if you didn't have a decent mom. You know some traits that we typically think of as being female. And I'm I'm very nurturing individual when it comes to defenseless creatures. Absolutely I Erica a wonderful grandmother or their own business very strong woman. Would buy yourself. She ran her business buyers self very strong woman. And my mother. Raised problem. So I have a lot of the air. Attributes in me. And I would want it to be any other way I want. Because maybe you weren't like well what do you. We're seeing here is what a difference in your Mike there there's two issues here first of all which who forces there kids to hot. Sorry that that that is an issue of itself forcing your kid to hog is one issue. And I I certainly don't believe in forcing kids to hug it. But the idea that if you come from a background where you are forced the hot. That as they grow up you were incapable. Of selecting with whom you're going to be intimate because of that conditioning as a child sounds like ludicrous. Baseless pointless lack of science cycle about. Absolutely. Absolutely. That might he come up and hugged me all the time. Uncle Bubba you're in May go on as it is when a mother and baker Mexico upping it to me out here. Well and we were hugging family I am a hugger and that's just the way it goes I'm glad you called thank you. I all the wonderful Thanksgiving and by the way guys other topics do you have a Thanksgiving tradition at your house that's a little bit weird. Work or maybe just a little bit normal. Is there is some people have these completely do you watch the Thanksgiving vapor it. Is all about the football do you say the wishbone. Every got a little dry out is that something that you do. A million things of people do and also as we look ahead to Christmas are you going to be sending Christmas cards. Would you think of horrible person I told to a care Robert the last time that's about a Christmas card I don't do that. And it's not the embassy in tropic a lot of people got a lot of great bravery close friends but you know what I'm gonna see them in person many times over the holidays so. Spending the fifty plus cents plus some. To tell them Merry Christmas seems a bit redundant. I'd rather hug them. It is up for 49 at news radio 930 WP. In its hourly. Big WBM 71 alert forecast for Thanksgiving mostly cloudy and chilly scattered lake effect rain and snow and high 38 Friday. Sunshine and 45 Saturday windy milder rain likely fifty right now still 31. At news radio 930 WBE. And so the art Girl Scouts. You know. You're feeling that from your church. To. York College to your kids preschool. That the left has infiltrated every part of American life. And that. As a parent with different views from New York City. That you are having a different agenda forced down your throat. Because I do. And I happened to relieve like New York City and people and yours but I don't really like their political climate in New York City. But via the Girl Scouts. Sick. That is apparent you should not force your kids. To hugger relative over the holidays. Now many of you have either written or some of you actually posted on FaceBook well it is wrong to force a kid the hot. All right logically I can't disagree with the idea that forcing a child to plug it. Is. Well it's a thought I wouldn't do. Yeah I mention it made earlier. You also mentioned we were hugging family earlier. First time I remember meeting at bay who is no longer with us. It babe. Even in her fifties. What's this white here slow colored lady. With a bubbly and by vicious and outgoing gregarious personality. We are four or five years old walking into a funeral home because your grandfather just died. You know as a four year old a five year old is I'm going to a place where a dead people car. Empty you know anybody over the age of fifty with white hair might. Very well be debt especially because you're walking into the funeral home where they keep dead people. Sure enough walking into the funeral home balm. I'm sure mob would have preferred that I gave me Baja. But it it just came at us a story. She can't dance or dancing up to where it's all excited. All I know is at that point in my life support out here. You get this person with white. Hitter and a bubbly personality at a funeral home I thought I was looking at depth herself. I hit behind Bob and promptly got picked up on my other grip it's gonna take it or their house for the for the viewing and all the necessary business arrangements and had to be made. But we were not a hugging family now had my mother and amateur as much. Had my mother obviously had led the girl. And that. Baby had an uncle bill. Had I did a girl. And had my mother forced me to hug bad individual in the funeral home a day of my grandfather die. I'm gonna take I'm 100%. Certain that as a while met. That experience would not have forced me. Were compelled me or made me feel obligated to be physically interacted with anybody because they took me out to dinner. Hamas. Got cycled out. It makes no sense. I looked. I can understand those of you who say who would want a forced her kids to hug somebody. I see your point no problem there. But the conclusion. That the Girl Scouts are breached. That somehow. It turns women in two. Blameless zombies when it comes to their own bodies later out of life. Is it's so it insulting to women I don't even know where to begin. A grain of salt the submit written what they're saying about women are right it is our.